Two weeks and Getting Better!!!!!!TT/Lipo December 27th! - Columbus, GA

I have always had challenges with my weight. I am...

I have always had challenges with my weight. I am a petite 4'11". I have two children 26 and 17 years old. I had a C-section with both children. I have also had two other surgeries: hysterectomy and an emergency appendectomy(in which has left a deep scar straight down the middle of my stomach). Of course this does really did a number on my stomach!
My highest weight was 199 and I lost 50lbs about 10 years ago but gained about 25lbs back. In the past year (so far) I have had a steady weight lost of about 15 lbs(did not weigh after Thanksgiving). My exercise consist of Walking and Yoga. But this does not help the dreaded flabby stomach and "love" handles always seems to stick with me.
I have thought about this procedure a lot especially after the emergency appendectomy.! I believe people are placed in your life for a reason, because after speaking with my friend I then decided to make the move and do this for ME!!
I shared this desire with my husband and I made an appointment with Dr. Cochran to see if I was a good candidate and also to discuss the procedure. Wow! I am a perfect candidate. Dr.C and I discussed the procedure and I shared my concerns I am! Scheduled for surgery Dec 27th. Seems like everything is moving fast now: I have received my lab orders, my prescriptions, paid half of my surgery fee, received my approved FMLA(2 weeks*hope that is enough time). I am a bit nervous but yet excited.
**will post pictures soon!

Before pictures are posted. Ready for a new me in...

Before pictures are posted. Ready for a new me in Jan.'13

Well the time is getting near! Did Labs today and...

Well the time is getting near! Did Labs today and began purchasing meds. Started on my pre and post list: vitamins (check); Palmer's vitamin E skin oil(check); Tylenol(check); and antibacterial soap (check); already have a recliner (check); yoga pants (check).....add more to complete my list this weekend.
My TT sisters any advice on more to place on my list?
Will keep you posted. Will also keep on the lookout for your date! Your day maybe sooner than you think!
Hey!!! You are from GA! I am 30 mins from Savannah. I do yoga too- well haven't since my surgery:-) You must be getting excited!!!!

Hi All, Just checking in .... PS nurse called...

Hi All,
Just checking in ....
PS nurse called today to inform me there was a surgery cancellation on my schedule time on 12/27. My TT& Lipo was scheduled at 10:00am. I am 3 hours away from my PS so my husband and I was to drive up that morning. Sooo..the time has now moved up to 7:15am. We will need to stay overnight in Columbus, Ga. I know the night before I will be a bundle of nerves. Time is winding down!
Hi TT friends! Just 11 more days. The time has been going by really quickly. Just finished my semester in my course. Tying up end of the year items at work...and Holiday shopping. I have not purchase all the necessary items for my post op. Trying to finish buying gifts then it is me time!!!
Hi, just dropped in to say that I also had numerous surgeries on my tummy over the years, they included 2 c sections, hysterectomy, bowel op; I had both horizontal and vertical incisions and ultimately scars. I can honestly say that my TT done on the 11th has got rid of all the old scars, pouch, overhang the lot. It is amazing. you will love the results my friend, your stomach will look like new. Good luck.... Take care. Suzi
Thanks.. It is getting so close..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I've...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I've been busy gathering items for my day....tomorrow! I have grocery shop for at least two weeks or more. Now it is time for me to prepare my mind. Trying to make today a relaxing day. Will leave out tonight for surgery. Surgery time:7:15 am. Any last minute suggestions or helpful hints for recovery? I sure could use them!
well i wish you lots of luck im sure you are excited i wish it was me but ill be there soon i still dont have enough money but i will soon i just keep praying for all of you girls that are lucky enough to have already had your surgery and those that have them scheduled to be done look forward to seeing your up dates again good luck
woohoo!!! tomorrow tomorrow i love ya (tummy) tomorrow! i have no tips for us other than trust the doctor, and try to relax! you'll be great!

It's showtime my TT friends!!!!! Headed out to...

It's showtime my TT friends!!!!! Headed out to surgery. Will keep ya posted!

I made it! Still groggy. Really sore and hard...

I made it! Still groggy. Really sore and hard getting up and down. Tiresome act of walking. Headed home tomorrow. Three hour drive. Talk to you later.
Thanks Wanda!! Will do!!
yay glad you updated send us some pictures as soon as you can sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite hope you sleep well
Yay! Congrats girl!

PO Day One. Update..sorry so late..Just very...

PO Day One. Update..sorry so late..Just very sleepy on po day one and drainage from Lipo site. Also Call PS office on day one regarding changing of gauges before I left for my 3 hour trip home. Very patient staff. Told me to change and if excess leakage use Pads to garment. Cg is soaked can't wait to wash. She said peroxide will remove stain. Nurse suggested to stop by to get addditional pads, tape, and gauge before leaving. My mom stop by and Ps nurse came out to check me and also to praise me during surgery. I felt great after the praise. Then we were on the road (bumpy) for three hours. We stop every hour for me to it was a long trip. PS called while on the road to check me..Great bedside manner. Made it home and I went straight to the bathroom. Took Stool softner and MOM before trip home and the ride may have activated. But had my BM and it went well (Sorry TMI)... I Ps nurse said take gauge off and can shower and wash Cg...took sponge bath and mom wash cg. I had to remain still while CG was washed and dried.. took a peek..hmm looks good pix later! .I slept in my recliner much comfy than hotel bed! Hubby woke me up for
drainage and meds..He's been absolutely wonderful and so have mom and sister!

