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I had my b.a 5 months ago and my left breast has...

i had my b.a 5 months ago and my left breast has not dropped like my right one and im extermely worried .my right breast feels and looks great but my left breast is much higher and looks smaller .i dont want to get another surgery.i wore my strap all the time for the first 3 months i do my massages everyday and i try to massage my left one as much as i could and i see no changes i got my surgery in another country and i havent been able to consult with my doctor.

having sharp pain on my left breast...

my left breast which is the one that is higher than the other has been bothering me so much lately I'm having sharp pain and its very uncomfortable i can't sleep at night because when i lay sideways or upside down it hurts and i can't go see my doctor which is in another country should i visit a new doctor.?

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Have you been able to consult another PS yet? Wondering how you are doing....
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Hi I know the feeling! I had my implants exchanged because of capsule contraction on my right breast. The dr. Recommended the gummy bear implant the 410 medium profile. I told him I wanted them a little bigger and was excited because he told me that they were great! It's Benin two months now and my left breast looks like an old lady's sagging breast and the right one looks a little rounder ! I'm so sad because everyone tells me that they look smaller! I'm not happy at all! The ones before were 350cc round silicone and these are 375cc 410 pear shaped! What can I do? I confided in him! Instead of looking bigger they look saggy and smaller! Soooo sad and depressed!!
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go back for a revision and tell him how you feel, im sorry to hear that! it really sucks! ;( goodluck and i hope you dont have to pay full price! x
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I had my ba in August and had the same problem. As soon as I got home I could tell something was wrong. After a couple weeks I went back to my surgeon who admitted that the implant was placed incorrectly. He said I'd have to wait at least 3 months for everything to heal but it kept getting worse. I was blessed to have a surgeon who didn't blow me off. In October, he did a revision, free of charge. He opened up the pocket in that one breast and moved that implant down. Now they're perfect! If you private message me I can send you pics so you can see. I believe you have the same thing and you'll need to get it fixed. I'm sorry...good luck!
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i just looked at this photo and i think i might have the same too... my left has dropped and looks great but my right seems to be stuck up higher and feels like it doesnt have room to drop down... hopefully it can fix its self maybe.. if not then i will have to go back for a revision but im glad that it can be fixed easily! good luck xxx
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Yes, you should see a PS. Why did you get your surgery in another country? Is your "worth it rating" correct?
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You really needs to go see another doctor.You have capsular contracture, which is only going to get worse. You will need surgical intervention. Probably should have gone a month ago when we suggested it are soon going to have a terrible problem that will be harder to correct.... You may have had a small chance to avoid further surgery by the use of other techniques and medication to stop the process, but it has likely been too long.
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After 5 months most breast will have been able to go down,one of your did but not the other,are they textured implants?? You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you and decide if you need a revision
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I had the EXACT same problem with my BA several months ago. My breasts looked almost identical to yours. I was devastated. I went back to my surgeon who admitted that the implant was not placed properly and hadn't dropped. Last week he did a revision to pull that implant down and now they look perfect! I'm not a doctor but it looks like you'll need a revision. You can message me to see before and afters of mine. Good luck.
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You definitely need to consult a PS. It should've dropped by now. You may need revisionary surgery of that pocket or to be evaluated to rule out capsular contracture....
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