Primary Surgery 3/2013 Revision 4/2014

I wanted this surgery for a long time, and once I...

I wanted this surgery for a long time, and once I discovered it, I was enthused. I found a surgeon was comfortable with, and could afford.
I had the surgery friday, and expected to be back to moderate activity by Monday. My regret is not having allowed enough time afterwards to recover.

I did go through a complication on about the 3rd and 4th days- extreme, abnormal swelling to where I couldn't walk. The surgeon said he had never seen that much before. Also clots that were coming out of the stitches
If you're going to do it I would advise to take at least two weeks off from work so youre not left in a frusterating boat like I am right now trying to recover and feeling behind.

I'm probably the only freak out there that took pictures immediately following the surgery, but wish I would have seen some like these prior to mine so I would have known it really is very serious. Seeing these photos wouldn't have stopped me, nothing could have, all the complications you read about- you never think it will be you.

I just hope my photos are informative, take enough time off from your daily life, and make sure you have someone caring that won't get tired of waiting on your every need.

Unfortunately my only before photo got deleted, If i would have known prior to surgery i would have taken another one but I had minimal excess inner labia, wih a bit of a larger hood.

I was trying to get the barbie doll look, aren't we all? So I'll keep posting rpics, and I hope everything looks normal down the road..

Now Wed night (had surgery Fri) and the swelling...

Now Wed night (had surgery Fri) and the swelling is starting to go down.
All of the stories i have read say "it was really swollen afterwards, but definitely smaller than prior to surgery." NOT me!

I'm really not freaked out, still have hope.
Today when I got out of bed I was walking a bit more normal, and can put my legs a little closer together.

It is nice to have an ice pack in there when I walk around.. adds some compression so it's not so bad.

Took my first visit into society today, took my son to a 45 min class and was very uncomfortable, but not unbearable..just the right amt. of time.
Also went out to dinner with an ice pack tucked in there..leggings and a dress, and sat relaxed back with my feet up on the booth across from me. Will take more pix today, but not much change..a little less bruising and a tiny bit smaller

I have another post op tomorrow but things today...

I have another post op tomorrow but things today are basically the same as yesterday.
Does anyone know how long I can expect before my thing is looking normal again?
Also, the stitches running across the labia are really bothersome, took advil but still can't sit normal or walk that great, which sucks bc myck is back is really hurting from sitting around in weird positions so much!!

Had to call the office to say I didn't feel the need to come yesterday, that I would rather come Friday, then had to call again just now to ask for an earlier apt. I feel like I've bothered them way too much.. especially after being late for my operation. They must think i'm so flaky, I'm just ready for this to all be over.. Had to miss scool again today and I am really behind, but trying to study hurts my back bc I can't sit at the desk!!!

I hope you feel better and the swelling goes down.  Keep us posted!


So on Thursday, almost a week post surgery, I...

So on Thursday, almost a week post surgery, I discovered that the stitches inside my labia minora had split open. There was a gaping hole. I had an apt. the next morning, but was also supposed to go to work..didn't end up happening btw.
Cried myself to sleep, was so disgusted with the situation.
Next morning, knowing the stitches may not stay in this time either bc the skin is so beat up, got more shots, more stitches (not on any pain killers this time and the shots hurt worse bc i was so tender from before)
The doc said i didn't NEED the stitches bc my body is capable of healing it f rom the inside out, but that it would prob be more comfortable.
MOST pain ever after this little experience, was forced to take a vicodin and was still in pain.

Now, Sunday, i see that the stitches have come out again. Guess i will just have to let it heal, and hope the swelling goes down soon..It's like the size it was before the surgery now! haha

The inside of my labia where the stitches had to...

