Not Happy with Scar. Unrealistic Expectations?-Columbia, SC

Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations. This was...

Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations. This was my first surgery to remove a basal cell lesion. I am grateful that the lesion has been removed but I am very disappointed with the cosmetic results.

Two days after I had the stitches removed from the skin graft, the lower rim separated. I got wonderful advice from this site which I followed. I called the answering service and my surgeon just happened to be on call. He had me come in two days later to have a look. He had a look and said it was fine so off I went with confidence and relief.

I noticed more and more that it appeared the whole graft had migrated upward. Now there is a pile of tissue in the corner of my eye. It is hard as a rock. There's also a black spot in middle of it which I assume will go away.

I can't afford cosmetic surgery. I shouldn't have hoped for more. My surgeon is qualified to do Mohs and has terrific credentials. I am blessed to have him. I guess I'll know what to expect if I have it again.

What about Dr. Chow
Dr. B. Carlin in Lexington is very good with scar revision from MOH's surgery and can also perform MOH's. Dr. Quan at Carolinas Dermatology is the best MOHs surgeon in town, I worked there for 3 years. His partner Dr. Blaskis is excellent also. I can pretty well guess who did your surgery and I'm so sorry you had this experience.
I have not had the surgery yet. I am scheduled with Dr. Chow. I was told he is good and has done it for 25 years. Do you have a comment about him. Please share before I have it done. Thank you
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