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TITAN Can Damage the Skin - Colorado Springs, CO

I had a TITAN procedure about six weeks ago in an...

I had a TITAN procedure about six weeks ago in an attempt to rejuvenate my aging skin. I wanted a more natural approach to "lifting" and what could be better than to stimulate your own collagen to tighten lax skin?

Well, don't believe the hype. The day after the procedure, I noticed ridges across my forehead that were not there before the procedure. I told the practitioner about it over the phone but she did not seem very concerned. I decided that it might just be swelling and to take a wait-and-see approach. Since the ridges have not gone away since the procedure over six weeks ago, I can only assume that the TITAN laser did irreparable damage to the skin on my forehead. I have not noticed any improvement of any kind to the other parts of my face or neck.

I am canceling the remaining TITAN appointments (I purchased a package of three procedures) and will be seeing a dermatologist to see if I can do something to repair the damage.

I certainly WOULD NOT recommend this procedure.

I had a Titan laser procedure performed on my face...

I had a Titan laser procedure performed on my face and neck seven weeks ago. I was hoping to have some lifting around the corners of my mouth and under my chin.

The day after the procedure, I noticed ridges across my forehead that were not there before the procedure. I assumed that this was swelling and would go away. It has not and now I am left with this damage to my forehead.

I can only hope that a dermatologist can help put my skin back to its original condition.

Buyer beware!

Wow I have never seen any thing like this with Titan and I have done this procedure on people and had it done to myself over the last 6 years.

I know pictures can be a bit deceiving at times - in the first picture you seem to be looking forward just smiling. The second picture looks as if you are raising your eyebrows, which most people will get those furrows with expression, unless of course they have botox.

Titan is a great procedure when done correctly. It takes about 1 1/2 hour for full face because you have to do about 300-350 pulses (for a full size Titan head - there are different sizes)at least to get a great treatment, but it totally depends on the person...how big their face is, where the concerns mainly lie, because you can do more pulses in this area. Also it depends on if they overlap the pulses as well. This gives better results.

The company should be give you information. When you have an issue they should report the issue to the laser company (in this Cutera) who has a adverse reaction department that can help them when they have problems. If they are not willing to do this then I suggest you speak directly to the doctor to see what can be done further.

I hope you get this resolved quickly.
Do those ridges stay like that even when you look straight ahead or down?? If that's what you think the Titan procedure caused, you should do more than cancel your appt, you should contact your local Board of Medical Examiners. This practioner clearly didn't know what they were doing. Wow. Sorry for your situation...Good luck getting a fair resolution.

Hi Colorado,

Oh my, I'm so sorry that has happened to you. Have you seen anyone else to see if they can fix your forehead? Please keep us updated. Thank you for your review.



It has now been about nine months since I had this...

It has now been about nine months since I had this TITAN procedure. The ridges across my forehead have healed slightly but not completely (and no, I am not looking up in the "after" photo).

I wrote a complaint letter earlier this year to the "medical spa" that performed the procedure and received a partial refund of my money. Because I had signed a "release from liability" form before the procedure, I felt that I did not have any legal options.

I also have not received any acceptable recommendations for repairing the damage. Having fillers injected into the ridges is not a solution that I will be pursuing.

Therefore, I will continue to use Retinol and Vitamin C cream on my face, eat a good healthy diet (recommended by my dermatologist) and use sunscreen (also recommended by my dermatologist).

I WOULD NOT recommend this procedure to anyone. Those who do recommend it are welcome to their opinions. If you are considering it, do your homework and make sure that you have some recourse if it does not work out.

Good luck. I wish all of you beautiful skin!

I don't quite understand. It looks as if you're wrinkling your forehead. Do you mean the little surface lines when you do that?
You should see the results of Titan immediately. Ask your aesthetician to do one side of your face and then show you the results in a mirror. That's what mine does. I see subtle but visible results...more cheekbone, more definition on the treated side of my face.
Well when you get the titan they tell you you will see résult in 30days.... 45 days later no résult... i think it is not worthed the money. eating tomatoes does a better job.
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The practitioners are personable but the procedures can be damaging. Let the buyer beware.Updated on 28 Dec 2010:Skin damage is not an acceptable outcome for any laser treatments.

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