Day Two..Sore ....Hubby went to went to take sister to airport so Its me and my 17 year old
Ohhhh. Yesterday when I return home my son gave me a get well sweet. Told mom me and son can stick it out until hubby return home from work. He has made me coffee and breakfast (cottage cheese and pears)..gotta go stomach is rumbling. Take awhile to get out recliner. .Will check back soon!! Happy healing TT sisters.
So happy you are doing so good. It is wonderful having family to help. Looking forward to your pic's .. Happy healing!!!
Thank you!
Sounds like things are going good for you, isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by family that love you and take such good care of you! Happy healing!

PO day 3. Tomorrow PS visit. Drainage @25 and...

PO day 3. Tomorrow PS visit. Drainage @25 and less. Trying to remain relaxed. Difficult for a working mom, wife, and student. I know this is the perfect opportunity to relax.
Today is laundry day with teenage son and hubby. ... going slow!! Lol! I'm a do it yourselfer... still walking hunch over... pain and stinging just a bit around lipo area. No leaking from sides today, though. Took off mumu today and put on button down shirt and yoga pants. That was a my highlight for this morning. Tired after that. I'm still on pain meds maybe I can take Tylenol after tomorrow. Ps nurse said I can shower on day One but still sponge off until visit on Monday. Need reassurance. I hope all is well with all TT sisters out there!
glad to hear you are able to get around have you got to see the out come from the surgery yet when will we see the new pictures hope all goes well tomorrow have a good day and rest to night you will need it
I bet the laundry is going slow:-) I hope u get your drains out Monday!!!

Well today is ending PO 5....PO 4 and 5 are...

Well today is ending PO 5....PO 4 and 5 are definitely my pain and swelling days. Beginning to slowly straighten up. I will begin walking bent over and slowly begin to walk upright. Not to full posture but I am getting there. Still get tired within 20 minutes of stirring around in the house. Still have not gain my stamina. Decided to post some updated pixs from PO3. Hmmm I can see changes developing...
PS called on PO 4 to see how drainage was and confirm my office visit for Wed (1/2/13). Drain is very low(under 25)...Sure hope I get this drain out. The swelling is driving my crazy. I feel as though I am a "pig in a blanket" in the CG. The CG gets very tight at times. I am watching my diet. Only fresh fruit, protein(baked/broil chicken breast), and veggies. My appetite is still limited (only eat small portions)**which is very good; I hope it stays like that for awhile.
This may seem strange but I am looking forward to leaving the house for my visit to the PS.. I have not been outside since coming home from the surgery* 5 days!. My PS is @ a 3 hour drive so this of course will be my highlight of the day!!!
Hope you enjoyed your outing and all went well at ps.appt. Your pics look really great...take your time and you will be good as new soon...
Thanks it was great to get out!
Great visit today. Drain tube was removed!!!!.Saw another PS today because Dr.C was out of town. Same Ps nurse though. Both said all is well and looks great! Place CG on. Still swollen and steri strips will be removed next week @ next appoinment. Well on my way back!!!! Talk to you later. Maybe more pix later!!!!

PO day 7. Feel much better but still swell. Took a...

PO day 7. Feel much better but still swell. Took a shower last night after drain tube was taken oit. Ohhh the things we take for granted. Wonderful shower. . After shower took the best sleep since surgery!!! Today I can actually see the light in the!
hmmmm... now I'd like to say wow you look great... can you just imagine a few weeks from now lol
Thanks,tjuana I have not posted any updated pictures but I can see ME!!
Happy for ya!!! Each day will get better and better.

PO 9! A day of energy! This morning my son took...

PO 9! A day of energy! This morning my son took me to Starbucks...This really made me smile! On the way home he took a scenic route. Boy it felt great to get out. Still walking slow and bent!! **but getting better.! Also took time to curl my hair. **Really missing my beautician!!!
Well I'm dressed and back in the recliner! Don't want to push it! Really learning to listen to my body! School has begun so time to start reading. I'm pursuiing my Masters Degree in Counseling. Almost there!!! No excuses I should remain focus!!! Ok TT sisters see you on PO day 10!!!
you look awesome...... Keep healing......
Wow, you're looking good already! I can't wait to see when the tape comes off! Take it easy and happy healing!
looking good cant wait for more pictures and updates it looks great

Well made it to my two week milestone! Feeling...

Well made it to my two week milestone! Feeling great today. Visted Doctor on Tuesday and said looking goood!!! of 5:41 this morning we welcomed in our first Grandchild..An adorable little girl! Can't wait to see here she lives @14hours away. Looking at flight tickets now!!!
The compression garment was driving me crazy because of my height 4' 11". Ps said I can wear spanx. Brought one from Target fits tight and comfortable..
Do you all have any other suggestions of compression to wear for my height? ???
Will post more pix soon. Still swelling. ...ohhh.will take my first drive on my own today.....
Until. ............Happy Healing to ALL!!!
Congrats on the new Grand baby... I have 4 ages range from 15 to 2... I will miss driving ...have fun and enjoy..
still looking good glad every thing is going good for you congratulations on the granddaughter i have 3 of them a 7yr.old a 4yr.old and a 18mth.old and a 7yr.old grandson such a strong love there hope you get to go see her very soon i know that will give you a lot satisfaction good luck hope to see more pictures and updates
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