The inside of my labia where the stitches had to be put for a second time have come out leaving a hole inside my labia minora. Will this heal okay?
I just got mine done on the 22nd of March. Wish I would of taken pictures like you did. Mine looks a little weird to right now. I have read a lot of forums and they said it can take up to 6 months for it to look right! I don't know if that is true or not but it gives us a little hope. I am just so anxious what the end results are gonna be. I also wanna say thank you for posting. This is gonna be really good for the women out there who have or want to get it done. Thanks again for sharing. :)
Thanks for the sweet reply. So you are only a couple of days post-op. How are you feeling? Are you able to walk around or just rest? I told my bf I don't care what the end result is anymore I just want to heal! ha I always thought that if the surgeon didn't cut enough off to my liking that i would just have a revision, but I can't possibly see myself going back to do this all over again!
I feel great. Feels a little irritated but nothing I can handle. I feel as if I am healing quite fast. The appearance of it isn't exactly what I'd for. Not to get to graphic on you, but I feel as if my actually clit is a lot bigger then it use to be. I am sure it's from swelling. But I am worried that after removing the inner labia it cause my clit to protrude out more. I am praying that didn't happen. I also didn't have hardly any brusing. Just kinda itchy now. I am hoping I don't have to get a revision either!

If your stitches fall out will you truly heal on...

If your stitches fall out will you truly heal on your own "from the inside out"?
There is a gaping hole inside my labia and i need to know if this is a cause for concern?? I am going in to get a second opinion from my reg. obgyn on Thurs, then back to the surgeons office on Friday.. But i need peace of mind before then!
I got cut as well. I am not sure if that's called the "wedge" or not. I think I may have been built a lot like you down there. I am not exactly sure where my scars are. I do have a slight bleeding incision right under my clit. But that about all I know. I only look at it once in a while because I made the mistake of watching a video on how it's done on YouTube. Although mines not painful it still made me cring in pain. Lol!.. I thought that a labiaplasty would pull the clit down a bit to make it less noticeable. Is that what the wedge does?
not the videos on youtube!! those are horrible..watching the surgeon inject the anesthetic and seeing the labia balloon up as he pushes in the shot.. oh god! i posted a pic and drew on where i got cut and where my stitches are, but it uploaded kind of small, so it is hard to see.

Went back to pretty normal activity today. Took...

Went back to pretty normal activity today. Took my son to the same class that i took him to last week and compared to last was much better!! I sat (on the side lines) through the 45 min class in pain last week, and this week was able to do it with him with minimal discomfort.
Also drove myself to school to take a mid term which the teacher so kindly left for me to do over spring break due to the un-expected long heal time from this surgery. Went out to eat with the family, but once I got home went to put neosporin in my incision sites, and am just so grossed out when I see the inside of my labia. The swelling has gone down, for the most part, but hopefully goes down more since it is still bigger than I want. Trying to decide whether or not i should take the time to drive half an hour to the obgyn tomo morning to get a 2nd opinion, but i really think i am going to. Since last thursday, when i discovered that the stitches had come out, I really don't think i have healed on the left side AT ALL. Though I had the stitches put in, and they came out, maybe it would have been better to just leave it since here i am in the same boat again. Will try to get a picture of the open wound, but the only way to even see it is by taking a q tip and opening the not sure if i will be able to get a good shot. Maybe I should just do myself a favor and avoid looking anymore! I have been getting extra tired and it's only five thirty and I am exhausted. Lastly: This is the longest I have gone without having sex in years.. stay away from reading erotica during your recovery... :D
I had a wedge too but my scars are not where you drew them. I don't think all surgeons do them the same way.
@Jennygirl: I am not sure. I thought I had done tons of research before getting this done. Turns out, I may only have know 10% when I thought I knew at least 50%. You could try looking on google for labiaplasty diagrams.
Did you have stitches going up in between your labia minora? It's freakin me out, do you think i will be able to heal without stitches?

Went to the obgyn today to get another opinion and...

