Didn't get much out of Ultherapy

Hi, my name is Debbie and I'm 42 years old. Since...

Hi, my name is Debbie and I'm 42 years old. Since I turned 40, I started to noticed I was getting a "jowly" appearance to my face and a bit of a "droop" look under my chin. In photos, I appear to have a "double chin" which I really don't like.
I feel I am still too young to do anything extreme, like a face lift, so I went for a bunch of consultations with plastic surgeons to find out what other options I had. A couple suggested smartlipo to the lower half of my face and a couple suggested Ultherapy.
I am choosing to go with the Ultherapy because it is less invasive and I was told there would be very little to no "downtime." (I am also getting Smartlipo which I've written a separate review)
I am hoping Ultherapy will tighten up the lower half of my face and make me look a few years younger. I understand that it will take MONTHS for me to get the "full effect" of the procedure, so I hope it's worth the wait!

Had my Ultherapy treatment done yesterday. I also...

Had my Ultherapy treatment done yesterday. I also had Smartlipo MPX on my body. The Ultherapy was a walk in the park to the lipo! Lol! The Ultherapy felt like sharp stings in a little row. It was slightly painful at times, but bearable. It hurt most along my jaw against the bone. After it was done, my Dr moved on to my lipo procedure, so it took my mind off of my face, that's for sure.
This morning, my face is slightly numb and a little bit puffy, but it doesn't hurt at all.
I'll update again with pictures in a week or 2.

Day 7

Quick update. I did wind up with some bruising around day 4-5. Mostly "yellow" bruises everywhere and one dime sized purple bruise on one spot by my chin on my jaw bone. They are slowly fading, but still visible unless I cover them up with a little makeup. I still also have some slight swelling, numbness and tenderness in the areas that were treated. No change in appearance yet.

1 week pictures

Here are some pictures after one full week. I have no make up on in them and you can see there is still some swelling and bruising. The reddish "blotchy" appearance is not from the Ultherapy. I always have that right after I shower for a few minutes.

1 month

I'm one month post procedure today. Still no change. My dr said 3-6 months is usually when they see changes and the final results at 9-12 months. So, I guess I have to continue to be patient.
I also have been doing lower facial exercises and moisturizing/massaging the area with a collagen cream twice a day. Plus I've been taking a collagen supplement.

3 months

It's been 3 months and I still see no change :( Starting to feel like this was a HUGE waste of money unfortunately.
I'm also thinking I should have gone for a chin implant instead and that would have helped me out MUCH more than this did.
I'll update again in November. That will be 6 months and hopefully by then, I'll see some difference.

9 months

It's been 9 months. I never really saw any change, but in the photos you can see a little. However, it also could just be the position I held my head for each picture. Overall, I'm going to say it wasn't worth it. Not the Dr's fault by any means, I just don't feel Ultherapy did anything for my sagging jaw line. No one ever told me I looked any better, nor do I see any results when I look at myself in the mirror.
Colts Neck Plastic Surgeon

Dr Thompson is a warm and caring Dr. He is extremely skilled and very knowledgable. He answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel very comfortable in my decisions for procedures. His staff are all wonderful, warm and friendly as well. I highly recommend them.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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I believe that a lot of these non-invasive procedures are a waste of money. Thanks for your honest review.
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Thanks v much for posting so many pictures. I think there is improvement - your skin looks firmer and jawline tighter. Not a drastic change but definitely looks 5 years younger! Thanks for sharing!
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Debbie wondering how you feel now. I saw big improvement in your before and after.
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Thanks for posting the photos. I can also see a good improvement much in line with what I'd expect from this treatment. The results are never drastic, a general all round tightening, but then it's non invasive, very low risk, so that's a huge factor.
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I can definitely see a difference but it seems clear that a chin implant would have done much more for you and your jawline. I'm surprised the doctor didn't insist on that instead. Still, it does look better.
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There is definitely a difference. Looks great
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Can definitely see a difference!
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I DO see a difference in your before and after pics. Definitely some improvement!
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Hi DebNJ! Any more progress to report?
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I think your lower face looks firmer and smoother. Thank you for the updates. Please keep us posted on your results.
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I had ultherapy 2 days ago and I am worried that my results aren't going to be as "good" because I don't have bruising and not much swelling. How many lines did your doc do? Thanks!
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I only had one tiny bruise right after the procedure. Then at around day 4, a few more showed up. I'm not sure how many lines my Dr did. I had my entire lower face done. I had it done 18 days ago and the bruises are all healed, but I still have numbness, especially along my jaw line.
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Oh I see. Wierd, my doc told me that if I were to bruise it would show up within 2 days so I was surprised that you said more showed up days later.
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Its the day before - just wanted to send you an e-hug & let you know you're being thought of. :)

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Thank you so much Megan! I'll be sure to update ASAP.
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Thank you so much for letting us know to look for your smartlipo review too. Its so helpful to know if a person has had other treatments when (down the road) looking at their before & afters, so I really appreciate you bringing that to our attention. :)  Did you consider doing just one of the treatments at a time so you could see the full results from it before opting to do the other treatment?

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I'm getting Smartlipo on my body and the Ultherapy on my face.
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Ohhhhh, thanks for clarifying! Just a couple days until your appointment. How are you feeling about it??

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NERVOUS!!! A little excited, too, but still mostly nervous! LOL!
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TOTALLY understand. Be ready for a major freakout the night before. It happens to a lot of people, and I always think its nice to have a heads up that feelings like that might be coming. :)

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