When I was about 13 & first heard of a facelift, I...

When I was about 13 & first heard of a facelift, I decided then that when I got old, I was going to have one done. Well, I don't like to think of myself as old, but it is soon to be a reality. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO HAVE A FACELIFT ALMOST ALL MY LIFE! LOL. Anyway, My husband & I own a small company. He is retiring, and I won't be able to take the amount of time off to recoup that you need if I wait. So he is still going to wrk another year , give or take some, and now is my chance.
I am really scared. I am getting a Breast lift @ same time and the date is nearing. I'm nervous, and sometimes it crosses my mind to back out, BUT, I get on here, see other peoples pic's, hear their excitement, and say YES! This is what I want.

I'm glad you're able to get this done and that you started your story on RealSelf. I hope this mini support group that you've created will be a great source of info and support for you throughout this journey!

Cherrie, you're having a lot done but as long as you and your PS are communicating well, you've done your research on him and have confidence in his ability, this can be a wonderful experience for you.  I think most of us have had the same thought pre op about backing out but I can tell you personally that I am so pleased post op.  Everything you're feeling is very normal under the situation.  Being out here on Realself is a wonderful way to build a support group so absolutely rely on the experiences and help of everyone here with one caveat....your PS and you should have final say in how you manage your surgery and recovery.  You'll find a lot of different opinions from both PS' and members.  As I've said before, you've paid a lot of money to your doctor so you should listen to his recommendations and instructions first.  :)  If you have any questions by all means just ask!
Cherrie, go for it! You'll love yourself afterwords. There's not a part of it that you'll regret. Here's hoping for a great recovery for you!

Final countdown.

1 more day, & 2 wakeups. I got caught out in the rain one day last week & Thursday my nose started running & throat started getting mildy sore. Called PS office and told them what was going on & and asked if I needed antibiotics to fill in the 3 day gap before I start taking them Sunday for surgery on Monday. Nurse said that it is probably upper resperitory congestion, and that antibiotics wouldn't do that any good. She said treat symproms and take tylenol. I've been taking this nasal decongestant ever since & am not responding too much.
I took my regular meds tonight,, 1 nasal decongestant, 2 Tylenol, then decided to take 1 antibiotic because I'm suppose to start tomorrow anyway, and this was 11:00 pm anyway. Boom right after the antbiotic, I started itching. I was hoping I wasn't going to have a bad allergic reaction because I was going to stick it out at home. I originally went to PS in March & appt was made for May 13. Dr recommende a chemical peel in upper lip chin area, so I postponed appt to August 26. Then got thinking about my work I get in & out of sun all day long, so cancelled chemical peel. I have been dreading surgery now since March. I want to get this OVER with, lol
I was trying to take pills with water & breath through nose, I couldn't, it was too stopped up to breath through. Then I decided on anti bioti. I can't remember if they gave me oxygen through nose, or mask that covers both. If my nose is still stopped up Monday morn, I will ask for the mask.
The 2 pictures I have on here aren't good 1's. I have my camera set on tripod & plan to take pic's tomarrow. I think I have it set so the camera will be in exact same spot for before & after pics. this will be while sitting on edge of bath tub. Then when I stand, the camera is in perfect spot to get pictures for my boobs, for Breast Lift being done same day.
One lady said I am brave for having 2 surgeries in 1 day. No I think I'm crazy actually.
When I had my eyelid surgery did, I wouldn't let myself watch a video of it being done to some one on You tube or anywhere else. After it was done, I watched a video of it, and said if I had seen it before my surgery, I might no have had it done, So, I can't wait to have this facelift done, so I can fianally watch being done on a video. Maybe then I'll think I'm brave. lol.
Cherrie, one more day! I had all sorts of minor medical problems the week before my surgery. I am sure some or all of it was from nerves. I had the worst kink in my neck about 5 days before. I couldn't turn my head and was totally miserable. Looking back on it, I am sure it was tension related. Then there was the major eczema breakout, wheezing and using my inhalers.... Since the surgery, my neck and back haven't felt better and all the other issues have resolved too. Not to worry, if you have picked your doc and are happy, go for it! I am so pleased (my surgery was the 16th) that I did this. You will be too. Good luck!
Thanks so much. Yes I had slight crick in my neck last night. This morning 1 of my eyes was swollen almost shut! Lol. I took a better nasl decongestant this morn. The 1's I was taking was a 1 every 4 hrs. I thnk I might've taken soemtoo close together, causing my eye to swell. This other pill I took this morning is a 1 in a 24 hr period. It should wear off about the time Dr. is marking me up.

