Mommy Makeover-Over a month PO!! *New Pics*

Well, I am a mother of 2 (Both via C-section), and...

Well, I am a mother of 2 (Both via C-section), and have had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2004. Needless to say, I have a lot of loose skin in my tummy area, and breasts that have seen better days. I am only 25 years old, so looking 95 from the chin down is really difficult to live with and feel pretty. I have been parusing this site for 2 months now.. looking and reading stories trying to prep myself for what Im about to do. I must say, everything Ive read has been helpful in one way or another. One note though--Non of these bodies look like mine! I think I really have you ladies beat. I am going to post pre-op pics soon, so you will see for yourself, but I cannot post nude--no way.

Im buying a bathing suit today to compare pre and post op pics. On Jan. 17th, I met with my PS and s/w him for only 20 mins or less. He was straight to the point, and didn't really say much, except what he felt I needed. He was very quick to inform me that I would need to return for a thigh lift, but I knew that already. I just wanted to get an idea of what a PS thought, and an estimate on how much to expect to pay. I was surprised to know I would need a breast lift as well as implants, I wasn't expecting that, but I see now that he is right. After s/w the surgery scheduler, she informed me that Silicone Aug + lift + extended TT, would cost me $10,500, but if I went with the saline implants, it would be 9,500. She also answered some of my questions RE: what to expect. I went home, and talked with my family about the consult.

My mother and sisters are so supportive, they are my cheerleaders. they know how embarrassed I have been the past few years, and how Im tired of zipping my stomach up in my jeans! LOL..Im serious. I discussed my PS, and my experience with him that day. He comes highly recommended by both nursing school friends, and I few other people in the area. I am nervous though becuease I wont see him again until the day of surgery...that kind of scares me.

1/31/12: I called my PS office and pain the $250 to schedule the surgery and "hold my spot." I was nervous just calling. I will have a pre-op appointment on 2/29/12, for bld work, etc. I explained that I would like to try on some implants to see how big I want to go. I am a very full C cup (with the help of Victoria Secret)... but I feel I need to go big, or go home! If I can help it, this will be a one time surgery. I'm thinking at 200lbs (Im rounding here) and 6'0 feet tall, I can handle some DD's, you feel me?! We decided to schedule surgery for 3/14/12. Seems like a long way away, but I feel it gives me time to do more research.

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Okay, here comes the before pics. Man-o-man,...

Okay, here comes the before pics. Man-o-man, candid pics really bring out the flaws out there! LOL.

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Wow! Just looking at those pics. My stomach looks...

Wow! Just looking at those pics. My stomach looks like a well used dirtbike track!


Thanks for being brave enough to post your pics. Just keep your eyes on the prize. You're going to look hot when this is over!

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Hi there and thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! If you're not comfortable posting nude photos, definitely don't do it! Swim suit photos are wonderfully helpful as well. Yes, you're a tall girl and taller girls can usually handle bigger implants.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and that the office gives you the time you feel you need to try on implants and discuss things. This is a huge deal!

Please keep us updated! I think you're smart to give yourself time to mull things over and do more homework! Besides, mid-March will be here before you know it.

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I have some time to update today. I had a crazy,...

I have some time to update today. I had a crazy, crappy week. Fortunately, my days off were approved! Yay! I plan on only taking a week off of work after MM & everyone thinks I am crazy. I dont have too many vacation days to use though. I work 8-5 M-F, but it is a sitting job 95% of the time. Ideas ladies? Am I crazy?? I am scared becuease I am going to be paying so much money, I dont want to mess up anything post-op by returning to work in a week, but its all I have.

Also, I am so nervous about what I am reading and seeing online...i.e. seromas, infections, blistering. I am in need of some reassurance!!


I just came across your profile today. I just want to make sure you are totally comfortable with the PS you have choosen. Reading all these ladies profiles and experience come to find out; if the PS is in and out of your room for consults then most likely thats how he will be post-op as well. If you are comfortable then GREAT! Thanks for posting pics, I know its hard for the "world" to see. I know how kids can ruin a body, its never pretty. I workout ALOT, i weight lift ALOT and nothing is ever going to work of losing that belly (loose skin) that makes ya look bigger than what you are. I really do hate that. The best thing you can do for yourself before surgery is to exercise and strength training to help reduce the possiblity of complications and for future surgeries and expenses. Lose as much as possible and tone as much as possible. Thats the stage im at right now. Im crazy workingout trying to lose as much weight as possible and tone as much as possible, so far so good.i have inner thigh issues so ive been really focusing on them to tone up so i wouldnt need anything more than what i want to have done. Anyways, Good luck on your surgery day and Prayers be with you. I hope for you a speedy recovery and cant wait to see the new you.
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As of yesterday, my surgery is completely paid...

