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Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Mons Reduction age 52, 5"1, 128 lbs

I had 2 children, the last pregnancy being a...

I had 2 children, the last pregnancy being a C-Section, 21 years ago. I have not been able to lose the pouch above the C-Section Scar , I had my surgery Friday and went fo a follow up today, this has actually been better than I expected, I had worked myself up so terribly ,Dr Heck said I needed to rest and have been moving around too much .

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Hi Sarah , so important to follow the rules, eat, rest , stay plugged in with uplifting, positive people that will be REAL about them SELF , so you can have an expectation on how you will feel.
SarahP , where would you like me to update and add, I am new to this :) would love to be helpful to anyone, it will help expedite my own recovery

Day 5 , I am 52 , 5"1 and 128 lbs at time of TT Surgery

up and down emotions, be sure you take all the help that is offered to you , if you are someone who hates to ask for help, DO IT ANYWAY, the company and help will not only help from a physical stand point but also emotional . It is easy when you are not feeling well to let your mind run wild , we are not crazy , it is worth it and we will feel sooo good about ourselves
That sucker posted before I was Ready... I guess I will try to get some sleep tonight... On my insomnia kicks on LOL. ((((Hugs))))
Hey Mrs. determined... As hard as it is to do nothing & as little as possible... That's what we must do In order to heal our bodies... That Could be a real tongue twister How are you feeling? I know I haven't slept well for Several nights several days
Feeling stronger EVERYDAY , (isnt that a song by Chicago ) , I had my 2nd bowel movement today and that came natural with no help from laxatives, sooo a very good sign , all the plumbing is working properly :) Slept ok last night, I tried sleeping on my side, these drain tubes are annoying .although I realize they are necessary , I am sooo excited to be able to wear clothes, I have been in Jammies everyday and sponge bathing , PLEASE i want to cheat and take a shower , I would feel sooo much better ???

Day 6 ~ Taking shape

Everything is taking shape, and my mental state is feeling alittle back to normal , you know how that feels right ? when reality sets in to the world going on out there as I have been indulging in my new found FLAT , CUTE belly ! makes me think of the movie National Lampoon Christmas Vacation,, when the Gal ( in Chevy Chase dreams , is on the diving board) well that will be ME , except i have short hair, short torso but my belly will be FLAT ! I am calling the doctor today , my pain meds make me really jittery , and I really only need 1-2 a day so that is good, but... I also need SLEEP, sleep makes everything better. I am searching for ideas on how to shower without effecting my drain tubes or incision, Who has any great ideas ? I plan to post pictures today !
For showers I wear a narrow waterproof belt around my waist to hang the drain on. Another option is to wear a long necklace/key holder around your neck and hook the drain to it. I was able to (and given permission by the surgeon) to have a shower 72 hours post op so I say, cheat and do it and you're gonna feel like a new woman as much as you're looking like a new woman! There are lots of meds for pain that leave a person feeling jittery, hyper, or hungover. Anything with codeine will do that for me. The med I was given post op made me nauseous and hungover so I decided to usen some other stuff instead. I told the doc and he was totally on board with it. ( I know my drugs). Happy showering and happy healing!
Hey ! I now have had 2 showers , and feel great , I used a trash bag and a belt , my daughter uses a medical chair in the shower and a hand held , so I showered in her room . WOW what a difference it makes :)
Yup!!! No doubt!!! We are so lucky in this Western world to have the luxury of hot, running water! Definitely one of those things to be VERY grateful for! I wore a long camisole underneath my CG but I've decided that I'm done using it now and will use only use my flexees, which offer a little bit of compression. It feels a little tight at the very top but is otherwise quite comfortable. I don't wear anything at night. Much more comfortable without any kind of compression!

New Pictures of my soon to be smokin Hot FLAT Belly

Today was GREAT , best yet, my attitude , my energy , my mind was all synced. I go tomorrow to possibly get 1 drain tube out and not sure how long before the other. I showered !!! AHHHHH it felt sooo good, I used a 13 gallon trash bag with waterproof medical tape and taped it tight under my arms, and used a handheld sprayer, I feel normal again. Hope to sleep really good and looking forward to the best is yet to come, My belly feels good, I can really tell I am healing as the incision is sooo tight. I am anxious to stop this compression band also , it feels like it is irritating my skin when it rubs against my stomach :( ta ta for now !

