Belly button found and open with new Dr. a year & 3 months post op!!! - Colombia, CO

I have been wanting to get this done for years...

I have been wanting to get this done for years even before I had my 2 wonderful kids age 13 and 7. I got a few quotes before but could never really afford and and didn;t want to put that stress on our finances. I know we were moving and hubby agreed that once we got settled I could get it done. The first visit was hard before he spoke little english but a friend went with me. I have high blood pressure that has been under control for over a year, so he was concerned but with a clearance from primary care dr. I have one more set of blood test to do and an appoinment for clearance from anesthesioologist next week with my pre op appointment with PS the same day. I'm getting a TT, BA and maybe a little lipo. It is way cheaper here, my last quote in the states for TT and BA was around $13,000 without overnight stay in surgery center, here I will pay roughly $8,300. I'm very excited but have days where I terrified. There is a nurse here from my hubby job that will go with me and assist me during surgery and overnight hospital stay. Reading the post here has help with know what to expect but I don't have scripts yet. He recommended a place to get a Girdle but is more expensive them others I've seen. Does anyone know if you have to had one that you step into? I guess I'm just looking for support and comfort at this point. Hubby say I love you the way you are, you want to do this to feel better about yourself so when I say I'm nervous to him, he doesn;t get it...I will post pics of me now soon.

I almost had a heart attack yesterday, texting...

I almost had a heart attack yesterday, texting nurse becaue PS in in Europe at conference,she said November and I almost fainted..I had to text he no, I'm scheduled for Monday Oct 29 and that anesthiologist could see me until the 26th and I didn't want to wait until the day before to see PS. I was so worried that they change my dates, They changed me once, I was scheduled for yesterday they moved it until today but I couldn't do it because hubby was suppose to be out of town. I have alot going on the next few days so I'm hoping to not stress and worry to much. Still haven't brought anything beside Bra and MOM. Remember I'm in South America,so no walmart to run to, I wish I found this site earlies I could have order items online. Going to cook a few extra meals this weekend, I have a maid that comes twice a week, its very cheap here so no I'm not rich, lol but I don't have to worry about cleaning the house. I'm washing sheets and extra blanket though.. Added some pic, brought this 2 piece with a cover up Ioved, I've never in my life wore a 2 piece and never worn this one either but soon, i hope....

Why would they schedule my appointment with clinic...

Why would they schedule my appointment with clinic and ansthesia on the Friday before my surgery! Agh...they have to review my file and clear me, its torture what if they so we can;t do it because of blah blah blah...Waiting to buy CG because its not returnable. I iron was a little low so I had to take iron pills and get retested and blood pressure maybe an issue, it wasn;t in the stated but...please send me prayers for peace and that I get the all clear for surgery!Thanks Ladies..

Oh and I did find out that the nurse from hubby's job will be with my through most of the surgery, I told hubby not to wait there for 8 hours it about 5 blocks from my house and there is no nice waiting room, with no cable and no internet for him. And I will stay in the hospital oove night and I will have a nurse come the following night from 7pm to 7am for about $40-50 USD and I can have her come back as long as I need her.

Yea! Pre-Op with doctor done! He called me at 4...

Yea! Pre-Op with doctor done! He called me at 4 and asked if I could stop by and I walked around there and of course he had an emergency and he had to go down the block to clinic to stitch a Anyway,got his all clear and a list of items to get, gauze, soap to start using tomorrow and 6 prescriptions I will get filled tomorrow! He gave me the item number for girdle to get and I will be all set! Won't know surgery time until after I meet with clinic and anestheia. Hubby's out of town overnight so i'm so I won't get much sleep!

Today I went to pre op with Clinic and Anesthesia...

Today I went to pre op with Clinic and Anesthesia and thinks went great! Surgery time is 8:30am I have to be there at 7:30 which is prefect for me to get my kids on the bus in the morning. After those meeting I went to sign my consent form at PS office, then I purchased my girdle in a size Medium. I got into a small but the store knows my doctor personally and said he doesn't like the too tight for swelling in stuff. I also purchase my meds, I have to google them to tell you what they are since its different names here..I am all set for Monday!! I got a happy pill to take half on Sunday night and half Monday morning once I arrive at the clinic..I'm in shock, its really going to happen for me!!

Nurse called and told me to be there at 7am...

