I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. - Breast Augmentation - Columbus, OH

I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. Then lost 25...

I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. Then lost 25 pounds and my boobs. Bras became too big. I'm 48 years old exercised to lose weight and a mail carrier so was kinda muscular. Had 421cc under muscle as recommended by ps. Was in a lot of pain after BA. They still sit high and are firm and very worried


Congratulations on your weight loss....and your new look! You may be early in the healing process to be worried about your implants not dropping yet. Have you noticed any changes over the past few weeks? What has your PS said about your concern? Sometimes a surgeon will suggest a band or massaging to help the implants settle in more. Keep us posted!

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Went back to work after 2 1/2 weeks. Very sore. Left always is firmer and usually bigger. Now right seems bigger but no firmer. Ps said no bras or bands. Next week he said start where extra big sports bra.

Been told have capsular contracture

Little over 4 weeks PO and just told by ps I have cc in both breasts worse in left than right. That they won't drop and soften. I'm really freaking out!


Im 7 weeks PO and my right girll is still high up and I still have lots of pain in both. I do the excercise every every day but was told no sports bra or underbwire bras for 3 months but read many are told to wear sports bras ? Wonder what I should do ? wear them or not. Showed the doctor the the over size just a cover you would wear under clothes to keep a low cut shirt from showing cleavage and it has no support and he said that was perfect too wear for 3 months. Now which do I wear, support or not ?
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Was told no bra first 4 weeks then over sized sports bra after that
How is your process going now? Has the CC gotten any better? What has your PS suggested
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5 weeks post op. I want these out!!!

I think I'm going crazy. I can't live with these hard things in me. And now I think one has bottomed out. I don't want to go back to my original doctor. I didn't do any research before BA. Now I can't seem to find information to find a good ps to remove them. So scarred what I'll look like when they come out. Was small before don't want to be left with nothing. If anyone knows of a good ps in ohio to remove these Please let me know


Hey how are you doing now? Did your issues ever resolve, I hope you are feeling better.
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I am so sorry to hear about your pain and discomfort. I'm glad to see you have found some support in the breast implant removal community. Whatever you decide to do, we're all here for you. Take care and try not to be too hard on yourself. Hang in there!

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Did you self diagnose your CC or did you go to your ps about this? I believe my CC started at 4 weeks and kept getting worse up until I took them out at 7 weeks. If your surgeon told you that you have CC then he might just want to remove the scar tissue out, know that in time your body will try to reject it again. It seems that if you develop CC so early on your body just refused to accept something foreign in your body. OR your surgeon did not make the right pockets like my case, I would definitely get a second opinion from another surgeon, even 3rd and 4th opinions. Now that I have done much research on implants they say you have 50% to get CC again if you decide to keep them. I personally did not take that chance. Whatever you decide to do, know that you are not alone and we are here for you :)
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