I week ago today , I was coming home from my TT Surgery

Woo hoo, 1 week down ! Went I today , 1drain tube out and 1 to go, I will not rush it, I am told it helps with fluid build up and takes the swelling down :) to make our belly look even better . I feel like a new woman today , sooo much swelling has went down , they cut my CB to fit better ! They say I am doing great, slept really good last night, gals rest and sleep is mandatory for good healing :) , picked up Lunch on our way home, the sun is shining , it's a good day , it only gets better from here's, I can't wait to sport a new shirt TUCKED in, no more hiding rolls !
I am just curious under your CG aka "The necessary" What are you wearing close to your skin? I purchased very tight Camisoles Maidenform & Flexee They are from Kohl's ....Lots of spandex..... They cling to my body... Which I now realize is going to look really pretty good... Oh yeah!!! I wear them under "The necessary" All the time. Pedicure sounds delightful... I had 0ne before my surgery... Sleeping can be a problem getting comfortable, Insomnia another thing... Have you been in a recliner at all? Last night I tried to get in bed, Had a wedge lots of pillows, I only lasted about 20 minutes then back to the recliner... I asked my surgeon about sleeping pills... He said they tend to make you wake up feeling hung over... I don't need that crap. He said try Tylenol PM .... It takes the edge off my back pain, seems to put me to rest... I have back pain so I put a small blanket In the crook of my back I don't think you're going to break.. Even though I understand the tightness. After our skin Was stretched like saran wrap..... Wearing "The necessary" Will protect you And aid in healing.... At least that's what I think Time will tell... Have a great day now, Going to go brew a second cup :-) LiveLoveBelieve
LLB, well you may have answered a question and not know it,I have nothing under my CG , the nurse told me to get boy shorts spanx after I get my other drain tube out and cut the crotch out and that would help and I could use that in place of the CG . But I am sure a spanx cami might help also for support, my brain never thinks out of the box , I do what I am told and never think to add , sooo good idea, let me know what you think ? I appreciate any ideas , I have not slept in a recliner , I sleep In our extra bedroom ,and guess one mistake I made was not using a pillow to elevate my legs , that would help with the tugging. Thx a bunch
Flexee Camisoles From Kohl's And Maidenform Cami I really like the way they contour my body.... And keep "the necessary " away from my skin I'm referring to the compression garment But you know that you read my blog..LoL My thighs are way too heavy to wear boy shorts.., I find the Cami more comfortable. I was full of energy this morning but burned myself out... I was in out of my car and way more than I should've been .As a result I feel a little pulled And achy....I'm really not as Healed as I think I am..... I think I'm fading fast... Naptime soon LLB

Slow it down , don't over due it too soon

Today was beautiful , feeling good, went for a pedicure and manicure and lunch with my honey (husband :) and home for a 2 hour nap , big football game tonight , had a friend over and whoops over did it, I feel sore , I used my stomach muscles too much and too much up and down, will rest tomorrow . I weighed myself today and I can tell my swelling is down as the scale reflected it. Pray for a good night sleep and tomorrow is a new day ! Sleep tight ....

The best is yet to come !!! Today is Sabbatical no work , just relax !