Nurse called and told me to be there at 7am instead of 730 am..I'm so excited. I went out last night with some friend to dinner and a little dancing not drinking. Homemade applesauce made, big pot of chicken noodle soup made, fruit flavored water made,! Hubby brought me a body pillow back friday..I'm all set, glad clinic gave me a happy pill for tonight half tonight to sleep and half in the morning at surgery center...

Hey ladies sorry I've been Mia but no Internet in...

Hey ladies sorry I've been Mia but no Internet in my bedroom because of these thick walls. I just wanted to say I'm good, no pain, stay first night in hospital it was great, the USA needs to take notes had a warming blanket after that blow hot air on me, then I.v meds all night and a catheter. Came home Tuesday night had a nurse here from 7-7 and another one 7-7they were amazing nice. Went to per op yesterday and I have a blister by my belly button from it rubbing, so no cg unil Tuesday. I will check in with more over the weekend

I got a shower today! Swell he'll for me is bad...

I got a shower today! Swell he'll for me is bad because I've been out of CG since Thursday because of blister and dark skin around belly button ps said its from rubbing. My DH has been amazing with the kids and massaging my bruises moving me from chair to chair. I actually sleep in my bed last night and it was better than my leather arm chair! I has four drains two in my boobs that drained into one and the same for my belly, one of the belly ones got pulled out so he cut it and I just have one drain sure what I'm missing but that's is so far..DH said I was skinner day one and two before I stopped wearing girdle ..

Today is day 8 post op and I'm happy to be in new...

Today is day 8 post op and I'm happy to be in new custom fills funny because of cut out for peeing and BM is larger but it has a cotton under layer so it's soft against my skin. I also got some stitches out and then next will coming out next Tuesday. Needless to say I'm am happy so far just can't see if its worth it yet because I'm so swollen DH said I was way smaller the day after..but I couldn't see..anywho massages to start tomorrow not sure how much that will cost me yet but everything here is cheaper. It's to help to swelling and hardest from lipo..

Today is day 9 post op I think lol. I feeling...

Today is day 9 post op I think lol. I feeling great not sleeping to good at night I seem to swell and girdle hurts but if that all I have to deal with I can handle that. My doctor told me to great limphomic and sonogram massages and I had the first today OMG it was amazing..I little painful at first since I have some hardening not sure if that's because I did have cg for 5 days or just normal, but after the first few touches it was heavenly! And I actually saw some of the swelling go down in just 45 minutes and had to pee so bad from fluid moving Now I'm in girdle from Soma I had from before while I was my cg is in the wash and I'm finally able to get into under armour large bra that someone here recommended but I could fit the first I'm noticing subtle changes and can't wait to see myself in 3 months, doctor say that when I will see results if I do massages...well see because everyone here says 6months right?

Feel great, yesterday friends had a parade...

Feel great, yesterday friends had a parade watching party and I was so excited to get out the house! Had so much fun decided to go out with hubby and friend to small club, no drinking and just a little two step for me but it was great to be out..this week is a whole week of festivities here and hubby's went to a few thing alone not because I didn't feel up to it but because I was scared of what would happen, so far so good. A little sleepy but today is football Sunday so chilling all day. Everyone said I looked great hopefully I can take some pics today!

Here are some pics DH took today after I had been...

Here are some pics DH took today after I had been out for a few hours so I'm swollen more than usually but I swell far so good after a busy few day, I will take it easy this week as the kids get back into school after a weeks off. No issues or pain just the swelling, cucumber and lemon water all day.Belly button still looks bad to me but last week doctor said it was good, I will go see him tomorrow..loving my boobs, he did great with sizing them to my body and not to big, the first week they were huge!!

Having a lot of swelling not happy at all! But I...

Having a lot of swelling not happy at all! But I guess thats what I get to having fun..I'm in no pain so hate laying around you know..I got a little down tonight, DH told me I look great and its still early I just did too much and caused swelling..I hope all it is is swelling and I didn't do anything internally..maybe thats just worry after 3 weeks can you do anything to mess up anything??

Went to the doctors today and got last stitches...

Went to the doctors today and got last stitches out. Belly button still healing slowly, I get to start scar treament on Friday picked up the cream today. PS wants me to go get Sono on tummy to be sure no fluid since I had problems with drains in my tummy..first tummy one was only in 3 days and other one came out on day 8. He doesn't fell anything but wants to be sure. My belly button is really deep, I hope it heals soon,plan to start my massages again tomorrow, since she will be back in town, suppose to have them everyday!Hope all is well with you ladies...

