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Im new and this will be mu first blog. Im 30 years...

Im new and this will be mu first blog.
Im 30 years old with one child (2yrs old) and for many years i have wanted to change my breast but felt i didnt have a good enough reason. But after the birth of my son the urge has become more and more apparent. At the moment i THINK i am a size 32 C/D. I say this because i am actually not sure of my breast size. My breast have become very deflated and some what saggy since i had my son. And i find it very hard to find a bra that fits me. I have come to the conclusion that it is not that there is something wrong with the bras but rather that there is something wrong with my breast. Because of the deflation and dreaded sag. It is almost impossible for my girls to fit in a bra and sit nicely. A C cup is a little tight which pushes my boobs out over the top, and they literally full overboard if i bend over. And then there is the D cup which is a bit roomy and can show of my sag and some very unsightly stretched like skin (yuk).
So i have recently decided to take this matter to the next level and actually start my research which has lead me here where i have read through some very inspiration experience from fellow RealSelf members. I think im in a good place here. I really look forward to reading more reviews on this site and hopefully some day soon share my own. For now im just educating myself on the decision i have made and reviewing my options.


Ok so here it is, my current situation. This is me in all my glory. As you can see, my chest is very deflated and saggy.

I posted a question to the doctors on here and i have been told that i will need a breast lift (with or without implant) to achieve my goal.
I would love to here from anyone that has had a lift and anyone that may of had a before chest similar to mine.

What do i really want?

Im defiantly not after the huge boob look (not that there is anything wrong with that), but i just don't think it would suit my body and my life.
Im hoping for a more natural slightly fuller breast.

I have been told i need a lift which i am not totally against but would rather avoid as of now.
So the big question for me right now is "Can i achieve what i am after with the lift" ???
Its a constant battle in my mind right now. I feel i need the lift to get the best out of the procedure but don't want the scars. And I'm also thinking that maybe without the lift, a little sag may actually make the implants look a more natural....

Aaagggghhhhh to much is running through my head and i haven't even been to a consultation yet lol.

My Wish List

I have decided to collect some pictures of BA that i like. Some with and some without a lift. (crescent/benelli/lollipop)
I have heard that some PS ask to see pictures so i thought i would get a head start now.

I have found it very interesting to see how cc's can look so different on each person. I think i never really thought about that before, Hmmm defiantly a very big decision to make.

One more for my wish list

Forgot to add this pic. This is a fellow Real Self member. Her results are absolutely amazing!!!
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Great idea on posting your wish photos too!

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Great compilation of wish pics!! I see you're around Columbus. My PS is in Cincinnati. I highly recommend him!!! He's a contributing doc on here too. He offers a $500 discount if you mention Real Self.
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Oh thats awesome, i did bot notice that your BA was done in Cincinnati. Im going to put your ps on my list. Thanks so much. xxx
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Hey! Take a look at my profile. My ps also recommended a lift, but he thought he could get me a nice natural result without one. I am very pleased with my results so far! Sometime down the road, I may decide I want to do something more invasive, but I was able to accomplish my goals at this time without a lift. Good luck with your decision!
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Hi sup, i just read your review and pics are amazing. People like you are really giving me hope that maybe i can get the look i want without the lift. I thank you so much for your review and look forward to seeing more pictures. xxx
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Welcome to Real Self! This is a wonderful community of women. Sounds like you are on the right track researching and realizing what you want and don't want. I'll be following your journey!
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Good luck with your decision, I was told I ended a lift as well and my dr wouldn't do both the lift and the implants in one surgery so I did the lift in February and I like the results but I am now ready for the implants for more fullness and a larger size, which I hope to do this next February. It's a tough decision but it seems like you are doing your research just make sure you ask about all the questions going through your head when you do have a consultation.
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Thanks Suzi. I just had a look at your lift and you look great already without the implants. Im hoping that i can get alway with a crescent or benelli lift. Im not to bothered if im not super perky afterwords but i will defiantly discuses all my options when i have my consult. Thanks girl, i look forward to seeing your implant update. xxx
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The best thing about the lift is that "the girls" now stay in the bra when I bend over instead of slipping out..lol you will probably be very happy with a lift if your not worried about size very much, and hopefully like you said, you could do a less invasive/scarring lift as well. Good luck :-)
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. This is a safe place to research and find other members experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. You may want to research Board Certified surgeon in your area. To help get you started on the next step, here is a list of important questions to ask your PS during your consults. Ideally you get several different consults. Keep us posted on your research progress!

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Hi Beth. The article was great and i will have to save it as i know i will need to refer back to it later. Thanks so much. x
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