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Finally got my Body Back! - Columbus, GA

I am a Army vet who has been in relatively good...

I am a Army vet who has been in relatively good shape. I had 4 large babies and all of them were delivered via C-section. As a result I have a ton of sagging skin, a hernia, and a huge separation of my stomach muscles. I have tried everything possible on my own but nothing helps the sagging skin.

I am 8 days away from having the body that I had...

I am 8 days away from having the body that I had before I had children and I'm so excited. This has been a long time coming! I had my pre-surgery consult last week and was given a long list of instructions of things to do leading up to the surgery to include getting dial soap to wash up with. Dr. Pagadala seems to be very confident that I will have amazing results and after seeing his before and after photos again I am as well. I already know that it will suck for a few weeks, and I'm hoping that I will be able to go on my road trip 3 weeks afterwards (plenty of resting and stops in between). I been hoping that someone was going to cancel so I can have a earlier date but it doesn't seem as if that will happen. I will post again the day before my surgery......
Hi, not sure if you know this but pain meds make you constipated :-(. Now is the time to start taking some sort of softener. I had my gaul badder out 7 months ago and trying to poo whilst constipated after an operation is horrid! I'm taking 1 senekot a night. But would have stronger laxatives incase that doesn't work for after the op. 5 more days yay!
They can make you constipated. I been on pain medications (Morphine, Percocet, and Tylenol w/ Codeine) for about 2 years now and they can mess your system up. It will be harder after the surgery because it will slow digestion down some afterwards so it's always better to get things going easier. The countdown is really on.....we have less than 5 days now and I can't wait! :)
Hi, I am also 8 days to my TT aswell, we are both going to be going threw it at the same time :-). I too keep in good shape and you are right, there is no getting rid of extra skin lol. I too have split muscles. what us women have to put up with to have our beautiful little babies. I am also having an augmentation, as my boobies are a bit empty. It's nervracking as so much can go wrong but I just keep imagining me next year on the beach, in my bikini, not looking like a mummy but like me. It's so exciting! I hope your opperation goes smoothly and your recovery is fast so you can go on your trip. I hope you keep in touch as it would be nice to see the progress and talk to someone who is going threw it the same time as me. Good luck, Racheal x

Have less than 18 hours left before I have my surgery

I have less than a day left and I managed to get everything on the list that was needed. The timing of this surgery is horrible because I'm moving and in the middle of finals, but I rather get it done and over with. Now I'm finishing up my schoolwork, cleaning the house, and trying to pre-prepare dinners for the kids. Super excited to finally look on the outside how I feel on the inside. This has been a long time coming!
Good luck to you! I decided to do the reduction so that I can actually see the results of my tuck,so I feel you on the heavy bust!
Oh it's horrible! Yeah it can bee too much at times.....even most of my shirts don't fit me right. I'm a medium but I have to get a large or x-large because of my breast. Did you have your reduction already? The only reason why I didn't get it is because I don't like that scar line that remains on the breast . If you haven't had your surgery yet then hang in there. I'm sure that all will go well with you surgery!

I had my surgery yesterday......

So yesterday was the day where I finally had my tummy tuck and I'm uncomfortable. I had a very weird reaction from the anesthesia because I was crying and panicking because I thought I was holding my son who passed away a few years ago and they were trying to take him from me. I finally realized were I was after about 30 mins. I woke up in the middle of the surgery feeling pain so they had to give me more drugs (I thankfully don't remember that).

I have a very high pain tolerance so that may be the reason I may be feeling little pain. It does hurt but it's like a 5 out of 10 at my worse moment.

I will take more pictures when I take my girdle/binder off today when I take my shower. If you get a drain I would strongly suggest a Jackson Pratt drain. They don't smell when you have to drain them. Just expect that you will drain a lot after surgery

First time looking at my tummy....

So I'm this is the first time I had took my girdle/binder off and I'm so happy!!!! This surgery was totally with it! I took a nice wonderful shower and felt much better. I'm not in too much pain....but I am uncomfortable. I haven't had any issues other than 'swell hell'....that's what's making me uncomfortable
Looking good!
Thank you so much! I love how yours came out. I don't like how low my incision is. I'm going to take some more pics by the weekend and post them
It will get so much better! Keep on the binder and after 6 wks put on the silicon scar strips.

Not sure how I'm feeling about my surgery.....

So the middle of my scar is super low.....too low for my comfort, but the doctor is confident that in a few months it will look perfect. Between that, the jagged scar, and the fact that where my c-section incision was now is a pocket of skin and stretch marks that you can feel the incision underneath. I'm praying that I won't need a revision but I'm pretty positive I will. I love it from my belly button up. I guess time will tell. What do you guys think?

Hit enter too soon....more pics

Hi TT sister, hope things are getting better for you. Xxx
Hi! I'm doing a lot better. Back pain is still there but it's always there. I had a tens unit for 6 years and it doesn't work anymore because the damage is so bad. So by the end of summer or beginning of fall I will be having that surgery. It's way past due and had I known that it was going to put this much strain on my back I would've done my spinal surgery first. How are you feeling?
You look AMAZING!!!

8 weeks and feeling great!

Hello my fellow surgery sisters! It's been 2 months tomorrow and I'm feeling great! I been hitting the gym and I'm doing better each day. I'm still not completely thrilled with my incision, but this is the first time that I wore a two piece swimsuit not being preggo in over 12 years! I'm so happy I went through the surgery! Sorry it took so long to post an update....I moved and I had a sick family member.
As for the hair maybe you could try laser hair removal its pain less no recovery time and it lasts. If the hair is thick it might take a few sections but then the hair is gone forever. Think positive and believe your back will get better, and know that you are already beautiful. Positive thought, positive attitude and believe in yourself Kodiak!
As for the hair you should try laser hair removal its simple and easy with no after affects, you just might have to go a few times if your hair there is really thick. Just a suggestion, good luck with your back also just keep your head up and know you look great!
After seeing your results, I almost wish I were going to have 1. Lol. You look so thin. I have alot of xtra skin down there because I weighed 185 once, and my regular weight is 125.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

He has high ratings on here and with others I know who went through him a few years ago. Also he's really optimistic about getting the results that I want and he doesn't feel that my case is too difficult. He also has a wonderful bedside manner and will sit and answer all questions that you may have regarding your procedure. I'm so excited to get this done! :)

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