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So far I'm in the very early stages of this. But I...

So far I'm in the very early stages of this. But I wanted to document the whole process. I also wanted to make sure I could pay for this procedure with cash/check since it tends to not be a good idea to have cosmetic procedures financed. My goal is to get only local anesthetics, the wedge method, and the cost to be below 4k. But I will see what kind of things the doctors say, and I'll work with them from there. So far I have saved up about 2.5k and will get the procedure when I have the full amount saved. (I'm guessing I'll do it after the summer).

My first step has been to send out emails asking a few questions to the plastic surgeons including price, method, how long it takes to schedule appointments, etc. I only email plastic surgeons who specialize in labiaplasty and have it listed as one of their main procedures. I've emailed about 8 so far. And have had three responses back. One the doctor ignored everything and just sent me a generic message to make an appointment to ask questions (they obviously got nixed off my list). Another said they don't perform the wedge method and do twilight sedation cost approx 4k-4.5k. The other said they did do the wedge method under full anesthesia and the cost is approximately 3.4k-4k. I'm still waiting on a few email/phone calls back and will update from there. I think I will have consultations with 2-3 doctors before I settle on one to do my procedure.

Got a few responses back. But not really what I was looking for.

So far my search for a good plastic surgeon is proving more difficult. I decided I'm going to expand my options to gynecologists who offer this procedure also. A few of the plastic surgeons have gotten back to me, many of their prices were pretty high (6k for a trim?!?!). The two surgeons I was most interested in haven't gotten back to me at all (but its only been 4-5 days). I'm determined to find someone who will do it for 4k or under, and preferably under local anesthetics since I'd like to be able to drive home after.

Anywho, thanks for the support from those who already commented :)

Finally got some responses was looking for!

So all at once, I finally had a few doctors get back to me who sounded like they were offering me what I was looking for in terms of my surgery. I got 3 emails back from doctors who were charging 3k and under for the procedure and offered it under local anesthetic. I'm going to start scheduling appointments. After the appointments, I'll write a little something about the doctors too. There wasn't too much information for doctors in the Maryland area when it comes to this procedure. So hopefully it will help someone else out when they need to get this done and live around Maryland.

Went to my first Consultation!

I had my first consultation with Dr Tavallali in Northern VA. He was great, very thorough, really nice. And his staff were great too! I still have 2 consultations more to do, but honestly, I think I'll be doing the procedure with him. If anyone wants to know, the quoted price was $3000 total. And no twilight anesthesia, just local nerve blocks (which was what I was looking for).

Went to my 3rd consultation and I've found a doctor for myself!

I decided I'm going to go with Davison from DC of Davinci plastic surgery. Of the surgeons I met with, he spent the most time talking to me about what I wanted everything to look like. He was very realistic about how everything would be done and how they would do it. I'm setting up the date and putting in the down payment either tomorrow or monday, the procedure will be done sometime in the first or second week in August, I'll update with before and after photos when the surgery date gets closer.

2 months til surgery!

It's scheduled Aug 11 with Stephen Davison. About a week before, I'll put my before photos up :)

Almost 1 month out!

I'm a combination of nervous and excited. I know it will be worth it getting it done, I've been sitting on the decision for literally YEARS now. So I'm excited to not have to literally tuck my labia in anymore (thats how long they are! Grrr). I'm going to post before photos in about 2 weeks. I already paid the $500 booking fee, I'm going to pay the rest by personal check in about a week. I made sure to have all the money before hand. I'm not a fan of financing plastic surgery, I think there's so many things that can happen financially that would make it a bad idea.
Stephen Davison

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Hey there, thought I would share this video with you as you prepare for your surgery :)

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You won't be able to drive by yourself after this procedure... been there tried it and no way I was able to. I had to call my boyfriend to pick me up... I know its very expensive but IF you consider to do it after all please don't do it by a gynaecologist... they don't do things like that very often.. You can always ask me anything you want since i am recovering right now and i can tell you lots about it.
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Will it really be that painful after? I've driven home after minor surgeries with stitches, I figured if I could handle it before, I'll be alright. But I guess its probably better to be on the safe side. I am a little annoyed it would cost so much, I don't need much "done" down there, just a trim, no lipo/clitoral hood lift or anything else. But I opened up my thoughts to going as high as 5k total cost on the condition that I can still have local anesthetics rather then to be put out or in twilight. Thank you for the support!
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It's not the pain that makes you unable to drive, but you can't stretch your legs very well and you will be sitting in a very weird position and that's why you can't drive yourself :)
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I live in NYC don't own a car, so I took a cab and even then had to have someone escort me home. 5 weeks out so glad I did it...
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Ahh okay, that makes sense, I'll have someone take me then.
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WOW! I had the opposite feeling and have been reading something very different: the laser takes more time to heal and honestly I feel that it's all about the surgeon and how you take care of yourself post op as well.. But, everything says laser I talked to Dr. Alter who specializes in wedge and also Dr. Jason there is a big difference in looks and what can be done an the risk as well.
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I had this procedure 5 days ago. The trim method including a clitoralhoodlift under local anesthesia. It is al going so well and I am so happy! The local anesthesia was no problem the assistents were very nice and talked me trough it. In my case they removed it with a laser. And I really recomand this to you. Because of the laser you will recover faster and the results are very good most of the time. My friend had the wedge method and she went trough hell. I have no problems at all just some sore feeling. I just really want to wish you good luck, and you can ask me anything even photo's. It all looks scary haha but really it's not that big of a deal after all. Good luck! (Btw i am from germany so i had my operation there. I had labiareduction and clitoralhoodlift under local anesthesia and it costs 1800 euro)
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Hi :) I am very glad that you decided to share your journey with us, you will get lots of support from others who have had this procedure. Good on you for doing your research and contacting multiple doctors. 

I wish you the best of luck on your surgery - please keep us posted. If you are comfortable it would be great if you would post before and after pictures. 
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