As of yesterday, my surgery is completely paid for! Whew, what a relief. I only went to one PS, and I know he is right for me. Location is a big thing for me, and a deciding factor. I don't want to have to drive hours away to get to PS post op, if there are any (God forbid) complications. I am excited, getting my "nesting area" ready for post op. My MD will sure have his hans full with me. Just look at the pics!

I dont ever want to be skinny, Im not dreaming of that, I just want to be comfortable! Having a belly like mine should be considered a hazard! :)


I think you will be ok going back to a sitting job. I am doing the same, the only sucky part is hiding my big ole binder and drains, they are very bulky so will need big clothes. I don't care if people know at work. If you do, it's hard to conceal. I go back on Monday and for sure will be ready. I took off a week and a half.
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HR, thank you for the support. I think I can do it. Sx will be on Wed. 14th of March and I plan on returning to work the following Wednesday. Everyone at work knows what I am having done, and Im not ashamed & dont need to hide the drains---they just want me back ASAP, lol. I have pulled out some scrubs out of storage (Glad I kept them), and plan on wearing them & sweat clothes post op, so I can be as cozy as possible. Hey, def. update after your return to work on Monday--let me know how you feel! And again, thanks for the support.
you got it AZK!!! Can't believe it's that close already!!!
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Well, I have a chance to update today. On 2/29/12,...

Well, I have a chance to update today. On 2/29/12, I went for my pre-operative appointment. I was very nervous, but it everything went well. I spoke with the surgery coordinator and will be having an extended TT, BA with implants and some lipo to my upper abdomen. Surgery is scheduled for 3/14/12. I need to be there at 7:15, surgery @ 7:30. I was given two tablets of Phenergan to take that morning for nausea. I was prescribed Lortab, 1 tab every 5-6 hours, and Keflex (antibiotic) to take 4 days post-op. I am to start taking it the day before surgery as well. I found out Dr. C only uses 1 drain! One drain for ALL of THIS???Again, I really think he has his hands full with me. My sister will drive me and pick me up post op. We live 30 minutes from Columbus & there is no hospital stay overnight. We will go straight home afterwards. I got my blood work done and have a history of anemia, iron deficiency, so Ive def. been taking my Iron as Im supposed to. I havent heard from MD office, so I am hoping blood work was good. I was able to try on implants and am going with 700+cc's. Go big or go home! Seriously though, I obviously have a "larger frame" so they looked good on me. Well, if I think of more later, I will update. Ask me questions if you have any! More later!


Thanks Kathryn, the count down has begun!
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Good Luck with your surgery. I just schduled my surgery for April 27th I just posted my pre op photos today as well. Please keep in touch . Good luck my thoughts and my prayers are with you.
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Well, the count down has begun! Surgery is...

Well, the count down has begun! Surgery is scheduled on Wednesday, 3/14/12--I am so excited, yet soooo scared. I know everything is going to be fine, just antsy--nerves are kicking in. I've seen vso many pairs of boobs and so many different tummys status post TT--that I can't even think anymore. I've read success stories, horror stories, and even watched the actual surgeries on Youtube....ewww. Wish me luck!


I hope your doing ok today. Good Luck and see you on the other side.
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Good luck. Just a few more days.
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Hey ladies, so I made it to the other side!! I am...

Hey ladies, so I made it to the other side!! I am in a lot of pain. Dr. C removed 15 lbs of fat and skin on TT, and I got 660cc's implants + lift. Yesterday was a whirl wind. I am going to have to update yesterday on another day. Im hurting pretty badly. I slept off and on for 1-2 hours at a time. My sister is hlping me with everything. I will follow up with MD on Tuesday. Sorry if everything is kind of spacy. My boobs hurt so badf and my TT incision is burning constantly. It is worse when I try to get up or go to the bathroom. I feel like I am spliting myself open evrytime. Honestly, the pain is barely bearable. i think I am a pretty tough cookie, but this sucks. Im sitting in a recliner and have been here since 12pm yesterday afternoon. It is impossible to get comfortable. My binder keeps flipping up and really hurts---on top of everything else. Wish i had moregood stuff to say. I havent been sick--no vomiting. Im eatting soup and grits okay.
Pics to come--soon I hope. More later, just wanted to let you know how I was. XXOO


hang in there girl! It will get better - I'm sure!!! Can't wait to see pics! I'm next Friday and so ready!!!
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PO day 3-- Well, today, I feel a lot better. I...

