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Don't feel too bad. This is my scar I have to...

Don't feel too bad. This is my scar I have to deal with and don't even like to leave my home because of it. I had to really look hard to find your scar. If you find anyone, please let me know because I need MAJOR help. I wonder if I need a steroid injection or excision removal. People ask me all the time what happened to my face. It's very unfortunate.
Scars are treated successfully (i.e. reduced, flattened etc) with Silicone, Corticosteroids & Antihistamines. We work with experienced compounding pharmacists that can custom make a scar gel for you. It requires a Dr. prescription. Most, but not all prescription drug plans will cover the gel. You would be notified prior to the pharmacist making the custom gel if your insurance would cover it, hence no monetary risk. If you'd like more info please feel free to contact Allan at
I feel as if an excision would work, but that's replacing that scar tissues with new scar tissue that could eventually lead to a keloid. I think you should keep trying to talk to Plastic Surgeons who specialize in this, some consults are free of charge. I know I thought my chickenpox scars would be with my for life! Until I wasn't afraid of doing something about it and I am so happy with the results. If you do get it excised I think the silicone patches would help prevent keloid formation. Good luck & don't give up!
Hi i had a small depressed scar between my jawline and chin, completely opposite to yours. It was difficult one to get rid off. I had scar excision in the UK and it went depressed again. I finally went to doctor shah in Chicago and he fixed it for me. I think you should send some photographs to him via email and book a Skype consultation to see if he can do anything to help you out.
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