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I had my saline implants on top of muscle ive had...

i had my saline implants on top of muscle ive had two children one before op and have had one after photo i upload is recent and taking only last week. dr p listened to me i was very scared as have never under gone anything before he was kind well manned and really listened to me i felt confident with him he gets striaght to the point. the of surgery i was so nervous but he was great, when i woke i remember feeling so much pain but i had never had surgery before i did exactly what dr p told me too fas far as after care goes you cant really even see my scars with are tiny and so faint you wouldnt know id have to really make you look. and its now 2013 as you can see in pic im still happy i have had a child since and took care of my breats during pregnancy wearing sports bras to sleep and creams and as you can see still good , feels great im a dancer and currently in texas the amount of compliments on by breats the are un real most people belive are perfect natural brests till i tell them. obviously they have slight drop since having my secind child while having implants but im happy and i love them. when i must replace one day i plan only to use dr p no matter where i am in the world will travel to him.


im still happy with them but you also must remember i have had a child since having my implants also.

picture with implants after my daughter was born

first picture uploaded is presant this pic to show implant after child was last year


this picture is presant only taen last week same as first, so as you can see 3 years old and after child im still happy and would go back to the same doctor when the day comes i must change also should mention my implant in on top of the muscle
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You're so pretty, your breasts look very natural!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! You look great...even 3 years post op and post baby. Do you recall how many cc's you got? Violet1234 and I are distracted with your flat stomach! How many hours of pole dancing and gym time must we do each week?!  :) 

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            i had my daughter when i was 28! i also had lipo and a tummy tuck done 3 years ago; i thought about buying a pole for my home; lol! 
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             your breast look very natural; how long have you had your saline implants? 
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only 3 years had them since 2010 but i i had my daughter in 2011 but i loved them so im happy he was a great doctor
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            your really pretty and your daughter is adorable! how many cc do you have? when i had mh daughter my skin began to sag around the implants and i got ripples really bad: 
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i had 370cc on each side, during pregnancy i wore a sports bra every single night becuase i knew my breasts were growing they became so big i was scared for the after results but here i am shes 18 months now and im still happy. i was a d cup all my adult life then my first child (which was before implants) i had him and i breast fed him, then when he turned 1 year old on 08 my boobs grew smaller i became a b cup!! thats when i made the choice to have implants and used dr p. like i said i went on top of the uscle mainly becuase i knew i still wanted more kids and in my mind i figured if i go ontop and they sagg later i could always switch either implant and/or go under the muscle. thankyou for the compliment are yours on top? or under becuase im a dancer and i use to lingerie model i see alot of, because my friends or had loose skin from growth all went under the muscle and no longer have that as a issue.
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p.s i used every single cream know to man kind on my boobs 24hrs a day
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Hi, you look amazing, I wonder what is the advantage of having the implants on top of the muscle? I still don't have children, but in a near future (4 years or so) I'd like to have them, and right now I am making the decision of whether have BA or not... Thanks!
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i think it also depends on how much natural breast tissue you have, for example if you dont have enough it will show rimpling which you dont want also that goes for which implant you go for too. ontop breasts in my option feel softer and more natural but cons would be the gravity meaning your not protected as much as when we age or breasts grow due to child birth etc, although if you havnt had children yet i would say go on top becuase if later you have a child and it does make them not how you want after you can always change and go under afterwards or if its too much change ti silicone gel under with out the scarring of a life :)
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            mine are under the muscle! your stomach is so flat did you have lipo done as well or a tummy tuck? 
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lno never, i work out all the time not to mention im a pro pole dancer, i also went to the gym everyday when i was pregnant. and used all kind of creams my tummy could be tighter but its a small section of skin so im not tripping over it. you should try pole dancing ok yes im a dancer, but even for the toning you be very surprised reason dancers have the body they do. ive only ever had my boobs done. and for the first time yesturdau had botox in my forehead im 27 waiting to see results but so far so good :)
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