2weeks down no drains nor stitches anymore pics

OK, first I have to say that I have been on this...

OK, first I have to say that I have been on this website reading all of your wonderful stories for months now trying to gain the courage to "go through with my procedure"--so Thank you for the courage you have displayed! Thank you for the tips, as i am starting the purchases. I lost a significant amount of weight 4 yrs ago naturally; however, my body has extra's everywhere. As I approach 40 (6mos to go), I find it difficult to keep the weight off and keep my body in shape. I have contemplated this surgery for years and hadn't gotten the courage until recently.

I am a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters and I want to feel good about myself again. I am having a Tummy Tuck, breast lift, and lipo of the thighs all at once. My doctor said its better to get it all over with as opposed to 3 surgeries.....is that true? Most of the women I have read on here are amazing pillars of strength and I hope I can be as well. My mom is able to help me for the 1st 6 days-so grateful. Am I crazy for doing all of this at once? I haven't even asked for a last appt before my surgery on Tues-should I? Is it going to be worth all of this $$$?? I have a toilet seat riser, cane, shower chair, scripts, cough drops, antibacterial wipes, antacides, Vitamins C/D/&E, Dulcolax, Tylenol, ice pads, and extra pillows--am I missing something? I'm sorry, but getting scared and I don't know anyone who has had any of these surgeries much less all at once....


I have read to bring pillows for the car ride home too
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Ok. Thanks! I didn't think about getting from hosp to home! Lol....
Good idea!

OK....3 days out and I have been to the store at...

OK....3 days out and I have been to the store at least 5x, but it is all well worth it! The nerves have definately set in, but called my PS and his office said if I want to see him one ore time before the surgery--come in! Such kind people who seem very understanding to my wants. I will be staying overnight Tues night (which my PS recommends and includes in his fee), with his staff and then home if all goes well on Wed! I will post pics as soon as I can afterwards.
Just some other suggestions that I thought of to help minimize the stress and keep the home environment as calm as possible before you return--Stop your mail for the 1st week. If you are like me, you can't stand to see it pile up on the kitchen desk--let it pile up at the Post Office. Pets--I have someone keeping my dog for the 1st week as well. This way my mom just has to focus her attention on me and my girls. It makes it one less mouth to feed/walk/clean/etc. Call a Merry Maid service for 2 wks in and schedule them to come and clean the house at least once before you feel up to it. I am a neat freak and I know I am liable to pick up a dust mop or rag and say to myself-just a little bit--and then push myself too far. This way I don't have to and while they may not clean to my standards it will be somewhat done and a minimal cost and help me rest more. ALL of the purchases and suggestions, I feel, are WELL WORTH IT so you are ready afterwards! Grocery shop for at least 2 wks worth of food/detergent/WATER/Jello/soup/etc. Based on most stories I have read, 2 wks is a good timeframe in which to prepare yourself before you really feel like getting around.


Get also mederma good luck!
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So exciting!!!!! 3 more days!
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Here we go.....good luck to any others out there!...

Here we go.....good luck to any others out there! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the support!


Good Luck and Prayers be with you, happy healing! Can't wait to see the new you!
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Good luck! Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Goooooooooood luck! Post after if you can:-) my thoughts are with you!
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Ok ladies....can you say sore!! 1 day PO. Surgery...

Ok ladies....can you say sore!! 1 day PO. Surgery lasted 12 hrs. Body feels like awar zone, but I think getting T they the next 36 hrs will b crucial!

Good luck to all of those about to embark and stay ahead on pain meds....sorry for typos....meds


Congrats!!! Can't wait to see the new you!
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Ok PO day 2 and tons of pain! I was mentally...

Ok PO day 2 and tons of pain! I was mentally prepared for today & tomorrow to be the worst. I am getting up every few hours to keep movement but oh jow it hurts!! Love the hourglass shape though that he did!! PS did my TT both laterally & top to bottom to get everything tight and smooth! Make sit more painful but in long run I will be happy (I hope). Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers!


You are looking amazing!!!!
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Thank you so much! I just did lap 3 around house. Wang to try 4x today to keep the stiffness off. I will say if it hasn't been for many of your suggestions/posts I would not have been as prepared as I was so thank you!
40yrs is to early for mid-life crisis! Happy healing!
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Ok PO Day 4. Drains are still in but I'm moving...

Ok PO Day 4. Drains are still in but I'm moving around better. Almost no bruising. I'm still very swollen so I kno the pics don't look like that great but my stomach is flat as a board laying down or standing up. So far Dr Wassermann and his team are EXCELLENT!


Dr Wasserman is performing my surgery on Jan 24th OMG Im so nervous! Congrats on yours being over and wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Good luck to you and I wish you a speedy recovery as well! You will love the doc & his team. They have been so supportive and just under a week I'm already pleased with the work! Can't wait to see you results!
My Dr told me to flex my feet in and out a few times every hour while your in the recliner to keep blood flowing.
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Early good morning! A suggestion: if you have to...

Early good morning! A suggestion: if you have to cough up congestion or in general, PS taught me to put a pillow on stomach and lightly squeeze as you do so....takes away most of the pain & pressure from coughing....who knew!? It will also help keep strain off your stitches & improves results. I woke up to having started my menstrual cycle! WAY early in the process but not uncommon so just realize it can happen and be prepared. I had bought bed protectors thinking I would need for drainage--I haven't but now need for this so glad I had on hand.

