Feeling like a new me !!!!!

Hey ladies I have had big boobs all my life i...

Hey ladies I have had big boobs all my life i started developing in 3rd grade and by the time i had my child i was a 42dd now at the age of 24 i wear a 48ddd and Im only 5'3 so thats the only thing you see when i come walking though lol.I started going to my pcp in September 2012 and because my insurance said i needed documents saying that i lost weight and and that i had visit my pcp every month for at 6 months and over the 6 months of going to the doctor i lost about 30 pounds but my boobs stayed the same ................... Febuary 2013 finally gets here and my doctor made me appointment to c my plastic surgeon .Thank You jesus was all i could think ...........So my appointment was made for March 19 at 11 am. I finally made it there i kind of felt awkward when my ps was measuring me and taking pics of of my boobs but after all that was done he finaly said he i definally need a breast reduction and he wanted to make me a d cup but i really want a c cup and my ps said he was going to write out his report and give it to my insurance company and that could take up to a month for them to response ........................Finally April 4th two weeks later my ps calls me and says my insurance approved my for my surgery THANK YOU JESUS I was so scared that he was going to say that i got denied and we had to file appeal. but i am so happy and scared right now and just so anxious to get it over.

20 more days still the big day im am so ready for...

20 more days still the big day im am so ready for this but all at the same time im worried about the pain will I be able to take it. Will the incisions heal right and whenhow long before I can go back to work.

Pre Op tomorrow less than 12hrs away .

Pre Op tomorrow less than 12hrs away .

Sitting in my PS office is kind of surreal to me I...

Sitting in my PS office is kind of surreal to me I have wanted this for so long and just thinking in a couple of weeks no more back pains and neck pains and shoulder grooves and worst of all headaches ........I am to thrilled yayyy me lol

So my doctor comes in and he says i don't need a...

So my doctor comes in and he says i don't need a fng but i will need drains :( and they will have to stay in for at least two days omg can somebody tell me if it hurts to be removed ? I will have 1000 grams removed from each breast thats about 2.2 pounds per boobs and I will be right between a c cup and d cup so im happy with that so far so the only thing for me to do now is to pre register at the hospital and just wait for my day to come oh yea and my doc told me to take at least two weeks off from work that is a long time to take off considering i just started a couple months ago i know they are fine with me taking a week off but i dont know about two we will see what they say when i go back in tomorrow

So today makes it 10 days till my surgery boy i...

So today makes it 10 days till my surgery boy i tell u time is really going buy fast. I went to walmart to try and get every thing I needed for after my surgery but when I finally got to go look at the sports bras I was so freaking lost lol .I didnt know what size i should get the only thing I know is that im going to be a small C cup big D cup that part was so confusing I just think Im going to ask one of the docs on this site

At work and all I can think is one more week and...

At work and all I can think is one more week and the girls wont be hurting my back n e more and that is a relief

At the outpatient surgery waiting to be taken back...

At the outpatient surgery waiting to be taken back to my room. I am so excited today is finally here yayyyyy!!!!!

So it is now 628 am and surgery was suppose to be...

So it is now 628 am and surgery was suppose to be at 530 I am so ready to be on the other side.

Hey ladies I finally made it to the other side I'm...

Hey ladies I finally made it to the other side I'm so tired and in so much pain bur my boobs look so great. Ill update some more when I'm feeling a little beter

So im finally up to write my review lets start...

So im finally up to write my review lets start with me getting to the hospital I get there and sign in at 5:05 my nurse finally calls me from the waiting room and tells me to come to the back with her.So I get to my room and my nurse is telling me to get into my gown and she gave me some cute purple and white paw socks lol i finally lay in my bed and the the iv lady come in and puts the iv ouch b/c i do not like needles. So its like 700am and my anesthesiologist come in and tells me that he is going to put me to sleep and that the surgery will last about 4 or 5 hrs at that moment all i can think is im so ready to get this over with so i can have my new tatas .finally my doctor comes in and marks me up for like 5 minutes and as he was marking me up all i could do was giggle b/c im very sensitive lol so he finally finishes and tells me to get back in to bed cause it was time to have my BR surgery so another nurse comes in and put something in my iv and tells me that its going to relax me oh boy was i relaxed lol i get to the big white room and scoot over to the other bed and put on my mask and the next thing i know its over..............I wake up to my nurse telling me its over with I keep waking up and going back to sleep and I did that like 5 times lol was told that the doctor removed 3 pounds in each boob instead of 2.2 pounds wow my boobs are so small i did not expect to be this small but hey im am not complaing. The nurse had to show my fam how to empty my drains that was kind of nasty. Ill finshed the rest of my story later b/c my arms and chest is really hurting me so im bout to take my pain meds and go back to sleep

Back to my story all i remember is jumping in the...

back to my story all i remember is jumping in the car stoping by sonic to get me a cranberry juice and a corn dog and getting home i went to sleep for like 2 hrs till my daughter came home oh boy i was in so much pain i couldnt take my paiin meds till bout 4 after i took them i was out off and on though the rest of the night

1 day post op I wake up to pain in my sides from...

