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In 2005 I had injectibles placed in my buttocks...

In 2005 I had injectibles placed in my buttocks which quickly became inflamed. Plastic surgeons would not touch me so I ended up in an emergency room where young doctors conducted emergency surgery and basically stAbbed me up like. Baked potato to allow the product to drain out. Years later I am left with unsightly scarring dimpling and asymmetry. I would like to e plods my options to reduce the asymmetry and visibility of the scars while adding volume and fullness. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant so I know there is nothing I can do now but pre pregnancy I am 5'4 and 130 pounds. I have only gained 15 pounds so far so don't expect much extra weight to loose post pregnancy but I would love to use any extra fat for fat transfer.

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Oh ladys yall wont make it past 50 years old. Stop being so cheap and grow an ass or go buy a real one. How dumb can you be knowingly you can die from getting poison injections. I mean you can't be serious.
I can't believe you girls are still trying to get info on butt injections. They are illegal and clearly from the post above, very dangerous. Be smart. Or possibly die with a big butt??
Bluebun some of these woman are just...shall I say Stupid! Just to have a big ass. Go to a real dr! Cheap asses aren't the best asses!
I swear if I could just go back and take back what I did to myself.The fact that it was illegal and not FDA approved should've stopped me. blinded by the illusion of having a nice ass I made a stupid decision the worst decision of my life and it will forever haunt me. Now I have no confidence I know there's something very bad happening slowly but surely eating me up physically some kind of disease building up inside. I have not yet been seen by a Dr its to expensive i dont have the money. It's to late for me I just hope my message/story goes around and opens all these ladies eyes hydrogel butt injections are dangerous and have horrifying endings.
Thank you for posting this, this will help alot of women who want buttock injections. Buttock injections are illegal for a reason girls, and that reason you will find out sooner than later. I know so many girls who for being cheap, they are paying more now. If you don't have money for a fat transfer don't get injections. I hope you get better and thank you again
I got my over In Texas same as (missmad) I got them July 1 2013 it's been 2 months I haven't had any major health problems yet well atleast i think! im scared to find out and i dont know who to go to. what I do have is very painful side effects the bruises from the injections never left still have them I get very bad pain on my right leg sometimes it hurts to sit and I can't scratch because it will start burning so much even if I don't scratch hard so scratching my ass whenever it itches is out of my life I'm scared I don't know what that means except that I am miserable and really regret going through this if anyone knows who could help me I will really appreciate it
U been okay .what she inject u with.
sound slike whatevr is in ur butt is messing up your nerve endings or an infection
I'm sorry this happen and thanks for telling your story! A lot of women use the same excuses you said to get them!
So sorry this happened to you. Some people do so well. I have friends who have had them for years and nothing went wrong. Unfortunately the guy died. But he was safe.
I thought I researched enough. I will never be the same. I had what she called hydrogel injected and not an hour later had kidney and liver failure. The drs tried removing it but were not able to remove it all as it has intermingled with my bodys tissue. I can feel it as it moves around my buttocks and my lower back depending on the position that Im in. I pray this does not happen to my worst enemy. I have only seen one surgeon and feel he has taken me as far as he can. I have terrible surgical wounds on my butt however that is the least of my worries. I just want whatever this is OUT.
Where did u go for the injections? How is your health now (liver/kidney)? When/how did u realize you were having organ failure.
I had them done at someones home. I knew many people that had gone there and everything SEEMED LEGIT and sterile. I immediately (30mins into the injections) began to get terrible leg cramping and I got got and began to shake. I went to urinate and it looked as if I were peeing BLOOD,however I'd gotten rhabdiomyalisis which is some muscle disease that caused my kidney n liver to shut down therefore my urine was blood red. They dropped me to the e/r and left me there.....the next thing I remember is waking up from a 2wk coma after having an ecmo machine (an artificial heart n lung machine) saved my life w the grace if God and my familys prayers. I no longer take dialysis and am well on my wat to being 100% however I have terrible scarring on my buttocks fron all the surgeries frim the drs trying to drain whatever was injected into me
Omg...I'm so sorry. Your a blessing and thsnks for sharing.
I am so sorry this happened to you. I am glad you are willing to share. It seems too many people are still willing to take the risk. And the beautiful results make it tempting. But the risk is huge!
Same here. I had injections by pmma bioplasty, didn't work out for me either, spent all my money, now I have no ass, no money, and no self confidence.
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had mine injected like 3years ago and i dont have any complications so far, paid $800, the reason i had mine done is because i didnt have self esteem looking at my body and always wanted to have a bigger butt but it was to expensive and i honestly think if plastic surgeons would really reduce there price us girls wouldnt go to unlicensed cheap ladies that inject but it is what it is.
please share where you got yours. i been looking for years. i am willing to give my info out in case they wanna remain secret. Just message me please.
Do you understand this is a toxic substance you are willing to Put in your body? People die and have awful complications. Please don't take the risk.
Can u please share where you got yours. I met a girl name chhhhharlotte here in memphis and she'd had her shots for 3 years without any complications. She got hers done in texas. Please message. Me
Agree 100%
I Totally agree with this! A Dr. in CALI tried to charge me 700 for like 10cc's and try to swear I would see results. He offered artifill and silicone.