Went to the obgyn today to get another opinion and for peace of mind. She told me that she would not reccomend getting more stitches, that the mucosa will heal on its own eventually, and that I should see improvement in the next week. Am very sore from going to the store and pushing a cart around. Still going to the surgeon tomo for a follow up.
You probably need the stitches to heal. My stitches are parallel right down both labia minoras... I'm concerned that I may have lost sensitivity down-there. My bf and I fooled around (not going anywhere near my area) and nothing happen down there. No turn-on sensation at all. Perhaps I'm over thinking things and I'm not able to get aroused because there ARE stitches down-there. Has this happen to you?
I think it's all healing process. We're both probably over thinking things. When do you see your doc for your next check up? Mines the 4th
I went to my regular obgyn today, and even though my stitches came out leaving an open wound on one side she said it will be okay.(i have a post op with the surgeon tomo but wanted to get a second opinion) I asked if i should continue to rest a lot and she said i should be fine to go to work and not to stay in bed. But today I went shopping for a few things and by the end of the trip i was so sore. (now on the couch for the rest of the day) I am NOT ready to go back to work, and I'm not going back until I'm perfectly healed. ( i told my boss i need the next month off!) Honestly, I haven't gone this long without having sex in soo long, years, and I've really been wanting to. I sure hope my sensation hasn't been lost, or my boyfriend will replace me with porn..oh wait, maybe he already has.. haha. no way should we be expected to have sensation at this point, we're all beat up down there :(

So two weeks post op and I'm still not sure if I'm...

So two weeks post op and I'm still not sure if I'm happy with my decision. I still can't see a final result, but I thought I would update with a couple of photos. Still have swelling to go down, and cuts to heal, but when I look at the photos from the day after my surgery there is a lot of improvement.
Hi There, I too had labia minora stitches come out within a week of my wedge-type surgery (kind of deep inside near the vaginal opening). My surgeon did not restitch and said that area would heal on its own. He was right. Since you are only about 2 weeks out, I would really try to stop looking at it, as the area will be healing and morphing for many weeks. I am about 2.5 - 3 months out (majora, minora, & clitoral hood reductions) & still have a little clitoral area tenderness once in a while, but all else is pretty much healed. Everyone is different, but healing takes time. I know it's hard not to freak out! Hang in there!
Thank you so much, it is nice to hear that someone else went through the same thing! I am convinced now that it will heal, but that it will just take longer than I had originally expected. I expected my surgeon to stay calm about things since it was his reputation, but after checking with my obgyn and confirming that it is okay I felt much better! There's still a lot of swelling to go down too..Did you take baths when this was open at all? my surgeon has advised not to but it seems like every other surgeon says you should.

It has been almost three weeks since surgery. I...

It has been almost three weeks since surgery. I returned back to school yesterday, and am just trying to get caught up with life now! I still have the "hole" where the stitches came out on the left side, and though it's not healed it is better than it WAS. Also, the stitches cam out on right side leaving a tiny little hole, not anything like the left side. The only thing currently bothersome is where the skin is healing across the right labia. It feels very tight where the skin is healing together. I am going back for another post op in two days, on the three month mark..Curious to see if he will want me to come back to finalize that it has all healed in a couple more weeks. Pretty scary to think that I have to wait an additional 4-6 weeks to have sex once the wound is healed SHUT...that will take at least a couple more weeks. Still generally sore, achy, and swollen, but haven't really been putting ice on anymore bc the pressure just bothers me. Took the next couple of weeks off from work, and though I could probably go back I am still sore, so I really just want to completely heal before I go back..Plus, I got so behind in school that it's probably good to have time to catch up with that..
I would like to take more pics, though it all looks the same, but I seem to have mis-placed my camera. Thank GOD I deleted all my vag pictures off of it! haha
Hi, No, I didn't take baths- only showers thru the whole healing process. I'm not sure what the big difference is, as long as you are keeping things clean. I was also on an antibiotic & antibiotic ointment for the wound areas to help things from getting infected.

Today I went to my three week post op apt. He...

