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I had my initial consultation on November 13th. I...

I had my initial consultation on November 13th. I did tons of research and asked friends who have had surgery already. I'm 5'7", 153 lbs and currently wear a 36B (but I don't completely fill the cups). I'm getting saline moderate profile, under muscle, with a crease incision. I'm getting 350cc in the right and 375cc in the left, hoping to be a full C after surgery. My pre op is December 4th and then surgery on the 14th. I'm getting really nervous because I've never had any type of surgery before.

I've been debating between getting implants for years. I've always been an A cup until I started birth control and gained some weight last year, which increased me to a barely B. I turned 30 this year and decided I was finally going to get implants. I want my clothes to fit the way they should for my body type.

I will continue to update my adventure to new boobies! :-)

Okay. So I'm still torn between saline and...

Okay. So I'm still torn between saline and silicone gel. I have read the pros and cons of both. I know what the risk factors are with both. Cost is not an issue, silicone is $5000 and saline is $4200. I still have about five days to make an official decision. Everyone I know personally that have had surgery recommend silicone gel. And my PS said my hardest decision would be size.

Had my pre op today. My PS went over a bunch of...

Had my pre op today. My PS went over a bunch of paperwork with me. Told me what massages he's going to have me do. Took my pre op pictures. My final decision is silicone gel moderate profile implants under the muscle, 375cc on both sides. One breast is slightly and I mean slightly larger than the other so we decided to do the same size on each so one breast doesn't end up much larger than the other. I was told to wear any bra that feels comfortable, but doesn't compress my breasts. I can go braless if I wish, but at night I need to sleep in a bra and to sleep elevated if possible. I got all my prescriptions and surgery day instructions. I started getting light headed and dizzy while I was signing the paperwork, but I think it's nerves and the fact I hadn't eaten yet. The reception ladies had me sit down and got me a soda so i could feel better, I'm not the only person who had that react they said. I paid my balance, they handed me my packet and I was done. I didn't feel rushed at all during the whole process. My PS was very helpful and answered any of my questions and asked if I had anymore. Told me if I thought of any later, write them down and call his office with them. I have to say I feel super comfortable with him and his staff. 10 days until surgery!!!

Not much to update. In one week I will have bigger...

Not much to update. In one week I will have bigger boobs. The surgery center called today to get some pre op information from me. It's really sinking in that I have only a week to go. I need to get my prescriptions filled, buy some frozen peas, and move my recliner into the living room. I'm just ready to be done with surgery since this is my first time ever having surgery. I will eventually get some pre op pictures posted.

Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be at the...

Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be at the surgery center at 7:00 am. Trying to drink plenty of water before my midnight cut off. Feeling a bit nervous, but it comes in waves.

Quick update. Out of surgery. No pain just...

quick update. Out of surgery. No pain just tightness. No nausea either. Really groggy and ready to go back sleep. I'll update more later.

Thank you everyone for the kind words. So I...

Thank you everyone for the kind words. So I arrived at the surgery center at 6:45, went over paperwork and they took my back at 7:00. I was weighed, took a pregnancy test and got hooked up to all the machines. My PS came in and marked me up, they gave me calming medicine in my IV. I was wheeled to the operating room, moved to the surgical bed. I had the oxygen mask placed on, I remember taking about five deep breaths and I was out. Next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. No pain, no nausea, just tightness. I was a little wobbly walking but they wheeled me to my moms car in a wheel chair. I ended up getting Mentor moderate plus 375 cc on both sides and couldn't be happier! The surgery center staff was wonderful and my PS was fantastic. I will be recommending him to everyone I know. Right now there is no soreness, barely any tightness. I'm just taking it very easy. I'll be posting post op photos this week. Oh and I can comfortable raise my hand above my head.

To anyone unsure about getting this procedure, all I can say is do it. Yes it's scary building up to it, but if you have a good PS, you will do regret it.

First night I slept perfectly fine. I woke up to...

First night I slept perfectly fine. I woke up to take pain meds so I wouldn't have any morning pains. Today I took a Demerol at 9:00 am, half a Valium and switched to Motrin 800 about 1:30 pm. I feel great. I'm moving around, lifting my arms above my head as my PS said to do. I can not believe how good I feel. I'm still taking it very easy so I don't end up in pain. I started my massage which my PS told me is just to move the implant around in the pocket so it doesn't heal in unnatural way.

Thank you and good luck to all the ladies who have found my review helpful!!

Spent most of the day sleeping, it was a dreary...

Spent most of the day sleeping, it was a dreary day outside. I've just been taking Motrin 800 and my antibiotics. Had a wonderful shower today. It was a little awkward to wash my hair, but I did it! Tomorrow I'm going to venture out of the house. My kitten has a vet appointment, so I'm going to take her to that. I'm going to take it easy, I'm just starting to become stir crazy sitting here.

I haven't been icing my boobs because my PS never mentioned icing. I noticed I have some swelling on the sides of my ribcage, it'll go away soon. Also, TMI here but tomorrow I think I'm going to have to take something to get me to go #2. It's been too many days since I've gone and I'm starting to feel it. Other than that, I'm 100% happy. I do think I'm having slight boobie greed and wish I'd gone bigger, but I know I need to drop still, I put on a 36D bra I'd bought on clearance to do my rice test and it fits like a dream. All I wanted was a full C so I know I'll be happy in the end. I just feel like they're small and I know they aren't.

