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So after years of wishing, I'm finally doing this....

So after years of wishing, I'm finally doing this. I am 45 years old, 5'7" and 125 lbs, currently barely 34A. I've been a runner for 20 years so eating right and fitness is a giant priority in my life. I also have 3 kids, an 11 year old daughter, a 13 year old son, and a 14 year old step son. I've been married to my wonderful and amazing husband for 1 year (second marriage for both of us). As a couple we love to run together, bike, hike, backpack, garden, and travel. So in considering a BA my priority is to make sure it doesn't effect the activities that I do. I understand and am prepared for the month or 2 months of recovery.

I've been reading the reviews on RealSelf for about a month and this has helped my get a grip on the reality of the recovery process and the mixed feelings that everyone has. I'm feeling excited but extremely nervous and I fear the regrets of going too big or too small. My intention is to go for between 250 and 300cc. I have a pre-op appointment on Thursday so I'll consider my PS recommendation and would possibly go up to 350cc. When I met with him last April he gave me some sizers to try on and he tried to encourage me to try the larger sizes but I really think I'll be one of the few women that would regret going too big. It has helped me tremendously to read everyone's reviews about their size choice!

My BIG reason for going for a more modest size is because of running. I worry that my breathing will be affected. Has anyone found this to be a problem when exercising?

I am also a runner (21 years) and I am getting mine done on November 8th. I used to love my breasts but I feed both of my children for 17 months and it sure took a toll on my pretty, perky breasts. I am having transaxillary, saline implants. The size I am going with is 250cc filled to 270 (saline). I went with these because they will look a little perkier than silicone and I like the idea that if something happens they just leak some saline. I have been on a runners group with women who have had BA and it is super helpful. It is in the runners world forum and if you look under breast augmentation or implants and you will be able to learn a lot about women runners who have had BA. Good luck! I will follow your story, since we are so close in size and when we are getting it done.
Thank you! I'm going to check out that forum. Good luck to you too!
There are a lot of potential risks with silicone implants, too many to list here. Seeing as you have 3 children who need you to be healthy for them, I would recommend considering saline instead. In either case, you will need additional surgeries in the future (my friend has had 4 surgeries in the last 9 years), so take the financial (and recovery) aspect of that into consideration as well. Most of the women posting here have only had their implants for a few months. Mine are 5 yrs old and the silicone is leaking out of my breast cavity. I've decided to not have children for fear of those chemicals getting into them in utero or via breast milk. Speak to women who have had them for 10+ yrs to get a real idea of what you could be in of luck with whatever you decide on.

My BA date is getting closer (Nov 16). I'm so...

My BA date is getting closer (Nov 16). I'm so glad to get to look at this site and read about everyone's recovery. All of the small details are important and help me know better what to expect. I'm feeling pretty anxious about everything and whether or not I'll regret having a BA at all. On the other hand I'm extremely excited about finally having the boobs that I've always wished for. My PS told me that they would worry if I wasn't a little nervous. I guess that means that if I'm not nervous then I don't know about the risks and recovery issues. That statement makes me respect my PS even more and I feel like they are being honest and up front about everything. I also trust my PS about giving me the size that is appropriate for my shape and stay within the C cup range.

I had my pre-op appt last Thursday and have all of my meds. I chose Vicodin over Percocet but I hope that I'm one of those that can get by with Tylenol. It seems so crazy to me that the Vicodin even came with 2 refills. Could anyone possibly need that much?
I'm a runner also and wanted to stay with a very conservative size. I did and I'm still shocked at how big they are! I know they will reduce with a little time but if I was to do it again I would have even gone smaller, I had wanted 240 cc saline and my ps filled it to 270. I should have gone 210 and had him fill to 240. I think I will get used to them but be prepared to be a bit shocked on how large they appear. I feel better about it each day. I hope u love yours and get exactly what u r looking for! Good luck on your recovery!
Thank you Wings! I know I'll regret going too big. I want to trust my doctor for knowing what size would fit best and he knows how important running is for me.
I am so glad that you decided on a more moderate size since you are a runner. I have seen a few girls who werent "big boobie" girls at heart get them big and totally regret and hate them. I am sure you would hate to be unhappy as well and so anyways- I am glad you recognised this before surgery! Good luck tomorrow! And dont forget to take stool softeners right away, especially if you are taking pain pills. Do you have everything you need for recovery??

This is day 4 post-op and so far so good. I...

This is day 4 post-op and so far so good. I really just have the tightness in my chest and no unbearable pain. I only took half of a Vicodin twice. Tylenol is working fine thank goodness. I've also been taking the muscle relaxants but hope that I can go without them today. I ended up with 275cc and 300cc and am happy with the size so far. I feel like they are perfect for me! Now that the surgery is done the emotional rollercoaster seems to be over. Thank goodness for that! I was really dreading going too big.

