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I have an acquaintance who is a distributor of the...

I have an acquaintance who is a distributor of the It Works wraps. She has had amazing results using a combination of 4 or 5 of their products so I thought I'd give it a try and support her. Unfortunately, the wraps did not work for me. Not one single inch lost.

I am a healthy, active 30 something with about 15 pounds to lose after 3 kids, pretty much all accumulated in my mid section, so that is where I put my wraps. I currently juice two times a day, alternating in one protein shake every 2-3 days. I eat about 85% vegan, adding chicken and small amounts of real butter occasionally - and slowly transitioning to gluten-free, about 50%. I exercise 6 times a day, alternating yoga, pilates weight lifting and running. And I generally drinking 4-6 bottles of water a day. I say all of this to give a detailed picture of my lifestyle.

I did 2 full boxes of wraps, that's 8 wraps total. Followed the instructions to a tee, after all, I paid a pretty penny for these wraps and I wanted to make sure I got the very best results. They just didn't work for me, and they don't work for everyone. The reps will try to tell you that it is user error, I can assure you, in my case it was not. I wish the company would just admit that these wraps are not for everyone. And unfortunately, they offer no way out of their Loyal Customer program for 3 months, other than to pay $50, if you are not satisfied with their product.

I will say this, I have horrible stretch marks, and they have lightened quite a bit since using the wraps, but not enough to keep using the product at the current price for the amount of results. The defining gel, which is a little bit less expensive, might give the same results with my stretch marks, so I am going to switch my auto ship to that product for my third and final Loyal Customer shipment, and I plan to cancel after that.

My suggestion would be to go to one of the rep parties and do a demo wrap, usually they cost $25 and see if you have results from that. I did not have any results, but the rep said to wait 72 hours and measure again, she even marked my skin so I could measure correctly. No results for me. If you have results after just one wrap (many do), then I would try it, if you don't, chances are will not have results with continued use.

I want to add one more thing. The woman I know who sells the It Works products has had great results using a combination of several of their products, and the testimonies and pictures she share had similar stories, so if you are looking to lose a ton of weight, you will most likely have to combine several of their very expensive products to see big results. But if you just want to lose a few inches to fit in your jeans better, the wraps could probably help with that (for some people).

thank you so much for this honest review.. this is EXACTLY what ive been going through i should have waited to sign up for loyal customer until after i saw results i didnt and so now im stuck ihave one more autoship to go and then im cancelling the total ive seen over 2 months and 4 wraps is 2 inches loss i drink plenty of water everyday and for the last 2 weeks have been taking the fat fighters they make me feel NOTHING.. i really was hoping this would help me get my midsection tight before my trip in 3 weeks (which at the time was 2 months away when i signed up giving them ample time to work) and still nothing drastic like these pictures im seeing EVERYWHERE..
Yes. Me too. Was going on vacation too, hoping to tighten my mid section. Shortly after I wrote this review I started taking a natural supplement called CLA. Dr. Oz recommends this specifically for people who gain all of their extra weight in their mid section. I asked my friend who is a certified herbalist about it and she said it is safe and natural. It's worked wonders. I've lost 5 inches already and my tummy already feels flatter and firmer. I'm not a doctor and wouldn't recommend taking anything w/o doing your own research first, but It's worth looking into.
you exercise 6 times a day?

*I meant that I work out 6 times a WEEK, not 6...

*I meant that I work out 6 times a WEEK, not 6 times a day!
Of course they work on the people trying to sell the product ;)
My results were great i lost ovee 5 1/2 using just the wraps. But each individual is different and what may work for one may not work for another. Also in some cases it may take longer for others. Best wishes to you all.
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