So yesterday I went to see PS, I see him everyweek...

So yesterday I went to see PS, I see him everyweek for now. Things are going well, opening on boobs healing slowly and my BELLY BUTTON is healing slower than he'd like so maybe Friday I have to go to surgical center for him to surgically clean and drain the wound.My belly button is super deep.I thinks Lymph Massages are helping a lot, swelling on flanks has gone down a lot and hardest gone there..still have hardest and swelling under arms by boobs and around and below belly button. For now I'm down to where I should be if you take away the 10 pounds PS cut and sucked out. I was 149 the day before surgery this morning I was 139 wow, I think implants weight a little more than a pound together..I know this will change often with swelling, but I'm only eating protien, fruits and veggies and little fiber crackers here and there..PS said still no working out even walking..augh..I need to do something because I can't sleep at night..I lett you know what happens Friday if he can get me in between surgeries and plan to take more pics this weekend

For the first time I am very sore! I did to much...

For the first time I am very sore! I did to much yesterday! Its hard being away from family on Thanksgiving and being in another country that doesn;t celebrate is worse so we had a potluck with our American friends and I said I would make mac and cheese, green beans and homemade bisquits..AUGH..DH helped a lot and made a fried turkey and help with my dished but still..Side hurts and right boob is killing me so today I'm chilling, wait on PS to call he's going to try to squeeze me in to have belly button cleaned at surgeryt center, so until then I'm doing nothing! No swelling thank God but just tired and achy. I hope you all had a wonderful was a cheat day for me since PS has me on a strict diet of protein, veggies and fruit only..So I had a spoonful of everything and was full with so little on my plate but it felt good to eat Carbs :) Can't complain about diet though I was 149 day before surgery, week after surgery not in CG for 5 days I was 155, yesterday I was he suck and cut about 10 pounds off and I figure boobs are little more than a pound total and he still has not let my exercise yet!! Ready worried whats going to happen when I come home to the states for 3 weeks I want to eat all the foods I miss but I don't want to pack on the pounds!!!

Nothing new to report..suppose to get belly button...

Nothing new to report..suppose to get belly button cleaned today at 2:30, I'll let yall know if it happens. Tired a lot a lot lately, I had a cheat this weekend and ate an oreo OMG so good, but scale went up too this weekend not sure what it was but it sucks!! Oh well nothing I can do about it since PS still doesn't want me to excerise only eat right..AUGH

Finally I got my belly button done today!! And...

Finally I got my belly button done today!! And like I thought there was some dead tissue in there and it was getting worse instead of better. Thank God I'm still numb for orginal tummy tuck because he scraped, cut and burn all the bad stuff and flush it with sterile wash and gave me what seems like tons my stitches. I was woke and alert the whole time, it was suppose to be a quick little procedure it took an hour and 45 minutes in the operation room..I did feel any pain just pressure for the most part and some tugging a little discomfort but no pain. He said it looks better but I will have a small belly button but it will look better than it was looking, we'll have to wait and see...So I just started showering everyday on Thursday cause I brought another CG and now NO SHOWERS again until PS tells me...

Feeling okay today, loving the look in my workout...

Feeling okay today, loving the look in my workout set..shorts are big huh? but tank top is lovely..I will see PS today to check my Belly Button..still have swelling it comes and goes everyday and I think some of it is my IBS too..Still to scared to put on bikini yet..hopefully before I come home for the holidays..

OMG, I got my period 2 days ago and it the worse...

OMG, I got my period 2 days ago and it the worse its been in a long time! Anyone else have this? The cramps are almost unbearable and my mood sucks!! Last month was very light but it was like 2 weeks after my surgery..I'm going to see PS tonight to get Belly Button stitches out from debridement and to see how its healing, it looks good to my but I can't see inside much. Boob openings are healing well, all have closed except the one that was the biggest but I think by the end of the week it will be closed! I hope all you beauties are healing well!

Got stitches out of my belly button last night, PS...

