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8 weeks PO ....back in the swing.....

I finally decided to get this procedure done after...

I finally decided to get this procedure done after years of deliberation and sweating in the gym. After having three kids, I managed to work, run a household, and get back into shape. But my skin did not come along for the ride. I was left with raised stretch marks and loose skin covering a tight stomach. My surgeon told me that since my muscles were in great shape, he only needed to remove the excess skin and reposition my belly button. The scar will be the same as a traditional TT but shorter recovery due to no muscle tightening. The thought of a scar has kept me from going thru with it in the past, but I am tired of feeling self conscious about the way my skin looks. After reading so many positive posts, I feel optimistic about next week. I know it may be difficult initially, but I am looking forward to the end result. Pics to follow soon!


i am scheduled for march and excited. Tired about ppl asking me how far along i am lol. Good luck with your surgery
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Thanks and good luck in March!

Welcome to the tummy tuckers:)

Honestly the scar is not such a big deal.  Not having the hanging skin is all worth it.  You will feel amazing and love the results.

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3 days to go and I am getting cold feet! I should...

3 days to go and I am getting cold feet! I should be excited but I'm feeling apprehensive. I guess that is normal, after all this is major surgery. I'm worried about that scar you guys. Help me please. I need reassurance.


I am here for you:)  Along with a very large group of amazing women.

Ok. I finally added some pics. Sorry they rotated...

Ok. I finally added some pics. Sorry they rotated for some reason . Someone referred to their incision site as "Frankenscar". Well mine must be Frankenscar's cousin! Lol. No regrets.

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Pod2 I had my first follow up visit with my ps...

Pod2 I had my first follow up visit with my ps today. He said everything looks good and commended me on what great ab muscles I have. Glad to know my hard work has paid off and his hard work removing the excess skin will look great. He said I could shower and call when I'm draining less than 30cc for consecutive days. I expect that will be next week. I'm draining about 80cc a day now. He explained my incisions are convered with surgical glue & that's why my skin looks puckered but it will flatten as it heals. I love the sense of community on this sight. Its comforting to hear from ppl who are having the same experiences. Oh yeah, no pain meds today. Yay!


No pain meds day 2, good for you! Still rest so those drains slow down and you minimize swelling.
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Yes mam. I move around the house every couple of hours but nothing strenuous. I can almost stand up straight which my back is happy about! I am definitely going to take it easy and let my hubby and kids check off the honey do list ;-)

Pod3- I almost made it without any pain meds but...

Pod3- I almost made it without any pain meds but my incision began to ache late in the day so in order to rest well tonight I took 2 Percocet. The burning sensation around the drain site has subsided too. All in all, I felt pretty good today. I was able to stand 90% straight until late afternoon then I had to bend again. I noticed some of the numbness is going away and my incision site is beginning to itch so my nerves must be waking up a bit. This is teaching me how to be more patient.

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It's been one week and finally the drain has been...

It's been one week and finally the drain has been removed ! What a weird, creepy feeling! It wasn't that painful, but strange feeling the tube snake thru just under the skin. I had no idea it was that long! Anyway, glad that's over. Let the healing continue! I am posting new pics. There's some swelling but not too bad. My ps was pleased with what he saw and so am I. He did tell me to buy a snug corset type garment to take some of the pressure off the area where my hernia was. K-Mart has some with a zipper, like the can-can girls wear in Moulin Rouge. Guess my spanx cami will have to wait a few more weeks. My first few days PO I began to think I'd made a big mistake, but I am happy with the results so far. No more wrinkles, raised stretch marks and creepy textured skin. I am smooth again! It's been 18yrs since my belly skin has been smooth. I am grateful! My incision is covered with surgical glue so my instructions are to wait another week, then begin rubbing cocoa butter or Shea butter on the scar. Rubbing promotes healing, I guess it has to do with increasing circulation. At 6 weeks I can apply as much pressure as possible. Cocoa and Shea butter are good moisturizers he said. I asked about using vitamin E oil, but my doc said studies show someone ppl have skin reactions to vit E so it might cause more harm than good. I will wait a week and follow his advice. My next visit is in 3 weeks. On another note, I tried to go without taking any pain meds at all yesterday. I woke up at 4am with searing hot pain across my belly this morning. Ladies, I'll be having my Percocet nitecap tonight ;-)


You look so great!!!
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You look great. You'll look and feel better as the weeks go by, so be patient. All the best to you. ( I'm so grateful that I never had terrible swelling, even now when I'm back to exercising 100%, doing crunches, etc..... I hope that it will be the same for you.) Tomorrow, I will be exactly 3 months PO. I think I will post again this weekend, so look out for new pics from me. Take care.
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My god you look amazing!
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It's pod 11 for me and I feel pretty good, just...

