When I got my implants in Oct of 2003, my plastic...

When I got my implants in Oct of 2003, my plastic surgeon offered to do a breast lift at the time for a small amount of money. I researched it and saw pictures & it scared the hell out of me. I said I'd NEVER do that to myself. Later I wished I had put up the money & had gotten it over with then.
He couldn't place them under the muscle because I had a severe sagging problem. I got them over the muscle. Last spring I scheduled a facelift & got to thinking that I might as well do the BL while I would be recouping from the Facelift.
I have a hard time getting bras to fit right because where the strap joins the top of the cup there is a gap. My boobs sit on my waist, I am high waisted, and they make me hot & sweat underneath them. I can be cold & freezing everywhere else, but under my boobs can be hot!
I am so scared of the scars. My areolas are so light in color that you can't hardly see them, so when the scar fades, it will still be noticeble, not like if it was the boundary of one shade to the next.

Clock is ticking!

Well I keep on getting on here & looking @ other's pic's & comments. I have had this scheduled since May & I am so ready to get this over with. I put my camera on the tripod & made some better pic's for comparison. 1 more day & 2 wakeups!

Clearer pic's

Better pic's.

It's over!

Go back Wed to get bandages off.

Post Day 1

I got to take my bandages offf to rewrap. I'm shocked! I like them! I was so afraid that they weren't going to look good that I kept reassuring myself that I was doing this for the comfort.
I bought a bag of bras without underwire from walmart to wear after surgery until wounds heal. I might can wear them for every day if they can support me enough.
I have been having to wear these hugh uncomfortable underwire bras to keep boobs off my waist.
When I had eyelid surgery almost 2 ys ago, I had no appetitte, and when I would take my pills with water, I would forget to make myself eat something. I was sick & and naussiated to the point I thought I might have to go to emergency room. This time I have an appetitte & almost can't eat. I struggle though crackers, drink generic Ensure and yest drank Cream o Chicken soup. I haven't been naussiated at all, and minimal pain. Unbelieavalbe. It is a difference of daylight & dark from recovery last time.

Day 2 post op

Well I can't really see anything much different than yesterday. I might not post pics everyday if there is no change, but I haven't compared with yesterday yet. I like them but they seem so much smaller. Got to take the good with the bad. They are comfortable to have tthem close to my chest & not weighing me down. I'll be 52 next month and I shouldn't worry about having big boobs. But, If I ever need to exchange them because 1 bursts or something, I will go up in size. Riding to Dr's office (45 miles away) tired me out. Said I could shower, I bathed off this morning but IOthink I'll wait till this afternoon.

Slow healing

IF you look at my pictures, and look at other Dr's pics, my operation was an A+. My PS told me that it might make my boobs look smaller. The satisfaction for BL is about 87%. I thought well watch me be in that 13% that is dissatisfied. Lol. Well I'm between the lines. It is so nice for them not to be laying on my stomach, but where is my cleavage? I don't have any anymore.
I might as well start likeing them, I'm just used to haveing the biggest boobs out of my family, mostly where I work & where I go.
They look really good without shirts off. When I put a shirt on though, I look like a 12 yr old girl with her first padded push up bra. Lol.
In time I will really like them. Especially if they fluff or something. I ask PS and he said they wouldn't change very much.
After incisions heal, I could go braless & make them sag, but now that would be absolutely stupid.
Has anybody ever watched "Jenna Marbles" on you tube? She is halarious. She has 1 video on how to make it look like you have big boobs when you don't. :)
I have just hit the depression mode that everyone talks about. Yesterday actually. I'm in a small pity party, but I'm getting out of it.

Tape removed

Dr Removed my tape today. Thought I'd updadat pic's.

Tape removed

Underneath Breast

Got these with cell right after shower, what should I put on them? I'm not in pain, but don't want them popping open. Should I just let heal then use some kind of scar treatment?

14 Days Post

I still haven't rated "worth it or not". I think I will wait until I do scar therapy. My stitches look like 2 different people did them almost. I think it is just because of him being either right handed or left handed. I'm on an emotional roller coaster about my boobs.

Decided I really like my breast lift.

Just a quick update so say I like my breast lift. It is slow go with the incisions getting well. I still have a few scabs left. I can't hardly wait for them to go away so I can start scar therapy. I got the silicone sheets made for mastopexy for lollipop incisions.

Seams have almost disappeared!

In 5 days my seams, as I call them, have almost disappeared. I have been wearing sports bras almost constantly since BL. I didn't want to take a chance of them splitting open or anything. This week for 3 days in a row I wore an old bra and then last night noticed that the seams have relaxed & are starting to not look so "Frankenstineish" I guess the weight of my boobs made the seams flatten out. Really happy, and I put neosporin on the last 2 scabs so I could hurry up with my lollipop scar sheets. Put them on for first time today. Woo Hooo. I had the worst scars that I had seen yet, now they look minor.

Seams 'cont

Don't know why pic's didn't go through first time. Can Y'all believe they have improved so much in 5 days?
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I totally trust Dr. Pagadala. These are my boobs and thy've been absolutely beautiful for 10 yrs now. I know he will take real good care of them.

