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Tummy Tuck at Age 22 for Excess Skin After Pregnancy

Hello everyone I had my tummy 23 feb 10 because i...

hello everyone I had my tummy 23 feb 10 because i had a lot of excess skin after having my daughter in 2007. Some people suggested that I wait until I was finished having children, but I want to be able to enjoy my body now and considering I am going through a divorce I doubt that I will be having any more children anytime soon.

My major problem is the fact that I am unable to eat. after 2-3 bites I feel very full. For example I cannot eat an eggroll without pausing for 5 to 10 minutes. I get this big bubble at the top of my stomach and I have to lay down if I eat too much otherwise it is uncomfortable for me to breathe while sitting up. My doctor said this is not normal and it should go away. but he also said that it has never happened to any of his patients and he's been in the business for 16 years. So how does he know?? well I hope it goes away. It takes me 45 just to eat one meal and I have to get up and reheat my food or just eat it cold.

The other issues I have are pain and swelling in my back from being hunched over and the constant burning sensation where my drain was inserted. It is so difficult to walk back and forth to the kitchen and bathroom and up and down the stairs. I wish I had a cane or walker. This morning my foot slipped on the step and I almost fell and I just felt this sharp pain in my stomach it was so painful. I cant even cough or sneeze or laugh too hard. I never knew how much you used your abs to do things.

I got the irritating tape off today but I don't get this drain taken out until friday. :( I can't wait to stand up straight so that I am able to play with my daughter again. She requires a lot of attention and especially since me and her father split. She ran up on me to try and hug me and rammed her head into my incision and then she kicked me in my side when she got excited while laying on the couch. the pain was unbearable for the first minute or so. I tried to explain to her that i can't play with her as often but of course she doesn't understand since she is only two. I just tell her that mommy tummy hurt.

I am still very swollen but I went ahead and uploaded the pics. I don't feel like I look like as nice as other people on here but everyone is different and at least I look better than before. I will just have to work on getting my stomach flatter or wait until the swelling goes down to see the final results.

Hello everyone Tuesday will make three weeks since...

Hello everyone Tuesday will make three weeks since I had my surgery and I can say that I think things are going well for me so far. The only thing I don't like is that I feel like my breast look extra huge since my waste is smaller. I didn't realize that was going to happen even though its common sense. Hopefully after I lose a couple of pounds my breast will go down a little or I can find a minimizer bra. I really hate my large breasts. I had a breast reduction in 2006 and I don't want to nor do I have the money to have that done again and the doctor said he can do liposuction but I don't want saggy wrinkly breasts either... I guess this is an example of people never being satisfied with their body. 

but on the brighter side(enough of my nagging) I of course have an even flatter tummy since the swelling is starting to go down although I feel like I am still a little swollen.  I would say that the major things I am struggling with are the constant itch around the cut and the battle with eating right. The itch is very annoying especially since I can't scratch it. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully he can recommend something that will help. Oh I also had problems with the compression garment because it had zippers on both side which sat directly on my incisions when I sat down. Who ever designed that thing must did not have a tummy tuck!!

As far as the eating right goes I am doing good except for my carb intake. I have lessened my food intake and started eating meals off salad plates. And I watch what I eat. I've never been a candy person but pepsi was my best friend. I don't drink pop at all now. (that was a struggle) and I love love love pasta, bread, crackers everything that has carbs. Before my entire diet consisted of eating carbs i had them with every meal. I really didn't understand what was wrong with them until I started taking this nutrition health and wellness class. I've been doing my research and found ways to eat even healthier. I stopped "dieting" and started making small lifestyle changes like adding more fruits and veggies (uncooked) to my day. I started waking up a little earlier and going to sleep earlier. And of course getting my water in. Trying to drink more plain water instead of crystal light.  I started doing light workouts and everytime I think about making pasta for dinner I look at my before pictures and my bank statement (which I have a snapshot of on my desktop lol) which is missing almost six thousand dollars. I realized that is almost 9 months worth of rent that I could have paid or paid half my car off.

