Always Wanted to Get It Done, Since This Site Has Helped a Lot, I Want to Document my Experience. -D

So far I'm in the very early stages of this. But I...

So far I'm in the very early stages of this. But I wanted to document the whole process. I also wanted to make sure I could pay for this procedure with cash/check since it tends to not be a good idea to have cosmetic procedures financed. My goal is to get only local anesthetics, the wedge method, and the cost to be below 4k. But I will see what kind of things the doctors say, and I'll work with them from there. So far I have saved up about 2.5k and will get the procedure when I have the full amount saved. (I'm guessing I'll do it after the summer).

My first step has been to send out emails asking a few questions to the plastic surgeons including price, method, how long it takes to schedule appointments, etc. I only email plastic surgeons who specialize in labiaplasty and have it listed as one of their main procedures. I've emailed about 8 so far. And have had three responses back. One the doctor ignored everything and just sent me a generic message to make an appointment to ask questions (they obviously got nixed off my list). Another said they don't perform the wedge method and do twilight sedation cost approx 4k-4.5k. The other said they did do the wedge method under full anesthesia and the cost is approximately 3.4k-4k. I'm still waiting on a few email/phone calls back and will update from there. I think I will have consultations with 2-3 doctors before I settle on one to do my procedure.

Got a few responses back. But not really what I was looking for.

So far my search for a good plastic surgeon is proving more difficult. I decided I'm going to expand my options to gynecologists who offer this procedure also. A few of the plastic surgeons have gotten back to me, many of their prices were pretty high (6k for a trim?!?!). The two surgeons I was most interested in haven't gotten back to me at all (but its only been 4-5 days). I'm determined to find someone who will do it for 4k or under, and preferably under local anesthetics since I'd like to be able to drive home after.

Anywho, thanks for the support from those who already commented :)

Finally got some responses was looking for!

So all at once, I finally had a few doctors get back to me who sounded like they were offering me what I was looking for in terms of my surgery. I got 3 emails back from doctors who were charging 3k and under for the procedure and offered it under local anesthetic. I'm going to start scheduling appointments. After the appointments, I'll write a little something about the doctors too. There wasn't too much information for doctors in the Maryland area when it comes to this procedure. So hopefully it will help someone else out when they need to get this done and live around Maryland.

Went to my first Consultation!

I had my first consultation with Dr Tavallali in Northern VA. He was great, very thorough, really nice. And his staff were great too! I still have 2 consultations more to do, but honestly, I think I'll be doing the procedure with him. If anyone wants to know, the quoted price was $3000 total. And no twilight anesthesia, just local nerve blocks (which was what I was looking for).

Went to my 3rd consultation and I've found a doctor for myself!

I decided I'm going to go with Davison from DC of Davinci plastic surgery. Of the surgeons I met with, he spent the most time talking to me about what I wanted everything to look like. He was very realistic about how everything would be done and how they would do it. I'm setting up the date and putting in the down payment either tomorrow or monday, the procedure will be done sometime in the first or second week in August, I'll update with before and after photos when the surgery date gets closer.

2 months til surgery!

It's scheduled Aug 11 with Stephen Davison. About a week before, I'll put my before photos up :)

Almost 1 month out!

I'm a combination of nervous and excited. I know it will be worth it getting it done, I've been sitting on the decision for literally YEARS now. So I'm excited to not have to literally tuck my labia in anymore (thats how long they are! Grrr). I'm going to post before photos in about 2 weeks. I already paid the $500 booking fee, I'm going to pay the rest by personal check in about a week. I made sure to have all the money before hand. I'm not a fan of financing plastic surgery, I think there's so many things that can happen financially that would make it a bad idea.

Before photos, 9 days until surgery

A bit nervous/anxious. Trying to think of all the things I need to stock up on for recovery.

It's tomorrow! I'm nervous!

I got everything together that I assume I'll need for the first few days. My sister is driving me and I'm staying at her house for the first 2-3 days. Lucky for me, my sister is an RN so anything problems I can just go to her haha! I probably won't post any directly after photos unless you guys want, I heard if you look down the first 2-3 days it will scare the crap out of you due to swelling/etc. I'll post photos of the healing process. The only part I'm really not looking forward to is that I can't go to the gym for the first 3-4 weeks!

Surgery is done!