Today I went to my three week post op apt. He said swelling has gone down since last week, I can't tell if there's much difference between last week and now, but it's hard to see day to day changes. I took a couple of three week pictures and will post today. It seems like the part that is still swollen is so wrinkly! I am excited to see a final result!! At this point I would say I protrude a tiny tiny bit less than prio to surgery. I wonder how much more it will go down once the final swelling subsides. I was also told that the open wound should close up within the next week. I go back for hopefully the last follow up in two weeks. Once my surgeon saw my unusual reaction post surgery he was very good about having me come in often to check up on things. Though I prob could have skipped last weeks apt. and this weeks, and prob just gone in a month, he was very thorough with follow up care, which I am grateful for. My biggest concern prior to surgery was that he wouldn't cut enough off, and I would still be left with *in my opinion, too large of a labia minora, but still can't see a final result. Though I had complications with the wedge technique I think it was the best option rather than the trim, so I don't regret the method used. And to end on a funny note: About one week post surgery I bought a hand mirror to be able to see close up down there- I know a lot of woman don't look until a few weeks after surgery, but I like to see what's up, what things are looking like, and track my progress!..anyway, every time I have used it I used the side with 5x magnification, which really isn't that much, it's perfect for the task of getting neosporin in there.. Well, today as my surgeon examined me I looked down and thought hmmm, it really doesn't look AS swollen..then after leaving I realized.. I've been using the mirrow with magnification and thought that was the REAL size of everything! haha.. which isn't weird for me to think bc the 5x magnification is the size it was after surgery. So when I got home I looked at it with the OTHER side without magnification and it looked better!

So it has now been four weeks since my surgery and...

So it has now been four weeks since my surgery and most of the swelling has gone down. Yester day and today kinda achy. Tried wearing jeans to school today and was uncomfortable the whole time, won't try that again for a while. Inside still opened up on left side- my body seems to heal slowly.. The surgeon told me a week ago that they would be closed within the next week, guess it'll take anotherr week! I go back next fri on the five week mark to get (probably) my last post op apt. I am debating what I should say if it has not gone down to size I was hoping for. I am thankful that he didn't cut too much off, but seriously, I went through ALL of THAT to get 1 cm of a difference?...It has been a month now. Also.. I think that since it swelled up so much the labia are really wrinkly's weird. Let me know if you have any thoughts on what I can say..It is very intimidating to me to have to complain to him, even through my painful recovery I never once complained to him. Also, will post 4 week pictures
Did your Gyno do this? It doesn't look like mine. I also didn't take a month to heal. Maybe it is a surgery style thing?
No a plastic surgeon did. i had my gyno examine after, she said all looked good. I am so thankful that he didn't butcher everything off, but sitll, wish everything was tucked inside, thats why i got the surgery!
oh, also, i am over 4 weeks now and still not healed. another incision spot actually just opened up a couple days ago.

I waited to do my five week update a few days late...

I waited to do my five week update a few days late since I had my last post op apt. today. I won't be posting any photos since things look the same. Though it has been five and a half weeks I still haven't had sex and don't think I will for another month...All in all, I am kind of dissapointed. Though I experienced some unusual complications, I stuck through the pain, but unfortunately didn't get the anticipated result. The doctor asked me if I was satisfied and I just said that I would prefer it to be a little bit smaller. He agreed right away and said that if I would like to come back in about six months we could re-evaluate the situation. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing a revision for at least another year..especially since I would need to take time off of work again. He said he didn't think that I would have complications like that again since they are so rare, but who knows. I still am not healed, I am still sore, it has just been a crazy experience. He was gracious enough to offer a revision at no cost, so I will have to see how my incision sites heal and go from there.

Had sex a couple of days ago for like 4.5 minutes....

Had sex a couple of days ago for like 4.5 minutes. Was sore for the rest of the day. My boyfriend and I are getting impatient. Surgeon briefly said it was "up to me" if I wanted to. What does that mean? I'm going to make an appointment with my regular obgyn again. It is clear at this point that I went through everything for nothing. I am still in the healing stage, not even just waiting for the scar tissue to settle, but still putting neosporin on and everything. Almost seven weeks later.

Made an apt. with my obgyn for Monday, in three...

Made an apt. with my obgyn for Monday, in three days. There is a bump on the left side where things are healing together that hurts really bad! Any type of pressure on the area hurts, even when I walk it is not painfulll but it does hurt! I'll update with news from the obgyn. I'm going to ask if she thinks it's even a good idea to go back to this guy for a revision later on. I've decided I really should do it if he's admitting it's not good by offering to redo it for free.
Mine healed quickly. I worked (office job) the day after surgery. This is a technique thing I believe. I am sorry that things worked out this way for you. Hugs!
What technique did you use?

