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Im heading to Colombia to have my surgery I'm...

Im heading to Colombia to have my surgery I'm planning a lipo and bbl! Did anyone ever had surgery in Columbia etc? I need to information on what I'm expecting etc and how long will the pain last for the BbL I'm a paramedic and I'm always sitting driving etc how long before I go back to work etc!! Need advice on bbl and lipo counting down happy but nervous :/

Hello, I just started my research on this. I want to have a BBL I've seen work done both in the Dominican Republic and Colombia but I don't know where and who to go to. Please I need help!!. I don't know the first thing about this lol.
Do you have any pictures ?
Hi love im thinking of going with villalobos , do u have any before and after pics?
Harold Villalobos Cárdenas

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