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Since I was a young teen, I had dark circles under...

Since I was a young teen, I had dark circles under my eyes. It's an inherited condition that MANY of my relatives had. For years, I just covered them up with concealer and pressed powder.
When I was in my mid 30's, the inner part of my tear troughs also developed these little dots and started getting a "chicken skin" appearance. By the time I reached 40, wrinkles also joined into the mix. When I wear makeup, it covers up the darkness and the dots, but it makes the wrinkles look worse. Overall, this under eye condition was making me look (I think) MUCH older than I am.
A few months back, I tried getting fillers to correct it, but it did almost nothing and wasn't worth the $1,200 I spent on it since it only lasted a month or 2.
My Dr recommended getting laser resurfacing, and I opted to give it a try. After numbing the area, he first did some electrocautery on all the little dots. Then they put the eye ball protectors over my eyes and did the laser under both eyes. It hurt like crazy, I'm not gonna lie! When it was done, it BURNED like the heat of 1,000 suns! They put cream on it and sent me on my way with instructions on how to clean the areas and a tube of Aquaphor to apply to them. I went home and sat with gauze pads to sop up the fluid that kept seeping out of the treated areas. I slept last night on top of 2 pillows, but still woke up very swelled up. The pain isn't half as bad today as it was yesterday. I've been cleaning the area by dabbing it with gauze pads that I soak in salted water. (I tried diluted vinegar with water, but it stung way too much!) Then I apply the Aquaphor and try to just leave it alone until I feel the seeping again. I'm only 1 day post procedure. I'll update again after 1 week with additional pictures.


Ouch, sounds very painful, you are very brave. I am glad you took the time to share your experience with us! I have a couple of those dot's under my eye...did it start out with a few and then continued to grow? Do you have to have multiple treatments?
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I don't know, but I hope not! This was pretty painful and not being able to show my face in public hasn't been easy and I'm only on day 4!
Well hang in there, remember to eat well and lots of water ok :)  Keep us posted. 

2 days post procedure pictures

Pictures from 2 days after procedure. I had to sleep sitting up. If I lay flat down they swelled shut practically.


Just be patient and drink lots of water and keep the area clean and moist. I had this procedure done on my whole face for melasma and it was painful, but worth the results. I was about 10 days before I looked normal and could wear make up. You essentially look like a burn victim, but it does get better. I slept on several pillows for a week.
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4 days post procedure

By day 4, they started looking better. Swelling reduced greatly!
I've been cleansing the areas using a mixture of distilled water, a teaspoon of white vinegar, a little sea salt and few drops of lavender oil. I soak gauze pads in the mixture and apply them to the treated area. At first it burned/stung, but I got used to it and I think it helped the healing process.
After cleansing the area, I apply A&D ointment and a little Bach Flowers Rescue Cream. I do this 4x/day.


how are you doing now?
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I have exactly the same condition under my eyes. I'm considering doing it. How are your undereyes looking now? Would you share some insights?
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How are you doing now?
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