Oh my goodness ! I need no other reading today, I love you girls , i have found a new friend on here from Florida, her pictures give me sooo much hope.PHARMASALES , I did way too much yesterday , but it HURT sooo GOOD (john cougarmellencamp song) , I was up way too late and bent over way too much, my stomach muscles actually ache . But great minds think alike , I think LLb or BBNM told me to wear a cami , well being the rule master I am , I did , tool 2 Tylenol and a small tiny pill that worked and I slept like a baby , I am sure my over exertion had something to do with it ,the Sun is shining, another beautiful day ! God I sooo good, he chose this month of the year, this day and time for me to recover and I am so grateful , I can't wait to heal,heal , heal and fly to Marco Island and lay on my Lanai with my new found love , my belly.... Off to drink more coffee ,
Hello Mrs. Determined you and I are the same age! I am gonna be tracking your progress :) Yes miz Pharmsales is one of those very special people you get to meet once in a lifetime - she's very supportive and encouraging, helpful and yet so real and in addition, she's smart and a "tell it is like it is" kinda gal. I also love miz LLB and BBNM (because we are in the same generation) and they have the most amazing, positive attitudes ever. These 3 gals (along with many others have had a really amazing recovery - they all have great BBs, flat tummies and lovely scar lines. I love keeping track of all of these awesome ladies and reading about their experience.
Thank you never that was so sweet! I'm going to your review now to check on how your pre op went today :) dying to hear what your surgeon said about my pics and if you will be able to get similar results to mine or what you want! I hope so xo
I to overdid it yesterday.. I've been attached to the hip to my recliner, I'm starting to massage Bio oil into my incision ... I'm healed totally .... It feels surreal, Very numb, In other words without feeling .... I Don't really like Touching it. Kind of freaky feeling....(I'd much rather just look in the mirror & admire it). LOL But in order for the nerve endings to Respond to touch... The ritual of massage Is going to be part of my daily. I had to do the same thing To my Big old belly after my hysterectomy in 2007... The sensitivity did come back after a while. It is such a beautiful time of the year... Spent a couple hours watching the birds On my front porch ....Indian summer here in New Jersey... Later in the week I plan on sitting on the beach, Playing backgammon With my wizard.... (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve

Day 11, it's all uphill from here :) I feel Good ( James Brown >

Today is Monday , I have 11 days as a Tummy Tucker :) , feeling great , woke up today and I almost feel normal , no pain , I feel like I could go back to work part time, and run a few errands, bank , post office :) Can you tell reality is setting in, being on bed rest and on Real Self , I get so consumed I forget there is a world going on out there LOL, I plan to take new pictures today , Appt with my PS tomorrow , hoping to get clearance to drive . Someone asked me this morning how I was feeling and I said great , I honestly can say the first 3 days for me was the hardest , emotionally and physically, and I questioned What have I done ? day 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 & 11, I am so flippin excited ! To achieve the results I have wanted for so many years and when you stack menopause on top of frustration of not being able to lose the belly. DING DING , I am a winner, my mother is heaven sooo proud of me, I carry my weight just as she did , and she would have loved to have had the opportunity to treat herself to a TT. I am so excited I didn't wait any longer and I can have the next 50 years or LONGER to enjoy the Flat Side, my PS said do you remember what you looked like at 17 , I said how could I forget HELLO, he said well your belly will look like that, BRING IT ON! Time for another cup of Coffee, I thank God for this website and connecting with all you girls , this has been amazing to share all our hearts , nude pics etc.... LOL Have a Great day!
Good morning .. I just read what your wrote....Priceless.... 8 years ago I never even entertained the thoughts of feeling like I do today.....now growing old gracefully doesn't sound all that dreadful..... Savor this moment... We only go round once.... I just posted new pictures of ME....Come and see I was so excited....my butt front pants fit. :-) Ran to the bathroom I had to sit.... A bit poetic .... No longer pathetic..... How the heck are you doing? It's a wonderful day! Ding ding....your right ....fat has left the building....flat is in. :-) (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
Thank you so much for the shout outs in your review.. I'm so flattered!. You look GREAT!! continue to heal and feel good. I know your results will be just as great as mine just be patient. At first things don't look as good as your final out come :)

Day 12 , Visit to My PS and favorite nurse !!

