5 weeks post op.! Columbus, GA

9/25/12 A few things about myself, I am 23 years...

A few things about myself, I am 23 years young. I'm 5'7 and around 145. I am currently a 40F, wearing Layne Bryant bras. Bra makers are all over the board in my opinion so maybe that will help someone reading my story. My husband and I had our first child almost 9 months ago and I breast fed for 6. I had originally planned for a year but became so self conscious and depressed about my breast I decided to stop early and see what I could do about getting a breast reduction. My insurance is Tricare Prime and I asked my primary care doctor for a referral to see a PS. I had my consultation on 9/17/12 just 4 days after on 9/21/12 I recieved approval that my surgery would be 100% covered! The consult was great, Dr. Cochran and his stuff were very kind and made me feel very comfortable. I did so much research before I went to the consult I had a list of 41 questions. He answered every single one of them without hesitation. My surgery is scheduled for 11/13/12. Trying to work around my husbands schedule has pushed it back a few more months than I wanted but I am beyond excited to have the surgery.

For those wondering why I chose reduction surgery, I have always had large breast, I was a DD/DDD before baby and was basically tortured my entire middle school and high school life by kids teasing me saying I "stuffed" my bras. And I wore water bras. If those little brats only knew the truth.. It wasn't until after I had my daughter that I really started letting the size bother me. I want to be a role model for my daughter, and even the most conservative clothes, my boobs are all over the place. I don't want to be "that mom" that always has her boobs in people's faces, although I can't help that they are big, I can at least do something to make them smaller again. I will have my preop appointments scheduled in the next week or so and will update when those will be! I have to say, everyone story here has been the calm to my storm. I have googled and researched and then googled some more. Anything and everything about the surgery I wanted to know. This page eventually became my 1stop shop, and I thank each and everyone of you for sharing your stories. I will upload my before photos as soon as possible and would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

hi i am NOv9 th but i am like 35 and wigh like 230 ponds and my breast is a 42i so im hoping to go down to like ddd cups....
You will be so glad you chose to get a breast reduction. My life has changed for the better after mine!
Dr. Cochran will do a good job. I know many people who have used him for various procedures ha ha including myself. Everyone that I met from his staff is pretty nice too.

10/15/12 Finally got a chance to upload some...

Finally got a chance to upload some before photos. Not much has been going on, just waiting for next month to come around. I had to go to the dr last week (another story in itself) and I ended up having to have a steri strip placed on my arm. Within 12 hours my skin was Melting and the strip came off.. I don't know if I'm allergic to the strip or the benzoin she put on the ends to make it stick. I uploaded a picture. When I called she said it sounded like the steri strip adhesive I was allergic to. But it's only on the ends where my skin melted away rather than the entire strip. I am not allergic to bandaids. Any advice on what to Do before my reduction surgery? I want to make sure I know 100% what caused this so it doesn't happen after my breast reduction.
Yikes on the arm melting! I would take no chances on my boobies reacting that way. Check out "lovelessofme" who just posted an update - she didn't have steri-strips due to allergy and she is healing well. She might have good advice.
Thanks so much! It's def a risk I'm not willing to take!
Hi! I had my BR in the same office as your doc, but my PS was Dr. P. I am so happy I did it! I am 4 months post op. Best wishes for a great outcome for you!

I am now less than a month away from my surgery! I...

I am now less than a month away from my surgery! I honestly think the waiting will be the worst part when it's all said and done. My husband and I were out today shopping and I came across one of those "genie bras" ... I thought about getting one to have for awhile after surgery, until I can wear a regular bra again. Has anyone here used one? If not, what do you recommend. I also got a multivitamin to start taking and looking for the arnica, no luck at gnc. I'm going to try another shop tomorrow. My husband is going to be with me the first week after surgery and then my wonderful mother will be here the second week. After 2 weeks, how do you all think ill be feeling? Like death still? Will I be able to get back into a routine with my daughter? She will be 10.5 months at the time of my surgery. EASY BABY though.
they have the arnica at the vitamin shoppe and if you get bromeline (sp) that should help with any bruising
I think it depends on yiur procedure everyone seems to feel different i am 2 weeks tomorrow i went back to work in Monday but from home i was exhausted the first few days so i napped on mon but i haventbsince my sleep at night is ehh butvgetting better i think that makes a huge difference ask me on mon when i go back to the office lol my main concern with you is if you need to pick up or hold your daughter also how will you get her diwn for a nap or into her high chair or into a car seat? Just things you might have to plan for i can raise my arms but have been careful not to lift much weight at all sometimes when i reach i feel a twinge
I don't plan on driving for the full 6 weeks. We have a small chair I can sit her in the floor to feed her in. The only time ill have to pick her will be to get her out and into her crib. She weighs about 16 lbs.

