February 2015

Getting nervous and having second thoughts. I am...

Getting nervous and having second thoughts. I am scheduled for a BBL in 27 days under local IV sedation. I prefer local versus general anesthesia due to a previous bad experience with general anesthesia. However, I am concerned that the results wont be near to what I wished for ( a Nikki Minaj butt with a hour glass figure, small waist and big hips). Has anyone underwent this procedure under local IV sedation? I don't want to waste 7,500... My PS has already informed me that I wont get the dramatic results I want, how is this when I weigh 176 pds (abdomen and love handles) and my butt is a nice size and shape already. Any thoughts? Anyone aware of someone who has had a BBL under Local and had good results (huge butt) post op?

Finally able to upload pics


Sooo I will officially be a Duran Doll on September 30, 2013. Sh*t is getting REAL. I am so nervous BUT extremely ready for this. any thoughts from POST OP dolls? Also staying at Yasmine Recovery House...


Shout out to my girl MZdee.. her surgery is tomorrow


Awww so I have mixed feelings because I just rescheduled with Duran for feb 21.. Wanted this done ASAP but my priorities took precedent.. Anyhow, it will def. be done in February until then I will keep reading everyone else reviews... I still don't understand the reasoning behind her not prescribing pain meds especially if your having a TT. I thought I was gone die after I had a csection I can only imagine what will happen after the TT and BBL. Yal have a blessed day..

Give me the DONK!!

Can anyone point me in the direction of any recent Duran dolls with HUGE BOOTIES? It could be me but I'm starting to see less volume. However, this could be d/t personal preferences. I'm only asking because I want as much as my skin allows NO CONSERVATIVE FOR ME!!!


Sooo.. Im so anxious for February to get here. I will be having surgery on February 21 (Yaaayyy) with the infamous Dr.Duran! Good luck to everyone scheduled for surgery today and for that matter ANYDAY. I do have a couple questions..What garments do I need for the first few weeks after surgery? Faja, squeem, both or something else? Due to the fact Duran uses the butt in faja, I wanted to purchase the butt out faja but unsure of what size to get. Also, at the time of my quote (3 months ago) duran said that I should lose 20 to 30 pounds. I like being thick and believe that is too much weight for me to lose. However, I will say that I have lost 4 pounds and if needed I guess will lose 16 more. Has anyone been denied surgery due to weight? I already know that she wants your BMI to be less than 34. Comments are welcome. Thanks


Soo.. I attempted to start another update under a different name however for unknown reasons it did not go thru. Anyway, my surgery date is fast approaching! I'm experiencing all kinda emotions. One minute I'm happy then the next minute I think of the worst that can happen (uggh..). I have only lost 10 pds so I'm down from 179, however Dr.Duran recommended that I lose 20-30 pds. Ladies pray that I don't get all the way there just to be denied! That would suck! BTW I am 4'11( I really don't look like I weigh 169 it shows more in my stomach)

I will attempt to upload some before pics.... Till next update ladies...

In need information on Domingas and Yasmine Recovery house

so I was originally booked for Yasmines recovery house but now having second thoughts. I just read a couple reviews where she had a people bunched together like animals**MMMmm I don't thnk so** any dolls have any info on Domingas or Yasmines?? Dominga said she may be able to fit me in , however I would have to take a room without air for the first night.. decisions decisions. Info is appreciated. Thanks

Almost time...

So happy that lookbackatit35is doing ok!!! She looks great!! Well dolls I have surgery next Thursday! I soooo hope it happens( I'm always thinking the worst SMH). Here's a couple more pre surgery pics that Yal can laugh at lol

I meant..

Sorry I meant MySexyback35


Anyone know if santo dominga has hair stores tht supply Brazilian or InDian hair?? I'm so serious. Thinking about taking out theses braids while I'm there and buying some hair to have sewn in when I get back in the states...

Shit is real!

On my way to airport! Will update once I get to the DR! Need all yall prayers that everything goes accordingly! Holla at Yal later

Thanks y'all

This recovery aint no joke!!! Had my surgery as planned feb 21. I've been sick every since. Wasn't eating or drinking but for some reason I snapped out of it today( I kept thinking about my babies and how they need me:)) anyways, I will update when I get home in a couple days..soo much to tell.

Domingas recovery home..

