Looking Forward to 2014, and the new ME!

I am 45 yrs old and have wanted to have a breast...

I am 45 yrs old and have wanted to have a breast reduction for several years. I kept saying after I lose weight....well I lost about 20 lbs this year and did not want to wait any longer. It is a bit ironic - as a teenager I was a late bloomer and I was worried in 8th grade when I was still flat chested. I have always been busty as an adult, even at my thinnest. After I gave birth to triplets and breastfed for over a year I was huge and never got any smaller. I use to be so proud of my beautiful breasts, but now hated them. I had constant back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder groves and rashes under my breasts. They sagged like I was many decades older than I am. I was miserable. My bra size I wore before surgery was a 38DDD, but I know it was not the proper size. I live in a small town and my chest measures 34. I would ask for the biggest cup size, and they would always be too small. I left more than one bra store in tears. Having such difficulty finding bras to fit, I refused to order a bra online or through mail order. When I was measured last they measured me as a 34K. I am hoping to be a 34/36D.

My surgery was on December 27th and I am so happy I had the procedure done. I had some problems with anesthesia and breathing afterwards, but nothing overly concerning. Have had some issues with urine retention, having a hard time getting these going and don't ever feel like my bladder is emptied fully. After 48 hours I figured this is a side effect of the pain meds. So, I have been trying wean myself off my pain meds. I certainly don't need to end up with a bladder infection. I will post pictures after I get this posted. Good luck to all those that have an upcoming surgery, or to those that are still recovering! It has been great to have found this site and to be able to share stories. Happy New Year and so excited to have new smaller boobs :)

1st Post Op Appointment

Had my first post-op appointment yesterday. Surgeon is very pleased with how I am healing. He says I should end being a big C/small D. I was really hoping to be a D as when I lose my weight I won't end up being to small. We shall wait and see. Have some puckering under at the scar site but the surgeon is not concerned. He explained that it will smooth out, and if the scars are completely smooth to start they heal with and indentation in the middle. So I am trusting he is right and all will be good. He ended up removing 3 pounds from right breast and 2 1/2 pounds from left. Since my appointment I have already thought of more questions, so I will be calling them tomorrow.

Pre-OP pictures

Here are some pre-op pictures.

Post-Op Pictures

Here are some post-op pictures. Hopefully they will be helpful to others. I know they will help me to see my progress and see how far I have come.

Post-Op Pictures

Here are a few more...

1 week Post-OP

Well today is 1 week since surgery. Doing pretty good. Went grocery shopping today for a bit, and boy did that wear me out. I think I may try to get out a little each day. I feel as though I am healing well, but really have nothing to compare it to. So, thanks ladies for all the positive comments. It is nice to hear from others and it is so encouraging :)

Am getting some shooting pains towards my back when changing positions at night. Thinking this is probably nerve pain from the lipo under arms. Everyday I am looking and feeling better. Am still having blurred vision, hopefully that will get better since I am no longer taking pain pills. No longer feeling like I have to sleep all day. Next week I will probably be bored to death. Working on some knitting projects so that helps the time go by quickly.
I am posting another picture from today. I really need to have my husband take another picture as it is difficult to make sure I am holding the camera and still standing straight. Right breast seems to be a bit larger than the left so I take this as a good sign that maybe some of the swelling is starting to go down in the left. Also. I don't think I look as boxy, but then again maybe I am just getting use to the new "Me".

8 days Post-OP

I am doing great and getting use to the new me. Still pretty sore but tolerable just taking Tylenol. I have a tiny place under my breast that doesn't even look like it was stitched. It is where the scab fell off. It looks great and hopefully and indication of what the rest of my scars will look like eventually. I am still getting blurred vision, so I don't know what is up with that. I just went to the eye doctor about a month ago. Still giving it time before I go in again. I did notice that I have nipple sensation so that is great news. My hubby is so afraid to even touch me in fears of hurting me - but he really has been so fantastic and supportive.

I can tell I am slowly getting my energy back. Yesterday and today I didn't even take a nap. I am still taking it very easy so I don't overdue things. I tried on some of my old clothes today. Some I can still wear, others I can't, and then others where it makes me think I am really anxious to exercise and tone my stomach more. Not sure if I have mentioned this yet - but I have lost 10 lbs since surgery! That makes me oh sooo happy! I have even lost an additional 4.5 pounds since surgery a week ago. Just don't have much of an appetite. I was wondering if I would gain weight after surgery from immobile - or lose weight from not feeling well. That's about it for today. Happy healing to everyone!
Hi there again. So tomorrow is my surgery and I'm nervous like crazy!!!! My doctor explained to me that I will wear a special bra for at least a week and I'm not allowed to take it off. Are you also wearing one?
When I woke up from surgery I had an ace bandage tightly wrapped around my chest. But before surgery my PS told me to get a sports bra that clasped in the front. I was able to find some at Walmart for about $8. It is very soft and stretchy and never in a million years did I think I would fit into it. Well it fits nicely and is very comfortable. That is what I am wearing since surgery. PS warned me to make sure I don't get one that is too tight around your chest as it will cause irritation with the scars. My chest measured 34 so I got a few measuring 36 and they worked perfectly. They do make me look a bit squished as all sports bras would. I have another appt in 2 weeks so maybe then I will be able to progress into another bra. Definitely ok underwear for awhile. Good luck with your surgery. You will so great! Keep us posted!

9 Days Post-Op

Woke up this morning feeling a bit more swollen, with that engorged feeling like when your milk is coming in. But all in all starting to feel great. My hubby took a picture today. I know it takes months, but wonder if someday I won't have permanent grooves in my shoulder. That will be a great! Feeling positive - it will be a great day today.
Wow, they're shaping up nice. What a difference right, I hope you continue to heal so nicely! Congratulations on the new you!
Thanks! Although at times it seems like it is taking forever, it is amazing to see how quickly healing is taking place.
you are doing really well, so happy for you

Went shopping today

Well ladies I went to Victoria Secret to see when their semi-annual sale is. Well it is happening now for the next couple of weeks. Bummer! I know I have to wait awhile I should be trying anything on. But the good news is - the lady measured me over my clothes which I know is a not all that accurate. Any way she measured me as 36DD. Makes me a happy camper as maybe I will end up a 34/36 D! Who knows. We shall see but for now I am doing the happy dance.
Oooh happy dance, I LOVE that! Congrats and continued good healing ;-)
I really enjoyed reading your review, looking forward to future updates :) Happy healing!!
Hey, you are looking great! :)

Funny story for today

Thought I would give all of you ladies a bit of a laugh. As I was waking up from a nap I started getting sharp pains on my left breast. I thought if I rearrange my breast that would help. So I went to grab my left breast with my right hand but it wasn't there - because I went to grab about 6 inches lower than where my new breast is! I started laughing so hard!
I am So happy for you! :) it is really funny you grabbed in an empty space. I think what i will have to get used to is, that i don't have to stuff the boobs back and rearrange them!
Yeah - that is a nice feeling alright :)
i am waiting to have my second reduction. first was 37 years ago and your before pictures reminded me of what my boobs were like then. slightly different shape this time. i loved your funny story, it is all going to be such an adventure

Doing good and shocking photo 12 days post op

Things are going well and I couldn't be more thrilled with my new breasts. If I could I would walk around the house with no bra all day I would. Quite a different feeling from being so embarrassed of my large pendulous breast prior to surgery. I was so worried about what they would look like after surgery, and I am very pleased so far. Not without imperfections though. I could be concerns for no reason....but I do have some puckering under left breast, and I am hoping I don't end up with a dog ear. I am not too concerned about my other scares but you would probably be able I see end of this scar in a bathing suit. Are there others that had this puckering, and it smoothed out later? I will post a picture.

My other concern is my nipples. They are super sensitive, which I am hoping is a good thing - but still flat. I go from one extreme of having large nipples to flat ones. The color looks good, so I am just hoping it takes awhile from them to pop out.

This will be a long update as I have a lot to say...so I trying out of the house daily to regain some strength and energy and went shopping yesterday. I was hoping to end up as. 36D, but even that size is fairly difficult to find. Had 38+ in D but not 36. So maybe if I end up a 36C I won't be terribly upset as I will then have lots or bras to choose from.

I think may be getting zingers but thought it was a bit early for that. I get sudden sharp pains that last about 20 seconds then go away. They seem to be in the middle of my breasts. I also noticed that I can not tolerate cold drinks as I can literally feel the coldest go down my throat and straight to my breasts and get a sudden rush if sensitivity in my breasts. Kind of a weird feeling - so I think I will just go without cold drinks for awhile.

It doesn't seem as if I am getting smaller with swelling going down yet, but I can definitely tell that my breasts have dropped a bit and are more soft. One side more than the other. So I imagine the swelling is going down, I just can't tell. What a great feeling not to have solid breasts anymore.

So, I thought I would get out the tape measure to compare how big I was prior to surgery. I know I am smaller, but I was quite shocked. No wonder my back hurt so bad. I must have looked bigger than I thought. I wish I would have taken more before pics. I took a pic of with the tape measure to share with you all. Although I measured 34 inches around the ribcage, my breasts before surgery measured 49 inches. The picture tells it all. Yikes!

Well that's about it for today. I am posting a few pictures. Let me know what you think about the puckering. All in all I am thrilled, but definitely will ask the PS when I see him again in a couple weeks.

Hope you are all having a good week. Happy healing!