So I'll go through how my day went (right now I'm laying on the couch with frozen peas on my crotch). So my surgery was scheduled for 3:30pm, I was to show up at the office at 3pm. My sister drove me over and we wound up getting there about 30 Minutes early. I had two rounds of topical numbing cream and then came the needle. That was honestly the worst/most painful part of the procedure. I literally almost kneed my doctor in the face. The entire procedure t. k 2 took 2 hours to complete. He stopped after one side and let me take a look to see if everything was the way I wanted it to look. He let me look at the finished product and already it looks waaaaay different down there. The first part of the procedure, iI was so nervous, my legs were shaking, but it got easier after. Feeling the blood run down my legs was honestly the worst part. he prescribed a pain med and an antibiotic. Even with the pain meds its pretty painful at this point. I'm icing it 20 On and 20 off at this point.

pain is MUCH better today.

Still icing every now and then, but not as much as I did last night, (7 hours straight of alternating icing the area). I didn't sleep so well last night, but then again I don't sleep well on couches (townhouse + first few days of a labiaplasty is a total no go). Its rediculously swollen, the outside lips are like rock hard. There's not so much bleeding now. Compared to yesterday when iI soaked pads and dripped blood all over the toilet when using the bathroom bathroom, yuckkk.

i finally.looked....

For the record it is really swollen but its not really purple, camera flash does weird things.

day 2 post op

Still pretty swollen, began the icing process again. I hate vicodin hahaha its given me more problems than its worth, I think I'll stick to Motrin from now on, its not throbbing or really painful anymore. Still doing the bed rest thing. I began religiously watching game of thrones. Its actually pretty interesting. I'm excited to see the finished product. Oh in case you needed to know, I have two follow up appointments, 1 in three weeks, the other after 6 weeks.

post op day 3/4

there's not really any pain anymore. just CONSTANT irritation. i think its from the constant use of pads, but its ridiculous, i'm so uncomfortable, even just sitting. its this raw itchy awful feeling. my skin feels horrid. the only way i was able to make it somewhat tollerable was to coat an entire pad in antibiotic ointment. as soon as i get home, i'm just going to leave it to the air without a pad and just a small coating of ointment. i'm going insane from this feeling!!!!!!!!!

Post Op day 4

(i'm going to try to keep taking photos every 2 days or so of the healing process, other member on here who did that helped me in knowing what to expect).

so the pain kind of comes and goes now. i'm on just motrin as of now, i took my last vicodin this afternoon. Last night was HORRIBLE i couldnt get comfortable no matter what. Turns out it was the pads, the photo i'm posting you can see the irritation marks. i'm still icing the area, just not as much as the first few days. The labia majora swelling went down, but the minora feels about the same size, both of which are still fairly hard to the touch. still tons of bruising and what not. But I feel better than day one post op, and all that matter is that we're moving in the right direction!

Post op day 5

Still really painful and I'm still bed ridden, it hurts walking. Since the labia majora swelling went down much quicker than the minora, part is stick out and rubbing on the majora and my thighs when walking. It doesnt help that pubic stuble is coming in and irritating the already sensitive tissue. i'm still icing, just not at often. I'm still taking motrin for the pain/swelling. I'm still using the antibiotic ointment also. I'm starting to feel rather discouraged and frustrated at this point, i'm very glad i took so much time off work. Anyone planning on doing this procedure should take off work a minimum of 1 week in my opinion.

post op day 6

i wasnt able to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. motrin isn't helping the pain. still basically bedridden. frustrated as hell.

post op day 6

Photo for you. it doesnt feel like the labia minora grew any larger, but comparing the photos, it looks like it. i'm assuming because the majora is finally decreasing in size. I was schedule to go back to work Friday, i may push itback.... I've been taking about 2400 mg of ibuprofen a day, its the only thing that really helps. If i still have this much pain by monday, i'm going to call my doctor to see if i can get a refill on some type of pain med. bedridden 6 days now...yuck. i'm still bleeding too, thats not 'unnormal' its rare on these posts where people desribe that kind of this, so for the record day 4-6 its been maybe a teaspoon of blood every 5-6 hours, not alot, but enough you would need a pad.

Post op day 7

Everythings looking a bit better down there. weird thing i noticed, i can start feeling the stitches slightly pull, i just thought it was odd since i figured i would feel it more when the swelling was more. this weekend was pretty bad for me, the pain comes in waves and especially bad at night and during the morning. i called the doctors office this morning, they said they would call in another pain prescription, thank goodness, i can't keep taking so much motrin. i call my manager at work and told him i wouldnt be coming back on friday, and would be back sunday. 2 more recoup days, i need them.

post op day 8

i dont really visually see a difference. but bruising looks worse and swelling feels slightly down. pain is getting better, its just bad in the mornings and at night. still taking some ibuprofen for swelling. i didnt ice at all yesterday, its the first day i skipped it, and now i dont see much progress. so i may ice again today, but for 10 min at a time, not 20.

