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Well, I've had large breasts for more than half of...

Well, I've had large breasts for more than half of my life. I've wanted a reduction since high school. I was seriously competitve in playing volleyball, but my boobs would ALWAYS hit the net! It became a serious issue for me so I asked my doc about it back then and he said it'd be better to wait until I had children. Well, I'm 27 now, done having children, and finally ready to get this procedure done!

I am so looking forward to having relief from the weight of my chest off my shoulders and back and neck. I want to be able to work out without the twins giving me black eyes!! (Not really, but they're all over the place even with doubling bras and sports bras lol) I guess I'm just really looking forward to a sense of normalcy with my body.

My surgery has already been scheduled and is in a little over a week. I'm getting pretty nervous... excited, but nervous. My pre-op appt is on April 3 and I want to make sure I ask him lots of questions that I haven't already asked. Dr. Wilson is a truly wonderful man and has been patient with me and explained so much already. We will do the final measurements to decide what size I will be at this appointment so I'm really excited about that. At the last appt we talked about a D-DD. I'd like to be smaller, but I also don't want a FNG so we'll see.

I'm hoping to learn more about what to expect post op from this site and things that I can do to make the transition a little easier. I'm also hoping that my husband isn't terrified by how they will look post op.

My insurance is fully covering the surgery.


Good Luck!M Pre Op Is April 5....SurgeryiIs April 9 7:30 Am. I Am Not Nervous More Excited To Get Relief From My Huge Girls. Keep Us Updated!
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Good luck & you've made a great decision! You'll be so happy! I had no idea how mine mentally affected me! I constantly was thinking/worrying about what they looked like, what people were thinking, if people were looking at them, if they were popping out of my shirts.....I feel so much cuter & smaller now! People actually are saying they never knew how small my body was because all you could see before were my big boobs! I went from a DD/DDD to a small C. Very very happy with the results. Just hit my 1 month po on March 28th.
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I added some before photos!!! I'm soooo...

I added some before photos!!!

I'm soooo looking forward to when these girls are smaller!!! I can't wait until my pre-op with the PS in 2 days!


i,like you, did not want the FNG so i went up to dd and actually i am stoked i have always had big boobies ALWAYS and i dont want little ones i thought i wanted to be a full c small d until i saw the cup size against my body and truth is i freaked a little called the PS and made another appt to speak with him about sizing...they way i look at it anything at this point will be relief i looked at the dds and d on here and in actually its only 1 inch difference in circumference around the fullest part of your breast so its not too bad..i lose weight in my breast also so if he made me a c and i lose a pound on the scale it will be 5 ponds in my boobs and that cant happen..i hope you get more comfortable with your sizing i think you could totally handle a d or dd and look wonderful ..from what i understand you feel the relief immediately ..good luck!!
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Awesome! Good luck to you too!!! I'm still pretty nervous, but much more excited after having talked to soooo many women who are going through the same things as I am! What size are you currently and what size are you going down to?
I Am A 36 DDD....Going Down To A C Cup. I Am Keeping Myself Busy So I Won' Get Nervous..Lol Righ Now I Am Still Very Excited !!!!

So, I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it...

So, I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went well! I had a slew of questions written down on a piece of paper and Dr. Wilson and his nurses answered every one of them for me. I also pre-registered at the hospital and am finalizing plans for childcare the day of the surgery.

Doc is wanting to get me down to a D cup without a FNG so I'm hoping he can accomplish this successfully! They also gave me some arnica montana so I hope it works!

I'm getting more excited about the reduction but I'm having a little anxiety about dying. I know, it's crazy! I'm just not a fan of not being able to have much control of my body and being put to sleep. I'm sure I'll be fine though!

What have you all done to calm yourself before surgery if you were nervous?


I'm now 10 days post op... I was a bundle of nerves waiting on my date... Tried to keep busy.. It was here and over before I knew it... So glad I did it.. You will be too... Best part... Neck, shoulder and back pain were gone that day! Amazing!
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So, today is the day!!! Surgery begins at 12:30! ...

