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I have been thinking about this for a few years. I...

I have been thinking about this for a few years. I am a 40DD and ready to take the weight off my neck. I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my neck and am hoping this surgery will take the pressure off. I am working from home part time so I am able to take the time to recover. It is finally the right time to do this. I was initially denied by my insurance company but after 6 weeks and an appeal, they approved it. I am ready to go!

After reading what feels like EVERY post on here,...

After reading what feels like EVERY post on here, I have a lot of new questions. My PS did not require a pre-op visit but I have scheduled one. They did not hesitate to give me another appointment so that was nice. They already gave me a prescription for Vicodin but I know my stomach is not going to tolerate that well after a day or two so I want to ask for the Tylenol 3 and get it before surgery day. I want to talk about anti-nausea meds they can give me before I wake up. They also said they can sell me an extra bra so I have two at home after surgery but I want to see it first. If it seems like it will not be comfortable then I want to go buy one of my own. I am so thankful for this site. It has given me tons of information my PS did not share with me. Just reading about everyone's surgery has taken away a lot of the mystery. I have only had one minor procedure done before so this will be my first real surgery. Thanks everyone for being so open and sharing the details!

Now that I have read everything and met a few...

Now that I have read everything and met a few people who had this done, here is my list of supplies I have.
Zip up sport's bra
Button up pi's
Zip up robe
Hibiclens per the Dr.
Benadryl in case of severe itching
I got Mepitac tape - I researched this one because I am pretty sensitive to adhesive and this was highly recommended if the surgical tape bothers me
Kelo-cote Scar gel
Palmer's Scar oil
Some large surgical pads if I need them.
I have a big wedge pillow but it might be too large so I will dig up all the pillows I can find around the house.
I want to take the Arnica but will double check with my Dr. to clear it with him before I buy it.
Let me know if I missed anything! : )

I went to my pre-op appt. today. This was not...

I went to my pre-op appt. today. This was not required, I asked for one more appt. before the surgery on April 23. I had some new questions. I wanted him to look at me again and tell me more about what he will do. He did the markings on me so I could see exactly where things will end up. He will do some areola reduction. He thinks he will remove between 1.000 and 1,200 grams! That sounds like so much! I felt so nervous but he was really nice about answering all my questions. I asked about Arnica Montana (homeopathic dosage for surgery from SINECCH). He said he didn't really feel it made a difference but didn't object. Has anyone here used the 4 day Arnica tablets? He also gave me a prescription for Zofran for nausea. I am super sensitive to meds like Vicodin so hopefully the Zofran will prevent me from feeling bad. I am really glad I asked for one more appointment. I feel better knowing exactly what to expect. I don't think I have ever taken pictures of my breasts like this before. They look so huge in the pictures! I guess we just get so used to them we don't see them that way. I am feeling more excited about how much my life will change after this! : )

Well tomorrow is the big day. I am nervous but...

Well tomorrow is the big day. I am nervous but trying to keep busy so I don't think about it. Cleaning and grocery shopping to get everything ready. I keep thinking maybe I don't need to do this but I know I do, sigh. Hard to control the thoughts. I am prepared in every way possible so nothing left to do but wait. I will update as soon as I can. Thanks everyone for all the info and pictures, it has really helped a lot!

I am home. Everything went really well and I have...

I am home. Everything went really well and I have very little pain. I look so different already! I will post more tmw with pictures.

Day 1 - Things are going really well. My PS and...

Day 1 - Things are going really well. My PS and his staff were really great. I was in surgery for about an hour and 45 min. I woke up quickly which is what I wanted. The only other time I have had general anesthesia I had a hard time waking up and horrible nausea. This time it went very smoothly. I did feel nauseas but didn't throw up.
I have no drains and no steri strips. Just gauze all around and then the bra they put on me. They feel hard but not overly swollen. I am taking the Arnica Montana homeopathic meds and maybe that is helping. Today I can feel the stitches more but it just aches, not really painful. I am so glad about that!
So he took out 1,000 grams on the left and 1,200 on the right. They seem really small. It almost feels weightless! I am so glad I did this. I think it will really change my life. I go on Wednesday to change the bandages so I can't see them until then. All in all I feel good and sleeping propped up in bed has been fine. Let me know if you have other questions, I have learned so much from this site and am happy to share the details. : )

Day 3 -Not sure how people are counting. Day 1 is...