Oops - here are the pictures'

I accidentally hit submit before posting other pics.
Early days, all looking great
You look great, size and shape are terrific. You are having ALL the same issues and symptoms I had. I am 12 weeks PO. The puckering on the sides will VERY likely smooth out. Once all the incisions are totally healed/closed, you can massage them with Bio Oil or something and they'll smooth out. My nipples were hypersensitive too and that calms down. As for when you drink something cold, same here, it's from the intubation (tube down your throat during surgery). Intubation irritates the throat and trachea and makes them sensitive to cold and hot, it settles down too. You won't know your actual/FINAL size until the swelling goes all down, for me that was around 4th week I think. Hope this was helpful. Continued good healing.

Here is the shocking pic

Not sure what happened but here is the shocking picture I spoke about in my update today. Can't even believe I was that much bigger. My chest measured 49 inches and my ribcage measured 34 inches. Yikes! No wonder I feel so small now. Sorry about all different posts. I hope to have better luck next time.
Wow! What an amazing difference...it's GOTTA feel better. Congrats again, and I think your shape and size is TERRIFIC. Continued good healing ;-)
You are looking great - congrats on a successful surgery :-)
Thanks again ladies for all the encouragement! I don't know what I would do without you. It is wonderful to have this site and encourage one another! :)

And the fun begins....

I will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Can't believe it has gone so quickly. Have to go back to work on Monday. Not to thrilled about that, but I am sure I will be just fine. So I started feeling the sharp pains in the middle of my breast - possibly what you ladies on the site call zingers. But even more bothersome is how super sensitive my nipples are. I cringe when I really cold (which happens a lot) and am not able to drink anything cold. Called the PS today and he suggested that I start massaging my nipples to help desensitize them. We will see if that helps. Any other suggestions lady to help it be more tolerable? Also, how long can I anticipate this to last?

I am happy that my nipples have feeling at this early stage, and encouraged that it has to be a good sign that healing is coming along as expected. My breasts are still sore, have that engorged feeling still...but am no longer needing to take Tylenol. All in all I am still thrilled withy progress and hope it continues to go smoothly. Just so thankful for this site, as it is helpful to hear from those that have been there, done that, etc. You ladies are wonderful and so encouraging. Happy healing everyone!
I'm 13 weeks PO, I had SUPER sensitivity in the nipples from day 2 til about week 4. Put gauze pads over them, underneath the bra, and definitely keep bundled and warm...cold is the enemy, lol. Everything else is normal. I found that even though I was only taking Tylenol during the day after day 4, I did take a pain pill before bed cause it let/helped me sleep so much better. Given you're going back to work, that's probably crucial that you get good rest, so I suggest the pain pill at nite if you can't rest/sleep easily. Continued good healing, (((HUGS)))
So funny you mention that - as last night I did not sleep well for the 1st time since surgery! I think I will be taking at least Tylenol before going to bed!
I had my operation on the 3rd Jan 2014 so I am a week behind you. Thank you for posting your comments as you seem to have the same symptoms as me. I didn't realise how tired I would be, so glad you have had naps during the day. I can now tell my husband that this is normal. Good luck at work next week.

2 weeks Post-op Today!

Can't believe it has already been 2 weeks since surgery. This week has been much better. Well overall I had not had too much pain, and it has been easier than I thought it would be....I am much more alert and not sleeping as much. I am so incredibly happy I had this surgery. The scabs around my nipples are flaking off, so now they are a bit read. But I am thinking the incisions are looking pretty good. I will post my 2 week picture.

I had a little bit if soreness into back between my shoulder blades today. This is the first time I had any type of back pain since surgery so that is great news. I did not sleep well last night so I am thinking this had something to do with it. Also I went to lunch with a work friend for the 1st time since surgery. Of course it is hard not to stare and wonder how I look, so I subconsciously found myself in my old ways of slouching my shoulders forward. I also think I was doing this as to protect my hypersensitive nipples from the cold. I am going to have to make a conscious effort of not being ashamed, and sitting up straight. Part of me just wants to show the whole world my new boobs to get all the looks out of the way. LOL. I have been so thrilled not to have back pain, I just need to make sure I keep it that way. :)

I have been so thrilled with my results and have really positive thoughts. I guess today is the first time I am a bit concerned. I did not have FNG but my nipples still remain pretty flat. I went from one extreme of having large nipples from breastfeeding (which I hated) to flat nipples. I am nervous they will remain flat and haven't really read that other ladies have this concern. I have feeling in them which is great, and I think the color is good. Would like to hear from others that have had this happen. How long does it take to improve? If they remain flat is this something that can be fixed? I guess we all have to have some bit of worry, right?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
I have not been able to go back to work yet i am a pet sitter so if one of the dogs pulls me well you can imagine. I did how ever this past week go back to work as a nanny. I work both jobs part time. Since my injury three years ago and then with this its been hard to keep ends meet. My boss that i had been with for five years laid me off for 6 months while owing me 2 grand but she really needed me and i really needed her. So i started back about two months ago. Thankfully the kids were out of school but i only had a week off before i had to go back. Thankfully they also had two snow days so i went back wed and that was my first day i drove. Wow it took a toll on me just driving for five minutes! I was so tired just from that one day i slept for five hours! I am still recoupong this weekend. Next week I am to start pet sitting again... but have to wait till wed due to the death in the family... the kids are great. I start at six and drop two off at 9 then the other two off at 1240 then dont pick them up till 340 and im done by 4. so thats the easy job... im a bit worried about the pet sitting. Some days i have one to two pet sits some days more... SO please take it easy. I tried moving way to fast on fri and ended up almost falling on black ice and not just that i was wearing myself out. I was feeling so good or so i thought but i am still not there. ALSO i was 250 a few months before the surgery due to the injurys that i had i had gained alot of weight i was 180 a year before I was able to get down to 218 before the surgery. I lost 30 pounds in under 30 days now i just want to loose more weight!!! So i know how you are feeling! I also will still be on narcotics for the next few months due to my other injuries i try not to take the norcos and muscle relaxers to much but i can still tell a diffrence. I went for my first massage therapy session last week. I had not gone in almost three weeks. I have bene seeing him for two years. He was like wow your looking great. the first time my boss saw me she was in total shock. I cant wait for my family to see me.... No more calling me Dolly parton and now i can run and now i can horse back ride with out having to wear four bras i mean i just cant believe this.... all my fears held me back.... good luck keep me posted
Thanks for your post. I have sent you a private message with additional questions.
Thanks so much'

Not a good day...

Not a good day...I have not felt as well the past couple of days. In a lot more pain than I had been. Not as many zingers. Just a constant ache that is painful. I have also had chills off and on all day. I had a low grade fever but never over 100 degrees. I read many of you have had a difficult time around this point (16 days post op) so I have really been taking it easy. I am going to go to bed soon as I need to get a good night sleep before working tomorrow. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
Just read your review Coloradolady, and really empathise with the tears in the bra shop situation! usually always held back the tears at the time (I am british after all!) but I completely know what you mean. One particular time, an aggressive saleswoman in a bra shop literally opened the curtain and kind of 'folded' my breasts into a strapless affair, insisting it fitted. Stupidly, i was young, and i bought it, but it was humiliating. Another scary French lingerie lady gruffly told me to take off the bikini top I had chosen and brought out the only one they had that would fit - even the meanie that she was, I have to hand it to her, she barely glanced at me and the bikini top she brought fit me spot on ;) You must be soooo pleased with that pic of you in the little pink bra thingy you have on, it looks great!!!
Take care. You had a reduction of a similar scale to mine. It is a huge thing for your body. Your new boobs look wonderful. It is the best not to have to worry about those huge pendulous boos isn't it!

Back to work this week

Started back to work this week. I am not as tired as I thought I would be which is pretty amazing. There were days when I would come home from work before surgery and I would be exhausted. I think my large breasts were bothering me more than I even know. I am having quite a bit of discomfort. It doesn't seem as if I am doing too much. Just walking around seems to causes a lot of strain on my horizontal stitch. Had a low grade fever also so I went to the PS today. All is good, but he wants me to keep a close eye on things. I love my PS office. They seem like they truly care and are so compassionate. After I left I started thinking what an awesome job they have to help so many woman with all their back pain issues and also help them feel beautiful again. I am so happy. Once I am finished recovery, it will truly be a life changing experience. I am so happy I had the surgery. Just wish I had done it so many years ago.
It's so wonderful hearing someone be so happy with their result and choice. Congrats! I agree, it IS life changing. And what a great review of your PS, his office and staff. Continued good healing and be well ;-D

New picture and Update #2

I am posting an updated picture with no scabs. Yeah! Not only do I hope these pictures help other women see how quickly things can progress, they also encourage myself and remind me how far I have come in such a short period of time. Still have some redness still but I think things are looking pretty good.

Two more days and I can't believe it will already be 3 weeks since surgery. I can't even imagine how good I will look and feel in 3 more weeks. Still a bit anxious to see how I will look with no swelling, and to know what my final bra size will be. Whatever it is I will be thrilled.

Have an appointment with PS on Monday. I think he will talk to me about massage and when I can start using scar treatment. I am excited about that as I can tell my skin around my scars is really dry, and I will feel like I am doing something to have the best possible result in the end.

Oh i almost forgot...

I guess I have so much on my mind that I forgot to tell you another reason why I posted a new picture....I was a bit concerned about my nipples being so flat. Well looks like they are starting to come out from hiding and are starting to pop out a bit. I was excited!
Yay I'm happy that your nipples are healing well - you are looking great :-)
Thanks so much!
That is great about your nipples.

Happy Day!

