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Hello. I am considering a breast aug. I recently...

Hello. I am considering a breast aug. I recently lost 'that last 10 libs' and am very happy with my body (5'10 and 130), but have had trouble watching my small c's become practically nothing. With a bra with some padding it's okay, but there have been a few times I've caught my reflection in the gym, and I feel shapeless up top, which I've never felt before.

I would never have considered surgery until feeling this way, and have been met with a lot of resistance from my mother who has always been against plastic surgery and always made that known to me growing up. I guess I'm just looking for some insight into other people's decision making processes. What freaks me out the most is the fact that this is real surgery, which is not to be taken lightly. It seems like so many people on these boards have been planning on doing it for years and it was just a matter of when. Would be great to hear from people who were hesitant and had concerns, and how they got to the point of making the change. Thanks in advance!
Hi! I really hear you. I have always been on the luscious curvy side and liked it. But last year, due to some health issues with my neck and back i was immobilized for a while and gained a bunch of weight. I have since lost it and damn, if my boobs didn't go first! I also have family who have harsh judgement for the so called superficiality of BA. My husband is excited about the idea, but also fine if i don't want to do it ultimately. I have had to do some real soul searching to figure out how i feel about it. I feel a bit guilty for wanting my breasts to be more "perfect" since there is no real issue with them other than getting older and breastfeeding. I worry it is another version of the body image issues i struggled with as a younger woman. Unlike Botox, or fillers (both of which I am doing and am very happy with), this is not only MAJOR but it is also something that will require surgical update in the future!It won't wear off and i can't change my mind if i don't like it. I worry that this is the opposite of aging gracefully. On the other hand my body and sexual confidence are important to me, and feeling sexy is important for my marriage. I think a BA will give me a confidence boost the way fillers in my chin have. Is it a slippery slope? Perhaps. I have decided i am at peace with intervening here and there as long as it does indeed boost my confidence. I am trying to be mindful of signs that it is becoming an unhealthy dynamic in my life. I go back and forth between desperately wanting to do it, and feeling a bit sheepish for wanting to do it. I am really looking forward to my first consult with a PS on June 3 to understand what my personal options are and to narrow down the possibilities to some concrete specifics. Does this help you feel less alone? I am so glad you spoke up. Thanks! And congrats for going in shape! That is awesome!
Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone with the indecisiveness. It is scary that it is so permanent, and I'm very worried about the whole slippery slope thing. I come from a family where all of the women aged gracefully, but I know that I will want to look my best, even if that means some help (fillers, etc.). I hope that I will have a moment where I will know whether it's right to do it, otherwise, I worry I'll be that person cancels last minute due to cold feet. I really appreciate hearing your story. Please let me know how your consult goes!
Congratulations on your weight loss; you should be very proud of this accomplishment. Of course, it is frustrating that you have lost breast volume as well. The best way to alleviate your anxiety when it comes to proceeding with elective breast surgery is to do your due diligence carefully when it comes to selection of plastic surgeon. Make sure that he/she is certified by the American Board of plastic surgery and has significant and demonstrable experience ( as well as safety record) achieving the types of results you will be pleased with. Once you make this choice, everything else including selection of anesthesiologists on surgery facility follow. Then, it will be important for you to communicate your goals carefully as well. In my practice, I find the use of goal pictures and computer imaging very helpful during the communication process. Best wishes for a successful search and surgical procedure that you will be very pleased with.

Still doing research... considering starting to schedule consultations

I still feel unsure about my feelings regarding the surgery. I know that I need to do more research, but I think the next step might be meeting with a surgeon to understand more fully exactly what I'm thinking about doing.

I've also seen a lot people mention that they were sure they wanted to do it after they saw a friend's positive experience. I don't have any friends who have had this procedure, but I do feel that would be very helpful. Also kind of scares me that I would be the only person not only in my family but among my friends and acquaintances. Will I be known as the vain one?


Tonight I told one of my friends about my interest in a BA, and to my surprise she way very excited! I didn't expect her to be judgy or anything, but she was totally and completely excited about it. She has naturally big boobs and I guess wants to share the love with me!

It felt good to share my thoughts with someone, and I think I'm really leaning toward doing it.
I have been surprised that the couple of people I have told have been cool about it too. Maybe it's me who has felt judgemental about others? I have to say, after being on this site, I have released my judgement of others. I think that ageing gracefully is all about confidence and style, and having implants doesn't compromise either of those things. So.... big news... I scheduled for October 9--the day before my birthday! AHHHHH!
So my mom has had a lift and BA, after four kids she said enough! That was years ago, and other than that I am the only one in my family and of friends. I didn't want them at first because I liked how lean I looked flat chested. But then when I was naked, different story! Also, low v-cut shirts looked so amazing with a little fluffy cleavage showing, nothing trashy, but just a little on the top. Not trying to sway you, but I am so happy I did it thus far, and being as tall as you are, I wouldn't go too small either! I'm just under 5'10" and was SO SO SO worried that 450cc would be obscene, but I can tell peeking around sides of bandage they will just drop from here and look natural for my frame. Plus you sound very slim, would be a great compliment to what is already a very lean body!

Consultation scheduled

I have a consultation next week with Dr Squires who seems to be the most talked about Denver surgeon on this site. I am very excited, but still nervous. I started filling out the paperwork today and have been compiling a list of questions. I still don't know exactly what to expect, but I'm hoping speaking to a doctor will help me decide which way I'm leaning.

I also told two more friends: my best guy friend who grew up with very similar values as me (and a judgemental mother) and he was very encouraging, and then I told another girl friend who was also excited I was considering it.
Keep us updated
Good luck with your consultation! I went to Dr. Squire. He is the best. I definitely got my wish boobs!
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