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I am due to have my reduction Aug. 1st 2013! I am...

I am due to have my reduction Aug. 1st 2013! I am currently a 38J. My goal size is 38D. I haven't been a D since I was in middle school 18 years ago!!! I know it will help with the pain and strain, but I am worried about the post-op pain! I have 39 hours until my procedure and I still have not bought a "goal" bra. Im afraid my expectations are off and size definitely has me worried even though I am in great hands!!
Don't worry about the pain. I am a big baby and almost canceled mine the day before. So glad I didn't bc it was very minimal. A bit uncomfortable but so worth it. I went from a 36DDD to a 36C. Best decision of my life. In a few weeks you'll be laughing at yourself for being so scared. Best of luck. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday.
Thanks so much! I am so glad I found a site with women who are more than willing to help others through this process. I have a 4 year old daughter who is constantly wanting on my lap so that may prove to be a little bit of an issue. Other than that everything is in place and 28 hours from now Ill be heading to the surgery center :)

Pre-op pics as promised

Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.
Best of Luck today! Thinking of you!!!!

1st day post op

The pain isn't as excruciating as I thought it was going to, but it definitely is not comfortable! For the most part it feels like its burning-like touching an open wound. The drain lines hurt the most so I cant wait to get them out!! Other than that Im trying to relax which is the hardest part. I sat up in bed against pillows for three hours yesterday and I paid for it!! Word to the rest rest!!! and the first shower sucks!! goodluck
You look so sore. I feel for you. Rest, rest, rest!

6 days post op

Today is day 6 of post op! Everything is healing painfully slow, but still continuing! One of drain lines came unstitched Monday evening, so hubby helped me remove them (I know a big no no) BUT I didn't want them to fall out or cause any damage. op appointment is tomorrow :) I will post pics because they do get better, Im just trying to rest with a very active 4 yr old and now we have a took possession back of a pup from our last litter!! Sooo-rest we I come!!

19 days post op-Necrosis

Last Thursday I had to make an unscheduled visit to the PS. It was confirmed that I have necrosis of my left areola. I hoped it was just a blood blister and would heal itself, but no such luck. Now I am on Bactrim and Silvadene cream to fight any infection. The dead tissue is slower coming off with each gauze change-which is very gruesome :( There isn't a foul smell. I go back in on the 21st to see what my reg. PS plans to do. Im surprisingly calm about this whole situation.
Candy, do you have any new pics. I have a couple of places too, and it helps to see how others are healing. :)
Best of luck on your healing. I love your positive attitude.
I'm so sorry to hear about your complication. By the looks of the photo, it's relatively contained to a small spot. They may be able to debride the skin to promote better healing. Keep us all posted and happy healing

Making slow but steady progress!

Its been 45 days since my operation. The necrotic tissue is gone and only a small hole remains. Its healing surprisingly fast, so it's still minor set back :)
Glad to see you are healing so well!

Not what I expected!

I am almost 3 months post-op and still have a hole from the Necrosis :( The pain endured from the Necrosis is by far worse than the actual surgery/healing process. The pain is constant and at times feels like I have a dagger going through my nipple. With all the success stories I was hopeful mine would be too, but this is simply not the case. My PS was amazing at first and now seems to not care. I still have an obvious hole that shows the fatty part of the breast, the pain I go through daily is unreal and seems like I am stuck in a nightmare Ill never wake up from. The idea of sex makes me cringe simply because I don't want my husband seeing the hole and being turned off. This was a huge step for me considering how self conscience I was before the surgery. Now I have huge scars and a hole :'(
They may need to be at least talking about a reconstruction or a skin graft. My ps talked about a skin graft today, but we are going to wait a few weeks longer and see if my wound heals first. I have a big open area under my right breast.
Don't give up. I would contact your PS and tell him that this is not acceptable. You are in pain and he needs to help you. Hang in there, you poor thing. My heart goes out to you.
Thanks love! I am going to call him again tomorrow and see what he says. The antibiotic kick is old and with everything else going on I just really need relief. If I need to Ill be contacting the director of the office and/or anyone else I need to in order to get something done!
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