This morning I woke up feeling better than yesterday , each day is getting better , Visit to Dr Heck , and his partner in crime Nurse Nicole (my favorite) , she has put up with me and been so kind. They both say I am doing really well, I have some swelling ( imagine that) although this is normal, continue to wear my spanx body gear for compression, and rub the hard areas. I still have 1 drain and I am soooo ok with that, would prefer long as necessary . My incision looks fabulous and I am feeling great ! My go to friends LLB & BBNM , thanks for answering all my questions and letting me take this journey with you , Looking foward to seeing you ringside at the Mud Wrestle in your Itty bItty yellow polkadot bikini :) Crack me up ! I am promising pictures tomorrow >.
Hey, you're doing great! You will have the body of a 17 year old! Personally, I don't remember EVER having a body of a 17 year old---not even when I was 17!!!! LOL! Always had just a teeny, weeny pot belly that only got worse with every pelvic surgery I had in my thirties, and forties. I never did wear a skimpy bikini and never will. (That's why I don't care how my scar looks as my belly will always be covered). I do have a two piece bathing suit that my husband insisted I purchase while we were in Mexico a few years ago. Have never worn it yet except for a couple of my posted pictures on this site! Hey, I just might wear it when I go to Mexico again at the end of November. I'm glad you're healing well! No wonder, you've got just the right POSITIVE attitude and that makes a big difference. PMS (poor me syndrome) doesn't do anyone any good! Have a great day!!!!
You look beautiful! Such a cute shape, girl!! Congratulations on your new you :) !
I want the hour glass shape like you :)

Moving On Up !!! Day 13

Today was good, mall shopping, very little swelling, Lunch ,energy level is great ! alittle sore from the Lipo, hoping to get last drain out tomorrow , I am not having very mush drainage at all. Loaded pictures, I hope it is just that I am a bad photographer! I have no figure , hoping it will continue to take shape . Anxious to wear some cute clothes again. This weekend is a busy one , so I would like to look good and feel good at the same time, pray the nurse calls me and get me in , or I may have to take this thing out myself. It doesnt seem like it is that hard .LOL
Many of you had your surgerys today , anxious to hear from you.

more pics

I hit the button to fast ,

2 Weeks PO , Drain removed, feeling good , QUESTIONS my RealSelf Friends ?

Friday was 2 weeks since my surgery, my 2nd drain tube was removed, I wear my CB 23 out of 24 hours, I am feeling great ! Anxious to feel comfortable in clothes again :) Spent the day at the Soccer Field with my daughter , walked some , but rested also , it was pretty most of the day , That felt good to be back to the real world again , I hope all of you are healing quickly and easily!
Just booked a trip to Florida ,very excited to walk the beach and reflect.
I notice many postings about drinking alot of water and swelling, How long does the swelling last ? I go up and down, and I have never been good about my water intake doing better since my surgery. The nurse didnt mention increasing my water intake ? Also is swelling automatic with Lipo and is there a period of time you could expect to have it ? My appetite is definately decreased , is this normal ?
I was just reading up on swelling after liposuction and learned that swelling can continue for three months or more. I had some rather aggressive liposuction done myself and am still rather tender to touch in those areas but most of my swelling is in the lower abdomen which is normal. I haven't been wearing my CG as often as I should but was told by the nurse today that I really should especially when moving around. I wore the CG all morning but was quick to take it off at lunch time. I'm more comfortable without and apparently some surgeons don't recommend them. I put my flexee on after speaking with the nurse today but I only tolerated the darn thing for about an hour before I took it off again. Maybe I'll just stand on my head for a while...that should help!! Your surgeon did a great job! I see why you're happy!
I tell you I am sooo much comfortable without it also, and every panty I have bought that is compression or spanks , is so darn tight around my rib age I can't stand it :( , he told me I have to wear it 2 more weeks , I do well and then I tire out . I think we felt good so quickly , it's like let's take on the world with our new bods.
Exactly...let's take on the world with our updated bods!!! I'm no spring chicken and don't have as much time left to live as all those young chicks so I just want to get the most out of every minute I have left!!! Can't wait to go to Mexico in less than two months! Yes, I have the same problem with my flexee being too tight around my rib cage!!! The one supplied by the surgeon is a little more comfortable but I don't like to wear it for too long either.

20 days po , where are the days going ???

