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Okay lady's hoping to be a yily doll by mid 2014....

Okay lady's hoping to be a yily doll by mid 2014. Iam looking for a travel partner . My husband will not let me go by myself. My husband is only okay with me going bc my sister said she will go with me but I don't want to wait until 2015 when she said she could go. So is there any lady's in South Carolina or North Carolina planing to go mid 2014 ?


Hey hun I'm in Columbia, SC but I leave on my birthday Oct 30 and will be scheduled for Oct 31st.
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Awesome i am still not sure when I will be able to go but but im so glad to know someone from my area is going to so if I do have to wait longer then I would like to i would love to meet and have a travel parter .... At first I did ask my husband if he thought i would be possible for me to go in October but I am trying to push it up a bit lol. But since your in Columbia i don't no if you know where j d's fashion is but they have the garment we will have to where there for $40.00 I'm not sure what stage it is but I believe it is the first stage ... What surgery are you going to have?
JDs fashions, where exactly? Are you talking about the one on Fairfield Rd or Garners Ferry? I live off Broad River Rd by sled. So point me in the direction so I can go check out the garments. When you have sx your provided your 1st stage garment you have to purchase a 2nd stage one which would have to be a size smaller. $40 you can't beat that at all.
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