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Hi, I'm new to real self but I have always been...

Hi, I'm new to real self but I have always been really insecure about my nose. I'm getting ready to turn 21 and decided I am finally gonna go for it! I am using Dr. Foti out of Colorado Springs, CO, I really liked him and his staff. My surgery is a little less than a month away. I am so excited and would like some friends to share my experience with.

Nose front

This is a side view that I fixed with a plastic surgery app


27 days! Getting close!!

It is so weird to think that I am getting so close. It seemed like this would never happen but I'm getting there!

Side view

23 days!!!

Getting more excited everyday!!!

I hate this pic of my nose.

So excited to feel more confident!


My nose


Than 3 weeks!!
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

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Sorry for taking a while to respond guys! Still getting use to real self.
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hey, i live in co too and am looking for a rhinoplasty doctor. what made you chose this doc?
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Um I just felt really comfortable with dr Foti.
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Ahh! Loved reading this! I too, am treating myself to a rhinoplasty for my 21st! People always tell me "oh your nose is fine" Grrr-so irritating. Best of luck! Laken
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Oh that's so cool!! When are you getting yours?
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Hey I just booked my surgery for October. Im so excited and so ready to get it done. Good luck to you...i wish i had gotten mine at 21!
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Yay!! That's so exciting!(; I figured the sooner I get this done, the longer I will have a beautiful nose in life lol
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I'm glad you found us and started your story on RealSelf! I think your nose looks really nice now, but I can understand what it feels like to be unhappy with one's nose. I've been there, too.

What plastic surgery app did you use to alter your nose?

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Aesthetica is what the app is called(; thank you. Everyone always says that my nose isn't that bad but I have a large bump that I hate. I think at the end if the day, you have to love yourself ya know! I am really happy that I found real self too, it has been very helpful!(;
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