11/1/12 12 days until surgery. I have my preop...

12 days until surgery. I have my preop appointment next Thursday. Really getting anxious. I keep wanting to buy new winter clothes, but then I stop myself and realize what I buy now won't look the same in a few months. I start cosmetology school in jan and had to get fitted for my uniform the other day, I just know I'm going to have to have it altered, which in this case is fine by me. Seriously nesting around the house. It's on another level. I have rearranged furniture. Rearranged cabinets. Bought new things, got rid of old things. I even went as far as alphabetizing my spice rack.. It's worse than my pregnancy nesting. Lol. But at least I know everything will be in its place when I have surgery. I have been spending a lot of time with my daughter and I'm getting all the snuggle time I can now. It's going to be hard to let someone else take the lead with her for a few weeks until I heal. I know her every move, cry, schedule. Everything. I can tell within 30 seconds of her crying what she needs. My husband and my mom do not. So I have to remind myself that I can't jump up and do what I usually do, I need to let them help me while I have the help. She will be 10 months on November 5th. Sorry if I'm rambling, just wanted to share my pre surgery jitters. Update again next week after my preop! Anything I need to do to prepare for that??
i was worried and had all kinds of things going thru my head as well. dont worry things will be fine :) u will come out of surgery with smaller more manageable boobies!
Thanks Sassy!

11/6/12 Today marks 1 week until surgery. I had...

Today marks 1 week until surgery. I had lunch with some of my close girl friends since I probably won't be feeling up for anything for a few weeks. It was nice to see them all and hear them being so supportive. They are even planning on bringing some meals by next week, even though my husband will be home, just to lighten the load. My preop is Thursday. My daughter has an appointment tomorrow. Friday is my relax day and then Saturday and Sunday we have a birthday party to attend and church. I'm sure by Monday ill be a wreck and will run myself to death cleaning and packing a bag and making sure my daughter has everything she needs. My husband is an amazing dad but I'm sure all you moms know exactly what I mean when I say, no one can take care of our babies like momma can.
Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking about you at my consult :)
Thanks doll! Sending good wishes your way for approval!
Also, becuase of your reaction to steri strips are they going to be able to use them on you after surgery?? I have a pretty severe skin reaction to latex bandaids, so I think I will ask the PS during my consult if he can stick one on my arm to see how I react.

11/13/12 Hey guys. I had surgery today. In...

Hey guys. I had surgery today. In recovery now, finally feeling awake. No drains. Spending the night. Will be discharged tomorrow. Today was good, had to be here at 10am. They got things going with all of the questions and papers. Changed into my gown and they have a heater that hooks to them and blows warm air into the gown, that was my favorite part! About 11:15 they took me back to the "prep room" and I said my goodbyes to my husband. They hooked me up to an IV. Gave me a patch for my nausea and also a shot in my IV. Saw my surgeon and he made his marks then they took me to the operating room, hooked my leg compresses up and the gave me my "night night" Meds. We were talking about what I was going to dream about while I was under and one of my nurses mentioned the beach in a bikini.. I said, "with smaller boobs!" And that's the last thing I remember. When I woke up in recovery my husband was by my side and that helped me to not be so scared. I was really out of it. Not in pain though. That was about 330. Around 5-6 I tried eating but was to sleepy to do so. It's 9 pm now and I just finished a full meal. I don't feel sick to my stomach at all. They had me walk around after I ate and just gave me morphine so it's about that time to get off of her and go to sleep. Thanks for all the support. I should get a peek tomorrow at the girls before I leave. My surgeon will be here to change my dressings and all that jazz! Hope any of you ladies that also had surgery today are feeling well. You are all in my thoughts!!
Congrats:) i'm so glad you are feeling so well. your girls proby look amazing too. can't wait to see them.
congrates keep us posted

11/14/12 Home from the hospital. Have been...

Home from the hospital. Have been hurting more today than I thought I would. As long as I'm laying still it's manageable, but the second I try to get up to use the restroom I feel it all hit me. They look super tiny in the ace bandage. I should be able to see them tomorrow, I have a post op appointment to change the dressings at 2. Ill update again after I see my plastic surgeon.

Change in some plans. Post op will be Tuesday....