Day 3 -Not sure how people are counting. Day 1 is surgery day and now I am on Day 3. Had my post op appt. today. Dr. said I am healing really well. It just looks scary. All the big meds have worn off and now all I am taking is Vicodin. I felt really emotional when they took the bandages off. I think the size and shape will be great. It is just weird to look in the mirror and see a different body! My stomach area is really swollen, they said that is normal from the anesthesia and will take some time to go away. I have been eating really healthy, no salt and not dairy. Trying to keep the swelling down. I just have to take it easy and go back next wednesday, he will snip off the end of the dissolvable stitches. I have no tape, just gauze and the bra. I am cleared to take a shower but I think I will wait until tmw. I am so glad I did this! I think by next week I will be feeling less worried and more excited. : )

Well I am doing pretty well. Not too much swelling...

Well I am doing pretty well. Not too much swelling and the bruises are fading fast. Tried to take a shower last night. It was a little scary. Without the bra and gauze I felt very unsupported and shaky. So today I went to the woman who cuts my hair and she washed and dried my hair for me. That felt great! I have not had a BM since Sunday so I took two doses of the milk of magnesia over the past two days and finally had a BM today. Whew I was getting worried. I have been careful to eat things that will be easy on my stomach. Here is my protein smoothie recipe, don't worry, the spinach ends up tasting really sweet.
1 ½ cups Almond Milk
1 tablespoon flax seed
1 banana
½ cup of frozen blueberries
handful of spinach
I am just taking it easy and will go back to the Dr on Wednesday to have the two ends of the stitches snipped off.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Day 8 - Last monday was my surgery and I am doing...

Day 8 - Last monday was my surgery and I am doing ok. Today was frustrating. I feel like my bruises are fading but when I look at the pictures it doesn't look like it. My left breast has an ugly bruise underneath and the incision is really dark compared to the other breast. I sent a picture to the nurse today and she said it looks ok but I could put Polysporin on it if it would make me feel better so I did. I know it has not been long and everyone heals differently but I sure wish this was looking better. I tried to do some work on the computer today but my attention span and energy level is low. I go back to the PS on Wednesday and I think if he tells me everything looks normal, I will feel a lot better. A few people on here have mentioned feeling really emotional at the one week mark and that seems to be happening to me. I am trying to stay positive. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!

I went to my 10 day post-op appointment today. He...

I went to my 10 day post-op appointment today. He snipped off the two external stitches. Glad those things are not poking at me anymore. He said everything is healing perfectly. Said the bright red bruise is ok and will go away. I still need to take it easy. No raising my arms above my head or lifting anything. I go back in 5 weeks. I feel a lot better that he was happy with my progress. He said I can come back before the 5 week mark if I have any concerns. Now I just have to be patient while everything continues to heal. It is hard to not get back to my regular routine but I want everything to heal properly.

2 Weeks! - I can hardly believe two weeks has gone...

2 Weeks! - I can hardly believe two weeks has gone by. I am taking showers by myself now. I added some pictures. The red bruising is now yellow. The incision line under my breast still looks red and scary. Maybe I will add one of those but it is looking better each day. I am still having little drops of blood oozing out but since I didn't have drains the Dr. said this will happen for awhile longer. Almost all the scabbing is is gone now. Can you see that dark line on my belly? That is from my old bra rubbing on my skin! Hard to believe how much lift I got from this surgery! My breasts may soften up and fall a little but right now nothing is touching my belly. I really want to loose the belly fat now that my boobs are not hiding it anymore. Other than that I just have to be careful not to do too much or I swell up under my arms. Not my armpits but where the incisions go under my arms. My energy is coming back so it is hard to take it easy but I am being careful. All in all, things are coming together slowly but surely! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

3 weeks! The time has flown by! I am getting tired...

