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On Feb, 17th I had a face, neck, brow, and lip...

On Feb, 17th I had a face, neck, brow, and lip implants. Since I am only 3 days post op I can't really tell what I am going to look like. Dr Pagadala says that I am looking good, and that he thinks I will be happy with my results. My sister who went with me says that she thinks my neck is going to look really good, and she says she can tell the difference in my eyes already. She says she can already tell a difference in my brow, and neck. Right now my lips are so swollen I have no clue how they are going to look. Right now they look like a blowfish, but Dr. Pagadala assures me that they will not look like this in the end.

5 days post op

I am having some tightness on one side of my face. Hoping this is normal. I go back tomorrow to have stitches taken out. So I will find out what my doctor has to say on my recovery. It will be 7 days tomorrow.

New before pictures

Thought I would add some pictures I took about a week before my surgery.

12 days post op

Today makes 12 days post op, and I figured I'd take and post some new pictures. Still a lot of swelling, but it does seem to be going down a little everyday. I just have to keep telling myself it takes time. My right side is still a lot tighter than the left, but I can tell it's better than it was.

2 weeks today

I thought I would post some new pictures. I am two weeks today.

17 days

Today makes 17 days post op, and I thought I would post some new pictures. It's my first day putting on any make-up. I just used very little, my face is still swollen, and it's still peeling bad. Luckily everyday seems to be a little better than the day before.

3 weeks today

Today makes three weeks since my surgery. Still swollen, but it seems to get better with every passing day. Face and neck are still real tight. My lips still have numbness, but they aren't as chapped as they were. Still can't open my mouth enough to eat like a burger or something you have to bite into. I'm guessing that will get better in time. All though I wish I could speed up the healing I'm really excited about the new me. I would do it all over again.

24 Post Op

I thought I would add some new pictures that I took today. Some with Makeup, and some without. I also sent them to my doctor so he can look at my progress until I see him on the 31st. He said they all looked good. He could tell that I am swollen on both sides but mostly on the right side. I had ask him about the numbness with my lips and he said that was normal, that in a few more weeks they should be better. He said that he felt that in the end I would be happy with the results. But that it just takes time to heal, and that I have to have patience. And I agree I think I will be happy too. So far I am anyways.

one month today

Today makes one month. Thought I would post some new pictures for all to see. I still have a lot of swelling on the right side, especially at the corner of my eye. My lips are not cracking and peeling like they were, but they are still numb. My scars seem to be healing nicely. I did have one that was real deep but it is starting to smooth out. All in all I think I'm on the mend.

6 Weeks

Today makes six weeks since I had my surgery. I went yesterday for my check up, and Doc says everything is healing good. He did say I am still swollen some, and again mostly on the right side. I don't go back again for two months. He said most all swelling should be gone by then. He did say he may have to lift the corners of my brow up some more. Can't really tell until all the swelling is gone. Said should be able to know more when I go back.

51yr old, and ready for a complete make over.

I am 8 weeks from my surgery, and loving it. Wish I had done it before now. I couldn't be anymore pleased. I had a neck/facelift, lip implants, and the corners of my eyes lifted. When I went back for my 6 week checkup he said everything was looking good, but I still had swelling more so on the right side of my face and eye. He did say when I come back on my 3mo checkup that if my right eye corner had not changed enough he may have to lift it again. I took it that it would be just in the office nothing major. Sounded like maybe just a stitch or two to pull it up. But anyways I thought I'd post new pictures at two mos.

