My Breast Augmentation Journey - Columbia, MO

I was very young when I first started having...

I was very young when I first started having self-esteem issues related to my breast shape and size. As I've gotten older the problem secretly ate away at me. No amount of beauty products, clothing, etc. could help. For years I feared the cost the most. I finally decided to at least find out the cost and set a path to making it happen. I was happy I did, it is expensive, but there are options, CareCredit, credit card, etc. No matter what, if it means allot to you, go for it. My surgery is March 6th and I can not wait!!


Hooray, you started your story here! Thank you for doing that. March 6th will be here before you know it. Please keep us updated on how you're feeling as the big day comes closer!

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Ok, I am 6 days out!! So I am extremely excited...

Ok, I am 6 days out!! So I am extremely excited and wish it were tomorrow! :)


My surgery is tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you on the 6th :-) Hope all goes well for you. We'll be recovering together!
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Thanks!! I am sooo anxious! Why does the time slow down the closer you get?
The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy. I work on the weekends, so I was busy with that and now, today I am going to prep everything at home for when I come home tomorrow from surgery.

OMG my surgery is tomorrow and I am very...

OMG my surgery is tomorrow and I am very stressed!! In a good way, but stress is stress. I opted to work and leave at 4pm to keep my mind busy. Not sure if that was the best choice but either way I am here. Just thought I would add this update in event anyone going through or had went through this and good add advise on how they relaxed? :)

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Ok tomorrow is my day and I am SUPER Excited,...

Ok tomorrow is my day and I am SUPER Excited, anxious, etc.!! In a good way, but still. Anyone out there in the same boat? Or anyoen that has been and lend advice, please do. :) thanks,


Hello- I am wondering how you are doing? I hope all is well.
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Thinking of you today :-) Sending some warm well wishes your way!
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Best of luck to you tomorrow :-) You will do just fine. Trust that your plastic surgeon will take good care of you. When I got in the OR, I was distracted by the warm and cozy bed with the leg massager. There were several people in there moving around, getting things set up, so I was distracted by that. I wasn't even thinking about the surgery. It felt very good to lay in that bed. I was cold and tired and it was really comforting. My legs were a little shaky from being nervous, but I just closed my eyes and imagined my happy place. It really helped.
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Hello everyone. I'm back. :) I am finally feeling...

Hello everyone. I'm back. :) I am finally feeling much better since the last two days. Which would be my 13 and 14 day post op. But I am one of those personalities that can't stand to be sick, dependant or uncomfortable at all. ;) Some of you may be simular. Anyway, first I should say off the top, I love them, I am completely satisfied and would 100% do it again. Now with that being said, LOL. This is not to turn anyone off about doing this, cause I would still do it again as I said, I just think that sometimes different people have different expereinces and they may be reluctant to pass it on because they don't want others panicing, or thinking this will be their experience, etc. From what I read and researched prior to surgery, it sounded like 99% of people regardless of age, size, etc. have a pretty smooth transition through the process. But this is my story... My PS does not like the pain pumps and so I figured no big deal, I'll have pain meds right? LOL!!! For my first 3 days I felt like all my ribs had been broken!! It hurt to breath, move, etc. The oral pain meds which I don't think were strong enough for the procedure barely took the edge off. My husband was a Saint though. He catered to me like a new born. Settting his alram to wake up during the night and give me my pain meds, etc. and he even slept in our spare room because I literally couldn't stand the bed to move!! After the 4th day I got the mummy wrap off and started to have slight improvement which has gradually and slowy gotten better each day. Yesterday was my first day without a heavy pain med and I did pretty good. Today thus far I feel pretty close to myself. But was it worth it??? 100%!! I love them. They seem bigger than I thought they would be but if they weren't I guess I'd want my money back. ;) They do fit me well I think. At least now my hips match my top. ;) It's like a whole new world. Each day I wake up like happier than the day before. :) That is likely because I am feeling much better and it's starting to seem real now, for some time I just kept worrying something wouldn't out, etc. I'll upload after photos soon. But I am now wearing a 36DD and they haven't dropped or fluffed yet! Oh well, I love them still. :)


I am glad to see you back! I became concerned when you didn't post an update for a while. I am glad you are doing better!

From what I have read, post operative pain depends on how gentle the surgeon is with the patient's tissues, and also, I assume, the patient's tolerance for pain. My surgeon must have been very gentle, because I had minimal pain after surgery and I only had to take Vicodin. Now, I do have a high tolerance for pain and I am sensitive to pain meds, but I do think he was gentle with me. I felt really good after 3 days.
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I imagine you are right on with the gentleness issue. I thought I had a high pain tolerance. ;) LOL She gave me Percoset and I think Vicodin might have bee better as well. But I do feel much better now. Now I am ready for the drop and fluff effect to get here. :) How far out are you again and also, how are your coming along with the drop and fluff?
I am 20 days post op today (tomorrow will be 3 weeks). As for D&F, mine still have some dropping to do, but they are feeling much softer! When I squeeze them now, they don't feel as hard as they used to. It takes time, so lots of patience is required.