Nine Weeks Post Op

After visiting the obgyn a couple of weeks ago she advised that it really wouldn't be a good idea to have sex yet. She offered to visit with me again early june. Since then just this week I had a breast augmentation by a different doctor that went a thousand times better than the labiaplasty. Even if results don't turn out perfect with it, not nearly as bad of a recovery. Since everything did go okay with this other surgery it gives me hope that my labiaplasty was a rare incidence, and that when I get it redone I i will be back to work in three days like most other. As for how my vagina is right now, it is still pretty sore! I still have bumps where the skin should have healed together originally, but failed, and in this area along the labia it is much thinner. I really feel as though the surgeon failed by not putting me on an antibiotic upon having , surgery, and will request it next time. I did have sex today, and was sore afterwards. I assume it will not be sore in a couple more months. The inside of the labia where the stitches came out is still open, and it will be interesting to see how it completely heals. Probably not until I get the revision will it all be put back together, and the bumps will be gone. I definitely will not be able to do the revision for many more months, so this will probably be my last post for now. I will definitely update when the time comes to do a revision. It has really been a crazy experience, and if anyone needs emotional support through this experience, I feel ya, and e-mail me!! Also, thought I would put up my goal pic again because i do still think it's realistic.

Nine Weeks Post Op

I askef the doctors on realself whether or not it would be appropriate to ask for a refund. The few docs that replied said no. I went for an apt a month ago and couldnt get through wirhout crying at the end. I ended up getting a fifty percent refund just two days ago! Soo glad bc I wouldn't gave gone to him for a revision...he knows he did a botch job and is relieved to never have to see me again. I dont have the money or time to invest in another surgery now or in my near future but I cant wait!

How are things going now? Please update us when you can!

It appears that I felt otherwise.

Most Recently:

I asked the doctors on realself whether or not it would be appropriate to ask for a refund. The few docs that replied said no. I went for an apt a month ago and couldn't get through without crying at the end. I ended up getting a fifty percent refund just two days ago! Soo glad bc I wouldn't gave gone to him for a revision...he knows he did a botch job and is relieved to never have to see me again. I don't have the money or time to invest in another surgery now or in my near future but I cant wait!
and i also agree that i needed more time off from work and school then everything i read and the information my doctor provided me with
thankyou for sharing everything with us all. In ways my lady bits are similar to yours with the larger clitoral hood and lips. I just had this procedure done 6 days ago and am very unpleased with my results as well. I either actually do cry when i look into a mirror or want to. My postop visit is thursday and i'm not certain how well that is going to go over. The results just were not what i was expecting and although i do not have the funds, am very adamant in hopefully finding a new surgeon who can provide me with the results i wish to get. thank you again!
What makes you dis-satisfied with the results? Were you left with too much still? A lot of doctors are nice about doing revisions to further improve things, with either no cost, or a small supply cost. Do you believe it is something that your doctor did wrong?

7 mo post op

It has now beennn.. seven months since my surgery and I am getting anxious for a revision. I have a consult in a couple of weeks. If I dont feel comfortable w the surgeon I will not go to him. I plan to ask how many surgeries he has performed..if its under 100 I will be going to someone else. Who I REALLY want to go to is dr. Aguirre jn englewood colorado...but he is VERY expensive. My guy instinct just s telling me to go to the best this time around. So ill see what this consult turns out like but im leaning towards dr Aguirre as of now. He actually advertises that he does hood reduction which many surgeons dont do- I honestly think I might only need a hood reduction though. Consults w dr a are nearly three hundred dollars bu it goes toward cost of surgery in the l ok ng run. Ill updatte about my consult

