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I am 35, one week post op and feeling pretty good....

I am 35, one week post op and feeling pretty good. I am 5'6 and weighed about 165...I was told the Dr. took a little over 5 lbs off...yikes! The first day was bad due to being sick from anestisia and pain meds. Throwing up after a TT is NOT fun, but really this was my only issue. I do think I have a high tolerance for pain, but so far it has not been bad, I have not taken pain meds since surgery other than Tylenol. The drains are the most annoying part, but understand their importance. I had the surgery November 5th and went back to work on November 12. I try to only work half days and take a lot of breaks. I am a real estate agent so I can be fairly flexible. For all those considering...go for it. The initial worries are the worst, after that you are golden.
You look great! I have to go back to work after 2 weeks too. Your scar looks wonderful.
You look great!
Congratulations! you look good. I hope you feel better and better every day.


These are pictures of the progression of the infection which I thought was bruising. Please even though the pictures are named day 1-13...they are not nocessarily specific days. I do change my so you can see the days based on that.
You look great. I'm curious, how did you know you had an infection? I dont see any signs on the pictures.
If you look closely above the incision there is slight redness. ..I think was the start. I did not feel well. I should have been feeling better after getting the drains out and I did not. I hurt and had pain around my hips. I had horrible sweats and chills but no fever. The redness for progressively worse but it took about a week. Listen to your body!
Thank you for the info. I'll keep that in mind.

on the mend

Finally on the mend! Feeling good:)I have a couple of days left of the antibiotic and still packing the wound but that is heading also. All seems well!
I am so sorry you are going through this. I am so happy you have a dr that is on top of it. I also got infected after my tt on. Sept 19 and felt terrible ...flu ish and headache and have had to pack the wound for the last 2 months. Good News: it does get better. I am now FINALLY over he flu and headache feeling in just the last 10 days. Wound almost healed just a tiny open area I still pack with dakins solution and gauze. Best wishes. Rest. Drink tons of water....continue listening to your bod.
Thank you so much for your response. It is good to know I am not the only one dealing with this. Keep me posted on your progress. My hole is closing as well and the packing is getting less and less. I feel full and swollen, but don't really look swollen. I would like to know how you feel so I have something to compare it to.
This site has been really helpful for me to realize I am not alone either. I understand you feeling full and swollen. I feel that way too. One thing that helped me was getting a lymphatic massage. Also really resting a lot. I am a stay home mom with kids in school so I can do that. Hope you can too. I also took aleve or Advil everyday. I now only do that some days as I said I am getting better. When was the last time you saw your ps? Are you using dakins solution? Some drs use other solutions. I also wear spanks high top, to right under my boobs. I wear them night and day and hurt more and feel I have more swelling without them. Good luck. Keep in touch. I am sending you healing prayers!

Finally Healed!

It is refreshing to be in this so called final week of healing. I do NOT have to pack my wound anymore, I just have a band-aid covering the opening. Swelling is up and down, but nothing out of the ordinary. My energy level and overall well being has sky rocketed in the last week (which would be week 6 post op). I cannot say enough good things about my doctor. He sees me at a moments notice Sundays, evenings, doesn't matter. I would love to get back on the treadmill. What kind of workouts is everyone doing? I don't want to do too much too soon and set me back again. This is the first full week I have felt good.
Great news good on you
What were the early signs of infection and how long after did your doc start treating it? Did you just take antibiotics or did they have to cut off the infected areas?
It was approximately 1 week before he treated me as we kept thinking I was uncomfortable from the drains. My abdomen was full of abcess puss so he cleaned me out and put a new drain in. He began treating me with antibiotics immediately and I cleared up quickly.

Wow how time flies

I cannot believe I am approaching the 3 month mark. I feel great and actually am starting to see definition in my ab muscles! It was such a long road getting to this point and my scar actually starting spitting after all of the drama with the staph infection. We booked a trip to Mexico in March so I started tanning! I am using spf 110 on the scar as I am not suppose to get ANY sun/uv on it. Anyone else doing the same? Also, I saw the Dr. on Monday and he mentioned he will be fixing the dog ear on my left side. Does anyone else have dog ears and will your Dr. fix them...if so when and what is the process...anyone??
I am so happy everything has worked out ok for you. Sorry cant help you with the dog ears.
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