So, today is the day!!! Surgery begins at 12:30! I've barely slept a wink. I'm excited and nervous. More excited than nervous though! I was doing laundry and washing my bras, then I thought "why the heck am I washing these? I should be throwing them in the garbage!" haha
The doctor had given me some arnica montana to take at my pre-op appt so hopefully it helps with the bruising and swelling.
I made dinner and washed all the clothes for my hubby and boys. My mom is coming soon to help out. (I love her!) She loves to cook and I know she'll end up cleaning my house AGAIN, so I didn't bother with cleaning too much.
I've been doing a lot to keep my mind off of the surgery so that I don't start to panic or think too much. lol

Is there anything special I should have my husband get me that will help make my recovery a little better?


Good luck sending prayers and good wishes your way.
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You will soon be waking up with smaller girls...wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Congrats to you! Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
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Thank you ladies so,so much for your prayers and...

Thank you ladies so,so much for your prayers and well wishes! I am now 2 day post op and really sore. My doc OK'ed me getting a shower last night but I almost fainted twice during the process. I guess my body isn't ready for it yet. I also had a fever of 102.6 last night so I gave my PS a call and he told me to take some tylenol and make sure I'm using the breathing tool thingy they gave me to help get any gunk out of my lungs. Sure enough, it worked and I haven't had a fever since.
The worst part for me so far has got to be not being able to get comfortable to sleep for longer than 2-3 hours. Also, not being able to hold my 11month old, but he doesn't seem to mind much. lol

If I had to do it over again I totally would. The hospital staff was great and my PS is wonderful. I have a follow up appt for next week to get fitted for a bra. For now, the girls are just ace bandaged with gauze and sterile pads. I will try to get more pics and add them soon! :)


Congrats. I felt like crap for 2-3 days and I made my husband sit on the toilet for the first few showers. After that I seemed to get stronger each day. Good luck, get your rest
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That's a great idea! I think I'll have him sit with me next time! Thank you!

Today was somewhat of a better day. My incisions...

Today was somewhat of a better day. My incisions hurt a bit more than they have the past few days. Its sort of like a sharp, short, stinging pain. I took the advice of me950 and had my husband stay in the bathroom with me while I attempted another shower. It was much better this time. I also had my doc switch my pain meds because they were giving me such TERRIBLE headaches and making my face and legs itch. I've been keeping the incision sites clean and dry and I change the gauze and pads about twice a day. There really isn't any discharge at all, but it's hot here and I've been sweating so I don't want to risk an infection. My only issue is trying to keep this dang ACE bandage in place. Anyone have any tips on how to do that? I don't see the PS until monday and he will fit me for a bra then, but it's so uncomfortable when it slides down. Even when I wrap it tight.
Surprisingly I feel pretty great. Much better than I thought I would. My breasts have also started to bruise today. This morning around 7 am there was no bruising, but by the time 12pm came along the bruising was definitely noticeable. I'm still taking the arnica montana so hopefully it helps.
Other than that, I've just been trying to relax, which has proven to be difficult since I am ALWAYS running around doing something. I need to find some good books or movies to keep me occupied! haha :) Thank you all for your support! Also, I've added some post op pics.


Congrats! You look great!
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Thank you!
Congratulations ! Your new breasts look great. If. You aren't taking bromelian, I highly recommend it. I took it along with arnica Montana and had very little bruising. I also took a lot of vit A. This aids in the healing of skin. Be sure to get lots of rest an dont push yourself. Remember, pain meds are your friend. The only pain med I could take was Nucynta 50mg. Everything else made me itch. You look wonderful. Happy healing
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So today, I'm officially 1 week post op! Whew! ...

So today, I'm officially 1 week post op! Whew! I never even thought the day of surgery would come let alone this day! It's so exciting! I spent much of Sunday sleeping. Not sure why I was so exhausted, but I took advantage of all the help I still have and slept. The incisions seem to be healing pretty well. Although, before I took a shower I noticed a slight increase in drainage on the dressings. Also, my boobs don't hurt, but my chest muscles do. The swelling has gone down a bit so they aren't itching as much, but the welts are still there. It also looks like they are dropping. I didn't know that it would happen so soon. I have my first pre-op appointment tomorrow so hopefully all goes well! I'm looking forward to hearing his opinion on my healing. We went out to grab a bite this weekend, and I can honestly say that I was more self conscious about my breasts than I was when they were big. haha. I think it was only because they are wrapped up with an ace bandage so it looked awkward to me. I feel awkward with small breasts. I never want to go back to have KK size breasts though, I just need to get used to the new ones. It's such a relief to have not had any back, neck or shoulder pain related to my breasts in a whole week! Awesomeness!