I was a bit nervous going back to work this week wondering if anyone would say anything. No one has said anything expect for my co-workers that knew I was having surgery. Today my boss was in town and she mentioned how great I looked and what a difference it has made to my overall appearance. She stated she didn't know what it was but I look so healthy and have a look like I am well rested and have a lot of energy. These comments really made my day. I guess I just didn't realize how my large breasts affected not only my pain level but my overall appearance to others. And she said this even with me still exhibiting quite a bit of discomfort at work. I feel so happy, and so beautiful again. This is one if the best decisions I have ever made. I just regret not doing it years ago. I would encourage anyone thinking about a breast reduction to seriously consider it. It will change your life. I just don't know how I could ever thank my PS enough for making such a difference in my life. :)

I haven't worn this shirt in years!

Several of my shirts I can no longer wear as now they are too low cut, or fall off my shoulders. But I did find should old shirts that I barely wore years ago that I can now for into. I love it!
Awesome! BONUS of surgery...rotate the wardrobe. I had the same thing ;-)
It was quite surprising, as I forgot about all the clothes I couldn't fit into. And I didn't even have to spend money. I save that for buying new bras :)
I love all the comments you leave you have been so helpful! It also makes me feel so much better to know that someone had the surgery the same time i did! They are still giving me a hard time getting into my account my inbox.... sigh... today i am having to ice can not wait until i go to my apt next fri.

3 weeks Post-Op today

Well another week has home by and I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since surgery. I have more energy than expected, but in much more discomfort this week. Thank goodness I have read from other ladies that this can happen about 15-16 days after surgery. I have a post-op appt on Monday that I am quite excited about. Hopefully I will be able to start using bio-oil then, as I can tell my skin near the incisions lines is getting really dry. I am still thrilled my my new breasts. I will talk to the PS about the little imperfections that I notice and see what if anything I can do to improve these. It looks like a have a dog ear on my left breast in the outside and inside edge of the curve. Although getting better, will be asking him when I can expect my nipples to be back to normal. And I have quite a bit of redness under my breasts, not directly on my incisions but around then. Its as if the stitches are holding my breasts up but they are trying to tug and pull against the stitches. This is also where most if my discomfort is, along the horizontal incision line. I am also wondering how long I should feel discomfort. I seem to deal with pain and discomfort if I know what is expected. I will post some 3 weeks pictures. I have tried to taking some pictures from different angles, but a bit difficult taking them by myself. I think things are healing nicely. Not much difference this week but it has been so helpful to me and hopefully others to see the progress that has been made. I can't really tell how swollen I still am as I am not sure how my breasts will eventually be. Wishing everyone good luck with their upcoming surgeries and sending positive thoughts to all!
I just read your entire journey. Thank you!!!!!! You are remarkable I can only hope for a speedy recovery once I have my B-Lift / reduction 2/12/2014. I am 61 hummmm you might say that pretty old LOL. But September 16th 2013 age 60 I had a Full TT and my recovery was better than expected. Thanks for your story & positive attitude ((hugs and smaller Jugs))). LOL LoveLoveBelieve
Thanks. Love your sense of humor....hugs and smaller jugs :) I enjoyed writing my review. I am typical journaling type of person but this sore has really helped me in my recovery. Hopefully I can be an inspiration to others. Never to old for a BR. How many 60 year olds can say they have perky boobs? You will be so happy. I am trying to talk my Mom into looking into a BR this summer. Good luck with your surgery. I will look at your new review once it is posted. :)
Very nice! Funny story about the pain in the boob. Lol.

3 week Post-Op Appointment

Had my 3 week post-op appointment today. PS is very impressed with how well I am healing and said everything looks perfect. I have been cleared to wear any type bra I would like, and no longer have any exercise or lifting restrictions. Did say not to pay a lot of money for new bras as I still have swelling. But couldn't tell me how much smaller I will end up. I am currently a 36DD, which I am thrilled about. I know I have some swelling especially in the sides so I my guess is I will be a 36D. Then when I lose weight, if my breasts end up decreasing in size I won't end up too small.

PS also said I could start using bio-oil or vitamin E oil if I would like, but doesn't know if it really makes a difference. He did mention that I could also use scar away silicone scar sheets or scar guard which is a gel and both he has seen good results. I would be interested to hear from the ladies here, and what seems to work and make a difference.

He also said I no longer have to wear a bra 24/7 but I am a bit scared not to. I asked about the pain underneath my breasts and all is normal, but may take a couple months before I have no discomfort. Sounds as if everyone is different in regards to how long they have discomfort, but all is looking great and every week will be better. It may also take a couple months for my nipples not to be so flat. I am feeling better about them as they are starting to protrude, but he did warn me they may not end up as they were pre-op. I am not overly bothered by that, as they were quite large from breastfeeding. If I have some nipple...I am happy. It may be too early to tell, but I may end up with a couple dog ears. But PS assured me if it doesn't get better this is a simple fix in the office at no additional charge. I go back to the doctor in March....but don't anticipate many changes other than swelling decreasing and my discomfort lessening with time. Now I hope I can be an inspiration and encouraging to others. Having the BR surgery has truly changed my life. I am so happy! Just wish I would have done this years ago. :)
That is what my doc said also...about 6 months. But does sound like a simple procedure done in the office. No down time, so that is good.
Thanks for updating from your visit to the doc. Sounds like he confirmed what I thought. I have a little bit of dog ears and some side boobage, so I think I'll need a little revision. But to be fair, I did NOT get any lipo on the sides, MY choice. Going in for my TT/MR on Mondays, also no lipo, my choice. I'm opting for losing some more weight and potentially doing some lipo later on. I'm STILL VERY happy, the size reduction has been GLORIOUS ;-)
Good luck with your surgery? Are they able to complete the revision for the dog ears at the same time as surgery?

New Bra and pic

So here is the 1st bra I will be trying out besides my sports bra. Doesn't fit perfectly, but I will wait to spend a lot of money until swelling goes down. This is a 36DD. I didn't think Iooked that big? How did I think Iooked so small after surgery? I have worn it all morning and so for so good! I brought my sports bra with me to work just in case I got too uncomfortable.
Wow - looking super - yay! Happy for you.
You are healing fantastically!!! You look great!!! Lucky you no scabbing. Can't wait until I get into a non-sports bra.
I did have scabbing but it all flaked off last week sometime. What a difference! I have also been washing the dried blood off that is around but not in the incision.

A bit nervous - red raw area

When I went to the doctor yesterday all incisions were closed and looking good. There was an area yesterday that looked like a small white area like when a scab is wet. Then today I came home from work and there was dried and new blood along my horizontal scar on the left side. I cleaned the area and there is a red spot that looks pretty raw. It starts along the incision line and that goes upward. It isn't very big, but I am a bit concerned as yesterday everything looked perfect. I did use the silicone sheets for the 1st time but this is the only area that was affected so I don't think it is a reaction. Am I over reacting? I will post pics. The are strange angles but it wanted to get as clear of a picture as possible.
Hey, That may have been an area that wasn't quite closed all the way before you used the scar treatment. That's the only thing I can think of. Keep it dry, put some gauze in your bra until it closes up again. Don't use the silicone sheets again for a bit. You look really great! I wouldn't have thought you were a DD! It's so crazy how differently some bra sizing runs. Keep taking care of yourself, you'll be alright :))
Thanks so much! I am really lucky that things have gone so smoothly. I'm not sure how much swelling I still have, so we will see what my final size. I doubt I will go down 2 cups size to a C but we shall see. My breasts are still very firm and have that natural cleavage. Once they are softer I am thinking they may be able to mold more into the shape of a bra.
Definitely true. After talking to my PS, I understand why he didn't go down to the B that I wanted. And in your case, WORLDS of difference from before! :)) Pretty amazing transformation! I'm sure that eventually a real bra will be comfortable. It just may take some time and getting used to. I replied to someone else's comment on my post, that I think my need for more support might be somewhat psychological. I've been used to wearing these binding, tight, super support bra's to reign in my gigantaboobs for so long, and now I feel strange without the support. It will definitely be a process, realizing that I may not need what I did before :)) I think many of us might be in the same mind, if you think about it.

4 Weeks Since Surgery

Hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since surgery. At times it seems like yesterday, but then I realize how far I have come since the day of surgery. Still no back pain! I am thrilled more than you can imagine, as I have lived with daily back pain for more years than I can count. I was wondering how my back would feel after returning to work, but no pain even after working all day :). I am a bit more tired at work during the day, but I have not been sleeping well. I still wake up with a quite a bit of discomfort and feel like I am swelling in my sleep. But nothing compared to a couple weeks ago. So now instead of seeing daily improvements I have to look back and see how far I have come since last week. I am going to go bra shopping. I feel like if I had more support by breasts would not get so sore during the day. I don't notice that my swelling is decreasing. I can't wait until I am at my final size/shape. For now I just have to be patient and focus on the fact that I am so happy with my new breasts. It is nice to feel beautiful again! Hoping for a quick recovery to all the ladies that had surgery recently. I am posting my 4 week pics. I don't see as much difference this week, so maybe I will have to wait awhile before painting more. Until next time..,,happy healing!
Looking GREAT!!! Really big transformation!!!!! I'm so happy you're feeling so great :))
Hey lovely, did i already say it? What a wonderful transformation :)) You look georgeous ! I like the picture-time-line. I am going to do that too :D Whew... that 4 weeks are gone and you still feel so swollen makes me a little concerned about myself. I am already fed up with swelling :)) But i am impatient in these manners too .. so, i guess i have to accept it huh.. So what is with this open spot? Is it a stitch? Did you get information from your ps or are you watching over it?
Thanks is much! I so appreciate your feedback. I am not sure if my breasts are still swollen, but I do have swelling on the sides from lipo. With the exception if the swelling on the sides, I wish my breasts could stay just as they are, I love them. A bit bigger than I liked, but I love them and feel so beautiful again. But if they get smaller I don't want them to look like they are starting to sag again. I guess I am a bit paranoid about that. Still sleeping with a bra every night and I never use to do that. I think I will try to find bromelian and maybe that will help the swelling. Do you find that at Walgreen's or do I need to go to a health food store? That sore spot is healing, not quite gone yet but doing good. I really think it was a stitch that irritated things. It was around the same time that I was having stitches poke out around some of the incisions. A small spot at my T-Junction on the right side but that is healing also. I did get seen by the PS when I noticed the sores, as I just want to be proactive. After the initial week or so, sounds as it is unlikely to have complications. Told to watch for an infection....fever, chills, redness, significant swelling, and your breast would feel hot. Everything looked normal and I have been treating it with antibiotic ointment. My incisions look amazing otherwise. Fortunately I am one of those fast healers. I would be interested to see what your PS says about underwires, and what is the reasoning why some PS have patient wait longer than others. My PS said I could wear underwire as soon as I would like. They may not be as comfortable but it won't be harmful at this point. I am just having this discomfort under my horizontal incision and it feels as if I just need more support. Plus have not been able to find any non-wireless bra that fits well in a 36/38DD. You are doing absolutely amazing. I look forward to your updates and you have been a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much!