Got stitches out of my belly button last night, PS said it loooks good its healing, I can;t tell. Still no exercise until its healed and he's worried it may close up so he will research what to put in it to keep it open once wounds heal. I read I could use silicone ear plugs like for swimming or shooting....I will bring some back from the states to show him. I didn't a lot of walking yesterday and today I'm very tired, not to swollen just tried..I really think lymphomic massage has helped me bunches!

Since I'm in the states and have a party tonight I...

Since I'm in the states and have a party tonight I thought I needed a black bra instead of surgicalbrown!! got a wireless black vicky sercets 36D can't believe it!

Hello ladies, I just wanted to stop in and say...

Hello ladies, I just wanted to stop in and say hello since I've been MIA while in the states. It was a great trip home to see family and friends. I ate and did a lot of mall walking :). I'm a little swollen but happy with my results so far. My belly button is healing but its super small only a q-tip will fit in it. I could really care less about my belly button because I'm so happy with my belly and waist. My boobs on the other hand I'm having mixed feeling about, one day I'm happy with them the next day I don't like that they don't match, PS tried to make them even because one was so much bigger then the other to start but I think he messed up by putting different size implants in and now the swelling it going down I don;t like the difference...I will call him tomorrow since its a holiday here to see when I can see him this week and ask what can I do or maybe I should wait to see what happens in 3 more months

I had a whole post but it keeps deleted it and not...

I had a whole post but it keeps deleted it and not letting me post...sheesh..let see if this one's the short and sweet version.
i love the way I look in my clothes, I'm not liking my boobs PS should not have put different size implants in to try to even them out, I will see what he says this week..I started walking today for exercise even thought I haven't been cleared but I figured since I walked so much on vacation in the malls outlets and NYC that it couldn;t hurt. I wore my CG and had no swelling..

I saw my PS today and I'm beyond happy...He want...

I saw my PS today and I'm beyond happy...He want to do some scar treatment in his office, I think its injections. I have to pay for medicine only. I told him I could careless about my scars but today he admitted what I knew all along, that he's a he wants to try this for my Belly Button he wants me to use Q-Tips to stretch it a bit until,then move up to 2 and then he will uses something to put in it to open it more...NOW the big NEWS my boobs, if you remember he put different size implants in them because my left boob was bigger so he reduced it and used a smaller implant,at first itwasn;t bad but now that the swelling is gone and he explained that some of my fat in my left boob has also left so in 7 months from my surgery date he will put in a bigger implant,I'm so glad I couldn;t get them under muscle because it will be so much easier..I will take some nude pics this week so you can see my boobs, belly button and scars..He also told me to stop eat sinceI'm off vacation and start working out slowly and use small weights to start!! I'm so happy,I already love how I look in clothes and love my belly without but once my boobs are even it will be a total package!!

I tried to post this 3 times and it keeps getting...

I tried to post this 3 times and it keeps getting deleted AUGH

Trying to post again..for the 4th time today.....I...

Trying to post again..for the 4th time today.....I am happy with my results so far, I plan to get my left boob redone in May hopefully early May PS said I lost fat in it and because it was bigger than the right before my surgery he put in a smaller implant in which after surgery wasn't bad until a week ago when the swellen was almost gone. As for my belly button, I could careless but PS wants me to use a qtip to open it one to start and work up to 2...I love the way I look in my clothes it the swimsuits and naked I'm not to keen on..I started walking last week and over did it a bit, had some swelling and discomfort so I scales back this week..because I had a busy weekend..I did my Zumba Core video game, Tuesday I walked the paved side inside of the beach and today I did an hour beach walk..tomorrow I plan to take it easy maybe do my Zumba again or my UFC trainer I got for Christmas, well see. I gained about 3.5 pounds when home on vacation and I lost it in a week scared to add weight training back because will gain lbs. I'm still in my CG all the time and I actually have learned to love it..PS said at 3 months I can wear it for only 12 hours than at 4 months I can stop wearing it but he also said the longer I can wear it the better so we'll see. I have a boat trip next week and would really like to wear a swimssuit maybe I'll take my CG in case I need it when swelling starts..I'm going to see PS tomorrow he wants to inject medicine in my scars to help the puffiness..

Saw PS today and I'm so happy we will do boob...

Saw PS today and I'm so happy we will do boob revision in May it will be very easy because I didn't get them under muscle and I will only have to pay for the implant and surgery room for about an hour. On the other han, he did an injection to help flatten out my scars and OMG that $t#@ hurt, I thought I was still numb but NOT..he only did scars under my boobs and the t under belly button from revision it was too painful for him to so stomach scar he plans to do that next week but I'm not sure going back...

