Considering a BA... Hesitant - Colorado Springs, CO

Hello. I am considering a breast aug. I recently...

Hello. I am considering a breast aug. I recently lost 'that last 10 libs' and am very happy with my body (5'10 and 130), but have had trouble watching my small c's become practically nothing. With a bra with some padding it's okay, but there have been a few times I've caught my reflection in the gym, and I feel shapeless up top, which I've never felt before.

I would never have considered surgery until feeling this way, and have been met with a lot of resistance from my mother who has always been against plastic surgery and always made that known to me growing up. I guess I'm just looking for some insight into other people's decision making processes. What freaks me out the most is the fact that this is real surgery, which is not to be taken lightly. It seems like so many people on these boards have been planning on doing it for years and it was just a matter of when. Would be great to hear from people who were hesitant and had concerns, and how they got to the point of making the change. Thanks in advance!

Still doing research... considering starting to schedule consultations

I still feel unsure about my feelings regarding the surgery. I know that I need to do more research, but I think the next step might be meeting with a surgeon to understand more fully exactly what I'm thinking about doing.

I've also seen a lot people mention that they were sure they wanted to do it after they saw a friend's positive experience. I don't have any friends who have had this procedure, but I do feel that would be very helpful. Also kind of scares me that I would be the only person not only in my family but among my friends and acquaintances. Will I be known as the vain one?


Tonight I told one of my friends about my interest in a BA, and to my surprise she way very excited! I didn't expect her to be judgy or anything, but she was totally and completely excited about it. She has naturally big boobs and I guess wants to share the love with me!

It felt good to share my thoughts with someone, and I think I'm really leaning toward doing it.

Consultation scheduled

I have a consultation next week with Dr Squires who seems to be the most talked about Denver surgeon on this site. I am very excited, but still nervous. I started filling out the paperwork today and have been compiling a list of questions. I still don't know exactly what to expect, but I'm hoping speaking to a doctor will help me decide which way I'm leaning.

I also told two more friends: my best guy friend who grew up with very similar values as me (and a judgemental mother) and he was very encouraging, and then I told another girl friend who was also excited I was considering it.

Decision Made!

After a few months of thinking and really struggling to make the decision, I made up my mind and scheduled my surgery! I actually scheduled a few weeks ago, just haven't had time to update. I was so unsure before, but when I make decisions it's usually hard for me to initially decide, and then I'm sure from there. Haven't had one second thought yet, which is great.

My date is Monday, November 24. I wanted the Wednesday prior, but the doctor was booked. Will not be fun to be out of it on Thanksgiving, but I only have to take 2 days off work which is nice, and will have a full week to recover before going back. I am so excited!

Next consideration: sizing

Still stuck on sizing

My surgery is in less than two weeks and I absolutely can't wait! Only thing I'm worried about is sizing. I'm not so worried about being too big when I'm naked or in a swimsuit, but I'm worried I'll look a bit top heavy in regular clothes. I'm currently thinking 475 mod profiles.

I tried on 425s, 450s and 475s a few months ago, and I liked the 475s in everything but the top below. I thought I looked a little too top heavy. But in more fitted tops I was very pleased.

Any girls with similar body types (5'10, 130) have any thoughts? Or doctors?

Surgery completed!

I'm now 5 days post surgery and am feeling great! Everything went so smoothly and I haven't felt sick or any pain-killer induced regret. I've done a good job of staying on top of my meds and have only experienced tightness, no incisional pain at all. They look a little freaky, as I expected, because they are up so high and need to drop. I've been doing the massages and am staying patient in anticipation of the dropping. Can't wait to see how they look in a few weeks!
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