I just added some new photos to give others and...

I just added some new photos to give others and idea of how things turned out thus far. At some point I will take maybe more reveiling photos but this at least allows to see the differance that a clingy shirt has on me. Major!! Yes, I had boob greed but looking at the before and after I believe they fit me well. They are hint bigger than the average person my size but they are Porn Star Huge. Maybe just a pre-Porn Star Big. LOL


You look great!

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It is day 40 of my post-op and I am loving my new...

It is day 40 of my post-op and I am loving my new set!!! They have finally started to drop and fluff. I want to tell any ladies that are out there still in this prior to phase, there is HOPE!! On day 30 post-op my swelling had went down and I hated the results!! They were cone shaped and smaller than I thought. Even though I knew this would happen prior to the drop and fluff it was awful! :( But I hung in there and first the left started to trnasition and then the right. They are not perfect yet because they still have more transitioning to do but they have formed more of a breast appearance and broadened and fluffed. Basically, my PS explained that when they are under the muscle holds them taunt and this gives them the smaller deformed look. Once the muscle lengthens and adapts you start to get a larger, round, traditional look you were hoping for. This might be where people think they go from huge to small but it all pans out. I am now at a 34DDD or a 36DD. I just love them. But two weeks ago I was not as happy. patience again is not my strong point. Hope this update helps any woman that goes through what I did and feels a little sad and worried. Hold out, it will get better!! :)


You look great.
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Hi Mrs. Brown ! Congratulations on the new girls! AS far as I can tell they look good on you! (Really hard to tell witht hat shirt =))
I was wondering what your stats are? I couldn't find them. I am about to have my surgery May 11th so am still looking at everyone's pre-op size and height weight and comparing to what they ended up with post-op.
Thanks for sharing your story!
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I'm 44 days post-op now and I just uploaded some...

I'm 44 days post-op now and I just uploaded some photos. These are in the buf before and after. All it takes is one glimsp at those before in the buff photos to make me snap out of any boob greed I have or thoughts of satisfaction. I wouldn't even have the courage to show the before ones without having my new ones. ;)


Hey I'm in Mo and am starting my journey... got my first consultation tomorrow with a doctor in overland park. I was wondering if you had met with any other doctors before choosing your doctor and if so who?? I just want to make sure I find the right doctor! I'm so glad things went so well for you and that youre happy with the results. Well hope to hear from you soon!
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I had done some research ahead so I already had an idea of some of our local Plastic Surgeon's. I really wanted a woman, but online I only saw one listed in Jeff City. I work at the University of Missouri so I started checking around our plastic surgery department to see who we had. I found a female, I set up a consultation and fell for her off the flip. But if had I not, I would have searched further. I didn't want to waste allot of time or $ going to multiple consultations. She offer a free consultation and that was good as well. Some Drs will charge a consultation fee which could add up after meeting with a few. Here's my thought process on this, this is your body and you are spending a nice amount of $$ to do this, so be happy with your result and who does it. Don't settle for less. It's not worth cutting corners to save a little. The way you can save a little is by considering Saline instead of Silicone. You save alsmost half on your implant cost and I love mine. They feel very natural and the great thing about them is, no worries of infection if one burst, leaks, etc. So if you meet this person tomorrow and they seem seasoned, they listen to you, they make you feel comfortable with your desires and seem to take the time and care about what you are trying to achieve, you have a winner. If they pushy, have a bad bedside mannor, seem to be giving you the "Car Salesman Pitch", or any warning sign, try another. Again, they are serving you, not the other way around. It's fun sharing, so keep me informed and any time you have questions, etc. I'm here. Best wishes

Things are going pretty well, I am a little miffed...