excuse alll of my typos

I typed my last update using my touch screen phone and am not very good at using it
Is this considered botched because all the stitches they gave you? I think your final result looked nice. Is there no picture before your surgery?
I don't know if I would label my surgery as "botched." To me that would mean I was left with a serious problem that I didn't have prior to surgery.. I looked up botched and it says something that was carried out carelessly. I think my surgeon was just inexperienced. No, unfortunately my yahoo mail account deletes photos after a certain amount of days, and my before photos that I thought were saved in there got deleted..BIG bummer:( Thanks for the support. I am happy now that everything is completely healed and I can have sex without a problem. I am thankful that he didn't cause any permanent damage. I would have liked more of a result like my goal photo shows, as I really wasn't much "bigger" before my surgery than I am now. I just wanted everything tucked in. The biggest disappointment was after all the pain and trauma I still looked the same as before surgery! I'll post an update too of what I've been up to
Thanks for your honest post. Alk these doctors are liers and feel they are all inexpetienced on this type procedure. There is no way in hell anyone is going back to wirk or school or anyyhg after 2-3days as stated. Im almost at two weeks in pain barely moving with holes like you. If I had known the truth from others real experiences I must say I wouldnt have done this. I now feel as ugly as I was I was much better off without this experience. And my left side is still larger. For what all this for what. Liers.

8 months po.. I think

Hello everyone. I just went to a consult in Longmont Colorado a few weeks ago. I felt really comfortable with the doctor. I was able to see before and after photos of surgeries that he has performed, which should have been a red flag at my previous surgeons office.. ( no photos of this particular surgery.. come on! i know women aren't as open to sharing these photos, but a surgeon shouldn't do this surgery if they don't have any) The quote for the surgery, however, was nearly 4,000. I asked the assistant how many surgeries he has performed and she said she wasn't exactly sure, but a few hundred. I would have liked to get more of an exact number, but he does perform the surgery regularly, which is important. I also brought photos of what I do and don't like, and he informed me that he always lets patients know that they will be swollen up to a few months post surgery. Although I have had this surgery before, I am completely healed, and need no reconstruction.. therefore just starting from scratch. I feel like 4000 is a bit pricey, as I have seen Dr. Di Saia on here in California (*great reviews) for around that price...
Seems like if I'm going to pay 4,000 then I might as well go to the best, but then again, there is the convenience of doing it in state. I need more time to save money, think about it, and chose the best fit, but just wanted to update on my thoughts.
What doctor did you see? I also live in colorado and am trying to find a doctor to do my labiaplasty
I dont want to jeapordize anyones career but I would avoid boulder. Dr shutte out of loveland looks decent but charges more than a more experienced surgeon who doea it more often in california. Theres also dr grossman in denver who charges even more. Sounds like im travelling this april to get mine hopefully redone by dr di saia if he agrees.
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Alinsod in CA, checkout his website . South Coast Urogynecology -photo gallery. I'm very happy with my outcome.

revision scheduled

I am so happy to have my revision surgery booked and finally on the calendar for april. I chose a surgeon in california-ill post a review post op if things go well. (Still did not want to post a review that would jeapordize my previous surgeon since he did the right thing by giving me a partial refund). Finally saved enough- the estimate is 3500 give or take and there b is a possibility that once tje surgeon examins the tissue he still has the choice of whether or not he will perform the surgery. Of course photos are nothing in comparison to a real examination. My husband and my son are coming... crazy plan, but a trip to california; they might go to legoland one day :-D and maybe ill feel ok enough to sit at the pool with them. Im going out sinday evening, consult min morning, post op fri before I leave, sat morning flight home. We debated making it longer, doing fun stuff before then just decided to make it as short as possible. Other arrangements ive been working on are the rental car, hotel: which we chose cheapest/cleanest we could find but the benefit is that its on the ocean AND has a kitchen. This was essential since were bringing our son: I will shop monday and do all cooking for the week before surgery on tuesday. I can just hope that 1) my tissue has healed and is strong enough to support a revision and 2) stitches/ complications dont occur bc ill be there for such a short time. Anywho... of course we all have that goal in mind of what our outcome will be and hopefully this time I get more improvement. Here are official "before" photos.
You're absolutely right, on your photos it looked really good around the 3rd and 4th week. What happened between then and the 9 week post-op pic? It looks more swollen
I have no idea. Can't wait to get it fixed. I was joking w my bf.. put in the budget for every couple years for my rapidly growing vag...
I hope your revision turns out awesome! I scrolled through your photos and thought, "Wow! That looks so pretty!" I didn't even realize you wanted a revision till I got to the end. You have very pretty lady parts. :)


This is exciting, I was going through my recycling bin, and found the original pre op photos I took!!! Getting ready for California!!!