Feeling great, went to the Surgeon yesterday , had to have fluid aspirated ,no pain , I think it is better than having a drain tube, as others have said drinking more water helps get rid of the retention . I hope to post pictures tomorrow . I am conditioning myself to do alittle relax, alittle relax. Etc..... I am still alittle swollen, trying to fit in jeans is alittle frustrating. I am dying to go shopping , new panties, jeans and cute TUCKED in shirts . I have learned from this site , that size has nothing to do with it, when we all put it in perspective , it is the same feeling for all of us ,large ,small or medium build . My flat side has not been noticed by anyone, or even a hey you look like you have lost weight :( , need to be wearing clothes that are more flattering LOL , I have loved reading the posts of all of you that are scheduled and the excitement in your posts . IT IS SOOO worth IT ! Don't doubt yourself .

Tomorrow is 3 weeks , HARD to believe :)

Today was weird , I felt tired, I think I over do it and then have to catch up on resting, Thank God I work from home :) Sooo I bought ANOTHER compression garment , felt good initally and then it starts to feel to tight and my hip bones start to hurt , back to the Surgeons band , I just need to find something comfortable to wear , after going to dinner and sitting abit, I get up to leave and I have to walk hunched over :( , soooo flippin excited I just want to shop and wear clothes. Leave for sand and palm trees in 1 week. Sound like all our gals are doing great !! Gonna grab my camara and uplaod some pics and tomorrow I promise I will actually have clothes on :) Love ya , sleep tight!

New belly button revealed and 3 weeks today PO .

Here are my new pics , I actually will post some with clothing on :) so you can see how flat my stomach is, I am hoping my belly button is still taking shape ? And I guess my figure has always been that straight up and down on my sides , I really want a tiny bit of a waist , like alittle indention to show I have one . I am back sleeping in my own bed for 5 nights now, going well, I can sleep on both sides , my hubby thinks I am doing great , although he continues to remind me , this is a long recovery :) I am not one to sit and wait , I have things to do , people to see and SHOPPING to do , LOL Florida bound this time next week to our 2nd home , that will be very relaxing and Vitamin D is soooo good for the soul ! I have been wearing my CG 24/7 ,and I don't see any swelling or fluid retention since he last aspirated on Tuesday . Guess that is good :) , hoping for a beautiful weekend, and everyday is better and better !
You look great, nice & flat!
Thanks knt8873 , You are doing fabulous ,especially with the responsibilty you have . I have to get confidence to stand straight up, it has been over 3 weeks and I am still doing limited things :( , because of the hunching I think I am not getting motivated to get things done for fear I will hurt myself :) , may need. Muscle relaxer initially to give me the confidence to gt my body moving, hope to see an hour glass in the upcoming week lol, but if not its all good , I got rid of what I wanted too .
Florida sounds wonderful! We go to Santa Rosa every year where our friends have a second home. I love the beach and hope after retirement we can go more often! I have a very straight up and down figure (well not my butt) as well and after TT even more so. Maybe I need lipo? In fact, my waist is bigger after TT measurement wise but stomach is flat and tight. It does get more defined when I am working out hard but I don't have pictures to show that right now. I'm very soft right now from not working out 8 weeks. I have never had lipo and I wonder if after your swelling goes down you will see more definition? I also had my bb revised in the office but I think I might have it looked at again as it is still too small. When I swell it's worse. Yes, I still swell but only when I eat bad. I think so early on you look wonderful and seem to be healing so well! Don't forget to really shield your scar from the sun. You can burn through your suit. Enjoy your new flat tummy but listen to your husband and don't over do. Happy Healing!!

Day 23 PO , Sunday Sabbatical today , woo hoo !!

Well Saturday , ummmm I was a bit moody and trying to figure out how I am going to walk straight and when !! I tried a muscle relaxer , can't do them !! I don't like the way the make me feel , although I slept great last night , for those of you that have children ,Do you remember the first time your baby slept through the night and you woke up FREAKED out , thinking oh my I just slept through while my baby slept , WELL I had that same feeling today although , I woke up on my back , legs straight and didn't have that uncomfortable pulling effect !! Sooo flippin excited ,I get out of bed and trying not to be too optimistic , but at least initially I am able to walk straight up with little discomfort or pulling, Could it be ?? We will see as the day goes on. Plan to run to kohls , Macy's etc... Sun is shining , beautiful outside and it's a new day ! Thank you to all of you my special friends for being on here ! make it a great day !
Loved your story! You look amazing. :-)
Thank you ! It is always nice to be affirmed by someone that has a unbiased view !! Thanks a bunch !
My sister lives in florida and is going to have surgery next year.  She's getting over a craniotomy right now.  You look fab!  Swelling can last up to six months and can still pop up now and then after that.  The pulling and tightness may last a while as well.  After my first tuck I still felt a slight pull now and then if I ate too much after 16 months.  But, its not painful, just feels weird.  I love to shop in the sunshine too!