It's pod 11 for me and I feel pretty good, just itchy! I have minimal swelling which is mainly below my incision low in the pubic area (tmi-sorry). My bb looks really good! I am so pleased with it. Before the TT/hernia repair, I couldn't even see my bb. I am still a bit numb and sore, but its not painful -except whenever I sneeze-YIKES! I feel most sore first thing in the morning but it wears off after about 15 minutes. I haven't taken a pain med in 2 days! Yay! I feel about 60% normal but each day is a tad better. Unfortunately, I fell off my diet wagon over the last 3 days, but I'm back on it today. Curse the makers of Oreo cookies! I swear, they must put crack in those things. One more day off then back to work. My main problem now is exercising patience. I am not a sedentary person. Usually, I am in constant motion from the time I get up til I go to bed so all this resting is unnatural to me even though I know it's necessary. I'm just anxious for the final result and to feel like myself again.


I can tell from your pictures that you will have a fantastic "final" result. I am 2.5 months ahead of you, so I know the time-line of my healing and improvement. You are on the right path. Hang in there. It gets better every day.
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Thanks so much Erin.
Thanks petite mom. You pics look fantastic! Your scar is nice and low . I hope mine settles lower at least 1 more inch, even half an inch. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Pod-13 Well, I returned to work today- I work part...

Pod-13 Well, I returned to work today- I work part time so just 4hrs- and it wasn't bad. I wasn't sure I was ready but it felt good to be back in my normal routine again -minus the gym of course :'-(. I thought I would leave a little early so I could take a quick nap before rounding up the kids but no dice. I was non- stop all day! Worked in the morning, grabbed a quick lunch ( soup and salad), bought 2 Cupid extra firm shapers from Walmart (see pics), picked up my 11yr old, bought groceries, picked up my 14yr & 17yr old from high school, brought them home where THEY unloaded the groceries and put them away while I threw stew ingredients in the slow cooker, gave them sandwiches in the meantime, had a protein shake (God bless the inventor of the Nutribullet), took my youngest to taekwondo, came back home to finish the stew all by 730pm. When my husband walked in and asked how my first day back was, I replied, "Oh, it was fine." Lol! My lower abdomen is pretty swollen right now. I'm not sure if it is due to my increased activity or the sodium in the chicken noodle soup I had for lunch ( chic filet does it right!) but this is the most swelling I've had in a week. Swelling and a little soreness but not bad. Oh well, all in a day's work. I am now going to take a shower and go to bed.


Whew...you did a lot today! Just reading your update made me swell.
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Swell is the word, ugh! I did get lots of rest today so hopefully, the swelling will go back down by tomorrow.
Wow you look great! Love how low your scar is!
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It's been two weeks since my TT/hernia repair and...

It's been two weeks since my TT/hernia repair and each day has been different emotiinally. I am one of those ppl who never gets sick so being limited physically has been very tough. I did not expect how slow the healing process would be let alone its emotional effects. My children have cheered me up greatly and covered the housework better than I anticipated. I think my primary problem now is to not do too much. The first week I thought what have I done! I feared I made a grave mistake but now that I feel stronger- and by that I mean about 60%-I look at the before pics and realize I won't have to be embarrassed by my stomach ever again! I'm so excited and can't wait to be 100% again. I miss the gym and I'm a little afraid of the muscle I'm losing but I'm trying to keep my protein up just enough to maintain in my sedentary state. It's easier now that I can shop & prepare my meals again. I'm starting to get excited about having this new tummy.


U look great! Love your belly button!
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I'm so glad I saw your profile! I am a gym fiend as well and am very anxious about not doing anything for several weeks. But your before and afters are great and your before looks very similar to mine, so I am excited that I could look that good after! I have a girls trip 3 months post op and really want to wear a skimpy bathing suit for the first time ever!!!
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Thanks Bailey. No weight training for six weeks is a bear! I feel like my butt is turning into jello as we speak! I love my results so far but my only regret is not wearing my skimpiest string bikini to be marked in preop.

Well, today I am 3 weeks PO. Each day has been...

Well, today I am 3 weeks PO. Each day has been different and how I feel even varies within the SAME day. This recovery reminds me of recovering from my hysterectomy a little over a year ago. Some days I have more energy, some days less. My husband just reminded me of something my GYN told me which was that after hysterectomy, upon reaching the 6week postoperative mark, most feel like a weight has been lifted and feel suddenly back to normal again. I'm hoping this will be the case post TT. I need my energy back! ( ok, breathe girl)
Lately, I have been feeling more pain at the hernia site. Hopefully, this is only part of healing and not a sign of something else ( like seeing it pop out again). I have this horrendous fear that I'll lift my shirt one day to find everything back to the way it was before ( which would send me screaming through the house like the boy on Home Alone!) LOL. I have been massaging my scar with cocoa butter for the past week several times a day and it is getting flatter, especially at the center. On a good note, my bb is awesome! I LOVE it! The whole area around it actually. I had a hood of saggy skin covering my bb before and now my stomach is smooth and NORMAL looking, not at all the circus attraction it was before. Oh yeah, signs of healing are it doesn't hurt to cough anymore, only mild pain when I laugh really hard ( although the Wanda Sykes special was hilarious and totally worth it), and sneezing still hurts but at least I no longer see stars when it happens. I do have mild swelling as the day goes on, but I think the numbness bothers me more. It's like when you are numbed at the dentist office and your jaw feels 4x the normal size but really isn't. A flat stomach that feels big, must be like phantom pain ppl have after a limb has been removed. I have not dared to exercise yet. I go back to my ps next week but regardless of what he tells me, I won't do anything until I feel 100% again. When i do return to training, I am going HARD so I do not want any delays or setbacks.


