29, 2 Kids(not Counting the Hubby) and Ready to Get my Sexy Back!! - Columbus, GA

Well ladies and gents i am beyond excited. I went...

Well ladies and gents i am beyond excited. I went for my second consult and I'm so ready for June to be here. My date is set for June 19. I will be having a tt, mr,and a little bit of lipo on my inner thighs. After 2 children both by c section it's time to get this body rid of my extra skin. To top it off ,i turn 30 this year and i just want feel like a sexy woman again not just a mother and wife. Until next time!!!! See you on the flat side


Girl gon get your sexy back ;) congratulations on your decision, good luck, keep us posted and can't wait to see pics if you are comfortable.
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Before pictures

Hey ladies here are my befores.....i plan on losing 5-10 more before surgery.


Good luck! I'm pretty you're going to look even more awesome after the TT!
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Thank you
Your shape now is nice. Once you get that flat stomach you are most definitely gonna look incredible. Good luck.
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5months to go until the big day

Look nice in clothes and never without my spanx!! Can't wait to look sexy naked again.

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more befores

I would love to feel sexy naked again


Good luck!!
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Well, I live here but would not consider myself to be local... :) You should feel very comfortable with Dr Cochran and not worry about anything. Hit me up anytime you want to talk. I wont lie, that first week or so really sucked! But now heading in to the middle of week two I feel like a whole new person.
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That's great news. Cant wait to see your update

finally saved everything i need!!

It was very important to me to pay for this cash and not pay for this over a period of time. Surgery is june 19th and its all paid for!!!!!!!

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real expectations

Hey ladies..i am curious. What Is your expectation of sx. Personally i just want to feel sexy in a fitting gown, and wear cute swimwear . So my kids and i can enjoy the beach together without feeling self conscious.


Nita84 thanks for chatting with me today. I set my consult for March 4th. Excited
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No problem!! It was great talking You. Call anytime

not so patiently waiting

Hi RS ladies. Only 4 more months for me!!!! I cant wait. It feels like forever. Im so excited watching each of you go through and come out. Flat. I can't wait to rub my hand on my flat tummy in a two piece on someone's beach :)


Can't wait to see your results
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R u readyyyyy????!!!! It's almost time!!!!!
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Keep us updated :) I would love to see the results
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Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely wonderful doctor !! Great bedside manner even hugged me! I feel secure and in good hands . The staff was amazing and willing to help any way possible, including sharing personal ps stories

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