I would advise anyone who is going to have this procedure done to make your lifestyle changes a month or two in advance so that you room for error. I did not change until after the surgery because I thought that it would be easy to just make the changes but it is sooo hard. Especially since I moved in with my sister until I make my move to Houston next month. She buys the majority of the food to feed her family of five and I try to fit my food in the fridge but there is really no room for all of "healthy" items so I have to pick through her food to find stuff that won't do much damage. And she is another carb freak and cooks some sort of pasta and red meat almost every night. Living with someone else and trying new lifestyle changes is also not a good idea because her kids drink all of my bottled waters and the water I have filtered in the fridge. We should invest in one for the sink lol Okay enough of my babbling

One last thing... If you look at my updated pics it looks like I have love handles but they feel really hard like its my bone or something. I am going to ask my doctor about that tomorrow.

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the staff was very nice and he took the time out to answer all your questions. His wife, who is an rn that works with him, called me daily to check on my status and if I had an after hours emergency and had to talk to someone other than him, his staff would call the next morning to ensure that I was okay. They really went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and informed.

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Absolutely Fabulous, I am happy for you! I get my TT with Lipo of back and flanks with BBL in December. I am so excited.
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It sounds like you're going to be very happy with your result. We wish you the best as you continue to recover!
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I keep telling myself that after my TT on the 29th, I will literally have 10,000 dollar abs. For a military wife/nurse, that's a lot of money...I also have a cake decorating business on the side, and the thought of even a sampling of my own cakes and cookies (and the occasional Chinese binge) seems completely detrimental to the cash I am shelling out for this. There are low carb protein bars out there that *surprise* taste amazing and I have a few recipes for some awesome low sugar protein shakes that would rival any fast food milkshake you could want. Also the low sugar/fat content contributes less to swelling, and that "heavy knot" in your tummy feeling. The decision to spend the money on this has really made me think differently about a lot of junk-"just a taste" seems to be the kiss of death...Think about it...alcoholics that have "just a taste" of alcohol are considered to fall off the wagon. Its a hard battle, but we dont need junk. Good luck to ya! :)
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Thanks for the great advice I really appreciate all of the support women like you give. I struggle a little with my chinese food cravings but I just go back and look at my before pictures. lol
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Having progress pictures works, too. just look at day one and where you are now and that is good incentive. Thats what I do, lol!
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You look great! Just eat healthy. Egg Roll ;-) - not a good idea. I had a mommy makeover on Feb 24. No pain and I have the drains too. I ate oatmeal, crackers, prune juice, yogart etc. Don't try to return to your normal eating habits so quickly. Take it slow. Good luck with your recovery!!
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thanks for the advice I really did head back down that path without thinking. I was instructed not to eat anything after breakfast the day prior and I was starving so the first thing I ran for the morning after surgery was chinese... I am starting to make wiser food choices don't want to have to do this all over again.
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:) I like that the first thing you were craving was Chinese food! But yeah, don't forget to eat healthy now, you paid good money to have a hot new belly! ;) I did almost the same thing, I crave a Chocolate Chip Scone, and my mom went and bought me 3! lol...
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Hang in there. I had my tummy tuck on Feb 11th and didn't feel good until they removed the drain (Feb. 23). I felt a similar pain when eating, I think that has alot to do with the swelling and it gets better with time. Continue to take it easy and you will feel better soon.
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Thank you so much for your post I was feeling a little alone with the eating thing. My friends said it may be a blessing in disquise so that I don't end up needing another tummy tuck but I just want to make sure that nothing is wrong with me.
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Congrads to you and hoping you great that great result. From MIAMI
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Thank you so much for your support!! :)
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I commend you for taking the Tummy Tuck challenge with your daughter there! I have a 5 yr old that I probably could have kept with me, but I figured the more time I have to myself, the faster the recovery. You and I had similar looking tummies prior, I am happy with results, how do you feel about yours? You look great!
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Thanks!! At first I was a little unsatisfied with the results but I know that I am still swollen... so I am just going to wait until the swelling goes down. But at least the skin is gone!! I can hit up the gym in five more weeks to get flatter but there was nothing I could do about the skin.
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