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When I was 20 I found out that my husband and I...

When I was 20 I found out that my husband and I were pregnant with our son. I weighed between 105 and 110 around that time standing at 5'2", and just a tiny little thing. When my husband deployed to Iraq I was 5 months along and seriously upset and found comfort in crates of Oreos and loaded baked potatoes. My weight ballooned to around 155 to 160lbs. April 19th 2006 I gave birth to an 8lb bouncing baby boy... I was hoping he would be 50lbs. Needless to say with the abundance of stretchmarks there was no more elasticity in my skin to "bounce back". I am now 27 years old and tired of wearing "mom jeans" and spanks. I am still young and want to enjoy taking my son swimming instead of thinking of it as a death sentence. I am getting my surgery in 4 days and have been so obsessed with before and after pictures and researching my doc, that I have thrown my self in to a bit of a panic attack.

Well I'm going to my pre op appt today! I'll let...

Well I'm going to my pre op appt today! I'll let you know how things went.

I am excited to hear how your pre op went today??  Only a couple more days and you will be home recovering and loving the new tummy.

You will do great and we will be here to see you through this.



Good luck BobbiDoll!  I am looking forward to hearing your update.



My pre op went well, my doc includes lipo for the...

My pre op went well, my doc includes lipo for the best results for free! Lucky me I am getting lipo on my flanks as well as the tt with muscle repair. My ps gave me all if my instructions an my prescriptions. My surgery is tomorrow in at 8 am. It came so fast and I am so anxious, nervous, happy and scared. I'm still trying to figure out how to put up pics, but they will be up soon! Wish me luck!

Well I just got home from surgery. I must say my...

Well I just got home from surgery. I must say my docs was amazing to me and made me feel very at ease. I'm pretty uncomfortable and took my first Percocet. My upper are is actually more sore than my lower, I wasn't expecting that. The worse part I think is the face that it's hard to take deep breaths. When I took a loot at my new tummy I was placEd very low so easy to be covered. I feel like my ps really listened to me. I can wait until everything an come off and I can see my bare tumme! It so flat!!

Thank you for he update.  I am so happy to hear you are home and resting.  The breathing is rough the first 3-4 days but you will notice an improvement each day.  Really try to relax and take slow deep breaths.  As deep as you can anyway.  

Keep on top of the pain meds every 4-6 hours (as prescribed).  Even if you don't feel like you are ready for the next pill please take it on schedule.  Staying ahead of the pain is the key.   Do that for the first 3-4 days.  Also don't forget to take the Milk of Magnesia.  You do not want to get constipated from the meds.

Keep us up to date on how you are doing each day.

Thanks Kimmers, I did get the Milk of mag but am waiting until tomorrow morning to start taking it. I am pretty uncomfortable in the fact that I feel like I can't breath all the way, I'm sure you are right and it will gett better. I am still trying to figure out how to put up my pics.

Oh your tummy is so nice and flat!!!   Love it:)   The first 3-4 days are the worst but I promise it will get better.   My doctor is not a garment man either and I was so glad!   It was one less crutch for me to not have to break.  

I hope you were able to get some rest last night.   


Well I am at day 2 post op. I was in an out of...

Well I am at day 2 post op. I was in an out of sleep last night. The worst part is not the pain, I can handle the pain, the worse is how tight my muscles are, making it difficult to take good deep breaths. I can honestly say it is a pinch easier today than it was yesterday. Was pleased when both my PS and Anastesiologist (spelling?) called to check on me last night. I appreciate the extra steps my doc takes to make sure his patients are doing well. I didn't get sick at all, thank god! I told my anastesia doc that last time i had surgery I did get sick and he took the steps to make sure I wouldn't be sick. I am loving the way my stomach looks and my husband is being pretty amazing at taking care of me! I can't wait until I can go clothes shopping!!
I did not get a vertical scar I guess that's where my tummy is swollen
Its like a little crease I hope it goes away with the swelling
hey you look great! by looking at your pictures seems like, did you get a vertical scar?

Well today is day 3, I am being a little more...

Well today is day 3, I am being a little more paranoid about where my scar is and swelling, my belly button, blah, blah, blah. My husband says I need to stop over analyzing things this early after my surgery. My body hasn't had a chance to settle yet. He is right, I just am trying to focus on breathing(it's still pretty hard). I am very excited I got to shower today and put on my compression garment for the first time.

You do look great!   Your healing will take some time so don't make decisions on anything just yet:)

I usually do shave down there I think my scar has raised since the first day. Thank you do much for the kind words. It is so nice knowing that I'm not in this alone.
BobbiDoll I feel exactly the same way. I was obsessing over the location of my scar today. I think it's too high.. but can't really tell. I wonder what determines how low a scar can go? Then I started noticing a lot of women on the forum shaved their pubic area whereas I had not. I thought perhaps he didn't go low because I hadn't shaved? I know it's stupid. The things we go through. :-(

Tomorrow will officially be one week post op! I...

Tomorrow will officially be one week post op! I still have my drains in and have swelling but each day really has gotten a little better. I didn't have my first bowel movement until day 5 from the drugs I had been given. It was probably the hardest thing I have had to do since the surgery. I am so glad that's over with. Sleeping is a little but easier, but I feel that my sleeping is off. For some reason at two in the morning I want to put on a movie. Lol. I still hate how hard it is to breath, but it has gotten easier. I truely think the tightness from my muscles in my back has affected my breathing, so I try to get a massage when I can.
You look great! :)
You look fantastic. Soak it up! Let your body heal at its own pace. I hope that I will be able to take my own advice come May 3rd :-). Happy Healing and keep us posted on your progress.

Went to another post op appt today and my doc said...

Went to another post op appt today and my doc said I was good to get those drains removed. I was sooooo happy!! When ever I went out in public with those things I would always try to hide them and called them my "testicles". That got a pretty good laugh at the doctor's office. Everything is coming along nicely, although I do feel as if my scar has raised... it probably has, that comes with the territory I suppose. I am just going to keep massaging my stomach and hope that helps :)
Hey Bobbi, congrats to u and looking good girl!
Aww Kay! It will come before you know it! It was pretty gnarly feeling, but over with so quickly. The gross thing was where the holes were from the drains squirted a little when I put on my compression garment.
Good for you on getting the drains out. I, unfortunately, have to wait until Monday. This is pure torture :-(

Wow it has BEEN A WHILE!!

It has been over a year since I have had my surgery. I keep gaining weight.. ugh! I have a little shelf over my scar. My scar acts kind of as a belt that squeezes around the front and I have a little top hang... that is mostly because I have gained almost 20 lbs since my surgery. I had a mishap with a seroma building up fluid, about 2 to 3 months in and my primary care doc ( not the surgeon) kept procrastinating on getting help for this issue. It was red and swollen then the skin outside started to die where the seroma was. I had to have surgery and now have a 3 inch scar across my stomach above my tt scar. It was really disappointing. I guess it just happens to some people. I got a tattoo over my scar since it had been over a year and the scar was healed of a peacock. I love it but it was PAINFUL even though I still have a little bit of numbing. All in all I am happy, just need to loose some of these lbs : /
that tattoo is georgeous
Love it! Good luck on the weight!
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