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Hi, I'm new to real self but I have always been...

Hi, I'm new to real self but I have always been really insecure about my nose. I'm getting ready to turn 21 and decided I am finally gonna go for it! I am using Dr. Foti out of Colorado Springs, CO, I really liked him and his staff. My surgery is a little less than a month away. I am so excited and would like some friends to share my experience with.

Nose front

This is a side view that I fixed with a plastic surgery app

Hey I just booked my surgery for October. Im so excited and so ready to get it done. Good luck to you...i wish i had gotten mine at 21!
Yay!! That's so exciting!(; I figured the sooner I get this done, the longer I will have a beautiful nose in life lol

I'm glad you found us and started your story on RealSelf! I think your nose looks really nice now, but I can understand what it feels like to be unhappy with one's nose. I've been there, too.

What plastic surgery app did you use to alter your nose?



27 days! Getting close!!

It is so weird to think that I am getting so close. It seemed like this would never happen but I'm getting there!
hey, i live in co too and am looking for a rhinoplasty doctor. what made you chose this doc?
Ahh! Loved reading this! I too, am treating myself to a rhinoplasty for my 21st! People always tell me "oh your nose is fine" Grrr-so irritating. Best of luck! Laken

Side view

Sorry for taking a while to respond guys! Still getting use to real self.
Um I just felt really comfortable with dr Foti.
Oh that's so cool!! When are you getting yours?

23 days!!!

Getting more excited everyday!!!

I hate this pic of my nose.

So excited to feel more confident!


My nose


Than 3 weeks!!
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