5 week Post-OP

It has been 5 weeks today since my surgery. Hard to believe. What a week it has been. It has been a very stressful and long week at work, and I am so glad it is Friday. I am still having some discomfort with my horizontal incision but it is slowly getting better. I have found a couple non-wireless bras, to provide more support. They do seem to help with the soreness, but are not very comfortable after awhile and I have yet to be able to last the entire day. I then switch to my more comfortable sports bra that I have been wearing. I am contemplating getting the Marena B2 bra that has been recommended, but wondering if it will make any difference at this point since I am already 5 weeks post-op.

I rarely have zingers anymore, but my nipples do seem a bit tender again the past couple days. I am able to drink cold liquids again without chills going straight to my nipples, so it is evident that things are healing. I have been using bio-oil and at times the silicone tape on my incisions. Not sure if it will make a difference as I heal well, but at least I feel as though I am doing something to achieve the best possible result. And the bio-oil feels so good.

On Wednesday, my PS'a office had an open house in the evening, as they remodeled their office and they also have skin products that they were promoting. The great thing was that my PS was there. I wasn't going to talk to him about my progress, or ask any questions as it wasn't an actual appointment. But since he brought it up and was wondering if I had any questions. I did ask him about the discomfort and he reassured me that I am healing wonderfully and look great. He said we just don't realize how much we do with our chest and it just takes time for things to be back to normal. Also mentioned that it may take 2 months before the tenderness and swelling on the sides is back to normal. Don't have much tenderness there, but I can tell I am still swollen. My Mom came with me to the open house, and my PS proceeded to tell my Mom I am a star patient and he is thrilled with how well I am doing. I am so grateful for his expertise and told him so, and I so appreciate him...and how much it has made a difference in my life. He could visibly tell how happy I was. I was glowing. Although it is his profession I just wanted to express my gratitude, and it just felt like a good time to do that. I left there feeling great as he made me feel on top of the world expressing how well I have done, and I was also able to let him know how happy I am with my results. I know I have said this before but I really do love my boobs.

I am so happy I am writing this review of what happened this week, as it is cheering me up as I write. I was playing around with pictures as it is so helpful to me to are how far I have come. Well I compared my pictures from day 5 post-op to today (week 5) and the difference is tremendous. I really didn't realize that I had changed that much. I feel as though I am not as swollen but my shape has certainly changed. I am not as boxy which great, but my breasts have obviously dropped some. Then I start wondering how much will I change in the next 5 weeks and if they will drop further. I love my boobs and don't want to change too much more. I hope they don't start to look like they sag. I am hoping I still look perky. I was wondering if I am still too big. At first I had this permanent cleavage look, and that is not as evident now. Although it was a nice look compared to where I came from, I would have had a difficult time finding a bra. Then I compared week to week pictures and there isn't much difference. So then I was happy again. I love my boobs, they make me feel beautiful again and I for the most part have had no back pain. They certainly are not perfect, as I think the right is a bit bigger than the left....but that is how I was before surgery and never noticed until my PS pointed it out to me :) I guess this is a lengthy update, so hope I have kept am everyone's attention. I did not feel as though I had much to talk about...but I guess I did. I may have to update more often.

Congrats to all those that had surgery this past week. I hope that your recoveries continue to go well. I am truly excited for each and every one of you. I appreciate you all so much! Enjoy my pictures for the week :)
Glad to see you healing well - you look amazing :-)
Thank you! It is an awesome feeling! Glad you are doing better. :)

No wonder why....

As I was looking at the pictures I just posted...I was looking at the 5 day versus 5 week picture. I look bigger now than I did then only because I am no longer as swollen, and when I was so swollen I just felt like everything was so hard and compacted. No wonder why I felt like I was so small :) other than it being such a drastic difference.
Five weeks pics looking amazing!
Thanks. I wonder what the next few weeks will be like. Hopefully not too much change:)
Very nice!

Weekend update

It has been a good weekend overall. I was quite tired yesterday ....more so than I have been since the first week of surgery. So I took it easy, and made sure I wasn't overdoing things. My discomfort it starting to lessen and doesn't really start bothering me unless I am too active. My nipples have been a bit more sensitive the past few days, but I think I am past the zinger stage. Started taking Bromelain to help with the swelling I have. Mostly on my sides, from lipo. PS said it may be a couple months before that swelling goes down, but I figured this may help a bit. I am not sure how long it takes to make a difference. But I think it may be helping a bit. Thanks for the tip ladies! Went to the movies yesterday with my boys, and today we will be getting ready for the Super Bowl. Go Broncos!

Did I tell you how much I appreciate all of you! I do thank all of you for sharing your pics and I appreciate the ones that also show your faces, as it is nice to out a name with a face. I am not quite that brave. Thinking positive healing thoughts for all of you!
Your results are amazing and I pray mine progress like yours. My incisions go back kinda far and that was/is slightly upsetting but after seeing your results I'm feeling better.
Thank you! You look amazing too! My scars go back far also. I am thinking this happens when you have a large reduction. They removed about 5 1/2 lbs total. I may have to have some "dog ear" revisions as the scars at the end pucker a bit, as well as the inside scar on my left breast. I still have some swelling and I can tell the scars are looking better, so we will see. Regardless, it will be an easy fix in the doctors office and he won't charge me for it. I am glad I could help you feel better. Have you tried on different outfits yet? I could fit into shirts I have not worn in years, and had to buy some new ones too. A lot of my shirts were now too big in the shoulders not just the bust. Hopefully one day soon you will be as excited as I am :)
Hey thanks for your review, it was a great read and your results speak for themselves. Really great shape and size and healing really well! The five weeks once amaze me, I hope I look that good at five weeks! Did you find you were really tired when you went back to work? So glad you are so happy with your results :)

Made it to the Gym!

I made it to the gym tonight and I feel so good. I only focused on lower body exercises, but it was great. My hubby was ready to go before I was. Now I can focus on losing some weight and strive for a body that will match the boobs that I love. Feeling great!
Yay!!! Awesome for you!!! So happy you're so happy with the new girls! Your results are fantastic!!!! :))
Ahhhhhh the gym! You are going to look so great by the summer, I'm so excited to buy a swimsuit from a real store this year!!
That is another thing I will put on my list of reasons why I am thrilled to have smaller boobs. I haven't worn a bikini in awhile and it was sooo difficult to find one that fit. Now I really need to hit the gym:)

Don't want to jinx myself...

Yesterday and today I have had hardly any discomfort. Not even my horizontal stitch. Until yesterday, I would go home from work and could hardly wait to get undressed and lie down. Not because I was tired, but it helped the discomfort. When I got undressed and did not have my bra last night while showering, getting dressed, etc. they started to ache. But much better than they have been. As has been the pattern, every week gets a little better. Did I say how excited and thrilled I am? :) I am hoping all you ladies have a good recovery also. It certainly has not been painless, but it has been nice to have a recovery without complications.
yay!!! That's really great news!!! :)) keep it up!
It's funny how suddenly the worst is over - good for you back at the gym - I am being lazy......Glad you are happy - it is very cool!
Thanks so much, I hope it does too :) So glad it went so well for you, it inspires me! Good to know I should be ok for work, hope I feel ok! I've lied to everyone about why I'm off so I can't really afford to take longer!

6 weeks Post-Op Update

How can it already be 6 weeks since my surgery? This week was a good week. I am back to work full time since 17 days post-op but this week I have worked full days without leaving early. I have not had nearly the discomfort that I was having. It wasn't significant the past couple weeks, but I definitely could see a difference. I have been sleeping on my side for limited periods of time, and overall sleeping better. I don't think my shape has changed too much this week, and still notice my right breast to be somewhat bigger than the left. But am completely okay with this as it was bigger before surgery and never noticed it until PS pointed it out. It is not very noticeable when standing in front of a mirror or when wearing a bra. I will wait awhile longer before I try on other bras. I wonder if I will end wearing 36/38D rather than DD. Although I am thrilled with my new boobs, I hate saying that I may be a DD after a breast reduction.

