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Please Help I Need Advised - Colombia

I had a Tummy tuck, Lipo and Liposculture 4 wks...

I had a Tummy tuck, Lipo and Liposculture 4 wks ago in Colombia. When I arrived home ( Canada)I knew something was not right and the very next day I seen my GP, she advised me to immediately go to the hospital as the incision of the Tummy tuck was very infected. I'm being treated with antibiotocs and a Sponge Vac has been used to heel the wound as the Dr. had to open the wound much wider to help with the infection.My big concern now is that I still have alot of fluid in my back and this concerns me alot. I have had to endure much pain and I'm very afraid of more complications please help me, what do you recomend

Yes, Kelly I saw dr. David Londono, he operates in clinic Rosario, the most expensive clinic here in Medellin, he is good, you will stay one night in the clinic. Other drs, let you go the same day, but I decided not to get surgery with him because I found another dr for a one tiny bit cheaper. I will let you know ho wit goes.
my doctor is Sergio Arango in Clinica Medellin. But will let you know how it goes, prices range is 2,500usd. it's a full tummy tuck with lipo.
Who was the surgeon? What clinica in Colombia?
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