Post op day 9

First morning i woke up and didnt need to take any pain med! inner lips look great (getting closer to normal....woo!). outter lips are still gross and bruised. nopain when walking though. i'm still taking it easy until sunday though. everytime i over exert myself thinking i'm getting better, my progress regresses. so i'm just going to do some house work without bending/lifting too much for exercise and reading. i'm feeling really good about things today though :)

Post op day 10

Normally i would post a photo, but i got my period so everything is friendly. everything is looking better down there though swelling of both the inner and outter lips has lessened and the pain is significantly less. i still feel stitches pull/poke here and there but not as much. the itching is absolutely HORRIBLE though, its only the outter lips which itch though. Sometimes dermoplast helps, sometimes in doesnt. either way, i was so miserable last night i took an entire vicodin (i've been using half pills the past few days), and got knocked out hahaha. either way, SO itchy. need better recoup days, so although i feel better, i'm only doing minor activities. Next week i go back to work and its spent entirely on my feet, i heard the best to do is wear loose pants and cotton underwear, so hopefully that will help.

Post op day 11

the itch factor is still coming and going, dermoplast seems to help sometimes, but it still gets so itchy i shiver. The rash was still there, i called the doctors office yesterdat, but the nurse that helps already left. I asked if it was okay to email her since its uncomfortable still to drive and i started my period. i thought i emailedher yesterday (turns out it never sent due to a problem on my phone). but she was nice enough to email me this morning anyway. i sent her pictures and described my concerns, she said due to the warm area and the antibiotics, yeast infections were common and to get an otc cream and if it didnt clear up i would go to the office. So far i'm really happy with the Davinci staff, they've always been really incredible and helpful throughout this process. Now if only I could stop itching, I would be a happy camper....

2 weeks post-op

My yeast infection got pretty bad this weekend, no pain just horrible itching. after 2 tubes of monistat i gave up and monday (today), they called in a prescription for me to get rid of it. I'm feeling better about things though. The yeast infection really got me down, but its almost over with, and i'm 2 weeks post, so from here on out, it should get easier. I go back to work tomorrow. Cotton underwear, loose pants, yogurt, no sweets, and plentiful probiotics. Don't make the same mistake i did, take probiotics with your antibiotics! and go easy on the sweet stuff til your healed!!!
Stephen Davison

