1year post op revision

I have been reading reviews since I got my first...

I have been reading reviews since I got my first tummy tuck in Aug. 2011. I was so happy with the results the first couple of month but then realized that I needed a revision. After 6 months, I returned to having a pooch and my scar was dark and thick. The picture I provided is while I am laying down so you can't see my pooch. I went to a few doctors to get different opinions because my surgeon kept telling me it was a seroma and that my scar will get better with time. I didn't want to believe him.

I chose another doctor to do my revision. He informed me that it was not a seroma. It was extra skin. The first doctor didn't pull me tight enough. The scar was dark and thick because my body didn't want to absorb the sutures basically I had a bad reaction to the sutures. I went in for a revision 8 months after my first tt April 2012. I am 3 month post op and I am happy with my results. I will have to do steriod injections in my bb scar or revise my bb scar as it opened up after a week after surgery but I dont care it was worth doing the revision. My stomach is flat.

I'm up for a revision too. Who did you choose to do yours. I think I just got a bad job.
I m happy for u. I m going to start researching PS to do a scar revision on my bb and fix my dogear. Keep new posted on what u decide to do.
I wanted to do it at the 6 month mark but my doctor said to wait until 8 month. After the surgery, he said he would never do a revision before the year because my inside hasn't healed completely. I was breeding too much during the revision and he didn't like like that and it is not normal. So be patient, everything will come with time. Look at me I have to hide my bb now for about a year

So it has been a year after my revision. I m still...

So it has been a year after my revision. I m still super flat. I have gained about 5 lbs but they have not gone to my stomach. As you can see in my photos, my scar is still red and still has a lifted scar in the middle. I received steriod shots but it didn't work. I would like to do a scar revision only on my bb and in the middle of my tt incision. The rest of the scar is visiable but flat. The ps I m seeing for the steroid shots wants me to wait another 6 months to revise scar

One year post op pics, still super flat but scar...

One year post op pics, still super flat but scar needs a revision.
Wow! Your tummy is so flat! Great job! I agree, the scar is dark and looks like it was pulled or had to stretch to cover the area. Do you normally scar dark? I think your belly button looks better one year post op. If you do normally scar dark, I'd be scared to get a revision and have it end up looking worse. I hope everything turns out... keep us posted. :)
The scar looks way lighter after the revision. Would you mind telling us the names of the doctors you used? U can inbox me if uncomfortable :). Glad everything worked out for you. I need dog ears revision. Thinking of going to Boston to the teaching hospital or Dr. Icochea in N.Y..not sure yet
I went to Colombia In S. America nut am looking to do the revision here in Boston or NY. I will keep u posted.
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