3 weeks! The time has flown by! I am getting tired of taking it easy but trying to be patient. My scabs are really falling off now. I added some pictures. It's just uncomfortable, nothing is really hurting anymore. I am getting those electric shock/zingers everyone has mentioned. Things are waking up and healing so that's good but sometimes it is a strong, shooting zinger that feels really weird! My energy level is ok but not great, I still get tired pretty easy. I am getting back to some light housework and able to go out to eat and walk more without having to take a nap after. You can see in my before pics that my right side was much bigger than my left. I was hoping he could get them more equal but it looks like my right side may end up being a bit bigger. That is ok though. I said in my first post that I wore a 40DD bra. But after looking at several websites, I was actually a 36 H. Now I am measuring a 36 D and once all the swelling is totally gone I could actually end up a C. So all in all I am thrilled to have those huge breasts gone and I can't wait for summer! This will be the first summer since high school when I did not feel like I had to cover everything up. Going out in public in a tank top or cami was simply out of the question but not anymore! Exciting things ahead!

Hello! I am now at the 4 month mark. Thank you for...

Hello! I am now at the 4 month mark. Thank you for the private messages and as promised, here are some new pictures. I feel so glad that I did this. Recovering was slower than I thought it would be but I am doing much better now. I had bruising and swelling for 2 months. Took awhile for it to all go away. My left side took longer than the right to heal and has a bit more scarring. I hope you all are doing well! Take care!

Just added my 6 month picture. The scars on the...

Just added my 6 month picture. The scars on the sides are taking awhile to fade but the rest are doing really well. My skin has been sensitive and had a few little rashes break out. Otherwise things are going really well. I still feel like the shape on the sides could be better but I will be patient and see how it goes over the next few months. I feel great and still so glad I had this done!

It has been a year! I feel great and so glad I did...

It has been a year! I feel great and so glad I did this! I figured out that the Bio Oil was irritating my skin so I use it every other day and cocoa butter in between and it works great! I attached new photos, just took my bra off so the lines are from the bra. The side view you can see the white line of the scar. That is all that is left. It is flat now and compared to how it looked at first, this is a huge improvement. Also on the side view you can see at the bottom of the nipple where the scar is a bit bigger. That was actually my fault because that spot took a long time to close up and I let it get too dry instead of keeping the polysporin on it. So they are not perfect, one side was initially bigger than the other and still is a tiny bit. I am probably the only one who notices that! But I still wear a sleep bra at night, I just feel more comfortable with it on. I feel it has helped the shape. I got all the feeling back, it was slow but it all came back. Buying clothes has been so much fun and it feels great to exercise without any issues. I feel a lot better about myself and although the healing process was long, I am very happy I did this for myself. Good luck to all of you who are just getting started on this process!
Dr. Gregory Liebscher

