My BA is in 5 Days (5/16)!! I'm Sooooooo Nervous and Scared. Am I Making the Right Choice, for Me? Columbia, SC

OMGOSH! You ladies are gorgeous and sooooo brave!...

OMGOSH! You ladies are gorgeous and sooooo brave! I love reading your stories! Thank you all for sharing such intimate details and helping people like me!


U r not crazy. Trust me I can't Stop thinking if 425 will be too big. I am paranoid!!! So I totally understand
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Well I am starting with size B / I have breast tissue so he had said 375 will be a full C and 425 will be a D. But we also need to remember u lose approx 10-20% going under. I feel the 425 is a little big and the nurse said if I like the 425 I will end up a little smaller. If I did the 375 which I thought look good (but want to be a bit bigger ) but going under would be smaller then the way the 375 looked hen I would be upset sooooo I feel I have to go 425 to be slightly bigger then a C. Hope hat makes sense. Hyatt being said I am still fearful looking too big. I am fit and petite with saggy B so they said ultra high profile will prevent the need for a lift. And keep the implant from looking too wide on my chest therefore I can keep my narrow shape.
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Hey Ash, My surgery was last Friday. If you read my review, you will know I started off very ignorant about this whole process. I thought I wanted 325, but I did not know anything about saline/silicone, the different profiles or incision sites. This site taught me more than I could have imagined. I am now on my 4th day post op and couldn't be happier with my choice. I went with 425 cc's under the muscle Mentor Memory silicone with under the breast crease incision. The best thing I can tell you is exactly what Bikibiready what you want. What makes you happy. This is your body and your money. If you aren't sure what it is you want, play with the rice sizers, look at pics and talk with your PS. Listen to your PS, they know what they are talking about.
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2 days before surgery-freaking out!

Had my pre-op today. Decided on 450cc's, under the muscle. Can't get the word PAIN out of my head! Like, I'm totally freaking out about being in pain. I've read and heard how painful BA-unders are but I was hoping I would just stay medicated to get thru the first few days. Not the case at all. Not with my PS anyway. He gave me prescriptions for Demerol, Motrin 800's and Valium, as well as Phenergan for nausea. He wants me to start, the day I come home, to start movements. He wants me to raise my arms up and down in the jumping Jack motion. I can do this sitting up in bed and every hour. I also need to start breast massages within the first 24-48 hours. All I can think about is OUCH-PAIN! I am such a freakin' baby and have a low tolerance for pain. He also said no sports bras at all!!
I really want this done and have wanted it for years, so why am I having second thoughts? Anyone else go thru this?


If you dont mind me asking, who was your PS?
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Ash, I hope you are doing okay. Been thinking about you alot. Prayers on being comfortable and healthy
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He beautiful I hope you're doing well! How exciting this day is for you. I can't wait to see your beautiful addition. I know you were scared of the pain but believe me sweetheart, it's definitely worth it! Hugs on a speedy recovery!
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14 days post op

I'm so sorry it's been 2 weeks since my last post. I am completely overwhelmed and pained, physical and mentally, with so much that has been going in the last few weeks! I cannot begin to thank you wonderful, caring and supportive ladies for your posts and messages asking if I was ok. I'm sorry if I worried some of you. It amazes me that we are all strangers, yet share a common bond and show such caring concern and support. I thank you all for that!


Hey girl!! Feelin any better about life? What's going on that you're not so happy? I also had times I thought oh God, what have I done!!?? It will be a year for me on the 21sf of this month and I have no regrets. Lets chat!!
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Hey love! Dang, I posted a big ol' updated review and only part published! hmmmmm??? I def have NO regrets as far as getting my much needed new girls, just loads of other stuff combined with the pain meds n healing n stuff. As I mentioned, I literally have ZERO pain tolerance and wasn't handling it well the first week. Then I found out my dad took a turn for the worse - he has advanced lung cancer and we live 1000 miles apart. I feel selfish for having my surgery now, when I should be there with him. My mom is a cancer survivor, praise The Lord, but not able to get around very well. Dad always took care of mom. I went and stayed with them for 3 months to help them and just came back home in February. Drove dad to radiation, cooked, cleaned, errands, helped with mom and just was there for them. He was doing better after treatments, but I had to come home to handle things here too. I spoke with mom regarding my surgery, and wanted to be sure they were ok while I recovered. They were doing well. Well, best as expected. Now I'm so angry with myself and dad is really bad. I feel like my recovery is taking too long. It's been 2 weeks since my BA, but I still feel very sore and some pain. I even told my husband, I'm going thru all this pain and I feel too small still! Yup, boob greed has set in with me. I will upload some pics, although he is not happy with me doing this. Mr. Conservative! He has been my rock though! God has blessed me with this wonderful man and after 30 years of marriage, we are still totally in love. He takes such wonderful care of me and comforts me when I'm at my worse. He owns his own construction company and gets up at 5 am to help me and get my coffee, leaves for work at 6am, comes home between 5-6pm, does dinner, cleans the house, and just is exhausted, yet never complains. I'm also sad my oldest daughter won't speak to me and has decided to disown her family for a dumb ass thug. My heart is crushed, as we have always been extremely close. She is 30 years old and I pray that God will help guide her and make good choices. I also only confided in a few of my close friends of my BA, and now it's plastered all over. I feel completely betrayed. I guess I'm just feeling alone, down in the dumps, worried about my dad and emotional drained. Feeling sorry for myself. So sorry for being so whiney and long winded today. I am truly amazed and blessed with connecting with such a loving, caring and compassionate group of ladies! Hope to chat soon! Hope you are doing well! xoxoxoxo
Dr. Sexton @ Capital Plastic Surgery. LOVE HIM!!!!