I have noticed my scars are looking really nice, but the redness around my nipple scars are still pretty red. I have been using mostly bio-oil on my nipples and the silicone sheets on my other scars. I have used the silicone gel on the nipple scars but not sure I like it very much. Not sure of any of the scar treatment really makes a difference but it feels good to seem to be making a difference. My scars from other surgeries always healed well without scar treatment so I think a lot has to do with genetics and our overall health. I have never smoked, rarely drink, and eating healthy.

Oh yea - I received my Marena B2 bra in the mail today. I should have ordered this long ago. I know many of us purchased the front closure sports bra from Walmart. They were soft and comfortable but since I am still a DD I did not feel as though I getting enough support after I was up and about more often. I do wonder if my discomfort wild have been less if I had purchased this earlier. It is a bit more expensive but I would definitely recommend it all you ladies.

This next week I hope to make it to the gym more and start losing weight. My daughter is getting married in October so I have to look awesome by then ...if not by summer. :)

Hoping everyone's recovery is going well. In the early stages it brings more discomfort, lots of questions, and the emotional roller coaster....but before you know it you will wonder where the time has gone. I still enjoy reading your updates and will continue to encourage each of you ladies. Take one day at a time, remember you at not alone and try to stay as positive as you can!
You look wonderful already! The purple looks really great on you. I'm sure by the time your daughter gets married you will be knock-out gorgeous! It will be fun for you to get back to the gym with your new little ones! What a difference it all is when you don't have to deal with large breasts. I'm doing free weights again. I was elated to work out and notice the way I don't have to worry about my boobs getting hit by the weights. Like doing bicep curls and not smacking myself in the chest with the dumb bells. Happy healing to you and best wishes on your journey to increased fitness and health. xxxooo
Hey lovely :) I am happy you received the marena, i am sure it will be working well as sports bra too if you are going to the gym now :D The slight red of the scars will fade, but it will take time. Don't be sad about it, you look great and the shape is wonderful ! Beeing happy about wearing nice clothes and tops the time will fly by quickly and who knows how our breasts will look in a few months :) I can't wait to see our progress :)
I can't wait to see our progress either. It has been 6 weeks now, just can't imagine how great I will look and feel in the next 6 months. I still love my new boobs and their shape. I have felt much better this week. I do like the Marena bra I ordered the large size and it fits great around the ribcage and shoulders. I am a bit busty as it makes it look like a push up bra....but definitely feels nice to have the support without an underwire. I don't think a larger size would have been better as it would be too big around the ribcage and shoulders. Wishing I would have ordered it long ago. But better late than never I guess. My other bras definitely served their purpose especially when I was not as active or back to work. Thanks so much for your support. I am so excited for you, and how lovely you look too. :)

Low back ache...

Well today is the first day that my low back has hurt since my surgery. It was a reminder of the constant pain I had prior to my surgery. My 2 year old granddaughter spent the night last night, and I think we had too much fun. She loves running around the house and having Gma chase her. Also, at night she crawls in bed with us and I never sleep comfortably after that. I am hoping to sleep better to tonight and back to normal tomorrow. :)
Question - when did you stop using the tape after surgery? I mean after my tape from surgery cane off I reapplied the surgi tape myself because I read that it keeps your scars flat and heal faster...it seems like you didn't use the tape at all. I have been wearing it 24/7 since surgery. ..you just look so fabulous I'm just hoping my scars heal like yours.
I did not use tape at all. In fact I had no coverings over my stitches either. I did keep panty liners in my bras until I no longer had any oozing. This is the interesting thing....it seems as though every PS has different protocols after surgery I had disposable stitches and surgery glue over my incisions. I imagine that worked like steri-strips or tape. When that came off between week 2 and 3...my post-op appointment was week 3 and my PS seemed a bit shocked at how good my incisions looked. At that point I was cleared to use scar treatment. If my incisions did not look as they did I do not know if he would have recommended something different. My PS recommended the silicone sheets and/or silicone gel. I have used the tape sometimes, and the gel around my areola incisions. But mostly I have been usually bio-oil. Good luck with healing, and it just takes time and you will look great too!
you are looking so sexy in your new purple shirt! rawr!

The Good and Not so Good

I am now 6 1/2 weeks post-op my incisions are really looking remarkable. They have been completely closed for quite some time. The incisions around my aerolas are a bit red, but definitely looking better. Now for the not so good....although I am not overly concerned I am at a loss. Yesterday I was a bit more achy so I wore my new Marena B2 bra all day. In the evening I noticed what looked almost looked like I had a blood blister about 1 cm to the left of my T junction on my right breast. So I put some antibiotic ointment on it and covered it today. Today it opened up and it is indented. It almost looks like a sore I had a 3 weeks but worse this time. I have not been wearing an underwire bra. I'm not overly concerned as the other sore healed well and I know what the dr suggested. It does not look infected and it is not right on the incision. It is actually to the left of the T junction and above the horizontal stitch. I just wish knew what was causing this, so I could potentially prevent this from happening. Any ideas lady? I will post some picture as well as my as a couple others.

Oops...here are the other pics

You ladies are ao smart! I thought I would be past having internal stitches pop out. I called my PS and spoke to the surgeon's nurse and that is what she thinks too. Said to keep an eye on it and call back Friday - and earlier if gets worse. I did ask if it mattered that I could not see the stitch, and she no. There is nothing I can so to prevent this from happening. Darn! I was a bit bothered as the scar from the last sore is worse than the incision. She said don't worry about that as the PS can do a scar revision if they bother me too much. Not sure how that works but we will worry about that later if needed. That made me feel better, and also that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing. Just putting antibiotic ointment on and keeping it covered. She did ask me if I have had dissolvable stitches in the past...and although I have had many surgeries I can't remember what type of stitches I had. Anyway, all is good and I will just keep an eye on things. Just hoping I don't get any bothers stitches popping out.
Does that mean your stitches are not yet dissolved?? Did she say how long? I know my son had stitches in his forehead and he had one pop out but it was more like a soft string hanging from the inside out. I hope everything is okay!!! After two months I would almost expect to be done with healing and running freely though a field of dandelions...lol
I guess it can take awhile for the internal stitches to dissolve. I forgot to ask her long I can expect this to happen. I will ask her when I call back on Friday. I am feeling a bit bummed today.

Feeling a bit depressed :(

I am feeling a bit depressed today. This is the first time since surgery that I have felt like crying. These spitting stitches have just thrown a wrench my mood. I feel a bit more swollen today, and more achy than I have been. I have just been doing so great and my incisions look wonderful, except where I had the sore before mostly likely from a stitch. There are also a few questionable areas that may end up spitting stitches also. Hopefully the spitting stitches don't ruin my lovely scars.

I had such a great week last week and have been feeling wonderful. I guess I am a bit bummed as I did not expect this 6 1/2 weeks after surgery.

I have come so far and done great. This is just a small bump in my recovery. I don't even see this as a complication...and then I start feeling guilty for being a bit sad. But we are entitled to a bad day, right?

Well I am going to get to sleep. Hoping I will wake up in a better mood tomorrow, and be back to my normal self with a positive attitude.
We all have our little hiccups after surgery. I remember thinking how lucky I was to not get any open sores and a couple of days later I got three of them. Everyone heals at their bodies own pace. Your breasts look great and they are a lot smaller and perkier than they were so don't worry if you have to wear a DD bra - a lot of us end up in the d's - which is a lot better than the h-k's.
Must be the day for struggles. I am sorry you feeling low as well. I just look at your entire picture and it is amazing how fast you are healing and your breast settling nicely. The before and after pictures are the best. You should look at them again. Your surgery went great and you healed fast. Don't let a few spitting stitches pull you down for too long. At the same time we all have our ups and downs. Our oh how awesome our new boobies look to did I do the right thing. Unfortunately it's all part of recovery. Have great sleep tonight and tomorrow will be a better day! Good night my friend sleep tight and happy dreams.
Thanks so much. Not feeling too much better today so I did not want to put another depressing update on my review. It looks like I will have 1or 2 more spitting stitches. I am going to call the PS tomorrow. Not sure if he can remove it before it leaves a hole as big as my pinkie finger. It also seems as though my incisions are looking worse and getting wider instead of better. I still LOVE the shape of my new breasts and I look a billion times better. Before surgery I did not care about my incisions - so why do I care now?

Advice regarding Insurance Denials and good news!

Thought I would update all of you ladies regarding insurance denials. I have double coverage, as I am covered through my insurance as well as my husband's insurance. Prior to my surgery my insurance denied the surgery as a Breast Reduction, but my husband's insurance approved it. So I am thrilled that it was covered at all and all I would need to do is pay my 20% co-insurance as my deductible was already paid. Well I just got my Explantion of Benefits from my primary insurance and as expected they denied the bill from my surgeon. BUT they covered the all the other expenses associated with the surgery including the surgery center and anesthesiogist bill. I couldn't believe it. So in the end that would have saved me over a $1000. So, even if you get an insurance denial still have the providers submit it to your insurance. You never know they may just cover a portion. :)
Good info. Thanks ;-)
You look great. I am having BR next week and your posts are very helpful. Thanks!!!
Thanks so much! I am over my silliness of being discouraged about something so small compared to how much I have overcome. And I do love my size :) I am sure I am at least half the size use to be. Now that is amazing :) and I look and feel beautiful again:)!

7 weeks Post-Op and doing better!

Happy Valentine's Day! My surgery was 7 weeks ago. This week has been full of emotion, which is not typical for me. After thinking I was through the hardest part and that it would be down hill from here...then to have spitting stitches really messed with my emotions. All is good and I am sure my body has not seen he last of spitting stitches. My sores are not infected so they really are not anything to be concerned about. They may leave my scars not being so pretty but I have been reassured that the scars can be fixed if needed. In the end I really care more about my perfect, perky, and the beautiful shape of my breasts than I do scars underneath my breasts that no one will see.

