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My Tummy Tuck Was So Worth It! - Colorado

I am 42 years old, have two boys 23 and 25. Both...

I am 42 years old, have two boys 23 and 25. Both of my boys were good sized at birth, 9.2 and 8.13. My second son I had to have c-section and since then I have had a flap of skin I could never get rid of. So years of debating, I finally did it and couldnt be more happy, so far!!

After having a c-section 23 years ago, gaining and...

After having a c-section 23 years ago, gaining and loosing weight, I was left with a ugly flap of skin that would not go away. I decided it was finally time to get rid of it for once and for all. I am 6 days post op and could not be happier!!

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Vath and his staff were all so very helpful and nice. I never felt like any question was a stupid one even if I asked it over and over. Dr Vath and his staff are the best! Nice, patient, kind. Everyone from the front desk to the back nurses to the anesthesiologist are so kind and helpful and nothing but professional.

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You look great! Congrats!
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hello!! I am amazed at your results, and no lipo? That is so incredible!! I am going in for a consult march of next year when we are back in the States. I was going to ask about a mini tt with no lipo because the stories of pain scare me so much, but you look amazing!!! Maybe I should consider a full tt no lipo and see what the Dr recommends. Any more advice you have would be great. Can you post pics of the scars now?
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I see you have had a C-section Is the pain kind of the same? I am thinking of getting a TT and I have also had big babies my biggest was 11lb 4.2oz and my smallest was 9lb 4oz I am 27years old now and definitely struggling with this belly
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Hi! I am having a TT with Vath on 8/1 and i have to tell you your pics inspired me to contact him! You look great! Thanks for your review! Hope all is still well! Would love to see updated pics!
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Omg! You are a mind reader, my mom and I are going to start the pink method also! I heard about it on dr Phil and it sounded really great and the website said the cost was 67 dollars which I didn't think was too terrible compared to other diets! You will have to keep me pored on how you like it! I am so glad you are feeling good and that it no longer bothers you to button your jeans! I was a little worried about that! Do you have any numbness?!? I am concerned about getting the lipo w the TT I'm not sure what the pain level will be and I still haven't decided whether or not to do the lift.. I'm very frightened about it and also the price goes from 11,000 to 17,000! So that's a huge factor, I just don't want to look back and regret my one chance to fix it and lord knows I could use one lol! And thanks so much about the info pertaining to our little "visitor" lol now I'm freaking bc mine is usually here by now and of course since I've scheduled surgery it isn't showing up so I immediately thought pregnant lol but I took sum tests and negative I just wanted to make 100% sure lol so like I wasn't freaked out enough now I got this to worry about lol so my surgery date is feb 9th and boy am I nervous! But you have helped me so much by giving me all of this info! Now i have to figure out how to track my journey on this sight lol
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Hi Young2931!! Thank You!! The time will fly by so fast March will be here before you know it! You'll look sooo good for spring then summer!! Congrats on your weight loss! That is something to be so proud of, WOW!

My Dr did not recommend lipo either and I did not ask for any. I did ask his opinion and he said he didnt think it was neccesary. I took his word for it. I did have muscle repair. Im not sure in what situations you would not have muscle repair. Seems to me your in there fix up them muscles too!! :-) You are going to look amazing when your done, I cant wait to see your results.
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You look AMAZING!! CONGRATS!! I will have my TT on March 2nd!!! Did you have any lipo done or just a TT? I am wondering if I should get lipo or not...my doctor didn't recommend it. Take a look at my before pics...
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Luvnbrit66, Thank you for such nice compliments. WOW what a small world!! Dr Vath and his staff are really great. They are all truly professional, kind, sincere, caring, helpful. I really cant say enough about them. Dr Vath was the first Dr. I had a consultation with and I knew he was the Dr. I wanted to do my TT. I didnt even meet with any other Dr.s!! Dr Vath and his staff made my decision pretty easy.

You have a huge challenge that I didnt have, a 1 & 2 year old! How long will they let you go without picking them up? I was told 6 weeks was full recovery, 2 weeks you can do some limited activity (picking up kids may be one of those limited activities)
My husband was a great amount of help the first couple of days, waiting on me and helping me to get up. After day 2, I was pretty self sufficiant, other than trying to get out of bed and even then he would just hold out his arm so I had something to grab and I could do the rest. I did sleep on the couch recliner with pillows under my knees the first couple nights. Sounds very uncomfortable, but it was really the most comfortable. Then when I started sleeping in my bed I had a great big pillow under my knees and about 4 pillows under my back to prop me up. I slept with the pillow under my knees until just about a week ago. I am a side sleeper so now I put the pillow between my knees. Not for any other reason other than its comfortable.