Well ladies its been 3 months and I love my new...

Well ladies its been 3 months and I love my new look, I know I'm not there yet..I still get swelling at night specially when I don't wear the better CG which I wear all the time I just have 2 types 2 PS suggested and 2 I had before from Soma..I have been working out for 3 weeks now and have noticed I gained pounds instead of losing them which I hate hubby keeps saying its muscle and it will taper off..I am down about a quarter of a inch in my waist but wonder if I should lay off the weights and just do cardio..I diet is way better than before the surgery..meats, veggies, fruit with a small amount of carbs..idk what to do but its driving me crazy because I never want to go back to my before....going to see PS tonight belly button still not healed and I see a spitting stitch so it needs to be removed but it so small not sure how he will take care off it.....

Nothing much to up date except I'm starting to see...

Nothing much to up date except I'm starting to see a bit more of my shape coming in. I started the couch to 5k a couple weeks ago but missed last week because of my period so I'm on week 2 of the program and no I don;t love it but I know I need I scaled my workouts down to every other day because to the soreness from the run, I added my kettle bell workout and some planks, I tried sit up but read they really don;t help planks are the way to go. I still wear my CG all day specially when I workout I don't wear it we go to the beach now..I go see PS next week to check scars and Belly Button..Boobs are settling on the fence now about getting left on revised but well see what April brings..happy healing

7 months post op..still planning revision

Hey y'all I know its been a while since I posted so I wanted to give an update. I've been on the fence about my surgery..I know going in that it may not be perfect..but the choice my doctor made to put a small implant in one boob because it was larger before surgery keeps getting worse..The more I work out the smaller it gets. I was planning to get revision in May but my doctor had back issues and staff problems and then we were looking at June but I will be going on vacation back in the states in July. So for now we are planning to do it in August or September either when I get back or get the kids back on a good school schedule. I plan to get both implants replaced so they will heal the same and I think I will go up from 320cc to 350cc the smaller one is 255cc, I will also get a little lipo about my belly button, its a spot there I don't like and on my lower back, which we had planned to do but because the tummy tuck and boobs took lower, he was tired and I needed to come out after 8 hours under..I will have to pay for implants and use of surgery room in the hospital but not for the doctor...I am more confident and happier with myself. I workout 3 to 4 times of week usually crossfit which I started doing about a 2 months ago. I like to eat so I workout hard..I am happy I did it but I know I can be happier after we fix my boobs..I hope you all are healing well..kisses

After 1 Year Revision Scheduled for NEXT WEEK!

Hello everyone, its been a minute since I updated my post. Its really hard to get pics that show the difference and at one point I was very disappointed with the results because they were not as dramatic as I thought they should have been. But when I go and look at the before pics OMG..what a difference. I am finally going in next week to get my boobs fix and the scaring around them. It has been a process. The original dr which I loved have unbelievable staff issues, remember in live in South America now and have been here a year and half. His nurse stole thousands of dollars the new staff was unorganized, he was hard to get in touch with so I just found someone else that will do the revision. If I would have went with him, I would not have to pay his fee but the new Dr. is giving me a discount and at this point I feel more comfortable with her. The original Dr. put different size implants in to try to even them out because one side was bigger but after the swelling was gone I hated it. I mean I paid to for this and I wanted to be class to the same size, this is not even close. So since I'm going back in I plan to get a little more lipo about the belly button and on my lower back. It things don't turn out right this time, unless its horrible, I am not going back in for anything else. I was exercising like crazy but my gym membership expired about 5 weeks ago and I didn't want to renew it and waste money because I'm not sure how long I will be out. They say 2 weeks but I know I can't do weights for at least a month. I have been taking swim lessons 2 a week so that helps but I still obese about putting weight on, I never want to go back to where I came from....Shout out to my Surgery day twins, who helped get me thru Blonde Blufton and 49in49. Miss you ladies

Forgot yo tell you..beware of the unknown

I also had bad spiting stitches, the dr. can't predict that or how your scars will be conscious of those think..also know that lipo my leave pockets of fat that you can have done later..they shot a fluid in, so they could miss a little here and there..just know all the facts. I am very happy I did it and feel sexier than ever, I love the way my clothes look..I'm going in to fix things that if I'm dressed you can't see..