I flew out to cali sunday night and had my consult monday, surgery today. I will wait til im on a desk top to write more in detail, but my experience could not have been more smooth thus far. Who knew flying out of state would be smoother than driving up the street??
My main point is to not get dis-couraged when things go down hill... I cant believe ive made it through two surgeries for this now. I just feel SO at peace...finally.
Im scared to go pee.. ive gone twice since surgery. Once before coming home, and once here at the hotel. The toilet is in a seperate room.. the light includes the fan, and the noise made me almost throw up earlier... ahh pain killers.. ive only taken one so far. Its not excruciating pain but ita burning feeling and I am NOT walking ANYWHERE.

Just went pee without the noise of the fan and putting ointment on makes me nauseated. Took a 2nd painkiller and time to sleep.
Hang in there, girl, we're with you on this journey. Don't forget the pics, we're rooting for you. Rest.
Thank you honey! Its been almost 24 hours and ive done nothing but lay around. I took pain meds through last night but they make me too nauseated so im waiting for aome tylenol. I will def take some current photos asap, just from the pain meds putting neosporin on makes me sickk. I can already tell things are so much better than last time.

1 day po revision photo

I plan to repost all my photos: pre op, after initial operation, pre revision and post revision.. but for now, here is a 1 day post revision:)


FANTASTIC! Remind me again which doctor you went to when you post the photos

might as well write on here since

Since...I tried telling my man and it grosses him out. I have a yeast infection. Omg someone give me a rake... It itches so bad. I got a one dose oral treatment from kaiser today since im back in colorado. The tetip home was OK. My right side is now more swollen, and a couple of stitches are POKING me!!! Ouch. My clit area hurts too gah lol. Im FINE though! I took q tips to clean the area out and I was gettn a rash around my bum so I used desitin. Stopped takin the antibiotic so the yeast doesnt get worse. Omg... caked in grossness that I tried to clean out just horrible! The area between my vag and bumbis bright red, just raw from the yeast building up:( disgusting. .I know. The right sides irritated w the stitches stickin out and more swollen. I won't scare anyone by taking a photo today lol. Once the yeast clears up I should be Good!

Primary Surgery Photos


Revision Photos 1 yr Later

wow! That looks so much better!! Fantastic I am so happy for you!


I am now 11/ almost 12 days post op. Ive had better after care through email than Ive had from surgeons in colorado. I was instructed to put a generous amount of neosporin on stitches around the hood to get them losened up since things have healed. Each day more swelling goes down, the right still more swollen than the left side and b peeking out. I cant wait to have sex. Finally it looks good!! I feel good!! This time things were NOTHING like last time... swelling Nothing like before, no bruising at all, no stitches coming out too early, back to work on time, I could go on.. needless to say, I was more prepared this time, and things were sore. The first day is just stinging, afraid to go pee, day2 I was lying out at the pool, day threeI eatched my son on my own and went to the game room in the hotel with him, day 5 I had my postop, travelled home. The only set back was extra swelling from travelling, and the yeast Ifection: both of which have cleared. Ive been cleaning, even vacumed the house. I do still get sore going into a store and walking around.


Who did your revision? How is it doing?
So did Dr Di Saia do your second surgery? You look more swollen that I was. Maybe it is because you are a second surgery or yeast infection? You live in Colorado but went to California for him? Wow. He did mine and it looks fab. Maybe keep the activity down until that swollen bit gets better. Does look better though. :)
Yes, the photos do still show that the right side is a bit swollen. It was elevated during/after travelling, but started going down once home and I received treatment for the yeast infection. I was told that I swell more than the average patient, soo just have to wait. Ive waited thia long, a week longer shouldnt hurt!