For about 2-3 weeks I walked slightly hunched until I was able slowly stand up straight. And no lie, my back pain in that time frame was worse than anything else. BUT, the binder they give you is a miracle worker for back pain. All though the back pain subsided after about week 3, I wore the binder all the way to week 6!! It was my woobie!

I would suggest lots and lots of help with the babies. Rest is so important for recovery. Over these past 7 weeks I have felt such a range of different things. Not necessarily pain, just verrrry different things inside :-) And still after 7 weeks, Im still feeling things. My thing now is at night my muscles completley tighten and my stomach gets really hard, more annoying than anything, my stomach is still numb from my bb down and I cannot stand to have anything on my stomach!! HaHa, kind of hard to wear clothes!! But my jeans fit very well, even loose in my tummy area but I leave them unbuttoned, because I dont like the feeling. But, I am completley self sufficiant and back to normal activies & no restrictions.

Sorry, Im making this very long winded! All in All, I would do it all over again!! I hope this helps. Let me know what you decide and what you think of Dr Vath.
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So sorry it's taken me so long to respond!! I can not thank you enough for taking the time to write me back it truly means a lot and just reading your response made me feel so much better and you gave me such a great insight on what to expect! Well I went to my consult on Friday the 13 th lol and you were so right about the staff but especially about dr vath himself! What a doctor I feel so lucky to be able to go to him! He was so easy to talk to and I feel goodcabout things! I'm going to schedule as soon as I can, I am just waiting to see what day my menstraul will arrive so I can have that out of the way and not have to recover and deal w that (tmi) lol so def. In feb! Which is soon but I am so excited! And my husband will be working in Florida this summer so I can not deal w another summer w this body! So I am going in for tummy tuck plus lipo of the flanks & inner thighs and I can't decide if I should do a breast lift or not. I don't like the cost but I also don't want to have all of this work done and then be unhappy w another area so we will see. One thing I am happy about is he told me I could hold the baby whenever I feel like I can handle it! Which I know won't be the 1st week but 6 weeks would be too hard the 2 yr old doesn't need held but it's tough for the 1 yr old..sorry this was so long! Its so nice to have someone to talk to about this! Are you still feeling funny things and how far out are you now?? I'm so scared but so excited and I def wanna post my process on here!
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Hi Luvnbrit66,
I'm glad you thought well of Dr Vath and his staff and the news about holding the baby had to have been a relief. Those little ones are so needy at that age, cant imagine telling them no, cant hold you or pick you up :-(
Funny, my visitor (menstrual) was expected the day of surgery! I asked at my pre-op and nurse Jen said no biggie. The morning of surgery, no visitor BUT I warned the nurse and asked what happens if I start while Im under, she said dont worry about it, everything will be fine. Day one after surgery, I think my system was in shock and I had a very light and short visitor. Cramps were a breeeezze with pain meds though, haha!!
About 2 weeks ago, I had a terrible pain right by my belly button. I have a pretty high pain tollerance but this hurt so bad. My first thought was I tore something in there or broke a stitch, I had no idea what happened, it just hurt like heck.
I called Dr Vaths office and nurse Jen called me back and said massage the area and take motrin, may be a nerve. I massaged off and on for about 30-40 min, I wanted to run to Dr Vaths office and give Jen a big ol hug and kiss!! The pain went away and has not been back
I am feeling so good these days. I can wear all my jeans and it no longer bothers me to button them or have things on my tummy. I am feeling more confident than I ever have.
Also, like I mentioned before since surgery I havent really eatin like I use to, now that my stomach is where it is supose to be I dont think it can hold as much!! Thats a good thing! I have lost about 20 lbs. I was obviously not at my goal weight at the time of surgery. Loosing 20 lbs has only made me feel even better about me!! Just this week I have started the "Pink Method" great program if you need to loose some pounds before surgery!
Well keep in touch and let me know when your scheduled.
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You are my inspiration! I was booked for Jan 31/2012. Had to cancell due to 10 lbs too heavy. Totally my fault. Now have to wait for May. Does anyone have referrals for P.S. in Calgary, Alberta?
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Calgary3262, Im soooo sorry. Is the 10 lbs the Dr's rule? I have not heard of that before. I sure wasnt at "goal" weight before surgery, but I can sure live with the way I am now without the flappy flap!! So now what? Looks like your looking for another Dr.
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Wow I can't believe I found your post as I am going in for my consult with dr vath next Friday! I am so nervous but I know that this is what I need to do my biggest worry is I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old and with the recovery I'm not sure I will be able to do it so soon since i do a lot of lifting them... But I was wondering if there is any advice you can give me on what I should do before and after...I would really appreciate it! You look amazing and I am confident that I have chosen the right dr! Congrats on your amazing new body!
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WOW!! Look at you! You look awesome. How amazing!!
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You look just wonderful! I don't see how everyone doesn't notice as it is a big difference. Congrats!