3 Months.

I am 3 months out of my surgery, and so glad that I did it. I couldn't be more pleased.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr. Pagadala. Couldn't ask for a nicer doctor. He and his staff are wonderful, and dedicated to their field. He will answer any questions that you may have and doesn't rush you out the door. I believe he is truly a wonderful and caring doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Stunning - hoping for the same great outcome in a week or so :-)
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You look beautiful! Thank you so much for your awesome updates!
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Thank you so much. And your very welcome. I love this forum. Such a wonderful place for people to learn from. I love reading the stories from everyone. Everybody has their own story to tell.
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It's nice to be three months out -- remember the 2 weeks --- one month! Looking good and only gets better.
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Yes I do!! And your right each and everyday it does good better. Thank you for the compliment.
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You Look amazing..... Perfect!!!!
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Fabulous -- your neck and jaw have such a perfect line!!
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Thank you so much. I appreciate that. All kudos go to my wonderful surgeon. I am very happy with all the work that he done. And its great to hear when people say that you look good. Makes you feel good too, so again Thank you.
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Stunning 10 plus years younger for sure :-)
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Thank you so much I appreciate that. Makes me feel good to have people say that it makes me look younger, and it to me is just a plus. I never wanted to really look any younger I just wanted to look 52 without all the sagging and wrinkles.
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You look really good. I am nearly 5 weeks post op and am impatient for final result. Little worried the sag is coming back in neck as my swelling subsides. Nurse at review said it is too early to say yet and that if I was worried still at 3 month review to tell surgeon as they have an obligation to put it right (not that she thinks there will be anything to put right by then). I may get my eyes done too. After seeing everyone on this site who have had their eyes done I realise I shouldn't have been such a coward and had mine done too. Once again you look great, thanks for the posts.
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Thank you. I know how you feel about being impatient, but it don't help. So I decided that I wasn't going to be. I tried my best not to look at myself everyday cause if I did I didn't feel like I was seeing much results. And that was the best for me to do, cause if I waited about a week in between looking at the pictures, and looking in the mirror I could see the difference. I have very little changes now, but that's fine with me. I am completely happy with the work that my surgeon done. My three months check was on Monday and he told me that he thought everything was healing great, and that I looked wonderful. I had to agree. I feel as if it took at least 10yrs off my face. I still have a little numbness in places around my ears, mostly on my right side. That was the side that had the most swelling from the very start. But each and everyday it gets better. My lips are so much better than they were in the very beginning. I still have a little numbness in the top lip, but he said that it could take up to six months for all the feeling to come back, but again each day they seem to be more feeling than the day before. The brow lift I had done, has just about completely healed very little scarring, a little still in the hairline on my left side. Other than that I have very little, and I my thought is that probably in a few months none of my scarring will even be noticeable. As you can see in my pictures I wear my hair very short. I had planned on letting it grow out to cover any scares that I would have, but since there is very little and what it there no one notices I just decided to keep it short. Hope you have the results that you were hoping for. Just have faith that the surgeon you chose has done what you was asking him to do. There was a reason that you chose him in the first place. That's how I looked at mine. I chose him cause I felt that he was the one that I trusted in doing the job I wanted, so I couldn't question his work until I at least give it time to heal. And I am glad that I did. I had people to say wasn't you afraid of what it might turn out like. And my thought was I wasn't happy with what I looked like, that's the reason I went to see him in the first place, so I had to have faith in the work that he was doing. Now when I went Monday to see him my sister went with me and she is going to have him do a neck/jowl lift on her. She told him she thought he did a great job with me, so now she wants it done too. Again I hope you get the results that you want.
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You have come such a long way in two months which is astonishing given the amount of swelling post op. What a fantastic result, congratulations and enjoy :)
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Thank you. I sent my new pictures to my doc just for him to see, and to ask him what I need to be using to wash my face in, and if I needed anything else specific. And he wrote me back and told me just to use whatever I wanted to clean my face with, but to make sure I used a good moisturizer with a sunscreen it. And that when I come back next month that he would be prescribing me a Retin A lotion to use on my face. And lastly he told me I was looking FABULOUS in my pictures. That made my day. Cause I know he did the work but I haven't seen him in a few weeks and when I did he said that I was doing, but still a lot of swelling. So for him to say I was looking fabulous well it just made me happy. I hadn't really thought of it, but I feel that way too. People can't believe how fast that I have heeled, and how much that my appearance has changed. I am so glad that I did this, just wish I had done it sooner.
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you look fantastic. You look like a much younger and youthful version of yourself. Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you for the compliment. When people acknowledge you, it just makes you feel good, and that's what I wanted from my surgery to feel good about myself. I got tired of waking up every morning and looking in the mirror and all I seen was lines, and a turkey neck. I told my husband I was afraid when turkey season come around somebody my shoot me for a gobbler...lol My only thought now is what took me so long. Again thank you for the compliment.
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You look so beautiful!
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Thank you so much. It's so nice to hear a compliment about yourself. It makes me feel good. The people on RealSelf are such wonderful supporters. I truly can't say thanks enough, and what it means to me.
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You are truly welcome!
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Looking great!
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Great photos! Your hair and makeup are super flattering... and definitely you look 20+ years younger than the "before" photos. Congrats!
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Thank you. I appreciate it so much. Makes me feel good to know that people think I look good.
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I live in Columbus too! You look great, at least twenty years younger. :)
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Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I sure do appreciate the compliment. I don't live in Columbus. I live in Dalton, GA. I'm about two hundred miles from there. I just found Dr Pagadala on real self, and made a consultation and went to see him. He is such a great, and caring doctor. Plus here the cost is twice what it is there, and I'm not a fan of or local plastic surgeons. I've seen their work. Again thank you, for the vote of confidence.
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