Last few pic's before big day

I tried to get better pictures for myself as well as for the website. I want to be able to critic my surgery the best I can, and maybe help someone else who is in the decision making or going through the process also.

Uhh, those last were a tad dark, here are some lighter 1's.

Cropped, fixin to stop.

Cherrie, good luck to you! Can't wait to see the results!
Cherrie.r... all the BEST to you.  We'll all be thinking of you and looking forward to your stellar results post op! 
On my way, yikes!

It's TGIO!

Good it's over. Get bandages off on Wed.


Get bandages off Wed.
Woo-hoo and good for you, Cherrie! Thanks for sharing your first post op pic :)
Good going Cherrie.... can't wait to read your posts...but for now you need to r & r big time! 

Bandages removed tomorrow

I forgot to mention that my hubby said I had 2 drainage tubes on face. Halelujiah! They are wrapped inside my bandage. I wanted tham because they keep u from buising so bad. I'm anxious to see face now. Not feeling bad @ all I should be resting instead of paying bills and such. I slept wonderful through night, sitttng up in recliner, and I usually can't even sleeep on back. I made sure I drank a generic Ensure and sucked on crackers on way home so I could take pain meds immediately. AFter eyelid surgery I didn't eat when taking pills and I was in really bad shape. No photos till tomorrow.
Good job, Cherrie. You are on it!
Thanks. Did you see my boob pic's from BL? That blows me away! Hubby says he likes new shape. I will have to get used to them.
You seem to be doing really well! Can't wait to see you sans dressings!

Day 2 Post Op

Unwrapped my head, took 2 drains out. It looks good. Face still real swollen. I feel something squiggly in 1 cheek, maybe if I massage it it will go away.
Dr's office is about 45 miles from my house. Got really tired riding. Said I could take shower, but I bathed off before I left. I will probably shower in next couple hours. He did such a good job. I just love Dr. Pagadala. He always far exceeds my expectations.
People talk about flying out of country, shoot y'all ought to come to Ga.
I noticed this morning that it looked like 1 side of my face kept swelling. I could rub it & you could hear liquid swishing back & forth. I went to see PS, and he loosened 2 stitches, and took some gauze & would start at 1 point and push to the incision. Let me tell you that really, really, hurt. I guees it was puss in there. I was hoping mabe he's put another drain in there but didn't. I came home, layed down, and when I got up, it almost looks like it has started back. I know how to squeeze it out (do it like you are cleaning glass with a squeeqe) now but I didn't see where the 2 stitches are that he loosened. I'll have to get hubby or Mom to show me where the openening is. My face is too sore to be mashing on it real hard so I hop that is ove.

Oh my gosh, that sounds really unpleasant. Sorry you had to go through that. :(

Cherries, I would call the doctor again. Are you still on antibiotics? Maybe you need something stronger. Just asking, hope thing resolves itself quickly.


After I went & the Dr. loosened 2 stitches and pushed some fluid out from under my skin, to hair line & out, seems like it has swollen a little more under my eye. There isn't a squishing sound now, like yesterday, so I almost think that it is normal to be swollen & hard.
How many antibiotics did you all have? I think I just had 8. I asked him yesterday & he said I didn't need anymore.
Here is 2 pics I took this morning so I can compare & see if it looks much worse.
I welcome any ideas.
Cherrie, did your PS actually say it was an infection? It's quite  possible it's a hematoma from the stitch that is not resolving.  What he did sounds like what my PS did to mine. If it IS a hematoma that continues to build up fluid/blood stay in touch with your PS and let him know.  That's what you pay him the big bucks for.:)  So I'm not sure I would have your family members express the fluid buildup in lieu of the PS.   On the other hand if it is an infection , he would have told you if you needed more antibiotics. The body has amazing recuperative abilities to heal itself.  Go with your PS advice.  Hope today finds you feeling better...Just give yourself some time; it's all new and fresh. 
I think you're right. It isn't infection, or he would've given me more antibiotics. It must just be natural, I need to let it run it's course. Finance girl was your face real hard to start with?
I had to have a stitch loosened in my cheek a week after surgery (4 weeks go), it was the WORST! I can't even think about it without cringing, so I feel your pain.