Change in some plans. Post op will be Tuesday. 11/20. Surgeon called to check on me and said I could change my dressings and take a shower if I felt up to it. Added some photos. I'm really happy so far with the results. Husband seems to like them as well.
They look great! :)
Thanks for all the kind words. I can't wait to post pictures and get to "show off" my new girls. You guys have been a real help and a lot the stories here is what inspired me to go through with it. So for that, I thank you.
Congrats! Im so glad to hear your surgery went well. The pain should subside in a few days, and it will all be worth it. Just relax and let hubby take care of your for now.

Today marks day 2 after my reduction. I am feeling...

Today marks day 2 after my reduction. I am feeling a lot better than I thought I would. Yesterday I took a sponge bath and did fine. Today I tried to take a shower and kept getting really dizzy, so I think I'll stick to the tub for now. The pain isn't too bad at all. The pain pills give me horrible headaches and knock me out so I'm limiting myself with them. I can't wait for my post op on Tuesday to hear my surgeons opinion on how I'm healing. Tomorrow I'm going to a salon to get my hair washed and styled so hopefully it will hold me off until I can do it on my own. If not, I'll just go again. I can't stand having crazy hair. I have been sleepin ok. Doesn't bother me to sleep sitting propped up, but ill be happy when i can sleep on my side. I never was a tummy sleeper because it hurt my boobs too much.

I was taking a closer look at the new girls...

I was taking a closer look at the new girls tonight and this one spot on my right breast bothers me. It does physically bother me, but looking at it makes me a little worried. It's like the spot isn't closed all the way like it should be. I'm worried it will cause a thicker scar. I posted a picture so Let me know what you guys think. I'm going to call my ps in the morning to be on the safe side. Also, there is a little piece of stitching sticking out on the last end of the same breast. Is that normal? I can't tell if its the same on the other breast because there is tape on the very end.
You look great. The spot on your right breast might be nothing but i would callyour PS and let them decide. Be sure to take it easy. Youmight feel good but your body has a lot of internal healing to do...
I'm not sure about the stitching, but call your doctors office about the spot you are concerned about. They should get you in to check it out. Good luck and hopefully it's not an issue!
My left breast is just all closed so nice and neat and my right worries me. I'm def going to call first thing tomorrow. Even though it doesn't hurt. Better to be safe than sorry!

Stopped by my PS office this morning. He added...

Stopped by my PS office this morning. He added some more steri strips to my incisions where I was concerned. He also sent some home with me just in case I lose some over the weekend or see a spot I want to tape more. He is so awesome! I love his staff as well! They didn't hesitate squeezing me in just to ease my mind. They didn't try talking to me about it over the phone, they just listened to my concerns and said come on in! I love that!! Everything looks like it is healing perfectly!
What kind of sports bra is that in your post-op pics? Do you like it, etc? I think I need one of those!
It's just Haines. From Walmart! It's was like 5 bucks. I really like it! I bought it in black and white too. It doesn't come in cup sizes just width sizes. So I bought a size smaller than what I would normally wear so it would be tight fitting and supportive.
So glad they checked u out. I had a spot the first week that I had my ps check on and I was feeling better once he told me it was ok. It's so hard to tell what's under the tape too. U r looking great! And I was thinking us getting this done this time of year is great cuz we will be able to enjoy the summer when it gets here!! Yay for new swimsuits that fit!! Lol

11/20/12 Well, 1 week post op today! I can't...

Well, 1 week post op today! I can't believe how great I feel! Last week I had a spot that bothered me where stitching stuck out on the very end of my right breast. When I stopped by my surgeons office for some extra steri strips his nurse told me the stitch was left out on purpose so he could pull stitches out. I guess she was confused because today when I went in I was expecting to get them out and when I asked my plastic surgeon about it, he said they were all dissolvable! So I told him about my angry stitch on my right breast and he snipped it for me and checked some other spots, said it looked like everything else had dissovled!! I have to go back in 3 weeks. He said I was healing nicely! A little bit of swelling remains. Told me not to worry about buying bras until 6 weeks post op. Also said if my steri strips don't come off on their own in the next week I could take them off. Once all the tape is off I'm free to start using any lotions, oils, creams, to help with the scars.
You look so great. so glad your healing and feeling good. Make sure you rest when possible and keep us posted Happy Healing
so glad everything was ok with ur incisions. ur are looking great!!! keep taking it easy and rest when u can. xxxxxx
Thanks Sassy! Sorry these pictures upload all crazy! I update from my phone. :)

FIRST LET ME SAY: i am so sorry my pictures post...

FIRST LET ME SAY: i am so sorry my pictures post all crazy on here!! My phone post them that way and i dont have a clue how to fix it!