PO day 3-- Well, today, I feel a lot better. I think I will start with what all happened the day of surgery. Sx was scheduled for 7:30am, i had to be in Columbus @ the clinic at 7:15am. My sister and i left the house at 5am. I showered with antibiotic soap the night before and that morning x 2, before leaving. I was instructed to take Phenergan x 2 tabs @ 6:30am, to help with nausea, so i took them on the way to the clinic. Sis and I made it to Columbus way early, so re drove around for a while chatting, and baiscally, trying to take away some of my anxiety. We pulled into the parking lot at 7am, and there wasnt anyone there. I was kind of shocked by that, but by 7:15am, the nurses had arrived. We went into the clinic, and the nurse, Kathy, was very quick to ensure my sister was to be back to pic me up around 12:00pm after surgery. My sister was very worried about me, and hugged me hard before she left. Kathy took me to the bathroom, and I was instyructed to remove all my clothes, I had to check with her to make sure she meant my panties too-- I didnt want to take of anything I didnt have too, lol. So after my clothes were off, and I was in the hospital gown, i went into another room with Kathy, where she took before pics. I was SOOOO embarrassed!! To stand there, and turn in every direction, was horrible. i def. had to get over that fast. After pics, Kathy made sure to go over post op instructions. I started crying then, it was all going so quick and was so overwhelming! kathy hugged me though, and that made me feel better. Dr. C came in after she left and marked all over me. He confirmed that I wanted 700cc implants, and we discussed my scars quickly. I have scars where my bra rubbed the skin off my sides ( rolls, you know). then Dr. C, said, okay,lets do it. Kathy gave me a shot of Demorol in my hip, and I was walked into the OR. She couldnt find a vein in my neck, and stuck me about 3 times, before finding a vien in my right wrist. Im a nurse s ladies, honestly, I didnt care. She kept appologizing, but I told her as long as the IV lasted 5 hours, I would be happy.
I remember Dr. C came in, and asked had I had any medication, and Kathy said no, but she must of given me some ASAP, because, i dont remember anything much after that. I woke up and I felt Dr. C applying the Steri-strips to my tummy. No pain, but I def. felt the pressure from my boobs. I cant remember if dr. C said anything much, but I remember Kathy telling me that my sister was there. I was helped into my clothes, and into the car. I dont remember much about the driver home. My sister told me that I had 660cc implants and 15 lbs of fat skin removed. My sister said that I asked for a hamburger after I got in the car, and then later when she asked if i wanted Burger King or McDonalds, she said I said "i dont want a damn hamburger just get me home!' of course, I dont remember that.

The past few days have literally sucked! Ive never felt pain so bad in my life. ive had Gastric Bypass and C-sections x2, but this has not compared to either. Everytime I get up, I feel as though something is tearing in my stomach, my sis and mom assures me that there is nothing torn though. My sister is a god-send, she has helped me with everything. My daughter and son have been pretty good too. it is hard for them to understand, bc I wasnt sick or anything, but needed surgery. I think they are adjusting pretty well. My daughter told me yesterday (regarding my tube), she said, "mom, is your tank full yet?" I thought that was super cute. Also, because my sister has to help me up, she said "mom, you cant whoop me, because you need to practice first" LOL--- she is 3! She meant that me and my sister count 1-2-3, when i have to stand, and she thinks that is practicing. :)

Today, is much better! No BM yet, but I take Colace x3, coffee, and prunes now. I take Colace after Gastric Bypass anyway, so I am trying to take the natural way to BM. If no BM by today, I am going to try MOM. I am walking every 2 hours, and washing up, but today, i plan on showering. pics to come for sure. My tummy feels so flat! My boobs soooo heavy! LOL, so far so good. Ladies, the first few days will not be fun. It will be painful, but Ive noticed that today is better. Ive stopped watiching the clock to see if it is time for pain meds, and so far today, I am happier about my surgery. So far, my sis has called Dr. C with questions twice, and she said he was nice and prompt with returning calls, or speaking with him directly. that makes me feel good. He did call the day after surgery, but I was in the middle of dressing changes. more later! **Sorry for any typos!**


Sorry to burst your bubble there cookie but I have seen many gals bigger than you here and they were very pleased with the results. I'm glad all went well and I sure hope you have that bm soon. My advice is to take the correctol laxitives. The softeners just make lots of gas and bloating and we get that enough with swelling but constipation is miserable. Get things moving better ;) and keep up the good work. Can't wait to see some pics and that's a pretty suit too!
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so good to hear you are feeling a little relieft from the pain! Your little one's comments are so cute! You rest and enjoy being taking care of!
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Thank you all! Surgery went well, I posted a longer, more detailed review of the day of. Please ask me questions if you have any. I will post pics ASAP today. i doing alright today, but the past few days were horrirble. No way around that. Hopefully every days will get better. thanks!
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PO day 13-- well, I just felt it was time to...