This is a long train ride

My hubby went to work Thur night, got back last night. This morning he said he could tell my swelling had gone down, I
gues I can too, that's 1 of the reasons for so many pictures. The bruisings showing up now. I forgot keep taking the Arnica Pills.
I took my last Celebrex last night (for swelling) and I have about 2 days left of pain pill. Uggh.
I've been able to sleep on left side 3 times, & right side 2 times. My face is hard & yes it hurts. I had asmall head coldstarting the end of last week. Now it reared it's head again. (It never went away). I think some of my antibiotics spent resources to my cold instead of my face. Anyway, I am a very impatient person. It almost killed me to sit here & try to watch TV every day. I've done a few minor things here & there, and I paid the price, but I can't just let stuff pile up. I put a roast in crock pot earlier, my Mom & Hubby were both here, and I said I hope someone is planning of cooking tonight.
I'm the kind of person that instead of asking someone else to do something, and them doing it too slow, or not the way I want it done, I jump up & do it myself. Supper should be interesting.
My face is hard, and it hurts and am probably going to really love my "new" face. My Dr. is so good.
I guess I hit the depression that everyone says you will hit. Well i't not because of my face. I am mourning my boobs! Lol, boo- who, lol, boo-who.
Hi Cherrie r-looks to me like you're doing very well for such a short time post. (You certainly look better than some of us did same time post!). You were wondering about antibiotics, I took none. The only medications I took were two days of pain meds and arnica three days before and, I think, five days after. I had one bad day of depression about 8 days post, and was fine after that. I've just started taking Lymphomyosot, a homeopathic, to accelerate drainage from my lymph glands which still remain a little swollen ( my other swelling is pretty much gone at 7 weeks). I'll see how that works. I have come to the conclusion that plastic surgery recovery is really a time to learn how to do nothing but take care of these bodies we wear--at least in the first weeks post. I think that is tough for a lot of us who have been working and juggling family and all our other responsibilities for years. It is a time to reflect on what it really means to take care of ourselves by letting others take care of us. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. I really enjoyed just BEING for a while, and am now ready to get back full steam into enjoying DOING again. I hope you continue to improve rapidly.
One week off of work almost killed me. I'm a team truck driver with hubby. We normally leave Leave Sunday afternoon, I drive all Sunday then let him have it around 11:00 pm. then I get up & start around 8:00 Am and drive every day from 10 - 12 hrs. We come home Thursday mornings, tired & beat , then start yard work and house work. It is hard for me to be still.This is my mental state. My physical state now, compared to the pictures of most people, I do look really good. My operation looked minor, but let me assure you it wasn't, lol. Having 2 surgeries at once makes healing time longer and I need to be twice as healthy, ha, ha. I had Percocet, the Oxycodone, and I was taking it 1 every 4 hours to keep pain at bay.I noticed my supply was dwindling, and the Dr.s office wont open till Tues. I should have spaed them out to 1 every 5 or 6 hrs after the first couple days. I have 2 left for today. I have a prescription for Vicodin that I got in April when I had a kidney infection. I wonder if it would be ok to take the vicodin after I run out of Oxycodon? I'd hate to have a bad reaction. If I were to call & ask a druggist they'd say ask your Dr. What do you think about me taking the vicoden?
You are healing, Cherrie, and that's the most important thing now. Take naps, meditate. Let your body speak to you. You WILL get past this bump in the road.

6 Days Post

Slept about 7 hrs last night. Slept on both sides alternately. Whew. I don't get restful sleep when I'm on my back, I'm just not a back sleeper. I did get up to pee probably about 3 times.
I got up and weighed, I weighed 3 lbs less than the last few days! Hooray!, maybe I'm peeing out some of thet fluid build up.
I'm getting used to the idea that I can't exactly move anyway I want, or I have a stabing pain. Small things like just leaning on counter & looking up, forgetting in shower & stretching neck to bath, OUCH! now that's an unpleasant suprise.
I'm so glad there is this sight to come to. I get on here & bitch & complain & you guys get on here & encourage me. I really appreciate it.
I hope everyone has a good holiday, and remember me in your prayers, :)
Cherrie...definitely take Aellen's advice.  It is NOT easy handling work and home and family.  I try to do it ALL the time and at 58 have only now just realized it plays havoc with my physical and emotional state.  When my PS looked at my face in the consult he said one word...'stress'.  We all have a choice to say yes or no to these things, and as hard as it still is for me, I'm getting much better at saying no. It's a very liberating feeling.  :) Try it... or just try asking someone else to do the 'something'.  It gets easier everytime you do it.  Btw... you are looking awesome!  And I agree with you that this was indeed major surgery requiring the downtime and some understanding and help. All the best.  FG
AEllen, I think you've said so well what is missing in most women's lives..."time to reflect on what it really means to take care of ourselves"...I so agree with everything you've posted out here!  It is hard to go from warp speed to zero but in the end it was an interesting learning process for me.  My husband might not have done something exactly as I might have, but in the end , who cares?  :) I agree...everyone post surgery should just take advantage of this time. 