I have the very same thing happen to my abs & muscles. They "tighten" all the time especially when I am trying to relax. I've had them for months. When I started walking a lot they increased and are now calming down. I get them every day. They are almost violent in nature and feels like your stomach is being pushed way out. Very weird but I think they will eventually just go away. I had a 6 in muscle repair so thought perhaps that was why. My muscles aren't used to being where they are.
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Wow, you look amazing!!!
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Wow, you look so amazing! I hope I look as good as you in about another month or so- I'm almost 2 weeks post op. Wow! ;o)
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You look great! I am PO 14 days and got my 2nd drain out today. It feels so good to be rid of that! Your results are just wonderful! Congrats!
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I had my 5-6 week post op appointment last Friday, I cannot say enough about Dr Vath and his staff, I love them all!! I had so many questions for Dr Vath and he sat there patiently and answered every question.

Some of the things I have felt over the past few weeks...

week 0-2 not much swelling, tenderness, sore, bad back pain, couldnt stand up straigt.

weeks 2-4 started swelling at week 2 (i freaked out)ran to Dr Vath's office where he assured me it looked great and all was good. Red bb, slight draining from bb, and small amount of oozing from incision (Dr Vath does not use drains) my binder was my woobie, still had back pain, muscle spasms, felt like I had done 1000 sit ups, Looked great in the am (no swelling), slept with binder on at night and went w/o binder in the day starting about week 3. Would put binder back on in the afternoon if my back hurt or was feeling like my midsection felt overworked. Still tender, still slept with a pillow under my legs because it felt good, towards the end of four weeks I finally slept on my side BUT, had a pillow between my legs.

weeks 4-current At about week four, maybe a bit before then, when I layed down at night completely relaxed suddenly I was woke out of my sleep with what felt like my muscles were trying to escape from my stomach!! My legs would stiffen and my stomach would become rock hard. This is very different from muscle spasms. I find relief from this by taking a couple deep breaths and relaxing. At my post op appointment Dr Vath said, he has heard this before. My muscles are still sore, kind of like I have been laughing lots and lots!! I feel very tight at times not sure if it is the inside feeling tight or my skin is tight. From bb to top of pubic area still numb, getting a little more feeling there. I can feel pressure of touching it but cannot feel my skin. BB still has a bit of crusty on/in it but I hear that is the last to heal.

with all this being said, would I do it again???


I love my results! I may not be a skinny minnie, but I am so very happy with the way I look and the confidence I now have. I no longer cry trying to get ready for work in the morning. I can wear blouses that are waist long/high instead of long enough to cover my belly! People that I know may not notice, but what matters to me is that I do. I look at my before pics and say how did I live with that for 23 years??? It may have gotten smaller and bigger over the years with weight loss or gain but it was always there!

Before surgery I said to my husband, what if I miss it? It has been me, a part of me for so long what if I cant handle it being gone :-) He would laugh and say uuhhh, I seriously doubt you will miss it!! So I said ok, what if you miss it? He laughed harder and said, I know I wont miss it! We have a good sense of humor about it now. Honestly before surgery it was such an emotional thing everyday just to get ready for work and now I love getting dressed, oh an I even love being undressed!!
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You look great!
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Amazing, you look amazing....
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Amazing, you are my hero. I am booked for Jan31/2012,I hope I look as good as you do. Recovery looks very fast. Thankyou!
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Thank you for all the wonderful comments! All of your after pics look GREAT also. Today is post op day 9. Doing well. I feel like a tickly itchy fluttering feeling around my incision. Its like an inside itch you cant get to. My back pain is much much better, yet still there. No pain meds for 3-4 days now, just tylenol for my back. Of course yesterday being Thanksgiving I think I over did things, was pretty sore this morning. I will post more pics soon!! Good luck to all the future tummy tuckers and all the post tummy tuckers WE ROCK!!!
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Wow! Huge difference! You look fantastic!
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