I have been reminded once again that I have to be patient, and I can't expect perfection. I really have come so far in a short period of time. Less than 2 months ago I had extremely large hideous breasts that I hated. It is really amazing that my surgeon can transform my breasts into ones that make me feel beautiful. I sometimes look down at my breasts and have flashbacks to what they looked like when I was in my 20's before I was pregnant. Now that is a wonderful feeling! How many 45 year old can say that have breast of a 20 year old?

Other than the spitting stitches I have felt really good. I have a tiny bit of discomfort at the end of the day when I take my bra off, but overall feel amazing and no longer reminded of the discomfort all day long. I have had a bit more swelling this week, but I think the swelling has again gone down. I posted a picture earlier this week and you can see the difference in one of my comparison pictures. And I am almost 2 cm smaller around my bust than I was yesterday.

I had fun trying on some of my new blouses today and I am getting quite good at taking pictures of myself and have even figured out how to make myself look thinner :) And ladies guess what size the picture of me in the bra is??? I am a tad squished but it as 36D!!!! Yippee! At least I can fit into some 36D's. That gives me hope that this may be my final size after all the swelling is gone. But regardless I am thrilled but just had to share that with you ladies.

I posted some more comparison pictures. I know I posted some of these before but it really helps me to see much of a difference each week can make....and hopefully this will inspire some of you.

Well I best get this posted and hope everyone has an awesome week. Sorry I have not been more encouraging this week, but I am determined to be back to my normal, positive and encouraging self. Have an awesome Valentine's Day!

Here are the pictures from my last update...

I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that it has been seven weeks feels like awhile lot lomore!! Here I am directed and mad because I'm swollen and sore and not able to fully work out or loose weight. At the Same time if seems normal which brings comfort. I'm sorry about the splitting stitches you are looking great!!!!
Thanks. I am not as bothered now by the stitches, like I was at first. It isn't realistic for things to go perfectly...but I sure was hoping. I just have a different perspective...there is nothing I can do to prevent them...but they are far less discomforting than the rashes I use to have. Some days I feel more swollen than others. I figured once we are not swollen that would be the end of it. So haven't figured that out yet. I have started going to the gym...but no aerobic activity yet.
First you look fabulous and your shirts are beautiful! I love your comparison photos - those are excellent examples of what to expect. I'm a little disappointed about the insurance :-( how in the world did they deny you?! Now I'm worried that I will be denied also. Ugh!

I think I sacred my hubby off for awhile longer...

My husband has been scared to touch my new boobs in fear of hurting me. I keep telling him I am fine and he won't hurt me. Well he went to touch me this evening...I think I was more startled but I winced under my breathe and he heard me. Darn it! Now I probably have scared him off for awhile longer. Anyone else's hubby afraid to touch you?
hey, I'm 2 weeks pre-op and my husband is already afraid to touch me. lol. I think he is preparing himself for a famine and figures some separation from them will lessen the blow and shock of them shrinking significantly.
Too funny! Is your hubby being supportive about your decision to have BR?
He is so beyond thrilled! He says he doesn't miss my old girls at all. Neither do I! So it is just a matter of time before he won't be afraid to touch them.

8 Week Post-Op Update & Need Advice

It has been 8 weeks post-op and I am still so happy and thrilled I had my breast reduction. I am hardly feeling any discomfort anymore and can wear most bras without discomfort. The past couple days I am no longer bringing 2 bras to work just in case I have to change. I am still wearing my Marena bra at night. Tonight I noticed I am either less swollen or my bra is getting loser, as I had to tighten the hooks on the tightest ones.

So ladies, I need your input and/or advice. For a couple weeks now I have been noticing that my incisions seem to be much redder than a few weeks ago...even more red than let's day week 3. Especially the incisions around my areolas. This past week it seems as though my scars even seem to be widening.

I have been using Scar Away Silicone sheets and I just wondering it I am having a reaction. When they are not on I use bio-oil. I tried using some 3M paper tape, but it left red marks outlining the tape on my skin after wearing it for 8 hours. Even after a couple days I still notice some red marks.

My other theory is that I am feeling so much better that now I am focusing on the little details. Before surgery I remember telling the PS that I was not concerned about the scars. I have always healed exceptionally well...so that was the least of my concerns at the time. Now that my surgeon was amazing and so very talented by making my breasts beautiful and perfect (at least I think so)....that now I also want perfect scars too. I am not as worried about the scars underneath as I am the ones around my areloas. My right areola also seems to have almost an indentation on the bottom. (I am attaching a picture). I have heard that some have scar revisions...but what does that entail. I know they won't always be so red, but why do they seem to be more red and getting wider? Is it from the swelling decreasing? Is there anything I could be doing now to help this? So what do you think? I would really appreciate your input and advice.

Hope all is well for all ladies that are recovering. And good luck to the ladies that will soon have surgery. I so excited for each and every one of you, and hope it has changed your life for the better like it has mine. :)
Hi there! I love your clever way of framing your pics and the comparisons. I know for some who have not had the surgery yet, those photos can be of great relief to them. You look great. It's wonderful how our bodies heal and how the breasts take shape. Your blouses and tops are so cute too. I especially love the cream and brown ruffled top. You look like a model, you have such a lovely shape now. :)
I like my comparison photos too. It helps me see how far I have come and how things change from week to week. I know how helpful it was to me at the early stages to see other success stories so I hope I am able to encourage others. I just use a free app called Instacollage for the pictures. It is pretty easy, even for is non-creative types. It is truly amazing how our old breasts can be transformed. My PS still amazes me :) thanks for the compliments. The cream and brown ruffled top is my favorite too. I feel like a model some days with my new self confidence. Now I just have to lose weight so my stomach and bottom half of my body can match my top half :)
Hey, I love your photo comparisons! So useful! I imagine I'll be really similar to with the redness. My surgeon keeps the tape on for a while too and the nurse said he likes to keep the scars flat which sounds similar to yours. I'm seeing my PS on 3rd March so I'm keen to ask him his thoughts on bio oil and silicone sheets, I'll let you know!

9 Weeks Post-Op

It has been 9 weeks since surgery. It has been a good week. I don't think the size/shape has changed for a few weeks. I am still so very happy I had the surgery.

I did try to sleep without my bra one night. It did not work out too well. I would wake up and not feel very comfortable and almost achy. I will be wearing my bra for quite awhile still. But how I am use to it, so we will see if I become comfortable without one in the next few weeks.

Although I love my size/shape, I am still not thrilled with my scars around my areola incisions. I know they will lighten with time, but they have seemed to widen too. I am attaching pictures. My scars were so thin and pretty...not so much anymore. Not sure why that happened. I see the PS on March 10th so I will talk to him to see what he thinks. I am thinking I will need a scar revision but not sure what that entails.

Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck to all the ladies that are having surgery this week. There seems to be a quite a few. I am so excited for each of you. It truly is a life changing surgery and I get so excited for each of you.

Have a good week and happy healing!
Did you use the silicone sheets 24/7 ? My ps told me, i should use the sheets right after i stopped with the steristrips around week 3-4. And you should do that between 2-4 months. He also told me that it is normal, hat during the use of them, the scars can look more red and change. Mine do too, they look a lot more red and like little bloodvessels go through but he told me they would look worse. If you don't have kelloid or thick scars at all you should be fine ! I used the staphysagria too to help with the scars as you know.
It is normal for scar tissue to get wider and pinker at this stage. Try homeopathy. Staphysagria 30 & Graphites 30. Both available at Super Supplements. Now is the optimal time to take them. 5 pearls 3 times a day on a clean mouth sublingually. Also, Emu Oil for massaging into the scars, I swear, you will notice a difference within a week. It's rather pricy, but totally worth it. From what I can see of your complexion, you have red undertones in your fair skin, meaning you are more prone to scarring, I am the same way and I have had so many scars but emu oil even works on old scars, and now they are very faint
I still think you look fantastic, one of the best! I sleep with some type of bra 80% of the time, it's like a blankie , I don't want them to sag again either. ...

Doing great at 10 weeks Post-Op

It has been great week and I still love my boobs:) I wonder when I won't be so obsessed with them.

I had my post-op appointment scheduled for next week, but they called and told me PS was in surgery that day so I was lucky and was able to have my appointment a week early. PS is very pleased with my result, and said I am healing wonderfully. He didn't know why the incisions around my right nipple is so much redder, although he did not seem concerned and said it can take up to a year for fading to take place especially since I am so far skinned. He said just keep doing what I am doing. There are tiny dog ears on my inner incisions near my cleavage. They have gotten much better with time, so PS recommends waiting 6-8 months and re-evaluate to see if this needs to be fixed. I so have some swelling possible dog ears on the outside of my incisions. I was wondering if this was still swelling from lipo but PS doesn't think this will get much better. Said I could leave it, or have a scar revision if needed. He explained that there probably was not enough lipo done in that area, and it is difficult to tell at the time of surgery with all the swelling, etc. Since I am so incredibly happy with my surgery results I am wanting to get those areas fixed. He explained that it would make my incision about an inch or two longer. So I will be doing that in the near future. I will attach a couple pictures of those areas. I am so grateful for my surgeon's talent. He is amazing! I gave him a card as a small way of showing him my appreciation, and thank him for doing such an amazing job.