Stitches removed

After looking at these pic's, I should have gotten in shower & scrubbed to try to get more dried blood off before taking pictures. I will just post these and late in week better ones.

Stiches removed

Hit wrong button. I'm disappointed in the stitching behind left ear, my face also looks pulled from frontal view, and on right side you can see hard place that runs along jaw bone. There is also a small moustach shaped area I've noticed on others before. Gosh I hope this stuff doesn't take forever to correct itself , it it does. I was going to get a haircut, not now, glad I've still got it long to cover face up, lol!
agree with ColoradoMaiden, 8 days is way too soon to see your end result. It's hard to tell what is swelling and what isn't. Give it a bit more time but let your PS know it is an area of concern for you.
A week out is still a little early to know how things will even out. I think I am pretty much back to normal and I am at 3 1/2 months. Keep the faith. If you have concerns please make an appointment and talk it out with the PS. you are looking good and we all have a need to look in the mirror to se the changes
Thank you.

Day 14 Post

Healing is slow. Still have the swollen area on left cheek, and mustach stech place on right cheeck. I started putting antibiotic ointment on incisions. Takeing too long to get well.
I agree Cherrie. You have not been posting. I hope that means everything has straightened out for you and you are just back to normal and a happy camper.
I still have some swelling on the 1 side. I just have to be patient, which had never been one of my strong suits.
Cherrie, How are you doing these last couple of weeks? Have you had improvement in swelling esp on the right side? Hoping things are going well for you..grace60

Mental setback

I have been positive about my facelift from the get go, until I saw picture of my mouth today. Thursday I was talking to someone and I said the word "premier", and I could feel my mouth felt weird. Last night when hubby was in bathroom, I showed him in mirror what my mouth does when I say "premier" I joked & we both laughed about it. Today when I took a picture of me saying the word, I freaked out!. The whole time I talk it isn't as noticable as when I say words with an "R" in them. I have a theory- I still have that streak of hardness in my left cheek. If it ever relaxes, my skin will be elastic enough that the left side of my lip can move when I pronounce r's. For now it is tight & doesn't let that side of lip move over teeth. Problem- the muscle in the right side of my upper lip is getting all the exersize & we all know exercised muscles are bigger. I'm afraid if this hardeness doen't go away soon, that that muscle will be like a dominant force. Like people who "favor" 1 leg, I will favor 1 side of my mouth. It is almost funny but not really when I realize that it may be permanent. That is 1 of the side effects of a facelift that my PS warned me of, is that your mouth may pull to 1 side.
I look great is my still shot. I like to talk so there is no chance of me being quite.
You look great Cherri! Years younger. I know the hardness must bother you but I'm sure like any procedure it takes patience for final results.
It's not so much the hardness it's my mouth going to 1 side when I talk that has me bothered.
You look great, I do have some of the puckering on my top lip also but the doctor says some it not all will correct itself with healing. Lets hope the are right.

Mind a little at ease.

Went to see PS today because of stitches I found. Had 1 behind each ear, and a few above ears. I thnk that will help my left side relax so my mouth ewill quit going to 1 saide whn I say certain wors. He told me before surgery I had astrong smile. Today he told me it may take a month or a little more time for my mouth to quit going to 1 side. Relileved that it's not permanent. I cant stay out of public forever. Hd to go to grocery store Sat, and ran into a bundh of folks I knew. Folks at church are messaging me on Facebook telling me they miss me, and sending well wishes through my Hubby & Mom. Geesh.

Forgive me for spelling

My nails must be getting too long, my typing on last update was awful. I know I should always proof read.
Cherie, what does the doctor think about your mouth going to one side when you speak does he think this is temporary?
He said it is temporary. might take a month or little longer to resolve. I think when there swelling on that side goes down it'll be ok. It seems slightly better today.
You look great! I live in the Atlanta area and would consider driving to Columbus. Your cost looks really low can you explain it a little more? Hope the pulling goes away soon.

Make up on

Today was the first day I put makeup on! I don't wear it everyday. I went to church. I smile broad so my l lip doesn't go crooked.
You look beautiful in the picture you posted today! Best wishes for everything, I am sure most of the things you are concerned about will improve as the healing progresses.
you don't even notice anything wrong with your mouth. you look beautiful and getting better every day.
You look great!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pagadala has been doing surgery over 35 yrs. He knows his business inside & out. I wouldn't trust anyone else as much as I trust him.

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