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I've wanted a tummy tuck since the birth of my...

I've wanted a tummy tuck since the birth of my middle son...thanks to 70 lb weight gain my stomach looks like balled up homework someone forgot to throw away...stretchy, saggy, scarry EW. And the more weight I lose the more i work out the worse it looks! Im 5'3 and like to be at 120lbs. Right now I'm 126 as I quit smoking finally! My kids are 16, 14, 12 and I have gone for about three or four consulations and chickened out or life got in the way. But tomorrow is THE day!!! TT BA and lift! Nervous, scared, a little guilt...but hoping I will recover quickly and finally be able to wear a bikini this summer! I am so nervous about the anethesia, the placement of the scar and the drains...but its all good! Cant WAIT to be on the flat side!


one week later...wow! It really really was way tougher than i expected. Ladies you need to have someone round the clock for a few days to help you and if theres a hubby and kids they need to understand you are totally out of commission. The drains for me are the worst part of everything, the boobs really didnt hurt much and i can barely feel my incision. Coughing and sneezing is agonizing and every day is a struggle to stand up straighter as the back pain is pretty tough from being so hunched over. I know alot people on here say its not so bad, sore but managable and we all heal differently and of course all had different levels of procedures done...mine was a full TT with muscle repair and after giving birth to three kids with no pain meds, being in a pretty bad car accident with many injuries and surgeries...this was by far the toughest thing Ive been through LOL!!!! I think a good support system is important and I gotta say thank GOD for a friend who came and stayed with me for the week cos well my hubby and kids really just seem PO'd at being inconvenienced. I am so looking forward to drains being removed and being able to stand up straight and really get a good idea of what its going to look like hopefully a few more days :)
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I'm soooo glad you are doing ok. Just keep resting and it will get better--promise!!! When you have to cough or sneeze, just place a pillow on your belly lightly and squeeze. It will help. I still find myself hunching over after 3 wks by the end of the day but it gets better after week 2. As for the drains--I know they are a pain, but the longer they stay in the reduced swelling you will have.....just rest as I know you are!!
I am glad you are doing well!! I look forward to your next post and hopefully when you are up to it maybe a picture or two :) Your before body is beautiful as it was, can't wait to see your results!

In my third week, healing well...just overdid it...

in my third week, healing well...just overdid it this week and had a lot more pain and swelling. A day of ret, ice nd ES Tylenol and I feel alot better. This thursday will be three weeks and then Im cleared to begin light exercise. My issue at this point is not eating out of boredom cos Im home and inactive so much right now.


"Holy Hell what have I done" LOL I thought that was funny at any rate you look great! I would love to see more pictures. that Dr Wasserman is a favor Dr, he did a breast revision on me
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Wow so hard to believe the surgery was a year ago!!! It definitely is a longer harder recovery than I ever could have imagined and I had no complications as so many seem to. I still swell a little bit esp in the pubic area it seems and I have a dog ear Id probably like to fix at some point. The scar is so big and I wish I didn't have the drain scars on my hips. I wish is known beforehand to ask the dr to place them where it wouldn't be noticeable. BUT and this is a huge BUT... Even tho there are minor changes I'd make I would still do it again and with my same surgeon. I put this off for ten years like a fool and would tell anyone who had the means and support to get this done to GO for it! I also did a lift and augmentation and sometimes wish I wasn't SO big, I ended up with full D's and still have a lot of pain especially the nipples which hopefully will fade away one day ;( will post an updated pic soon :) happy anniversary Jan TT'ers
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did tons of online research and then from talking to people in the area all of whom said "oh Ricky Wasserman!" wink wink "he's the BEST!" so I am very confident in my choice :)

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