PO day 13-- well, I just felt it was time to update. I had a follow up appointment with MD on 3/19 and he said I could begin wearing an underwire bra, instead of the sports bra. He said that it would help my boobs not drop further, and help with shaping. Also, he said that I could stop wearing the binder, and replace it with an undergarment with thighs for compression included. My mom bough one the next day @ Walmart, I was so excited. The binder was CRAZY tight and small. I was ready to get rid of that thing. I also purchased the underwire bra on Saturday. It def. rubs my incisions some, but I've placed ABD pads between the bra and incision, so that helps. Wednesday, 3/20, I returned to work!! It was hard at first, but everyday gets better. Im feeling great and will write more later--Its quitting time! Pics to come!


ok... girlfriend. haven't seen any post pics! You must be looking good! Hope all is well and let us hear from you!
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Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to see your pics.
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Well, I am so long overdue for an update! I had a...

Well, I am so long overdue for an update! I had a follow up appointment with MD on 3/19 and he said I could begin wearing an underwire bra, instead of the sports bra. He said that it would help my boobs not drop further, and help with shaping. Also, he said that I could stop wearing the binder, and replace it with an undergarment with thighs for compression included. My mom bough one the next day @ Walmart, I was so excited. The binder was CRAZY tight and small. I was ready to get rid of that thing. I also purchased the underwire bra . It def. rubbed my incisions some, but I placed ABD pads between the bra and incision, so that helped. Wednesday, 3/20, I returned to work!! It was hard at first, but everyday gets better. On 3/30/12, the stitch holding in my JP tube came out. I called MD and he said to remove it. My sister s/w him and was given instructions. When I went home after work, I laid down and she put on gloves, and slowly pulled the tube out. It was about 12in. long. I didn't feel anything at all. That weekend, I went to Chattanooga, TN for my sons 5 B-day vacation, and definitely walked WAY too much. It was fun, but I was very swollen and hurting. Ibuprofen helped.

I saw PS again on 4/10/12. he removed almost all my steri-strips. I was so hurt! Especially the ones that were attached, ummm LOW. Lets just say, I should have shaved. He told me to exercise and said the best way to loose weight was to exercises reallu hard for 20-30 secs, 7-8 times a week, 2-3 times a week. Im working on that. After removing the steri-strips, I went home and scrubbed in the shower--I felt dirty b/c those steri-strips were sooo grody.
Everything looked good, but then I returned to work and felt something wet in my bra. I had some open areas along my incisions, 4 total. I called MD and he said that the steri strips should have come off 3 weeks earlier, and it seems that what the open areas were, were stitch abscesses. He told me it was normal. He advised me to apply worm moist compresses 2-3 times a day, and cover the areas if they were oozing into my bra. I did everything he said and the areas are now closed. I am so happy b/c that freaked me out!

So currently, I am doing okay. My breasts hurt on occasion (Like when my 5 year old head butted me yesterday). My tummy is still very swollen, more so after work of course. everything seems good and closed now. Yesterday I went to Old Navy and Dressbarn and spent too much money on retail therapy. It was great!! I am in the same size that I was in pre-op, but everything fits so much better. I look and feel amazing! I am going to continue to watch what I eat, and will begin PS exercise instructions. I am happy so far for sure!

I am going to post another/ better pics soon. This one was taken 2-3 days ago & it is hard to take pics by yourself.

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New pics!!

New pics!!


You look amazing!!!!!!
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Columbus Plastic Surgeon

So, far, this is my rating. Dr. Cochran knows what he is doing. I m so pleased with my outcome and it was sooo worth it. He doesn't spend a lot of time with you- he will tell you what you need to know, and thats it. Anyone wanting a shoulder to lean on, or a MD that will sit and talk for a long time with you, needs to consider another MD. Dr. C is FAST--to say the least. Even at my initial consult, he told me what I needed done and that was it. His staff is great, very friendly. Dr. C is great at returning phone calls and answering questions via the phone. Overall, this was a great experience! I am sooo pleased with the outcome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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