You look great - please keep posting - I can so relate to your story-although I have not taken the plunge yet! Thanks
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Never too late- thank you so much! I use to think my saggy tummy was a rare occurrance but this site has taught me I was definitely not alone. I look fwd to welcoming you to the flat and smooth side soon. Good luck to you!
I know I have only met 1 other person who ended up like me after pregnancy = so discouraging and felt like there must not be many people and then I found this site and see that it is more common than I thought. I would always see those people that gained a ton of weight with pregnancy wearing bikinis and how not fair is that - lol

I will be 4weeks PO tomorrow and this past week...

I will be 4weeks PO tomorrow and this past week has been the most challenging. I've had more pain and swelling this week than any other and the emotional part of recovery is the pits! I had a busy, stressful week at work and came home swollen and exhausted each day, especially over the weekend. I wake up flat, begin to swell by early afternoon, and once I can lie down in the evening, the swelling dissipates. Ugh! I'm happy to report I got more rest on these last two days off and feel more like myself again. NEWS FLASH- I wore jeans today! Yay, no stretch pants, finally! I think wearing jeans did wonders for my mood. That and minimal swelling. I believe for me, rest works wonders. I actually caught myself climbing the stairs TWO at a time today! I made it to the top before I realized what I'd done, LOL! Other good news, I saw my ps today and he told me I could limit wearing the cg to daytime only! I can stop altogether in two more weeks! Progress! He also cleared me for cardio, but resistance training has to wait two more weeks. Guess I'll walk the dog tomorrow - she's over 50lbs and can be aggressive when she spots a squirrel, so she might be walking me! ;-) I'll post new pics soon.


LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looking really really good!
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Yeah for rocking jeans! Looking great, happy healing!!
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I feel like I turned a corner this week. My energy...

I feel like I turned a corner this week. My energy is way up and my swelling is way down! Hallelujah! I was apprehensive about doing any cardio for fear of increased pain and swelling, but I have been walking, lunging,squatting sans weight, and riding the stationary bike all with no problems whatsoever. I still wear my cg during the day but she comes off as soon as I get home from work. Sleep is still an issue, but manageable with melatonin. Also, I'm not having any trouble lying flat or on my sides now but I am a stomach sleeper and I miss that position. And my scar is healing very well! My ps told me at my last visit that over the next couple of weeks, I would feel the stitches anchoring the incision begin to pop loose and my scar would appear less puckered ad flatter. Well he wasn't kidding! Without thinking, I stretched upon waking one morning and it was like a garment thread unraveling kind of popping feeling. Weird! It surprised me so much I stopped in mid-yawn, then I remembered what he said and relaxed. This thread popping thing happens when I least expect but it doesn't hurt. My scar seems flatter on my left side and its lighter than the right too. Guess I'll keep massaging. I still wish it were lower in the center but I'll take it any day over what I had before! Still worth it.


You look incredible!
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Thanks Lourdes. The scar is beginning to fade already! I'm excited!
It looks like you are doing great! I am almost at 5 weeks Po and started swelling all of a sudden. Until week 4 everything seems great. I now have to go " under" again to get the swelling under control. Wah! Hope you continue to heal each week. Its a long road but I do believe in the end its worth it!! Take care! :)
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I'll be 8weeks PO tomorrow and I am super pleased...

I'll be 8weeks PO tomorrow and I am super pleased with how the scar looks so far. It is flat and thin and some areas are already fading a little, mostly the center. Most of the scar is still red in color, especially the outer edges but I've read it may take 6-12 months for the scar to turn white. My bb looks great still. My old one was pierced before and I wasn't planning to have the new one pierced, but now I'm thinking I should do it while I'm still numb so it won't hurt. Also, I'm back in the gym training at about 90% which I think is amazing so soon after major surgery. I did some cardio today sans shirt and it felt so good to be able to wear a sports bra and not have to hide my wrinkled belly.

So now for the down side. Although the swelling is minimal, it still persists later in the day and is getting really old now. I took a road trip with some girlfriends recently which resulted in a lot of discomfort from swelling but I was able to hide it under a thick sweater. My insomnia persists as well. Sometimes I'm up until 4am and that's with melatonin. I gained a few lbs in the last month but I know I'll burn them off now that I'm doing cardio regularly again. I will post new pics soon.

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