With my weekly pics that I am posting, I also decided that I am going to post a picture of what I look like so all of you can place a face with all if my posts. I will probably remove it in a few days...as I don't want anyone from work coming across my pictures. I am still feeling great and so happy that I had surgery. Happy healing to all those that had surgery this week :) Thanks to everyone for being great Realself friends. I feel like I know each of you all so well, and appreciate you so much. Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging! Hugs to you all!

Here are the side views

Here are the photos of the side views showing the areas that will be revised in the near future.
Your shape looks perfect!
You are a beautiful person, thanks for sharing a face pic. :-) How have you been? Happy Belated International Women's Day (March 8th)
You are so pretty :-) its always nice to put a face to the experience and story! I think your scars still look very good. Are you still using the silicone strips? For some reason I think they are part of the source that make me feel uncomfortable. I don't wear them every day now and I still think they look pretty good. Are you still using the bio-oil on your incisions?

11 Weeks Post-Op

Another great week! I decided take a break from using the silicone sheets this week to see if some if the redness would lessen. I might see a small difference, but nothing significant. I am not sure if any of scar treatment is really making much of a difference...and time is all I should wait for.

I have had a sinus infection the past couple weeks...just so happy I did not have this right after surgery. Now I am getting ready to go on vacation in a couple weeks for Spring Break. We are going to Chicago for about a week, then to surprise the boys with a trip to Disneyland. If you have any creative ideas of how to surprise 14 year old boys...let me know. I am so excited, but still need to look for a new swimsuit. Also quite excited to take lots of pictures as I probably look so much better than I did last year when on vacation. I am still amazed at the transformation.

Still wearing a DD...but if I don't think about the size I am quite thrilled with my shape/size. I actually am not sure I would want to be much smaller. I don't think I have much swelling at this point. Some say you don't reach your final size until 6 months. Wonder how things will change in the next few months. Hoping not too much...now that I am use to my be me. I am still so very happy I had the surgery. Now that I am over the first couple months of recovery and no longer have any discomfort to speak of....I do notice little imperfections so I am quite excited when I don't have to mess with all this scar treatment stuff. I am anxious for the day when I don't think about my boobs. But I guess that is okay - as I love them even with their imperfections.

Wishing happy healing thoughts to all you ladies that have had surgery recently. I am so very excited for you, as I am sure it will change your life as much as it has mine.

Pictures for the week-not much change

Comparison Pics

I really love these comparison pictures. I should I done this before I wrote my post....just when I didn't think I was still swelling or changing much....I guess I am.
Hi there! You are looking awesome! Healing is really coming along. I feel like mines is looking worse. Headed to primary dr today think the vitamin E is making my scars worse so I am stopping starting to get light spots around areoles freaking me out. Will post pics later.
Looking great! Im nervous about those spitting stiches. Ouch. You are healing nice!
How are you feeling? Doing much shopping? ! You look great, very nice shape, and the color is looking good too.

12 Weeks Post-Op and feeling great!

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is having a great week. Can't believe it - I am 12 weeks post-op. Still seems like yesterday. Don't really have much to update. I am getting ready to go vacation next week. So, I will be looking for a new swim suit this weekend. That shall be interesting. Today I wore a pink sweater that I hadn't worn in years. Felt so pretty! Then I want to one if our work locations where I haven't seen many of them since surgery. One of the ladies said "you lost so much weight". I just smiled and said yea, I have. At first I was so afraid of co-workers comments, but I never did have any comments that indicated anyone noticed that my breast size was different....they just think I lost weight. Actually. I am at my pre-op weight now. Seemed to gain my boob weight back from not being as active as I usually am. But I will be walking a lot on vacation...so hopefully with eating out I will not have gained any. That's my goal, and then I can get serious about the weight loss when I get back.

I haven't noticed any changes this week with my breasts. I am pretty much pain free with no discomfort anymore. It has been awhile since I have come straight home from work to change bras, etc. I am still wearing my bra at night, but I have pretty much gotten use to that now and just feel more secure. It is nice to be able to sleep comfortably on my sides. But, amazingly almost every night I wake up and find myself sleeping on my back. I still have no back pain, or shoulder pain. And I am oh so excited that I won't get those painful rashes when it gets warmer.

The swelling on my outside incisions have not gotten any better. I am waiting to hear back from insurance and the PS office to determine how much will be covered, etc. PS said he could do the revision in the clinic, but I didn't really ask what it entails regarding restrictions, and if I will have to be off work, etc. I guess in the moment I didn't care as I really want to have the revision done. I do love the shapes if my breasts and am very grateful that I had an easy recovery.. I just know that if I didn't do this, I would probably always regret it.

I am totally use to the new ME now and it is hard to believe that my breast use to be almost double the size. I am still so thrilled that I had my breast reduction. My hope for other women contemplating a BR....is to realize how much it truly can change your life! Hope everyone is healing well!
Love your blog, I wish I had been brave enough to take pre photos but I actively avoided cameras and now old habits die hard. I feel great, could be doing a lot more exercise ........ I like you and so many others regret not having this surgery sooner. A friend of mine is due to have surgery soon and I will recommend that she read the reports on this site, I wish that I found it pre surgery. Take care
Thanks so much. Haven't been here a lot lately. But it did find this site shortly before my surgery. I was not nervous about the surgery itself mostly just nervous about what I would look like. It was helpful for me to look at other before and after pics. Not like it would change the outcome but it eased my mind. I also avoided pictures as much as I could...but hopefully I can help others as much as they helped me. Good luck to your friend. Have her read my review. I will update in a day or 2. It will be 4 months since surgery in a couple days. Still thrilled!
Hi there. I just updated on my page, but I just wanted to say hi to you personally. How are you doing? Any more word about your revision? I have just two weeks from today now. I've been gone so long from posting. Anyway just wanted to send you a hug and thank you for all your positive posts. :)

4 Months Post-Op

Hi Ladies,
Haven't posted in awhile. I will be 4 months tomorrow and can't believe how the time has flown by. I would say I am fully recovered and have not seen many changes for quite some time. I have full sensation in my nipples but still are not very reactive to touch it cold.

My incisions are getting better with time, but are still fairly pink. I don't worry about that too much any more, and not too worried about imperfections. I think in the recovery process there were so many changes that you can easily become obsessed with how they look.

I am going to have a revision on my outer incisions. They kind of stick out a bit, and still have somewhat of extra side boob. Once I get this fixed it is very possible that I will then be a 36/38D instead of DD. Hopefully I will be able to finalize when the revision will be this next week. I don't think I will have to wait too long.

One of my inner incisions has soften so much it now feels like a stretch mark versus a scar, and it has widen a bit and bulges out. Kind of strange, so I will see if PS can fix that also.

I am still thrilled beyond belief that I had my BR. I am now use the new me and sometimes it doesn't seem possible that my breasts were twice as big as they are now.

Hope everyone is doing well, and that your breast reduction has changed your life as much as it has mine.
I am also DD. I am happy with my size. I feel like it fits my body. And I still feel like they are so small even if other people think I still have big boobs. Everyday I think about how much better my life is. Especially when it comes to clothes and swimsuits. Br's are the best!!!
I totally agree! Took me awhile to get use to the fact that I was a DD after BR and some other women get BR starting at that size....but I think my DD's are PERFECT and lovely. And like you my life is better after BR and I still have no daily back or neck pain. I had to buy all new tops but still have to go shopping for a new swimsuit.
hi CL, good to see your update - how the time has flown!! I would be very pleased if I were you, the shape and size are great. My surgeon was very perceptive in the fact that it is tempting when you have big boobs to go for really small (it was for me), but she wouldn't go below D (UK) for me, and i am so glad she insisted, as I still have curves and after all we are still women! personally I feel happy to be a 'busty-ish' girl, just not quite so ridiculously big!! Cant wait to be at 4 months, and thanks for continuing to update, have always found your review useful and interesting. xx

Revision scheduled :)

My revision is scheduled for May 9th. I am very excited. I love my new breasts, but am excited to have the outer incisions fixed, and get rid of some of the side boob. It isn't anything major, but since everything else looks perfect I figured I would want to have it fixed. I had a minor dog ear on my incision. Now it seems to have widened and looks more like a stretch mark than a scar. I am going to are if he can fix that too. I don't anticipate the revision setting me back at all...so we shall see. It is being done in the clinic, and I will not be having a general anesthetic. I am posting a couple pictures of the areas that will be revised. Not very good pictures, but hopefully you'll get the idea. Hope everyone is healing well.
Thanks ladies! Things went really well I think. Haven't looked yet. Pretty tired; so will update later.
Yes rest ... We will both be good ...DR. Orders. :))
Hope today went well and that you recover well, achieving the result you desire/deserve!

Scar Revision Complete and Feeling Good!

Hi ladies! Now that I took a small nap...thought I would update my experience with my scar revision I had done today. The nurse said the revisions look great. I have not looked at the incisions yet, but I am sure I will be thrilled. I posted some photos the other day of the areas that were going to be revised. PS said it happens quite a bit with a large reduction. He said I could have left them as is, but since my size and shape is perfect... I figured I wanted to get this fixed, as I really don't like having anything that looks like a "side boob" to me. I may even fit into my bras a bit better.

PS just cut out some extra skin and tissue from the sides and extended the incisions a bit going towards my back. PS also fixed the inner incision at my cleavage (left side). I wasn't sure if he would be able to fix that yet, but he did so I am happy. It started out looking like a "dog ear" but then as it healed it stretched out. You can see it in some of my earlier photos if you look closely.

