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I just received PMMA injections in my butt in...

I just received PMMA injections in my butt in Colombia. A Colombian board certified doctor performed the surgery in his operating room in a sterile environment. Everything was extremely professional. They gave me 400mg of Cipro to take one a day for the next week as well as pain meds. He made one incision for the cannula on my sacrum and gave me a stitches. My butt is hard now I am wearing the compression shorts they gave me. I know the tissues are in shock and need time to heal. It looks natural besides the hard touch.

It has been one day since the operation. I already would recommend this. There are no documented stories of PMMA going wrong that I have found. However hydrogel or other silicone based fillers are highly dangerous. You will not find anyone trust worthy to do PMMA injections in the US. Also how would they obtain usage of a sterile environment and the usage of nurses and everything else involved in any procedure? If this is something you want done. Then if you think about it money shouldnt be an issue.Its not much more than the horrible people who shoot u with hydrogel or god knows what else in a motel. I used my frequent flier miles for the flight to Colombia, with the organization I contacted they arranged the hotel pick up and everything else. Cucuta City seems to be very safe and friendly area.

I do wish I could ask more questions to the doctor but I do not speak Spanish. I could call the lady from the organization but I know all the answers I'm just a paranoid person. So for me to say I trusted them with performing this procedure on my body is a lot! PMMA is a natural polymer and not silicone!

A big butt is not worth dying for so do your research. Once I saw the doctors office I felt safe. I do wish they explained to me more the length of time of healing and when it should be ok to fully sit and put pressure on my butt and if I should massage it or not.

Dr. Guillermo Pena Gonzalez

He was very nice and professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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esco.. was thinkn of doing hydrogel injections but urs sounds safer and i havent heard of any complications i thinki i may be interested in this instead...can u email the docs info and send ne b4 and after pics .. g****

I'm on my way back now, went to bioplasty center in butt is def bigger, mostly on far some areas are still hard and lumpy feeling but I'm told this will soften in a few weeks,'s hoping! They were extremely nice and helpful there, set us up in a nice hotel...will update next week
Hi esco....please can you give me your Doctor info..location and phone number please. I have been asking for this long time and nobody answer my question.
Thank you
Indont hVe doctor info but can get. She is in PR
Breeja, OMG I think I might be going April 23rd!! Did you book the flight yet? It's cheap, less than 700 from NY including the air shuttle to Cucuta from Bogota...and including the 2-day hotel stay and pmma to hips and butt the procedure is 3,000 each.
Does anyone know the docs info
That's great information, thanx for your help !!! We really appreciate it :):):)
Yea feels Same and no pain. It b 2 years in July.
Sorry I meant to say well over 2 years. It be 3 yes in July
Esco, how many days were you swollen? Like, after how many days could you return to work undetected if you wore baggy clothes? I might have only a few days off and Im worried!
There is no down time. If u wore baggy clothes people wot know. I did mine on Friday and went to work on Monday.
Hey esco...did u get the procedure? And can i have the info plz
She needs to fix her butt asap lol but yes that would b great thanx !!! How US butt now lol ?? Still the same no pain, feels good ?? Curious :)

Hey email me the info please a friend needs work bad and she's Colombian, we're supposed to fo there soon :) c**** Thank you hun :)

Hi I'm going to Monday and I don't know her info. Never exchanged words but I am going thru a good friend of mine. When I get there Monday I will let you know. When you said bad what exactly do u mean by bad?
Sorry for the grammar. I am typing from my phone but I'm willing to give u much info u want. I don't have any negative to say about pmma but than again I don't know what is going to happen when I get old. I assume if smt was goin to happen to my body than pmma would have done what it needed to do but I'm healthy alive and have all my body parts.
well, I have been emailing back and forth with Dr I LeMarquis in Colombia, but he tells me I have to wait a year from when I got the fat grafting done, which was Sept : ( Something about the live cells being injected then dying interferes with the biospheres of pmma or some scientific thing like, I'm bummed but Im gonna have to wait until at least July (lol that's close enough!) In the meantime, I am just staring at everyone's ass and many girls probably think I am really creepy but Im just obsessed! I want my full hips again, and I want a butt! Thanks for sharing esco, so the resuts are still the same, didn't dissolve at all? And it feels/moves like a natural butt?
Valentina772: the results are still the same minus the swelling which is the same as getting breast augmentation. My butt feels the same but I didn't go extremely big. I do workout and have a nice figure before the butt but like I mention it has been over 2yrs and I am going to PR MONDAY after the Super Bowl but am only going to do 125 cc each side. I don't recall how much I have now but I don't think both cheek total 500cc. I couldn't take the pain so I did what I could do. I know many girls who done the butt injections and are done bc they went to someone who knew Thier stuff. One girl I know didn't listen to her doc n went to another soc to add more after her original doc refused to add more bc her butt couldn't take it so she didn't listen. Her pmma fell but it doesn't look awful. Jus bcareful n do alot of research n don't get carry away n overdo it bc it can look really silly
Hi i was online surfing for info on PMMA. i wanted to share my experience for those looking for info. its has been over 2 years since i had pmma done.i did not go huge but it does make people look twice. i do recommend the injection for those who can find a legit doctor. my only concern is what happen when i turn old and my body starts to sag? i've seen older woman and their butts stays the same. i have no lumps and i use to date this guy who couldn't tell i had got my butt done. i am going to PR to do another round. my doctor from my state was under investigation since somone snitch him out.
Let me kno when then maybe we can go t ogether. I was looking at april 23 cuz that was cheapest flight 511 roundtrip
I want to go in the spring! breeja, when are you going?
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Hi smart girl can you please let me know your outcome now is it still hard or natural feel. Do you have any lumps. I'm on my way and just a little curious.

hi you were very helpful, im in the nyc area and been looking for someone to do this for the longest can you email me @ d**** with info as far as location, price, doctor ect.....