25 PO , updated pictures :) feeling excited

Friday will be 1 month since I moved .... To the flat side , energy level is good , feeling much better , I am able to walk straight , see my PS on Thursday and I am still wearing some form of compression, hoping he will agree that My fluid retention is good and I can start to go without it more often . My clothes are very loose :) waiting to buy anything new until I know better of what I should be buying, too fun. I have posted new pics as of today , stomach shots, bathing suit pic ( I found on clearance) while shopping for spanx and dress pic

Wasn't finished :( more pics

You look fabulous both in a bikini and a dress!!! Have a great vacation in Florida!
Your looking great ! 
Thank you , went to see my PS today and he had to extract some fluid for me.feeling great and leave for Florida in the am.

4 weeks PO, Palm Trees and SUN , amazing !

Well I am here ! Saw my PS before I left (Thursday ) he extradited fluid from my belly, said I can walk, no bike riding :( , still need to wear compression , I have yet o find one I LOVE , LOL . My pants are either falling down from loss of weight or the slickness of the fabric of my spanx , I am down 5 lbs , and does anyone else notice this but now that I have lost my belly my boobs look huge !!! LOL. I notice my energy levels up and down , I really over did it today , shopping with my sister in law , and up and down, and I start to feel really tight , when I get tired and overdo it . My appetite is back full force , need to pay attention and be sure and eat healthy. No real complaints, I just would prefer not o retain fluid so I can stop wearing his garment . Hope everyone is feeling well, many of you just had your surgery , hope you are on the upswing , it is WORTH it , never doubt :) picture to be posted Monday .
Lookin great :-)
Thank you, I need to upload pictures with my camara , I want to compare ,I swell and I am not seeing the results
How are you feeling?

Back to Reality :) 5 weeks PO .

Back from Palm Trees ,Sand and 85 degree weather TO cloudy, gray and 45 degree weather :( Nice ,relaxing , therapeutic visit . I am now 5 weeks , Sertoma has slowed way down ,swelling up and down , new pics to post not sure we can tell a difference , my scar and stomach looks better to me than the pictures , but.... As they say pics don't lie , See my PS Thursday , never been so excited to see a doctor so much, and will start my Scar Treatment today .

Pops more pics

November 20 can't come soon enough , back in 3 weeks :) My recovery will be further along and am hopingI can ride a bike, paddle board and start playing !!!

New pics tomorrow :(

The operator on my cell phone doesn't take very good pictures -ME , lol will use my camara . hope all is resting and healing well.
Very exciting...you have made great progress in so little time...nice!
Outstanding girl....VERY inspirational indeed :-)
Thank you, I am glad you can see something:) I am getting very impatient .

5 1/2 weeks PO , New pics , improving everyday !

I am getting very excited to see my PS on Thursday , I don't feel or look like I am having any fluid retention , and it seems like my swelling is at a minimal , can that be possible ? I had a physical today with my General physician , and nothing like being reaffirmed by another Doctor , he couldn't believe how well I am doing with my recovery and how I could move about ,and I had my annual pap , He was concerned he would hurt me, I did GREAT woo hoo, he said my scar is healing very nicely . I took more pictures as the last one were not clear , I wish I still had my before picture on my iPad so I could do the sidebyside pictures , I must have gotten nervous and deleted them :( if anyone knows how to get them from the top so I can compare side by side , teach me. I need CLOTHES , not sure when I should do this , but... I also am going to take some of my favorite jeans in to be altered and of course buy new ones also:) , thanks for all the support on here and love reading all your reviews :)
You look awesome ! I am so impressed with how little you seem to swell ! It is inspiring !
Gosh ! Thank you , affirmation helps, as you know when we look at ourselves we see something different , I am pleased and ready to shop for clothes,
Bangin' bod! I can't believe the difference between preop and post op! You are a poster child for this surgery!