So today is post op day 6, I'm counting surgery...

So today is post op day 6, I'm counting surgery day 0. I got my stitches out yesterday. My PS surgeon says I'm healing well, he's just concerned that maybe my right breast looks fuller than my left, but its still too early to tell. I think waiting for the implants to drop and settle is worse than a pending surgery. I bought a new wireless bra today that actually looks somewhat flattering. I bought a 36C and it fits snug now, but may end up being too small once I drop. I'll post pictures and the name of it tonight or tomorrow. I got back to work tomorrow, boo, luckily I only work two days before I'm off three day for Christmas! Oh I posted a picture of my hand that had the IV in it. It looks bad, but doesn't hurt. I'm keeping an eye on it to see if it gets better or worse.

So I'm almost two weeks post op. I'm so tired of...

So I'm almost two weeks post op. I'm so tired of sleeping on my back. And I'm tired of waking up with morning boob. I swear waiting for these girls to drop is the worst!!! I still love them though and so happy I had this surgery! All my friends think they look great and so do I. Hope all my boobie buddies are recovering well and not having any complications.

5 weeks post op!!! I was afraid I was going to...

5 weeks post op!!! I was afraid I was going to develop boobie greed, but I can say I'm 100% happy with my size. swimwear tops look great! I had bought a bra on clearance for like $5 during my rice trials that was a 36D, Maidenform brand no padding. I tried it on tonight just for fun. It fits perfectly, cups are filled and no gaping between band and body. Yes, I was shooting for a full C, but if I am a D, they look great on my body size and type. I still have dropping and fluffing to do, but I love my new girls so much!!!
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Referrals from previous patients. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family.

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Looking great!!!
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U look fabulous!
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You look amazing in that pink. I'm glad you are happy. I know what you mean about boob greed. I experienced it for a while and then I realized my PS have me what I needed for my frame. 6 week appt today. So excited to see if I get clearance for full workout but slow of course.
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You look awesome!! :)
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Thank you!!
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They look great!
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Looking great....cant wait til summer either.....its going to be a fun time.
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So glad to hear you had a wonderful experience, I plan to get mine done at the end of this year (once I'm done breastfeeding) and I have heard/seen great reviews/products of Dr. Sexton. I can't wait to make my consultation appt. You look great!
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Keep us all posted!! :-)
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Dr. Sexton and his wife was very nice people! He is very knowledgeable in what he does!! My friend and I went to Columbia and he squeezed her in as well. You will enjoy when you try on the implants with a sports bra. Lol my friend and I had a wonderful experience there. When you do the try on with the implants he walks out and when you pick your size you call him back in there and he has a sheet of paper where he has already put your size down. So we compared notes and he was right on!!! I was amazed!!!! He is that good!!! Then at the end his beautiful wife walks you in where they have this 3-D image to show you what you will look like and it is awesome too!! I can't say nothing bad of his establishment! It was great! Keep me posted and I will as well!! Wish me luck it's this Friday! Eek!!!!!! Lol
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Hi I just got my breast implant yesterday!! I had both 375 cc and started off with small A. I wanted a full big C. If you were already a B and got 375 now I have a feeling that mine are going to be too small? What size are you now?
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Sorry just saw your message. I'm measuring a huge C, to a D. I'm going to get fitted in another month or so.
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@Go lean .. I wish I went bigger too but now we know for next time. Everyone I talked to said they wish they went bigger. Anything is better than what I had before!! xoxo
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They do look great. Patience is the worst part.
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Hey how are you doing?
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Doing well, just having a slight issue with lefty. Hopefully not a big issue, it's just more cone shaped than righty. Luckily I have a post op appt on Wednesday morning so I can disuss it with my PS. Read about your stomach bug, hope you're feeling better soon!!!
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Im glad everything is going well and Im happy to know that your PS was awesome too, thanks for the detailed review because I live in Columbia as well and Im thinking of getting my BA done there as well!
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I highly recommend him. I have an post op appt next Wednesday and will be doing another update after that appt. I haven't had an issues. My incisions have healed nicely and I'm hoping he'll let me start scar treatment.
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Good! Ill be looking out for your updates!
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Yup! I hear ya! I feel the same way! But I am 3 weeks post op and feeling better and better with every passing day! Sleeping better (just over the last few days) still have morning boobs, still sore to the touch. Drop and fluff already!!!
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Hey, I got mine done the same day as you. I know your feelings about sleeping on your back, morning soreness and the grueling waiting period for them to drop. Everything is going well and I can tell that the soreness is getting less and less everyday, but I cant wait for the day that I just wake up feeling normal! My main concern is that I have lumps under my armpits where my incisions are. My doc said it normal and would go away. But, they are the one thing that hurts the most and if they went away, it would be soooo much better! I just wonder if anyone else has these issues. ..? Well, good luck and I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!
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Hi I'm in Columbia as well. I did not have a consult with your PS but I have chosen Dr. Davis. My surgery is January 16th. So glad the surgery went well an hopefully unevenness will not be an issue.
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Congratulations! So Happy for you! Keep us posted :)
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My surgery is the day after tomorrow! Hope I have as easy of a recovery as wat you have had! You look great!
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So glad you made it through! Take it easy, admire then every minute, and rest up! Its a whole new world out there LOL!
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