Things are going pretty well, I am a little miffed recently though because I am one of the classic girls who's right breast (being on my dominent side) is running behind dropping from my left. I will caution those out that have had their breast done recently, you included, "Don't zealous about jumping in to underwire bras to soon." I didn't start wearing one until I was almost 8 weeks out and my PS was ok with 4 weeks but I think this has delayed and hopefully not totally hindered my right breast from dropping further. I have stopped wearing them and went back to Bali no-wire bras for a while and started the massages to encourage it to drop. My personal opinion is wait till they are semetrical before wearing underwire. Underwire tends to keep them stationary and while they are still adjusting I wouldn't advice it. If anyone listening has had my experience and is listerning, PLEASE ADVISE what you did to help with this and the results. Thanks


How many CC's did you get?
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Just read your updates. And I am seeing where I am starting to drop unevenly... however for me it is a good thing, I am right handed, my right was a full size larger than the left, so I am glad my left is dropping to catch up to the right.. LOL anyhoo... I love the BALI wire free bras! I think I will keep wearing them for a long time, they are really supportive for me... I really do not miss under wire at all. Might just keep some around for special outfits, etc. Best wishes, and you look great!
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Thanks, I will agree those Bali Bras are nice!!

August 14th, 2012, 5 months and 10 days out. I...

August 14th, 2012, 5 months and 10 days out. I still LOVE them and would do it again and again. I will relay to others that my right implant seems to be slower at settling the left. This is because I am right handed. At my 3-4 month followup my PS said everything is normal and I have no problems going on it's just slower but to be patient and it will slowly settle into place. One thing I have been going through lately is this sudden worry that one will deflate. I have no reason to feel this way. Most women say they don't feel their implants internally after awhile but I do feel mine sometimes like when I am laying down and turn over, it feels like they are moving within the breast capsule. Weird, I know. But this makes me that much more aware of them instead of just forgetting I wasn't born with them. Anyone else have this happen?

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It is coming upon my year aniversery of my BA, I...

It is coming upon my year aniversery of my BA, I am still very happy with my choice and results. My PS indicated that things could continue to settle up a year which is true. Reflection of my experience. If I had to do over would I? Big YES. For me, I had always felt slighted in that area physically and not balanced. The desire only got stronger as I aged and my breast started to droop. Great!! Droopy small titties!! ;) LOL Anyway, my self esteam was taking a beating and no amount of reassuramce from husband, friends, etc. worked. To me it felt like pity. I knew what they looked like. Wearing pads, water bras, etc. made me feel worse. So when I started this process for real, there was no looking back. My husband wasn't overly excited about it for a few reasons. One, we are not well off so he saw this as a waste of $. Second, I think a little insecurity was brewing. The reality is that to me, implants are better than the real deal. They stay round, firm. sexy, as long as you take good care of them, they are GREAT! I never looked better in a bathing suit, tops. etc. Post surgery I was extremely sore. mine were under the muscle and I went up from a small 34C to a full 34DDD. Lots of swelling, etc. Mine stayed high for months and about three months into healing I started to notice that my right one was settling into place allot slower than the left. PS kept reassurring me, etc. At my six month visit it was still not quite as settled into place as my right. At that point my PS realized that the muscle on my right side was not as open as the left which restrict my implant from settling nicely in place like the left. It bothers me some, because of course you want them to be perfect, but not enough to pay for a revision. I will post photos soon so you can see what I mean. It's not obvious unless I lean forward, straight up and down, on my back, etc. it's not obvious. When I look at all the before and afters, combined with the bad results some celebrities with botched boobs, I feel blessed. Here I am a year later, swelling down and scars healed to not being notable at all. Plus, yes, all sensation to everything. :)


Did your $6000 include the surgery center and anesthesia costs?
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Did you get Saline ? How many ccs? You look great! !
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I will submit some new ones. I've been adjusting. It's funny, I know people at my job noticed but some of the people I haven't seen for awhile don't say anything. I do feel much more balanced. :) How are your doing?
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2 year update

2 years after my augmentation. I am still very happy that I went through with this procedure. If ever i had a doubt all I need to do is take a quick look at my before photos. It has definately improved my self esteem as well as self image. For those of you questioning youself as to whether you should shouldn't? I say go for it. If you're like me by the time you are reading this blog, you have pondered the idea for years. If you have any doubts its likely they stem from what will other people think? Be it your spouse, friends, relatives or coworkers. In my experience, my husband was a little worried deep down that I wanted to have these to flaut them, but I have been just the opposite. I just wanted to feel good about my chest, not ashamed. Yes, the size increase, was definately nice, but when you at my photos from start to finish you have to see how bad my breast were sagging. They y were terriable. Having this procedure was better then a facelift. It was a bodylift. I feel like my breast look younger, etc. I love this website because I was able to relate to other women going on this journey. It helped tremendonlessly. You need support from someone who can relate to your journey and not judge you. Best wishes too. :)

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Alexis Armour

My surgery is not till March 6th, everything I am rating my surgeon on now is related to my experience thus far. She has been very kind and patient. She has told me the pros and cons and given me good advice. She has made me very comfortable with my decision. Some of the photos were burred from movement and I will upload better later but these definately should give anyone with doubts encourgement that PS does help and is worth it!!

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