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How are you feeling ?? Did your yeast infection clear up ?? Hope all is well :)
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Yes, loose clothing is key, I hope your return to work goes smoothly. 
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wasnt able to, the topical cream isnt helping much (if at all). I read about a pill they can give you which works, i'm going to make an appointment for monday to see if i can get it. Monistat only really works if you insert it into your vagina also, and my lips are still a bit too swollen.
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So glad!!
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Thank you for keeping your review up to date, glad you are feeling some relief - hang in there, it will be healed up soon. 
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So I'm not getting the wedge method I'm having stitches and I'm just so scared about the pain! I'm going in Tuesday
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Are you doing the surgery under local or twilight sedation? The actual surgery is not painful, the most painful part are the sedation needles after. When you get home and the injected sedative starts to wear off, itwill get a bit painful, just make sure the first 2-3 days you keep taking ppain relievers and icing yourself. I just started day 2, its really not very painful anymore, just more, irritating? Its very swollen no matter how much iI ice it. Take it easy for the first few days. Everyone says you're okay to go back to work, but iI think its a 3 Days of bed rest kind of thing. My doctor prescribed me vicodin for the pain, it has its upsides and its downsides. I havent had a bowel movement since the day of the surgery, my stomach is bloated and a bit painful now. I already asked my sister to buy some laxatives to help. Vicodin stops you up, iI haven't even gone through half the bottle and I'm already okay enough to just stick to Motrin. I promise though, the first 24 hours are the worst, it gets better from there. Make sure you ice 20 on 20 off for as long as possible, its very important. Good luck, keep us posted!
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Hi thanks for getting back to me so I'm doing local and now in thinking I should do twighlight ... My Obgyn who is doing the surgery is calling me Monday the day before my surgery, and I am really nervous about the pain after. I almost wanna back out of this that's how nervous I am and I have this hole week off cause my work goes on vacation this yr every month . I'm wondering which way is better getting it done , the way you did or having stiches. So I'll keep you posted and I'm glad your feeling better ! And thanks again !!
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In all honesty, if you're nervous or squeamish already, you may want to do twilight. i was even nervous, but as soon as i hopped up on the operating table, my legs would not stop shaking. There is one downside to twilight, you will be out of it, so make sure you surgeon is 100% in tune with what you want. my surgeon did one side of my labia, cleaned it and let me take a look to see if i liked everything. so twilight and local have its pluses and minuses. i'm not going to lie to you...recovery HURTS even with all the pain meds it still sucks. one piece of advice, plan on needing 5 days bed rest, trust me, you'll want it. its not constantly painful, but walking is going to feel awful. i'm 5 days post and i still waddle. Also, make sure you ice the first few days, 20 min on 20 min off, dont leave the ice on more than 30 min, excessive icing can actually slow your recovery. buy everything you will possibly need for 5 days straight. pads, saline solution, ointment, etc. i planned, but even then still had to pick more stuff up. Get some frozen dinners too. no one wants to stand for 30 min straight cooking, its awful haha. but most of all, try and relax. Think of you're lovely end result of your lady parts! my junk may look like a train wreck now.... but i still have a clear image in my head from when the doctor showed me my stuff immediately following the was so pretty, i can't wait til its all done!
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So yes I'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow when she calls if they can do twilight anesthesia and I hope I'm not in so much pain but I don't know if it's different from getting lasered to getting stitched up I keep wondering if it's the same as when you have a baby and getting stitch up because it rips but I doubt it so Tuesday's the day and I almost was going to cancel this until today I just decided I'm just going to do it and get it over and done with so I'll keep you posted thanks again for writing to me
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it gets better, i've been having my good moments and my bad moments. the important part is to give yourself enough time to relax and recover properly.
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You should take stool Softeners. Laxatives might be too intense.
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So I got it done and the pain is not as bad as I thaught , just very uncomfortable and bleeding a little .... And it's a lil swollen and I'm sleeping in my recliner ... I had General Anastasia and the gave me pain medicine there and to come home with .. They didn't say for me to use a sits bath so I'm Gona call in the am about that I just wanted u to no how everything went and I hope your feeling good too!!!
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i'm finally starting to feel better thanks! make sure you ice, 20 on 20 off is best, it helps the swelling a ton! the sitz bath depends upon what type of stitches the doctor used, if they said dont use them, you shouldnt. The ointment is also very important, it aids the healing and reduces the future scar. Congrats!
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lolalmd123, For the sake of honesty, it was much MUCH worse for me than getting stitched after birth. Also just so you are clear, both wedge method and trim method get stitches, it's just in a different pattern.
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Oh I didn't no that !! brand newvagiba1 thanks !
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pain isn't always easy with this surgery. i ran out of prescription pain medication late post op day 4. post op day 5 & 6 were absolute hell for me. Post op day 7 i got a refill early in the day (thank god!!!). and now I take 2 pills a day, cut them in half, and only take them if something hurts and supplement that with motrin for swelling relief. i feel okay now, but for me, pain gets worse at night. dont make the mistake i did and lax on not getting enough mediation for yourself through the weekend. get like a half refill or something just in case.
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Hi so in still bleeding on one side not a wicked lot but enough ... And that cream u were talking about do u need a perscription cause I was Gona ask my doctor and I accually called her today to tell her I was bleeding on one side and it feels like if I move the wrong way it stings , like I got soap up there .. And she said I mite have poped a stich but to just be carful and put ice and if I'm going through pads every hour to call her back but I'm not THANK GOD! So I'm so afraid to go to the bathroom and I've been taking stool softeners so hopefully that will help !!
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the ointment i was talking about is a white petroleum based anti bacterial ointment, its the same thing as neosporin, you can use neosporin but its name brand and more expensive.
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Oh ok thanks i didn't no that
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Im so excited for you! that is exactly what I want done! The wedge method and just local anesthesia.. I think it will be awhile until I get it done but I figured I should explore my options now and start doing research. Please keep us all posted on everything! Good luck, you will love it! :)
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Definitely see multiple surgeons! I liked each one better than the last after consultations, honestly. So see a bunch, and choose whoever fits you the best. I would also recommend saving up at least a large portion of the surgical cost beforehand also. Many of them have great financing services, but everything goes much smoother if you have little to nothing to owe by surgery date.
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I'm so excited for you. Count down. Can't wait to hear from you.
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Thank you!
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Hey there, this may help you out:
Good luck - and be sure to keep us posted :)
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