So its been a while so I thought I should post an update. It all just hung out every angle before.. now it shows more the wider my legs are apart, so anyway, I will post another photo at the same angle as last photo. This is now 3.5 wks post op. I went two days ago to have the remainder of the dissolvable sutures removed by my obgyn here in colorado..they just didnt want to fall out. I am having some tenderness around the clit area, I stupidly pulled on it while examining things. .idk what I did, then this morning I got horny with my bf and now I regret it. But im back on track now.. NO touching for a couple more weeks. I hope I didnt screw anything up but I feel fine. Really only tender from the tug I did yesterday. It should be good though. I think its normal to worry! Obviously this time around things went 100x better. .. I just looked back at my post and I waited like 7 weeks to have sex last time..oh my god! I guess I didnt think about it bc I was in pain!
So you had revision surgery in mid April? You are over a month out. How do you feel? I didn't need surgery a second time but I hope you had a nice improvement. :)
Don't worry about having sex, take as much time as you need. The photos are very helpful, and yes, it's 100x better. When it comes to the yeast, they should be able to prescribe Diflucan (oral), so you can continue to finish up your antibiotics.
Yes, I went to Dr. D. YOU WERE RIGHT:) I was more swollen than his average case but im doing great. How one would expect things to go!

5.5 wk post op

As of two days ago I began feeling completely back to normal. I can run if needed without hurting, sit how I want, almost ready for slow sex;) Tried shaving but my new razors are like 1 inch wide what the heck, only for legs i guess. Im loving my beautiful new lips!
How are things? How long before you saw final results and no swelling after your first surgery? I had mine in late January. I had no pain at all then started experiencing minimal discomfort after 2 weeks or so. 4 months out now but I'm still soooo very careful down there. I feel like I'm still sensitive but look fine!
Hello! I am over 6 weeks now and doing great. Dont even really feel like I even had surgery. Had sex for the first time last night and thought I would definitely be sore todaybut Im not all! I was sensitive for a few months post my original surgery. Hopefully your sensitivity subsides!
Glad to hear that you're doing well the 2nd time around! :) looks good! Keep updating!


Had sex last night, even better than before. Sex deprived or better sensation? We will see;)
Thought id be sore today, but im not at all!
Right side swelling went down, pretty darn even now!
You look awesome! Dr D did it right? I think he is the only one who thinks about how things work and also how they look. Happy playtime! ;)
Yes loveee him:) no understanding of how great he is until you experience it for yourself. Thank you!
That's why he has fanzzzz here. lol. You are going to love play time after the surgery. I do. :)

Dana Point, Ca

Some photos of where I stayed when I went out to see Dr. D. The Riviera Shores Resort was soo cheap off season, and was so much nicer than expected. The room had a kitchen, so we went grocery shopping the day we went there, and cooked all of our meals in. Go see Dr. D, make it happen
Your final result is very nice !
All thanks to Dr. D
Wow incredible results! So happy for you!
Orange Plastic Surgeon

My review dates back to my original surgery performed in March 2013. I sought a revision from Dr. Di Saia in April of 2014. I always thought of traveling out of state for cosmetic surgery as a "movie star lifestyle." Not something achievable for someone like myself. After consulting with numerous surgeons in Colorado, I felt my safest option would be to go see Dr. D. He came into my consult and spoke with me like a friend should. Then the moment of truth...Dr. D had not agreed to even perform my surgery until examining me in person. The morning of my procedure Dr. D told me that he had thought about things, and decided that he would do something he had never done before. Rather than cutting out a "pie piece" he would "skin the surface." This would make things heal more efficiently, considering I was a revision. I was so grateful for the fact that he thought about my specific case prior to surgery and was genius enough to alter his method to suit my body. A typical surgery takes Dr. D around an hour, but he worked away for nearly three hours. He revised the long scars running the entire length between my inner and outer labia- which could have caused detrimental damage to begin with.. By the way, he was not obligated to do so, and the scars are completely gone! There are so many surgeons out there now days who claim to have experience in this field of work, and when things go wrong, you're left to deal with the conflict through their assistant. Dr. Di Saia's experience and knowledge stands above others in this field. He personally spoke with me on the phone numerous times post op, and emailed me continuously to check on me. (He could have easily, and most doctors would have, had the secretary call once to see how things were). I wasn't left to fend for myself, googling all my questions post op. I emailed him with my "concern of the day" and got professional feedback for any concerns I may have had. Needles to say, my photos speak for themselves. Dr. Di Saia will set realistic goals, and more importantly achieve them. I believe he is the most experienced, most articulated, most qualified surgeon in the field.

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