Ladies, if your looking for a perfect recovery home your not gonna find it( at least not in the DR). From the 3 times I was at Cipla I heard complaints about almost every recovery home. Honestly, I feel like Domingas was worth the money. Her massage person was the bomb(massages are included)Yea, she forgot to wash my clothes (but that was the least of my worries). There was a time I didn't eat dinner but I believe she thought we were sleep and DIdnt want to wake me( I was going thru it). Go with whatever your mind tells you. I give her 7/10---

9 days post op

It's been 9 days since surgery and Im feeling disappointed. My butt is getting smaller by the day. I hate this faja( it's the devil). I'm wondering what I can put on in place of it-- or maybe see if Macy's has a more comfortable one. I don't know but what I do know is that I didn't go thru this pain to have a small butt. Don't get me wrong Duran is WONDERFUL, however from the post op girls at CIPLA--Cabral is number one in giving big assess then YILLY. Yes, I know there has been some debate over who gives the bigger butts Yilly or Duran-from what I saw its Yilly hands down. Gonna post a couple pics and please ladies if you know an alternative to this damn faja hit me up... Til next time loves!!?

Few days after surgery

My current situation

Not wearing the faja. Purchased some butt out panties and a waist cincher so will try and wear those. In my opinion my butt is getting smaller. Yal be the judge. Til next time dolls...

I love it!

Just came from the mall. Had all eyes on me!! Gotta say had the females a lil irritated! Dang ladies, just gone hate like that. Heard all kinda laughter as I walked by. I ain't mad. It be like that. Loving the new and improved me!!!! Be prepared for this my BBL sisters.


My butt continues to decrease! I drive my daughter crazy everyday asking her how much more my butt has went down. I know I previously said "no round 2's" however, Im really considering Dr.Cabral next year. Yes, I said it, another surgery coming next year.

2 months post op

I really would like a round two but starting to get scared from everything that's going on. Not sure what I will do. Whereas I thought my stomach was nice I now hate it. I'm extremely hard to please. It's my money soooo it is what it is. Here's a recent pic

King Cabral

Round two scheduled with Cabral- February 2015. Let's Goooo! Any post op Cabral dolls I would love to read how your experience went.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sweetest doctor yet. Very attentive post op. Love her.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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GO FOR IT SIS!!!!! from the jump your heart was set on Cabral but you followed the hype which controlled your mind and you ended up unhappy.. see how your HEART ALWAYS WIN IN THE END : ) BEST OF WISHES WITH ROUND 2. M ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE..
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I love this woman! She has always been positive from day one!!!! Love her! Sis he better Weeeeerrrrrrk it!!
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No boo u better believe he's gonna DELIVER THE GOODS have your cheeks looking like you got the MUMPS Cabral is a certified ASS MAN... Imma change his name to the BAKER MAN!!!
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Lmao sis!!!!
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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with results but your new butt looks good give it some time hopefully it will help
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Ur butt looks round & very natural
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If your not happy go for round two. Just research the dr you chose so you have a better chance at getting the results your looking for. If your not happy with the results it will always be in the back of your mind. But yo ass looks pretty big to me...lol no homo
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Looking good I dont think you need a R2 but if you do Cabral is the man for ass
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U look great in the pics to me:-)
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Keep wearing your faja doll that will reduce swelling and Butt will look bigger xoxo
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Sis I want u to know I think u look very good But I do understand where ur coming from. I have a few issues I would like to deal with also. But lets give it the allowed time. Then we can go in again....lol...I know how ur feeling..
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It's your body and you know what you wanted and what you don't see I don't think its bootie greed I think you're disappointed cause you didn't get the results you wanted I support you sis in what u want round 2 it is then..
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@CokeBottleBarbie85 guuuurl say it! I had on my garment so that ass was sitting up looking fierce! However, I'm disappointed in my results. Everyday it seems as if I lose more volume :(
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Females....hate if you don't look good and hate when you look good :( no way around it :) bring on the haters! I can't wait! Your looking great dolly :) I'm glad your loving your new bod !
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I meant that Xo was hating--the other females just was staring
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@sweetcakkk--- them Xo was hating!!! Saw me in my tights and lil shirt and damn near lost it. It's ok cause her man was staring( the Xo that was laughing)!!
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Girl you look good.!!! What them Xo laughing at? JUST give your body sometime I'm sure you will be Happy. You got a big ass Booty!!!!
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@spokidee31-- I personally like the butt out. I believe the butt in killed alot of my fat. Just my thoughts tho..
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Hi ladies. I had my BBL done in 8/13. I will be going for a second round. Do you guys think its better to wear a Faja with the butt out or should it be covered? I feel as if all my fat cells died and I am not sure how I could have saved my butt from getting flat. Is there anything I can do to maintain the fat? your response is greatly appreciated. thx
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Good question, I'm getting my bbl with Cabral and I wanna keep all the A$$ I pay for
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Ooooo futuremsbeaitifulbody your body gone be banging with Cabral!!!!!
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hi. from my experience my butt has gotten way smaller after my bbl.. do you feel the same way?
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Glad u made it out safe:-) Duran actually shaped your butt really nice.
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Thanks boo
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Hey sis. Thanks for the love, love u too. Ive been running all day. U think u got it all 2getha. Then Bam! Here comes some more crap popping up..
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