SECOND: I know this is probably a bad idea. But Black Friday is, well, FRIDAY! And I'm itching so bad to go out and get deals on bras!!! I know my boobs haven't even begun to take their final shape. But I'm dying to go get bras! At least the wireless ones. Would I be wasting my money buying anything right now? When could I even consider wearing a bra as long as its wireless? Plus I think part of me is a tad addicted to the bags they give out at Victoria Secrets!! I have one from the last 3 Black Friday deals and I use them for everything. I am just ready to have something else in the drawer to look at other than sports bras. Something to look forward to.
Have fun with bras but don't buy too many as ur still healing. I bought two and had to exchange them!! Happy turkey day hon!!
I'm so impatient to try on a "real" bra..thank god my girlfriend came over with a bra for me, it was without the underwire and it was adorbs..I wore it with gauze and all lol.
I wish I could shop on Friday!! I will be at work :( have fun & don't overdo it. Maybe just get one bra to make you feel better! I asked for VS gift cards for Christmas, being as I won't have ANY clue what size to buy until at least feb or march!

11/24/12 Decided to wait on the bras. As bad as I...

Decided to wait on the bras. As bad as I wanted to buy some, I'm pretty comfortable in the sports bras. Still have one small spot on my right breast that is draining, a lot more bruising on that side as well. Most of my steri strips have come off. I replaced two going down the T incision. Still feeling great. I have been sleeping on my side very comfortably. I'm anxious to start scar treatment, but I'm waiting until everything is 100% closed up and all of the scabs are gone. You ladies have been my rock through this all, just so y'all know!! Reading everyone's updates, new stories, encouragement, it really has been delightful!
I finally found a sports bra like your grey one at a different walmart! What band size did you get? I normall wear a 34DDD and the one I got is "40" and fits pretty well, minus some spillage from the girls being huge. Did you have to get a band size quite a bit larger than your normal one? I thought that was odd..
Hey doll! I actually had to go down 2 or so sizes in the sports bra! That is weird!
Very weird! I'll have to try each on before I buy if I do buy any more of that style... Maybe it was labeled wrong. Lmao

11/4/12 Today marks 3 weeks post op. I feel...

Today marks 3 weeks post op. I feel amazing. Back to doing normal things with no pain or discomfort at all. Have an appointment December 11th just to check up on things. Right breast (left in photo) has some swelling still but everything is closed and healed. 1 or 2 scabs is all that remains. Can't wait to get into a real bra and see the final size.
Thanks for sharing your story and pictures!! I have wanted a reduction since high school too! My surgery is tomorrow and I wondered how long until you could pick up your daughter? I have 2 young kids - 4 and 14 months and will have my mom and mother-in-law's help (and husband when not working). It will be so hard not to pick up my 14 month old!! Thanks for any tips!
Hey Crobi! I waited 2 weeks! I was able to have help for 2 weeks so I tried to do as little as possible! My daughter is super dainty and only weighs 19 pounds. I don't carry her in the car seat at all unless I have to. It's def hard to not pick them up, but I would sit in the floor with my daughter and play with her and let her give me hugs if she wanted. She is extremely independent so she doesn't like to be held anyway which made it easier! Just keep reminding yourself, the more you do, the longer it will take to heal.
Thanks so much!! You look great!

5 weeks since my surgery. My scars are already...

5 weeks since my surgery. My scars are already looking great. Had a check up Dec 11th, swelling is gone and they have healed perfectly. Went to Victoria Secrets last week and grabbed some bras, went to try them on, here is what went on in my head. The B, WAY TOO SMALL, the C, WHAT THE HELL THIS IS LITTLE. The D, OK THAT'S IT!!! MA'AM CAN I GET SOME HELP.... Had the girl measure me and I'm measuring a 36 DD. she brought me a few and they fit perfectly. No spoilage. No thick straps. I wanted to be a full C, Small D. But I have some baby weight to lose still so maybe once I get these extra 10 pounds go I will be the D I want. Either way, I love them!!! I love the way they feel, look, where they sit, everything. And a plus, my husband likes them just as much as I do. He never expressed any concern with the surgery and just wanted me to be happy. Once everything settled, he told me he is so glad they turned out perfect because he was a little worried. Ha, silly man.
The bra you tried is the same one I purchased today. I did the same thing...I was like oh Ill just grab a B and a C and see which one fits....what the hell? Why are these so small? And then I measured as a C cup, and I told the lady the C left me with extra boob on the side, and she put me in a 34D and I bought one in a 36C as well, with hopes it will fit in a few weeks/months, if not I will give it to my sister.... Lol
congratulations.you look perfect!!!!
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