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Time for a Change * Tummy Tuck,Lipo And Muscle Repair - Columbus, GA

Today was my consultation with Dr.Cochran. We was...

Today was my consultation with Dr.Cochran. We was very sweet and answered all of my questions and made sure that my husband was well informed with everything. The price will be $4,900 which I believe to be very good. I will post some pictures of me now I just want to drop 10 pounds. I am paying the 250 deposit this week.
Congrats! I had my online consultation with Dr. Pagadala, on Monday, he's in the same office with Dr Cochran. I'll be getting the ball rolling with mine to. Thinking I'll have it done in mid September!
I'm debating when I'll do it but September sounds good so I can get my 3 sons back in school
Yea! My son is only 3, but I'm planning around work and everything. Do you live near Columbia?

pictures of me pre tummy tuck and lipo

Ugh look at your own risk
another Cochran Cutie in the making!! it only gets better from here!
Can't wait
Congrats!! I am getting a tummy tuck and breast lift by Dr. Pagadala ( he is in the same office as Dr. Cochran). I live in birmingham,ala but, i feel he is worth every penny and the 2.5 hour drive. I can not to see updates on a new you.

I have my date

Well I finally paid and set a date. After many days of going back and forth with feeling selfish my husband came up to me and said call pay and set a date. So I did for September. My only problem is I was just offered a job and it's only PRN I just don't know how they will react when I need time off in September.
Hey nicolebella just checking on you to see how you're doing with your recovery. Hope all is going well! Update us when you can.
Leave it in God's hand & he will make a way ! You do not have much tummy now...so once you get that done...gurl you're gonna be stunning! Them haters gonna b on ya...so get ready boo....keep me posted.....so can't wait to see your outcome.....Muah!!!!


So I am still set for September but I wanted to move my date up and can't now. My sister was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and I need 2 help her. She's doing well and jokes she will have Dr.C give her new books that are not defective. Well I have lost weight maybe I'll drop the 20 pounds I need 2 loose
How are you doing? Keep us posted, send photos.
I can't wait to see your new me. I love my experience at they office.
You look great. I can't wait

Surgery moved up

So today I paid off my surgery and my date was moved 2 September 4th. I'm so nervous now and keep looking for a list of supplies I will need. I'm happy my date was moved up because the hubby is in the Army and it works around the days he can take off. Well sisters if anyone has a list for post op HELP
I wish you the best, keep us updated.

It's almost time

So I had my preoperative appointment and my wonderful husband has taken a couple weeks of leave time from work since he is in the Army. I'm starting to get a little nervous I just noticed that I forgot to mention that I was on birth control since it is not something I take every day. I'll update pics soon

day one post op

Well today I'm sore but happy it's done. They removed 8 pounds but my husband said the doctor told him my body responded well I'll upload pics soon


I tried to get a picture I'm sore and swollen but my husband loves it. He's out of town because when the Army says go you go
Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Keep us updated I'm going to Dr. Pagadala Nov. 3 so excited.
please keep us updated!!! I live in Georgia and ive heard alot but never has seen his work

feeling great

Today I had a follow up I feel great I just hate o can't stand straight up.
you are going to heal nice.
I love the fact your scar is very low.
You look great!

still working on me

I'm still walking and doing cardio my next appointment is the 14.
U look great!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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