My Dr. was really wonderful. He answered my long list of questions at the pre-op appt. and took a lot of time with me before I went into surgery. The staff was also wonderful! The follow up care has been great. I couldn't have asked for more attention.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just had to comment and say how amazing your results are! All I can say is wow! :) If I get anywhere close to this kind of result I will be over the moon! :)
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I am sure your results will be wonderful too! I know it is so hard to imagine how it will all look and you do have to be patient. I was really worried at first. It takes a long time for all the swelling to go away and for the final shape to settle in. Good luck and let me know how it goes! : )
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Thank you everyone! Yes it does take a long time for all the swelling to go away. I read many posts here about wearing a bra everyday and at night too. It is very tempting to go braless for the day but I really do think it helps the healing, swelling and shape in the end. This is a big procedure and they really move things around. It takes time for everything inside to settle. I felt some weird lumpy things and kept going back to the Dr to be sure it was ok and it was fine. I was swollen under my arms for such a long time and I was worried that it would stay but around month 8 it was gone. : )
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Thanks for updating. It's amazing how well your scars turned out! One can hardly see you had the procedure done. Also it's nice to see how well the boobs turned out. Very nicely rounded.
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Gosh they look massively different between 6 months and 1 year! Just goes to show how long it does actually take to see the final results! I'm nearly 6 weeks post op and panicking that I don't like my results but this has given me confidence that there are still many changes to come yet!
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I can't believe how different they look from 6 months to a year! They look really good and it makes me excited to know that with a lot of patience mine will look awesome in a years time.
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You look great thank you for updating!
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Congratulations you l
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I can't even believe the difference. You must feel amazing.
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I was so huge! Some days I forget how annoying they were. I feel so comfortable now. I wish I had done this 10 years ago!
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Your before and after look like two different women! You look amazing and I can hardly see any scaring. Good idea about the sleep bra, do you recommend any? Reading your story confirms I am making the right decision so thanks. :)
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When you look at those first photos I was so worried I would have horrible scarring. You really have to do exactly what the Dr tells you. Once everything closes up, using the Bio Oil and cocoa butter every day really makes a difference. You will get sick of the tape/bandages but it is important to be patient. The bra I sleep in is the Barely There bra that has no hooks or anything. It is almost like a sports bra, just pull it over your head. I don't remember the name but the model number is X598. For some reason I still feel some pulling inside but every month it gets better. This year has flown by and although you will want to feel normal right away, it does take time. But you will feel great the rest of your life : ) Good luck!
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The difference is amazing thank you for still posting and updating
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Hi Marla! So glad to hear that you are on the right side of this recovery thing! Hope you continue to feel well and that you are totally ejoying your new bod!
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Thank you! I feel great!
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Hi Marla. Just wanted to say that I hope you're continuing to feel better every day and you're fallen in love with the new girls! You looked terrific at the 3-week mark; hope you're feeling the same way!
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Hi Piggles I am feeling better each day. I will post some new pictures soon. The most frustrating thing is my energy level is still low. If I have a busy day, the next day I am exhausted. Hopefully that will go away soon. Otherwise I feel great! Hope you are well too!
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HI Marla, thanks for sharing so much. I had my surgery on the same day as you in Lebanon NH. I wish I had found this site earlier. Reading through many of the stories here has been helpful even if after the fact. Good to know some of my fears and feelings were not just me being crazy lol! I am 44 and was a 32DD and am hoping when all is over with healing/swelling I will be a B but so far measure as a solid D. Its been a bit depressing which is what sent me looking for answers on the net for how long b4 knowing my true size will be. I see that I just have to be patient on that question. I have been lucky about being able to rest but am getting so bad at it now that I am feeling better. I still get tired easy and rest a lot but do find myself doing more around the house, though I am very careful not to lift or reach. I want the best outcome possible so trying to be patient. Your Pics look great and I am so happy for you and your results. I am so looking forward to shopping in my own closet as well. There are lots of nice tops in there that used to be tight or nice dresses that I bought and thought I looked good in at the store only to get home and hate how the girls looked popping out the top or sides in my own mirror lol! Look forward to continue reading your posts and so happy for your sharing. Again thanks and glad you are doing so well.
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I still feel really swollen and it comes and goes during the day. I have found I have to be careful with my activity level or I swell up. My Dr told me to wait 6 weeks before worrying about size and when he sees me at the 6 week mark he will tell me how much is swelling and if he thinks it will reduce more. I am staying away from salt and dairy as much as possible to help with swelling issues. Good luck to you and I hope things end up the way you want. P.S. - I am 44 too : )
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Hi Marla,
Yes i can relate to that! In hot summers i'd wash every couple of hours and have something under my boobs. Horrid. No more tho!
Its amazing what we have had to put up with. Its cold and raining in the UK at the moment, so by the time its mid summer i too will have lovely small boobs and no more heavy, hot, backaching, (back breaking) pain and limited choice in tops. Can't wait.
Marla and all the post op girls on here, I am so happy for you and I too want to be in he post op BR club!!!
x x
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You will be! It is really exciting stuff!
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Bring it on :)
x x
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Thanks Iowa and Kate! I really do feel different. I was so heavy! Having the almost 5 pounds taken off my chest is an amazing feeling. This summer will be so nice. No more sticking a washcloth in my bra to deal with the sweat! Ha, I wonder how many people do that? Last year for 4th of July I put a dishtowel under my breasts before I put my bra! Never again!
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Hi Marla,
I can also relate to that - I would use facecloths, tea towels, sweat socks, anything that I could put under my breasts to absorb the sweat so that the horrific rash would not appear. It would be so bad that I had blisters underneath and they would bleed sometime. But no more! I am so looking forward to this summer, bring on the heat, lol!!
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It will be a great summer! Take care Jacqui!
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