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I have been wanting breast implants for forever! I...

I have been wanting breast implants for forever! I was very small in high school and wanted them back then but wanted to wait until after I had kids later on in life. I have three kids and I breast fed two of my three children (I tried to breastfeed for two months with my third) I got HUGE (DD) when I brestfed my second and that left me with smaller now saggy boobs, very small B. :( I knew I wanted one more child so I didn't think about implants until after I had my third. My third is now 5yrs old and I am ready. My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 12th. I went in for a consultation last year (to a PS referred by my friend who is a nurse and works for him in his surgery center and I LOVE him). I got a little scared and backed out. It it now a year later and I still want them done, I go in for another consultation, to ake sure we are still on the same track. (with same PS) on the 24th and my pre-op is right after, I am so NERVOUS!!!

I am 5' 2" 118lbs and can not figure out what size I should go with. I am going with silicone gel and my PS wants to go over because I am VERY athletic and do a lot of chest workouts pushup's, pull ups, fly's etc. I have done the rice test and originally I was thinking 250cc's then after trying on 300cc's I kind of like that look on me. I just do not want to go so big things like running, weight training etc will be awkward, but I don't want to think "I should have gone bigger." I will try and up load pics without rice sizers and with sometime later today.

I also have an automimune disease (hasimoto's thyroiditis) and I am scared of making it worse (it has been under control for a year and half now & levels have stayed the same for that long) I am also afraid of the implants "causing" another autoimune disease. I have read all the horror stories on the internet (bad idea LOL) I have also read that implants do not cause or are not associated with autoimune disesaes but then I see all the stories. I also wonder if breast implants can cause that, what about stunts, pacemakers, knee replacements etc they are all foregin objects some with silicone? I know I am WAY over analyzing this. I am huge worrier about EVERYTHING. I would just feel so awful is something bad happend and I did get sick. :( Really any type of surgery makes me scared, nervous and a bit crazy, I way over analyzied my tonsillectomy as well.

I am so thankful for this website and all the inforamtion/support it provides. My one big question is: Has anyone else had some kind of autoimmune disease and still got implants and are doing well?

Excellent question! I'd love to hear from ladies with feedback about that, too! I'm glad you're finding RealSelf useful and supportive. That's what we aim to do! 

Doctors in general don't believe that breast implants cause autoimmune disorders, but there are many ladies who've had them, subsequently developed autoimmune issues and beg to differ. Nothing is proven, though. I also wonder about the pacemakers, knee replacements, etc. What makes implants so different?

A lot of people like the new gummy bear implants because they supposedly don't ooze if they rupture.

I hope you'll keep us posted!

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My friend referred mt to him, she is a nurse who works for him at his surgery center.

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