1 day post op I wake up to pain in my sides from the drains i cant wait to get these nasty things out my doctors app is at 1030 so i finally arrive and im feeling so weak for all that walking i had to do.The doctor finally comes in the room and he's like the other is going to take out ur drains b/c i cant take all the screaming when the drains come out lol ok so i was really thinking it was going to hurt.So i lay down and she takes the first drain out omg it freaking hurts i did not know those drains where so long inside of me but yea they where long and painful to take out my doctor told me to try to stop taking the pain meds Thursday and start taking Tylenol idk if i can i am in to much pain and my meds really dont do n e thing but put me to sleep fast .

Day 4 post op and I'm feeling a whole lot better...

Day 4 post op and I'm feeling a whole lot better but being constipated is a real b***h excuse my language. I felt so great afterwards though and sleeping on this couch is starting to hurt my neck and my butt LOL.

So My doctor told me not to change the bandage in...

So My doctor told me not to change the bandage in less i really need to and I have not yet peeked at my new girls Im kind of nerves Im just going to wait until tomorrow to look at them So i can have some help putting my bra back on. my arms r still kind of sore when i lift them but Im feeling so much better that couple days ago...............New pics on the way

So Monday i wake up bout 630 cus my body was...

So Monday i wake up bout 630 cus my body was hurting me i got my daughter ready for school and cooked breakfast by the time I finished eating and by i finish eating my shoulder and my side is hurting so bad u know i thought i slept wrong on my shoulder thats y it was hurting so bad. bout 1130 i get my daughter from school and take her to the dentist and then we went to her doctors appointment so after the doctor with is also my doctor to finish with my daughter I asked my doctor could she prescribe me something because im in so much pain and she tells me that she has 2 more patients and she can see me after that but waiting 2 more hours at the doctors office I did not want to do. so she told me to get some Advil and take 2 so i get home and i tried to lay down but I cant b/c the pain is jusst getting worst so I ask my friend to go to the store for me and get some advil so when she finally come back I take 3 advil and hours later still nothing so bout 10 that night i decided I'm taking two of my pain pills my plastic surgeon prescribed and hours later i still cant lay down so my trying to go to sleep I try laying on the floor with my head propped up against the chair and of course that did not work so i finally get upon the couch and sit up with my pillow up on my chest and i finally go to sleep for like a hour, then out of no where I wake up and I can not move my left arm it was hurting so freaking bad so after being up for like 10 minutes Im crying and I cant stop so my gf hears me crying and she wakes up turns the lights and tells me that we are going to the hospital so Im telling her i dont want to go Ill just wait until 1015 when my appointment is with my plastic surgeon so she finally goes and in the room and i weep out come take me I cant take this pain. So she gets my daughter up and she calls her mom to come meet us there so she can get my daughter so by the time we get there I really can breath every breath I take it hurts I cant even talk I let my gf sign me in I was in the waiting room probably 5 mins before the nurse came to get me and took me to a room in the back she is asking me whats wrong and every time I talk I start to cry so they said i was a level 2 and they took me to the er room and they tried to put the iv in my arm and could not find a vein so after being stuck 2 times she finally asked somebody else to stick and she got it on the side of my arms.A doctor finally came and asked my whats happened and she said I probably have have a clot in my lung so by the time she said that I wanted to freak out she came back to my room and took my to get a chest xray and thats where they found the clot in my left lung. So by now Im terrified Im thinking to young to die lord.I finally calm down it hurts to breath it hurts to walk when I walk have this kind of labored breath.My doctor come back in my room and gives me some Coumadin and a shot in my belly the shot in my belly I have to get once a day and the coumadin I have to take for the next 3 months .So at that time he said he was going to admit me for a couple days just to watch my blood clot and to try to get rid of it .Im still in the er room and im still waiting on my room to get ready I have been to the hospital sine 530 am and I didnt get in my room until 10 that night I didnt really care bout not being in my room except the er was noisy.Let me say this the nurses are excellent here they are so nice and caring they really care about you here.

So today they had get a ultrasound in my heart and...