OMG my new Dr. found and open my belly button a year and 3 months post op

Well after I found a new doctor and she did my implant change and scar revision will lipo on my back and the spot above my belly button. I was thrilled finally!! The first surgery made me happy but I always thought he could have done more and hated how he put different size implants in and his excuse was that he had to to even them out, trust me they were far from even. but now I am hot! Nice even boobs, I went up a bit but still D's. flanks and back look amazing. I was still having an issue every now and then with discharge and a smell from my belly button which had close completely. So this pass week I went in for my new doctor to look for a stitch, she found the stitch and also found my umbilical which after over a year was still alive and she was able to open the skin and reattach it, now its a waiting game to see if it stays open and doesn't constrict. but who would have known, the Dr., her husband who's and Dr. and myself were all shocked! pics soon
Dr. Manzi

People here recommended him and everyone I tell his name to, knows someone who has used him. My sono dr.'s wife used him and was very pleased.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Who did your revision?
  • Reply
Its awesome! Carolina Restrepo is excellent! She fixed everything the first doctor mess up. even found my belly button!
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It hard to get good pics of how amazing it looks
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Awesome, hope you get what you are hoping for!!
  • Reply
Thanks CaliMom24..I knew that i wouldn't be perfect but didn't expect the dr to use different size implants
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You are looking great!!! How are you doing?
  • Reply
Blonde I'm good physical, mentally I still have days where I ask was it worth it? they are getting less just wish my belly button would heal..I see PS next week.boob settling, thinking about not getting them revisited in may but we'll see how they look in april
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wow, you rocked that bikini!!!
  • Reply
Thanks Wild, its a lot better huh?? You look freaking awesome just saw your update!
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Go 3 1/2 months for us!!! Lol Your swelling has gone down a lot!! Looking good in the swimsuit!!!
  • Reply
Thanks chicalife finally starting to like what I see..praying it get better every month!
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You're looking good. Where were you shopping for swimsuits, those were really cute?
  • Reply
Hey Sandy1219 the bikini is from last year I brought it because I was losing weight with hopes of wearing it one day at a sale at banana republic and the 2 new ones I got down here in south america where I live now...I needed new ones because my old ones are big now, we spend a lot of time at the beach and when I was in the states it was winter so I couldn;t find any that weren;t to expensive..these will work for now :D
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and BTW You look awesome! I love your boob and new shape!
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you look GREAT! there's a BIG DIFFERENCE in the before/after swimsuit pic! you should do a side by side! AWESOME!
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Thanks JusSlim..I have to stop being so hard on myself you know! That a good idea..I have to figure out how to do that!..
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Love your new look! What nice curves in your swimsuit!! Don't underestimate weight training - every but of muscle you have is burning more calories while you are sitting there, after the fact. And your muscles hold water when sore, so the combo can mean an increase in weight, since muscle does weigh more. Keep up the good work and good eating habits. I used Weight Watchers to get off the final weight I wanted to lose and love them - a lifestyle, not a diet. Enjoy this summer with that new look!
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Awe Change123 thanks so much...I will stay my course I saw my PS and he said I looked great that he could see some def in my arms and legs and not to worry about putting on muscle just fat! This it not new to me but to be were I am is new you know I never want to go back!!
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Sounds like you have a reasonable doctor. You look great! Happy healing.
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I love my PS Supermomee! He is great and its a bit different here in South America they are truely about you being totally happy(within their control) with your results, he is also a perfectionist..I could careless about my scars or my belly button but he insist on making the as normal as possible
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Looking great!!!! Exciting about the boob revision!!!
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Yes Blonde I am very excited...see all that I'm going through I'm still happy that I had it done..maybe not yesterday with them scar injections that was worse than any pain I felt during or after surgery.I'm Hoping you are having a blessed day today honey Big Hugs
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Looking very, very good. Time has just flown, hasn't it?
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Yes 49 it seems like yesterday we were saying tomorrow is our day see you on the flat side!..You look wonderful..any pointers for a newbie to dieting and sticking to working out? Do you bodybuild?..I workout, walk I can;t run and I love yoga but there is no yoga here, my problem is I like to eat food that taste good but thats not good for you..going to add weights to my workout soon for now only cardio.
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LOVE those swimsuits!!!! You will rock that bikini!
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