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At 6 days post-surgery I can already tell the fat...

At 6 days post-surgery I can already tell the fat pad is gone and I will be happy with the results in a couple months. The surgery was fast and painfree even with twilight sedation. There is minimal bruising, the swelling is starting to go down as of today (though my face still looks like a chipmunk), and the pain when re-wrapping the area is not as excruciating as it was the first day.

As I have slightly laxer neck/facial skin than is best for this procedure, I've been wearing the compression strap 24/7 as directed. That has been the hardest part! The constant pressure pinning my ears against my head is torture, it's very difficult to swallow and of course, you can't sleep in any position but propped up on your back. I've needed to take the pain med not for pain but just to be able to sleep at night with all the discomfort. It's been like wearing an over-tight hot annoying football helmet constantly for a week. It's impossible to talk on the phone with it and interferes with my concentration for getting work done. Also I have opted to not leave the house while wearing the dressing, so I'm going stir crazy too. Plan accordingly when you decide to have this procedure. Make sure you have someone to bring groceries and take out the trash for the whole first week.


I'm in Colorado Springs. My doc is Thomas Dalsaso Jr. He's wonderful. He and his Dad have done facial reconstruction surgeries for year to the benefit of many. The son also does a lot of cosmetic procedures and is everything you want in a surgeon: great eye, great skill, driven to do his best always, and also a really nice person. There are great facial plastic surgeons everywhere, so just do your research well and you'll find one!
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what is your doctors name and where is he located?
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My doctor showed me how to massage the under chin and neck area to minimize adhesions and lumps. I was really shocked by how hard he stretched and rolled the tissue between his fingers! I started doing the same at a couple weeks post-surgery and I now have no lumps at all. I had felt one right below the incision at first.

I will say that one platysmal band is tighter than it was pre-surgery but I continue to work on that and I have no doubt that it will resolve completely in the coming months. See what your doc says about when you should begin the massaging and then don't be afraid to smooth those tissues. But also be patient. Soft tissue is really malleable with daily massage over the months.
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