I have a post-op appt this afternoon so I'll ask about massaging and moving my arms. This might sound stupid but I want to know if the implants can move out from under the muscle if I move the wrong way.
I was drawn to your post because of your sizing requirements. I too don't want to be big. I am athletic (I cycle) and beyond big boobs interfering with my lifestyle, just don't think they look right on me. I am 5'5, 127 lbs so bigger than you but with a small, athletic frame and I like it that way. I remember breast feeding when they first filled up and looked like gigantic hideous melons and thought - "That's why I don't have big boobs!" They looked and felt horrible. (Thankfully they quickly adjusted to my son's needs and later looked lovely.) It's unfortunate that so many think "bigger is better" but the more I peruse Real Self, find there are several people who just want a moderate increase. Hope you are happy with your outcome and can't wait to see the results. :-)
Kitten... I am similar in dimension to u 5'6" 127 and I measured at a 34b although wires 36b because my breast tissue came out of the 34. I also am a runner and was concerned about being too big. I did 270 and 290 and I still have a swelling they r getting smaller. It was shocking for the first week how large they looked. I also found it very challenging to find pictures of women going with smaller implants. I did find a website with some great pictures of women going with smaller implants, let me know if u want that site.. It is challenging!
Wow, thank you. I would be very interested in the website with smaller implants. I am still a long way off so will have plenty of time to mull this over as I've decided with my 2 little guys that I better wait until after Xmas. I booked my date today which will be 11th Jan. My PS has suggested 350-375 cc hp silicon implants to bring me to a C cup. My breasts are waaay smaller than yours (34 A) which to be honest I've never loved but was ok with until they lost their round, firm appearance from all the breast feeding (son 1 was 14 mos, son 2 was 21 mos.) Now they are concave at the top (upper pole?) which does something weird to my nipple which I am not happy about. I also discovered that it was much easier to find clothes that fit me well when I was breastfeeding. (I had forgotten what a challenge this was in my natural state because I did it with both kids for such a long time.) Having said all that though, I am freaked out about deviating too much from what looks natural on me and I like the athletic, svelte look. I would be GUTTED if I went too large. The PS said whatever I decide on will look a little smaller once inside as he does sub muscular placement so to consider getting an implant slightly larger than the one I like. I just looked at your profile. Your results are amazing and came out REALLY natural looking. I cant believe you are only 9 days p/o. Coupled with a skilled surgeon, your level of fitness must have everything to do with such a great outcome. Va-va-voom, Mrs. :-) PS where are your incisions?

This is post-op day 11. I saw my PS a week ago now...

This is post-op day 11. I saw my PS a week ago now and he seemed very pleased with everything. He actually cleared me to do any "normal" daily activities. Nothing high impact. He had to clarify the high impact part since I want to run, that's still 4 weeks away, but I can bike. He also cleared me wear any bra or no bra. My next post op appt is at 8 weeks.

I am super happy with my results!!!! I love the size and feel really comfortable. The muscle contractions in my chest are taking some getting used to and I sometimes worry that I'm doing something to hurt the healing process. Another concern is that I'm 11 days post op and I still have the original tape on the incision site. My PS told me to leave the tape on until it comes off on it's own. He said the longer it's left on, the better it will heal. It's just pretty irritating and I think that's where most of my discomfort is coming from. So whenever the tape comes off I'm supposed to put on these silicone patches to help minimize the scar. (Thank you again silicone. LOL!)

Unexpected and other random thoughts so far.

1) I wore a anti-nausea patch behind my ear for 3 days and it worked great.
2) The anti-nausea patch messed up my vision so I went around with blurry eyes for a week (I guess it beats the nausea though).
3) I had no unbareable pain. Just tightness but it was managable
4) I had difficulty sleeping 2 days before surgery and 5 days after. Maybe it's from a combination of anxiety and the meds.
5) I'm glad I trusted my doctor. He has ALL the experience and expertise so trust his judgement for size and placement. I'm glad I showed him pictures of my ideal results.
6) I don't feel like I have rocks in my chest. They already feel natural.
7) Believe it or not I feel like people judged me more with a flat chest (like I was inferior). I wasn't looking for more confidence with a larger chest but just more normal and satisfied with my looks.
8) I will gladly do this surgery again every 10, 15 or 20 years.
9) I definitely needed my husband to take care of me for the first two days. He was absolutely wonderful!
10) This surgery is a very personal decision and everyone has their own story, no two are alike. I'm really thankful for this site!
Hi there! Thank you for your update and sharing your experience! How are you feeling now so far into recovery? I am scheduled for Transax tomorrow and am an avid yogi and I use a lot of upper body strength. With the armpit incision did you find that you had long term effects with arm movement? I'm so concerned about losing mobility but the incision site does appeal to me. Not going thru breast tissue and scarless. It probably seems silly that I think the recovery would be any different based on the incision site. Just wanted to see how your recovery went. Best,
Congrats! I would love to know what size this brought you to!?
Glad you're doing well and loving the results! I had surgery the day before you and my experience sounds very similar, right down to the blurry vision from the nausea patch. :)
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I had a "nose job" done about 4 years ago with this doctor. He is extremely professional and have always felt comfortable with his expertise.

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