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BEWARE! First time you take off your CG you will...

BEWARE! First time you take off your CG you will feel faint and as if you are going to pass out. Make sure you are well secured and prepared. Take deep breaths and move slowly. Also when you go to put it back on....it wil not hurt if you lay your lines down on your body so they don't pinch and then place the garment on top. It was not painful at all and the PS warned me it would be....


Hi Midlife crisis. Yes- Ive gone through many of those myself...lol I think that at different parts of our lives our priorities are on different areas. When my children were young I didnt really have the time to worry so much about my body. Now that they are grown, I feel the need to reinvent myself to an extent. Im able to think about what I want instead of always putting myself last. This surgery changes peoples bodies so significantly...Im so excited for my own eventual transformation. We all deserve it!! Congradulations!!You look wonderful!!
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Thank you! I am excited for you and your transformation as well! I look forward to seeing your before and after pics. You will be in my thoughts & prayers as you go through it. Thank you for the encouragement as its not always easy to put yourself first sometimes w/out others making you feel guilty.
My profile should be displayed next week. (I sent it in yesterday) My surgery is this Tuesday. As for people who try to make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself.....shame on them!!! lol My attitude is that the people that truly care about us are going to want what is best for us (my best supports are my daughter and my husband) . The people that are going to judge us and be meanspirited really have their hearts in the wrong place. People should be accepting and not so judging and mean. Unfortunately sometimes our harshest critics are close family members (ie- my sister). Ok- Ill climb down from my soapbox!! lol I knew that I would get nasty comments my way and even though Im not ashamed of having this work done, Ive chosen to not tell anyone. Only my daughter( 25), husband and my Dr know. Thank you for your prayers for me. I know that Im in for a lot of pain soon but feel confident that God will take care of me and bring me out o.k. from the surgery. Im envisioning angels surrounding me and guiding the Drs hands. Thanks for your nice thoughts. This is a difficult and painful surgery but Im 100% sure that you and I will be very happy about our bodies very soon!! Lucky you to be done with your surgery already!!! Kepp getting rest and be easy onyourself!!

Magnesium citrate is my friend!! I feel sooo much...

Magnesium citrate is my friend!! I feel sooo much better! Got rid of swelling and I had no pain. Before....oh the constipation and swelling (didnt help that I started my period on Day 4 either!?!?). I've posted some new pics. I think I'm advancing ok. Nurse told me they were going to trade in my XL CG for 2 Mediums Monday. I wanted to stay a "C" cup just a younger higher "C" and I feel he accomplished it....I still don't see the changes in my hips that I would have hoped!?...but not getting down yet! Thanks for all the encouragement.....there are so many of you looking great that I hope I get the same results!!


I too had lots of fears last minute. What am I doing .? Good grief you shouldn't be doing this at your age -- what if something happens to me-- what will my grandchildren think if I left them for the sake of vanity?... But it all went well. Doing well, trying to stay off the pain meds in hopes the constipation will subside. Swelling and soreness my biggest compliant. Sounds line u r doing great . Hang in there every day is a little better. Stay in your chair when company comes.... They will understand! We are in this together !!
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Sounds like you're healing just fine. It's a great accomplishment going from XL to medium. As for the lipo, I hear it takes quite a bit of time to see results.
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Thanks! I hope so!.....

I was so exhausted from Sunday & Monday--way...

I was so exhausted from Sunday & Monday--way pushed myself. But....I got 1 drain removed! Yay! Didn't hurt a bit, so thanks to all of you for letting me know that--I so was expecting the worse! I got to take my first shower today and feel better! Take your time everyday. I must say I am happy with my results so far....it is because of the great advise from many of you, encouragement, and my mom's TLC!


hey there!! Hope you are doing awesome...question for you :) were you able to find that bra Dr wanted? I went to the Pennys at sandhill and they had none ~ i called the office and whoever I spoke to said dont worry about it you wont need it for a week or so ...confused now lol!!! Hope you are well!
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just checking to see how you are feeling...hope everything is well!
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Ceecee777 morning and Thank You! I am doing great and so excited 4 u next week. I have actually been working this week I was up to it, so I've just been busy getting back into my routine. No pain meds in 3 days, and I have another appt this morning to hopefully take the other drain out....but I'm not rushing it-while it is annoying it does help & I don't want it out too soon. LOVING my results still. I hope to update tonight or weekend with pics and a "no drain" ;)) but so excited for you! Love Dr Wassermann's work so far!

Well I'm back into full swing work, kids life.......

Well I'm back into full swing work, kids life.....I got my 2nd drain removed and no stitches just the sutures left around my areola's.....This is exhausting but making it through....still hard to stand up straight by the end of the day and sharp pains but they say that is where the nerve endings are rejuvenating themselves. I don't see a change in my body in the past week....no swelling-Thank Goodness-but no change. I hope once I can start exercising again I will notice more and just stay where I am.....


U look awesome!!!!! Dr Wassermann did work on me too, I am super satisfied. Btw U look good b4 but he came on and blossomed U
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Wow you look amazing!!!
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Your results look awesome!!!
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Columbia Plastic Surgeon

I researched him and spoke to several nurses at hospital and they have used him. After only a few days I love my results already and the extra care & concern from Ps & staff....I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

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