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So I posted like wayyyy early this morning and...

So I posted like wayyyy early this morning and things have changed a bit. My right breast is killing me now mostly at the incision point and area that is right next to my armpit. It's like a pulsating pain that radiates all the way down my right arm. I noticed the left is starting to feel like that as well. It's not as bad as the right though. My right breast is sooo sensitive. After my shower tonight, I was using the blow dryer on them to make sure they were fully dry and I could barely do the right one. I had the setting on low speed and cool and I was in pain. I find it weird that this is happening now when I haven't had much pain at all since the surgery. Anyone know what it could be from? Maybe the healing inside? Ugh... I see the doc tomorrow anyway, so I'll get to ask him. I have no redness or anything. Besides that, today was a good day. I switched back to the gauze instead of the non stick pads because I think it was causing moisture to form and the incisions to leak around my nipples. For the long incisions underneath the breasts I'm still using extra long, unscented pads and they work great! Much cheaper than buying surgical dressings. I've also been having some trouble getting to sleep and sleeping well through the nite. That may have something to do with me sleeping on my back though and not being comfortable. Anyway, I'll let y'all know how the appt goes tomorrow!


I'm so sorry you don't feel well. Today has been one week for me also. And I feel worse today than I have since Thursday :( my incisions hurt, everything feels stiff. Im glad to read that you are pushing through! Yeah for you making it into the shower-- I didn't conquer that feat today. It can only get better!! You look wonderful & I hope you have a pleasant appt. tomorrow :)
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Congratulations first of all. You look great.. Second, I'm glad your going to your PS tomorrow,,, But your likely having pain because your getting your feeling back... Nerves reconnecting,, there are allot of changes taking place and you will see and feel some weird things over the next few weeks but you will get through it,,, and you will be so happy. I'm going to be seven weeks this Wednesday and I'm thrilled... I still have some hard spots to work out but otherwise I'm great,,,!
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Thank you so much! Yes, the incisions are starting to harden. You're probably right about the nerves. Just before this I was feeling a lot of "zingers" too. Thanks so much for this info! And congrats on 7 weeks!!! I love hearing from people who are well into their journey!

I haven't posted in about 10 days or so because...

I haven't posted in about 10 days or so because I'm back to our normal, hectic routine, but I am progressing really well. I swear my PS has got to be the most amazing artist ever because you can barely see where the incisions are. I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I have hardly any scabbing left with the exception of where the T intersection is. I'm going to try to get some pics up here soon. My breasts are pretty sensitive to the touch and can get swollen. I'm back to being able to sleep on my side, although I sometimes prefer to sleep on my back now since I've been doing it since the surgery. The doc has okay'ed some light walking, sexual activity and driving as of my 2nd week post op. He doesn't want me working out until after he sees me again which will be after my 4th week post op. Hopefully he'll give me the go ahead.

My biggest issue/concern right now is this crazy pain in my ribs. They feel like they're really bruised/swollen which is weird because I don't remember having this pain until this week. When I stand up straight and take a deep breath it hurts and it also hurts if I lift my arms above my head. I'm going to call him about it on Monday, but has anyone else had this pain before?


I had rib pain that showed up at a few weeks post op too! Also a bruise showed up about 2 inches below my breast that week too. I never called my PS about it because it didn't last more than a day or two, but I'm assuming it's normal. You look great!
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I don't think your supposed to be putting your arms over your head yet and there are some girls who do Complained of rib pain maybe gas? I hope you feel better soon and congratulations
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Thank you! I'm sorry you weren't having a good day! I hope you are feeling much better now though! I will be updating soon with more pics and and writing about my progress. How is your healing going? Did you have yours done April 8th as well?
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