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You look really fantastic! Paper taping will take tension off of the incisions and keep the scars from widening. Your skin looks like it will heal really well and leave minimal scars. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow Cherrie. Major difference in your scars!! That's great!! So happy for you as I know you were stressed.
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It's amazing how the rope thing practically disappeared in 5 days. Wore the scar sheets yesterday, and lst night. This morning I had dead skin, remnants of outer layer of skin, stuck to the gel sheets. I am going to wait a few days because I don't want them to get full of dead skin.
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Hi there Cherrie.r Just read your posts and just want to say thanks for sharing. I am in the UK and have just booked today for uplift & implants......went for my first appointment a few weeks ago just expecting to book for implants and was so disappointed and upset when i was told i also needed to have an uplift. Like yourself i was so freaked out by the scarring (plus the additional cost). I have done some research since and decided to go ahead. I hope you keep updating as it would be interested to see how things go for you once you have fully healed. I think the surgery looks great! Good luck. Julie
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Thank you so much Jules. The first 3 weeks i didn't like it, talked about getting bigger implants. Then the swelling went down, and they are settleling into shape. I actually love them.They were reallly uncomfortable before. The scars have faded tremendusly. Looking forward to using the gel sheeting to shrink scars.
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I thnk you will be very happy. I wish I had have gotten the lift way back, just glad I finally did.
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When is your surgery? are you going to post pic's ? They have a calender on here for surgery. Search the word calender & it should take you to it. you can see other people's appts too.
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Hi my appointment is booked for the 10th January 14. I will try post some pics. Yes after reading lots of people's comments i am glad now to be having both uplift & implants. I can't believe the difference in your scars after such a short amount of time - amazing. I will go online & see if i can get some gel sheets ordered & ready - i have never seen them before but what a great idea. I will check out the calendar for some support around my surgery date. Thanks
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Hi Cherri. Did you find out what you can put on your scars? I'm sorry you are feeling so up and down about your breast lift.
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Yes, after they are healed you can buy silcone sheets or silicone liquid to put on. I ordered both. They make some of the sheets in the pattern of the donuthole with a tail on it, the lollipop shape , just for that kind of scar. ! Dr. on here said he tells his patients to wait 21 days before starting it. Apparently this silicone stuff is proven, and there are different companies make it.
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I bought the NewGelPlus brand. I just started using today. I used bio oil before my strips arrived. Are you having trouble with healing?
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That's the brand I ordered too. I feel stitch ends all around my nipples that didn't dissolve all the way. Today is day 14, they are healing, I think they are doing good. Mine are some of the worst scars I've seen yet, or maybe my lighting for my pictures is just better, lol. I'm SO impatient though. I'm a truck driver & will leave tommorow for 1st time & come back probably thursday. Maybe if I don't have access to a mirror like being here around the house, when I do look they will look more improved because mmore time has elapsed.
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Sorry for poor proofreading. Should have been crescent, not "creacent."
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I've been following your progress and am glad you're doing well! But . . . as I study your photos I am struck by the very long nipple-crease distance, and how you look "bottomed out" already. I'm pointing this out not to criticize your surgeon, nor to make you unhappy with your result, but to point out to the many other followers of this thread that a vertical lift causes this kind of result, and that it will not "get better" over time. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to fix--you simply need another operation to take out the creacent of "extra" skin that remains between your present inframammary crease, and your "new one" at the proper location, as I did with this patient who came to me from Miami. It even looks in a couple of your photos as if your surgeon used a bit of a horizontal crease incision, so I am curious as to why a complete inframammary crease incision that would have tailored your breasts beautifully in BOTH horizontal AND vertical dimensions was not considered. Perhaps too many prospective patients are "sold" on the benefits of "no inframammary incision and scar" when in fact that would have shaped your skin brassiere more beautifully from the get-go! Click on this link for an example of where I think your breasts will be once healing is complete, though my patient had a vertical lift only on her right breast; she had an equally ineffective donut or Benelli "lift" on the opposite breast. I revised both to the full Wise pattern (anchor) breast lift she required for the final appearance shown. Best wishes! http://www.mpsmn.com/photogallery/breast-lift-plus-augmentation-5861/case-3-21779
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I was expecting an anchor when in consult he told me he would do Lollipop so scars wouldn't be so bad. He wound up doing a horizontal cut anyway on the right, I asked & he said I had too much skin on my right breast. I noticed the bottoming out, asked how long to wear sports bra, and he said I didn't have too. I am though, I think the incision needs to heal more before I let alot of weight on it. He knew I was wasn't thrilled because I started asking about getting new implants.
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Yikes, finally got the pic.I'm afraid you might be right.Mine will look like her right one, (left in pic).
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So I was looking at your pictures before reading...I always do that because I dont want to look at them with any preconceived notions. So I swear I thought...whoa they are so big. The I read your post and u thought small. I think it is just the change. You look SO great especially to your before. Plus cleavage is easy with a push up. But they are amazing without anything in my opinion!!! Congrats!
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Well thank you. :)
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Your time is coming up. Good luck Friday. I will check from time to time on your progress.
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thank you!!! having a slight break down right now. Just uber nervous!
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I didn't see the new pictures?
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Ok, they're there now. I thought I did it wrong.
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You are looking very perky! How are you feeling? Arnica cream might help your bruises. I swear that stuff really works!!
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I need to buy me some Arnica cream, where can I find it?
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I'm not 100% happy with shape and nipple placement YET. I feel like my boobs are in my armpits and nipples but I look 100% better then I did and I think you do too. It is different to be smaller but mostly in a good way:-)
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