The procedure was done in the office under a local anesthetic so I was awake the entire time. It was actually kind of neat being awake. I did not get queasy at all. We all talked during the procedure, and they (PS and nurse) got to know a bit more about my kids, where they go to school, some of their interests, etc. He really is not only an amazing PS, he seems so very kind and caring. We were talking about how I am so thrilled with having the BR, just wish I would have done it years ago. Then he said, but then I wouldn't have been able to do your surgery. He just moved to Colorado and joined the practice last year. And he is absolutely right...he did an amazing job, and I just will never know if I would have liked the results as much from a different surgeon. He really did an amazing job, and I truly believe things happen for a reason. So after all these years of suffering, it was worth waiting for the perfect surgeon. :)

Since I did not have a general anesthetic I did not have to deal with all the drowsiness that went along with that. And although I will be somewhat sore, I am sure I will be able to tolerate the soreness with Tylenol if needed. As I am sitting here typing this after my nap, I have not felt any discomfort or soreness. We will see how well I sleep tonight.

In terms of recovery....I have to wear my surgical bra again, no soaking in bath for a couple weeks, and no pulling or putting my arms above my head, etc. He said to be very careful not to overdo things, etc. I will be sore, but I won't be very swollen and not nearly as sore as I was before so it will be easy to open up the incisions if I am not careful.

I will post pictures again when I get a good look at the incisions. Hope everyone is doing well, so glad to be able to share this experience with you all!
I am so happy that you sound so happy. I just noticed that your surgery was in Grand Junction - I was there many years ago - it is a beautiful place.
Happy to hear you are doing well and I am glad the revision went so smoothly. My outer incisions are similar, and I wondered if it was something fixable...well, now I know! Rest up, and take it easy just like the dr ordered ;)
Hi there, I am so happy to hear your revision went well. I was thinking about you but couldn't respond when I logged in the site wouldn't show the comment box?? Get some rest & take it easy!

Day after scar revision

I woke up being more sore than I anticipated, but doing very well. I was not sore at all last evening when just sitting watching movies. The local anesthetic was only suppose to keep things numb for about an hour, but it must have lasted a bit longer. Today, I am taking it easy to be sure I don't pull, reach, or stretch my incisions. I was able to go shopping without too much discomfort or soreness. I have only needed to take Tylenol which makes me happy. I am posing a few pictures of my incisions. These were taken less than 24 hours after revision. There is some swelling so I am not sure if you can tell the difference in the pictures....but I think I will be thrilled with the final result. Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

Before/After Revision (1 day after)

Here are a couple photos that show what the revision accomplished. Keep in mind the before pictures were about 4 months after BR, and the revision photo was less than 24 hours after the procedure. Once the swelling goes down I will definitely see a more drastic difference.
Even with some swelling you can definitely see a difference. I'm sure you will have great results. Thanks for encouraging me with mine too
Thanks hon! And you are very welcome. It is still amazing to think that we are BR revision sisters :)
definite big improvement, even with swelling. x

Is this the tape?

I am posting a photo of the tape I found....is this the same tape that you found?
Happy for you girl. Think your gonna be pleased when it's all healed. I have one pretty good dog ear, and side boobage on both mine (cause I didn't do any lipo). Working on losing a little weight, but SERIOUSLY thinking of a revision to take care of the dog ear/side boobage, probably late fall. Will see my PS in August and talk about it then. Hope you heal up quick, HUGS :-DSuzy
So Glad it is all over with ! You will be SUPER HAPPY NOW ! Sending Healing Thoughts Your way - for the Second time around ! :-)
That looks good, I will look for it tomorrow when I go out shopping.

Doing good after Scar Revision

I am doing really good after scar revision. The first 2 days I was sore, but there is no comparison to this soreness and what I had with BR. The 3rd day after revision I woke up with hardly any soreness. Even though I did not have much soreness I was reminded that I was still cut open...I went to pick something up off the coffee table and YIKES! I guess I had reached too far and it really hurt. I went to the bathroom to look any the incision and would not have been surprised if it opened up. But all was good and no blood. It was a good reminder that I still need to be very careful. Had a follow-up appointment yesterday. The nurse was amazed at how well I had healed in just a week. She said I looked magnificent. PS was also pleased. I am very happy I had the revision done. There is still some swelling, and I bruised more after the 2nd day...but what a difference a week makes. I can now do light activity, no regular bra yet, and I will go back in 3 weeks. Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice weekend. It is quite beautiful here so I am going to enjoy some sunshine.
Your revision looks great already, congrats..did you have to pay additional money for your revision? I'm only 9 day po from br and bl and already feel like I may need a revision for dog ears..I haven't posted pics yet but will do so this week..Happy healing
Thanks so much! I will try to take some new pictures tomorrow. Feeling pretty good, and thinking there is probably some swelling but looks so much better. You will have lots of changes..you will be amazed. When you are cleared to wear silicone sheets that will help. My revision was covered by my insurance, but since I had my surgery last year I had not met my deductible yet. So technically I did have to pay for my revision. Technically it wasn't anything that he did wrong as a PS so I didn't question it. He did fix my internal incision at the revision which was not planned and didn't charge me any extra. Hoping you don't need a revision, but if so it is really easy considering what you already went through with the BR. You will have to post photos. Hoping you are doing well.
What exactly do the silicone sheets do that other stuff wouldn't?

5 Months Post-Op

Already 5 Months Post-Op since my BR and 3 1/2 weeks since revisions. Things are healing nicely from the revision and I go back to PS next Monday.

Things are mostly back to normal. I have a rash between my breast in my cleavage area now that it is getting warmer. I was hoping I would be done with the rashes, and will ask PS about this next week. I almost have a permanent cleavage, and with a bra there is not much breathing room at the cleavage. I know a funny thing to be concerned about. Maybe I will be able to find a bra that separates the breasts more...let me know ladies if you have suggestions. I did try sleeping without a bra last week and although wasn't as uncomfortable as last time I tried, I woke up with discomfort quite a few times. So I will be sleeping with a bra for awhile yet. Also not very comfortable without a bra for any significant amount of time without feeling tugging sensations. It isn't that big of a deal, but I am quite suprised by that at this point in my recovery. I am still thrilled beyond belief, and never for a second do I regret having the BR. I look at myself and constantly think this is what we are suppose to look like...without obnoxiously large breasts. I am looking forward to summer! Hope everyone is recovery well and are as thrilled as I am with their results.
First, I think I have yet to thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post the combo pictures; it has been VERY helpful to see in one frame the comparison between various weeks. This way, we can all help to gauge our own progress, especially if we are feeling there is not much going on. Next, the revision you did seems very good--was this on top of what you paid initially, or did it get subsumed, kind of like a 'if you're not satisfied...' and if the former, was insurance helpful in this regard? Finally, your shape and the incisions are looking magnificent--I have similar concerns as you have had with the redness and the widening of an incision here or there, but reading yours tells me that it is not out of the ordinary and it can rectify itself. On a separate topic, how is your husband now with feeling comfortable with the new you? My SO just recently (I am seven weeks post op today) said he is still concerned about hurting me; it took me having to place his hand on my breast for him to feel like it was alright to even touch it. Yet, he is still hesitant. Without being indelicate, I am wondering how you were able to overcome that, um, hurdle?
Your results looks great. Your incisions are barely visible. The Marena bra looks so comfortable. I enjoyed reading your review and laughing also.
Are you interested in Doing any more plastic surgery

6 Month Update

Today it has been 6 months since my BR. So hard to believe. Sometimes I still can't believe the incredible transformation, and can't believe half of my breasts were removed. No wonder I was in so much discomfort. Things are back to normal and I don't have any discomfort. I still sleep with a bra most nights, as it is more comfortable. Might be a subconscious thing, but if I don't wear one I feel more achy and don't sleep as well. Incisions are very faint, except the ones around my areolas. But they are getting better. Wider than I would have liked, but that is just the way I healed. The redness of the Incisions definitely got worse before they got better. Hopefully when they fade more it will be less noticeable. If not, I really don't care as no one else besides my hubby will ever see me. It isn't like I am going to become some nude model or go to topless beach.

I am so happy that I have this behind me and life is back to normal and busy as ever. I still read reviews once in awhile, but just don't have the time to post as often. But please know that I am so excited for all the new ladies starting this journey and hope it changes your life or the better as it has mine. I am posting some photos; including some comparison photos. These really helped me see the changes throughout the weeks/months. For those that wonder if there are changes until 6 months, I really have not noticed much shape difference for at least a few months. My size has not changed since week 3. Still wearing a size 36/38DD. The only changes that I have really seen are the scars fading. Thanks to all my Realself friends that have helped me through this journey. I encourage each of you to "pay it forward" and off support and encouragement to one another as you have time. Take care and happy healing!
Overall how would you estimate the difference in cup size from right after the surgery to fully healed (no swelling)..?
To be honest I don't think my bra size changed at all. The shape will "drop and fluff", not I have noticed much change in several months. I am not 7 1/2 months post-op.
Your shape did change along with time. I'm gong to give myself time to heal and hope my shape comes out well. Thank you for your comment on my review it did make me feel a little better. :-)
Grand Junction Plastic Surgeon

I would highly recommend Dr. Pitcher. He has a wonderful bed side manner and is very professional, has a caring attitude, and takes as much time as you need to answer any and all questions. He is a very talented surgeon and my surgery results have been amazing. He explained realistic expectations prior to surgery so there would be no surprises. His staff is also very caring and accommodating. I am so pleased with my surgery and it has changed my life. I have no more back or shoulder pain, which is an amazing feeling. I would definitely recommend anyone pursing a breast reduction to seriously consider it. It will make a huge difference in your quality of life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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