7 1/2 weeks !!! Life back to normal and get to Shop for new clothes !,

Well almost 8 weeks , AMAZING what 2 months will do ! I don't go back to the PS until January , no more fluid :) looking good he says ! Ok to work out with the exception of ABS , energy is back, my stomach feels really tight in the mornings and late afternoon, does that mean I am swelling ? My waist has went down , my weight has went down , but .., will need to be careful my appetite is back ! It's interesting since I am short and was still within goal weight, no one has mentioned they can see weight loss, which is great !! Proves it was all in my stomach and I did a good job hiding it , I soooo badly have to figure this side by side thing, I want to compare , here are new pics , my honey said what happened to your belly button, he must not think its cute , but I actually like it better than my old one.
U look gr8:-)
Wow! You can hardly even notice the tt scar. You look fantastic!
You look phenomenal! Your BB looks great! Your scar looks great too. Mine has looked the same for weeks and doesn't seem to want to lighten up on the one side. But who cares? NOT me!! Nobody but me sees it and one of these days it will be light and almost invisible!

3 1/2 months

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year , I have been preoccupied with the holidays , where do I begin , I am trying hard to lose more weight , my clothes fit great! stomach flat , I was down to 123 after surgery , although with feeling better and appetite back also comes weight gain, I now understand the whole swelling concept,mine do swell and it is is hard to determine why or when it may happen, I am very anxious for that to subside, it's interesting how your boobs look bigger when your stomach is flatter . I was told by another yummy tucker , if you gain weight it will be in other areas other than the site where the surgery was performed . I am still hoping to see my results get better , I am pleased would do it again , have felt it is worth it. I will take pics this week and load , it will be interesting to see if we see much difference . Ta ta for now ! Curious for feedback on how others felt at this point in your journey ?
Wow brilliant results !! Look at u!!
Ps ur bb looks gr8!!
You look awesome...

4 months PO updated pictures

I notice when I am swollen my belly button looks off center , has the swelling pertrudes and makes my stomach not look even , this was taken in the morning , trying to eat healthy and incorporate exercise
Hello my friend, I'm back on RealSelf. LOL. I've started posting since the first of the year...planning chapter 2 my B@@bs.....a long over due reduction ....oh I created a photo profile...so I can have before and after shots :-) the naked truth How are you doing ? Your pictures look good your sound pleased...how has life been treating youy friend? I kinda fell off the grid for a while since I got back from Ireland , my healing from my TT has been good my scar is still dark in areas.... I'd been plagued with chronic hives....I've been trying deal with these on and off way to much so I stopped posting for awhile. I'm taking chill pills for anxiety they are helping thank goodness I am preparing to have a Breast-Lift-reduction 2/12/1014. OMG when I see it written out I realized its about 9 days off. I am also getting more Lipo on my right flank area one side is smaller than the other since my original Lipo ....along with a revision Dog Ear on the edge of my incision. Be in touch I've been thinking about you (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
You're looking great! I understand the issue of gaining a little weight when that appetite kicks in and have gained a few pounds too many. SO I'm trying hard to eat less and to be as active as possible.
great to hear from you , how are you feeling ? do you still swell.
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LOVE Him, he has a great bedside manner, perfection, and caring. He also did a breast reduction for me and Laser Bra Lift in 2007 . I was very scared to move forward with my Tummy Tuck and Dr Heck and Nicole have put up with me , not for 1, not 2, but 3 consults for a Tummy Tuck over the last 5 years . I was determined at my 3rd consult , to get every question answered AGAIN , and left that day and called in and scheduled my surgery the day after my 52nd birthday . Life is short , i didnt want to take 1 more day delaying what i have wanted for so long. Dr Heck is sensitive to your concerns ,He is meticulious, Nicole (nurse) & staff has been well trained,personable, and very attentive. Answers all questions and concerns through phone or email. Be prepared to follow YOUR surgeons orders, we are strong women and sometimes want to make all the decisions :) ,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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