16 days post op

Feeling better each day! Still sore but more at night. Feel so stiff in the morning, but I think it's from sleeping on my back all night. I am NOT a back sleeper! Thank goodness we have a craftmatic bed. It's been a lifesaver. Went out in public, in real clothes lol, for the first time Saturday night. Girls night for a friends birthday party. My poor husband. Went thru my whole closet and helped me try everything on and nothing fits. Finally finally settled on some white skinnies and a sexy top. Still not wearing a bra, so felt a little uncomfortable there. Still feeling puffy and bloated but dropped 7 pounds so far! Wooohoooo! I'm 5'8" and currently weighing in at 136 lbs. my goal is to be between 125-130. My husband said I looked hot and sexy so I loved that, but heck, I could roll outta bed a nasty mess and he'll call me beautiful. Saw a friend who I haven't seen in a few months and she didn't know I had BA, but immediately said I looked awesome and whispered, 'did you have the girls done'?. She said my PS did a banging job! Gotta say, I do love Dr. Sexton and his entire staff! Soooo patient and tells you straight up. Spent 2.5 hours there at my consultation. He is Amazeballs and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Today I have been instructed by my husband to do nothing but rest and to do a little online shopping!! That's because we went to get groceries and some sports clothes yesterday and I was hurting lady night bad. I think I overdid it.
I'm still waiting for him to give me all the pics he's been taking so I can upload them. Will do as soon as I can. Hope you ladies are all doing well. I'm going to look at my girls again! LOL


I just saw your comment on Red's review and wanted to say that I'm thinking about you! This can be rough both physically and emotionally and stressors in life can just add to that! You're a strong woman and even though this is hard, you'll get through it. We're all here for you :-)
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Thank you for the much needed encouraging words, Hellonheels. I'm trying to stay strong but it's getting harder for me. I feel so stupid, putting myself in this situation when my mom n dad really need me right now. I am so ready to just be back to myself. I feel like a pitiful mess. So discouraged and upset. :(
Ohhhh baby!!! This is the one place you can unload and bitch all u want!! It sounds like u have a big plate full!! I'm prayin for you girl!! First and foremost, how did they come out?? You CERTIANLY seem to be a wonderful loving dedicated wife and mother and daughter!! I'm so proud of you!!! When things settle, you go treat yourself and have fun with those boobs !! I want to see pics! ALL LOVE BABY!!! I'm here anytime. Text me 813-270-5920 MUAH!!!!

3 weeks and 3 days post op and feeling very sore/pain and 'worried'

So it's been a little over 3 weeks since my BA and I'm feeling very blue and worried. I'm so sore but more on my right. Very uncomfortable and just plain miserable. They feel so heavy and swollen still. Riding high so to speak. Sometimes I feel like hot spots on my right one and a little redness. Even my shoulders feel heavy. I called my PS last Thursday and was told I need to keep taking my 800mg Motrin every 6 hours and was told I can come in if needed but I figured I would just wait til my appointment this week. I know its only been 3 weeks, but even my bones hurt. Like under my right breast and under my arm going towards my back. Im still not wearing a bra but was told I can start wearing a very light one if I want. Honestly, I'd rather not because they hurt so much. I've been instructed since day one, NO sports bras or anything compressing or tight at all. All I can do is my massages, 4 times a day.
Actually, my 4th day post-op, when my PS showed me and my husband how to do the massages, I cried in pain. When he did my right one first, it hurt so bad I screamed. He was much easier with the left one. My right one has bothered me since. My husband has been doing most of them for me.
Has anyone else had any problems like mine? Thanks so much ladies for all the support and care!


How r u feeling
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Hey lady!! How are you feeling???
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