So today they had get a ultrasound in my heart and in both legs to see if the blood clot had started in either of those places that took about a hour to get those test down i get back to my room and my doctor meets me in there 30 minutes later he tells me the clots started from the back of my left leg and worked its way up to my heart and not to worry cus there are giving me medicine to thin out the clot and that I would be here till the end off the week I am so ready to go but i can say the medicine is working today cus im not out of breath like how I was when I first got here .So thank GOD im doing better and ladies after ur surgery get up and walk around as much as u can

Feeling so much better today I can breath but my...

Feeling so much better today I can breath but my levels dropped back down to 1.2 and i need to be at least 2 to 2.3 to go home so hopefully ill be out here by Saturday .Imma continue to pray about it. I have to up my dosage of Coumadin b/c its not doing n e thing for the clots but the Lovenox the shots I get in my belly works but we have to get the Coumadin to work so I can go home

SO if my INR levels go up to 1.6 I can go home...

SO if my INR levels go up to 1.6 I can go home today Lord I pray that is it I am so ready to go home and get back out to the world........Feeling Hopeful

Feeling like a new me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so in love with my boobs i cant stop looking in the mirror and touching them cus they are so small lol.....Got a phone call from my doctor friday saying that my inr levels are at 2.4 that is great but i still have to take my medicine for the next 3 months that still sucks cus its breaking my face and chest out ewww and I am not enjoying getting my blood levels checked every couple of days .........

Feeling like a new me!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tomorrow makes me 3 weeks post op Im so glad I can say that :)

dropping these pounds

Went to see my ps today and everything looks great im healing well and my next appointment is n 3 weeks so i wont have to go back every week so im happy about that cus gas is high and his office is like 1 hr away from my house lol. I also wen to c my pcp and I lost so much in less than a month I went from 231 surgery day to 217 I am so happy with my results I just refuse to go back to big boobs so im eating healthy now

Big 25 this sunday

I have been so busy with working and taking care of my family and these doctors visits I forgot to update .Today marks my 1 month post op yay this month has gone by so fast with everything going on. This sunday is my 25th birthday and with everything that happened to me in the past year I am so thankful to be alive I do not take life for granted so live live live ppl
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i have read ur story glad u r doing ok i had the same experince and then shots in the belly hurts i am 10 weeks post op the took 5 lbs off each side and althought i had some complcations i do not have any regret
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yea those shots do hurt i hated sticking myself im glad i dont have to take the lovenox n e more .R u still on coumadin and if so how long do they have u taking it
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i didn't have to take coumadin just had the shots in the stomach
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Yay!!! Glad to hear your health is back on track and you're doing so well. Good for you taking better care of yourself. The surgery gives amazing motivation to better ourselves.
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Woo hoo for the weight loss, keep it up!!!
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Congrats girl!!!!! So happy for your wright loss and that you are feeling much better .
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So so happy to hear things are turning around for you for the better!
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So glad you have turned the corner! Keep on the positive recovery track now
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So glad to hear you are doing better. Aren't small boobs just wonderful!! It just makes all the pain and suffering so worth it. I hope you continue to do well and listen to your Dr. Sending you my best wishes for a complete recovery.
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lol small boobs are great no more back pain and I look great in my shirts lol
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So glad you are feeling better lady :-). You scared us all with that blood lot .Continue to heal.Best wishes:-) :-) :-) :-)
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It scared me too .....Thanks for the support
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Sending all positive energy to your healing.
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You aare looking just wonderful. I hope your INR comes down and you can get home. I am praying for a speedy recovery and a return to good health for you. Best of luck
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Stay positive girl God is a healer! Praying for ya!
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Praying for you, I know you are so ready to get home......
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Oh my, I'm praying for your quick healing.
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You will be in my prayers. I hope you begin to feel well soon :)
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Praying you are healing and get to go home soon . Sending you some gentle hugs :-)

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Thank you ladies for all the prayers they are really helping me so much the love of this community is so wonderful
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Praying for your recovery :-)
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thinking of you and sending healing vibes your way.
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Oh geez I'm so very glad you went to the hospital and you got a doctor who knew what was wrong right away! My doctor reminded me often to keep those legs moving! Bless your heart you were suffering and assuming it was part of recovery it sounds like. I'm so glad your in the right place and getting treated! *hugs**+
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Glad you are doing better. Wow, what a recovery you are having. Feel better soon. I will be thinking of you. Don't let this get you down. You are a strong woman by the sounds of it :)
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Sounds like you have some amazing Doctors working on you and know exactly what to do to help you. Glad you are getting the help you need. Stay strong.
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